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Tesla has become a U.S. Big Three carmaker (by market value)

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Tesla Motors has spent more than 10 years beating the odds for startup automakers. Most new, independent makers barely survive long enough to produce a handful of vehicles, let alone sell more than 100,000 and garner praise from both customers and the media—as the electric-car startup has done. Now the Silicon Valley automaker can claim. Finance General Motors Tesla Motors plug-in cars Stock Market Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA

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Volvo Trucks testing long-haul hybrid powertrain in Concept Truck

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With the Volvo Concept Truck, Volvo Trucks has developed its first hybrid vehicle designed for long-haul applications. In combination with the vehicle’s other improvements, the total reduction in fuel consumption and CO 2 is around 30%. Earlier post.).

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First drive review: Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

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Dear Giulia, It’s been two days and I can’t stop thinking about you. I know our time together was relatively brief, but you made such an impression

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Six new electric cars coming for 2018 and 2019

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The next couple of years promise to be quite interesting for electric cars. A minimum of six new models are expected in that time period, all promising ranges of 200 miles or more—which until a few months ago had been the exclusive province of Tesla Motors. The list includes two affordable 200-mile electric cars: the second-generation Nissan. Mercedes-Benz Future Cars Audi e-tron plug-in cars Tesla Model 3 Porsche Mission E BMW i5

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GKN Driveline develops new lightweight propshaft for Audi Q5; more compact, lighter, more efficient; MLB Evo

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GKN Driveline created a new lightweight, high-speed propshaft joint for the all-new Audi Q5. The PVL joint is smaller, lighter and more refined than predecessor technology, and represents a bespoke solution by GKN engineers to create a more compact joint.

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Volkswagen Group returns to profitability with new record for sales revenue and operating result in 2016

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The Volkswagen Group made progress in 2016 in overcoming its self-inflicted diesel crisis. Sales revenue in fiscal year 2016 rose by €4.0 billion (US$4.22 billion) to €217.3 billion (US$229.4 billion). At €7.1 billion (US$7.5 billion), the Group’s operating result, which dropped into the red in the previous year due to the diesel issue, was back in strongly positive territory. Before special items, the Group’s operating result reached a new record and at €14.6 billion (US$15.4

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3D printing with high-performance carbon fiber

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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) researchers have become the first to 3D-print aerospace-grade carbon fiber composites, opening the door to greater control and optimization of the lightweight, yet stronger than steel material.

Maxwell Technologies to acquire Nesscap Energy for $23M; strengthens position in automotive, industrial, wind

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Maxwell Technologies and Nesscap Energy Inc.,

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Volvo concept truck uses hybrid power to cut fuel use, emissions

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Because they cover significantly more mileage than the average passenger car, with much worse fuel economy, large commercial trucks are a major source of emissions. Last year, Volvo Trucks aimed to address this issue with a concept truck that demonstrated ways to improve fuel efficiency through aerodynamics and weight reduction. Volvo Trucks sells. emissions Trucks Commercial vehicle

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Chevron-led consortium executes Mexico deepwater contract

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An international consortium operated by Chevron Corporation’s subsidiary, Chevron Energía de Mexico, S de R.L. de C.V., signed an exploration contract with Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), representing the Mexican government, for Block 3 in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. The consortium, which also includes partners Pemex Exploración y Producción and INPEX CORPORATION, was awarded the block on 5 December 2016, during Mexico’s 1.4 bid round.

Industry should standardize electric-car trip data, Ford says

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As in other industries, "big data" is an increasingly common buzzword these days in discussions of electric cars. Last November, several research entities presented relevant data sets and advocated for their use at an electric-car "datathon" hosted by the White House. Putting theory into practice, Ford has now analyzed customer data to analyze how. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars

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BASF Catalysts doubles production capacity for mobile emissions catalysts in India

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BASF Catalysts India Private Limited inaugurated its new mobile emissions catalysts manufacturing site in India. The site includes a new 47,000-square-meter production plant, which replaces an existing BASF plant in Chennai and is the culmination of a three-year expansion project, which has doubled the company’s catalyst manufacturing capacity in India.

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Rail Management Services (RMS) orders 9 more Orange EV T-Series electric yard trucks

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Rail Management Services ( RMS ), an intermodal lift-on/lift-off contractor with a hostling fleet of 700+ trucks, has placed a follow-on order for nine additional T-Series battery-electric terminal trucks from Orange EV.

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Tesla plans major U.S. expansion of Supercharger fast-charging

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Tesla will undertake a major expansion of its Supercharger network of DC fast-charging stations this year. The Silicon Valley automaker is already one of the most committed to offering widespread DC fast charging, positioning the stations as a way for customers to complete longer journeys more easily. After expansion slowed in 2016, Tesla hopes to. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger

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Battery legend Goodenough not done yet: new solid-state chemistry introduced

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Lithium-ion battery-cell chemistry is currently dominant in electric cars, not to mention consumer electronics and other fields. But what seems to be an army of researchers thinks it can be improved. That includes one of the people who helped create lithium-ion batteries in the first place. CHECK OUT: Tesla granted patent on metal-air battery. Batteries lithium-ion research plug-in cars solid-state cell

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ARPA-E projects receive more than $1.8B in private follow-on funding for transformational energy technologies

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The Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) announced that a group of 74 project teams has attracted more than $1.8 billion in private sector follow-on funding since the agency’s founding in 2009. The announcement was made at the eighth annual ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

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California local governments share how to prepare for electric cars

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California leads the way when it comes to electric-car adoption in the U.S. That's due in large part to a zero-emission vehicle mandate that requires the largest-volume automakers to sell cars without tailpipes, combined with a generous state purchase incentive that encourages residents to buy them. But local governments have also played an. government California plug-in cars transportation policy

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Scientists suggest quantum control of atoms may make fusion energy production more efficient

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2017 Geneva auto show: green car preview

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The 2017 Geneva Motor Show marks the next stop on the annual auto-show circuit. With press days beginning March 7, we aren't expecting an overwhelming number of green cars at the Swiss show this year. A smattering of production and concept cars with some green elements will debut there, though. DON'T MISS: 2018 Lexus LS 500h hybrid luxury sedan to. Geneva Motor Show Plug-In Hybrids Geneva Auto Show

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Electric-car range: why Japanese needs differ so radically from the U.S.

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It was one of the new battery-electric vehicles anticipated for this year, a mid-size sedan from a global maker that remains the second highest-volume hybrid maker in the world. Then the news hit earlier this week: the all-electric Honda Clarity EV would have a rated battery range around. 80 miles. From the justifications they offered, we. Japan plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) battery capacity

Six new electric cars, Daimler invests, Tesla Model 3 pricing proposed, U.S. gas mileage: Today's Car News

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Today, we look at six new electric cars coming in 2018 and 2019, Daimler invests in charging network ChargePoint, and a new study indicates U.S. fleet average fuel economy did not increase much over the past 25 years. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We have additional plug-in electric car sales figures for February 2017, showing that the. Today in Car News

3 billion cars by 2050 would need biofuels to offset climate impact: projection

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Even with aggressive promotion of battery-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell cars, hundreds of millions of internal-combustion vehicles will remain on the world's roads for decades to come. But estimates of exactly how many internal-combustion cars will be displaced by alternatives in a given period vary wildly. One alternative-fuels lobbying group. Biofuels emissions plug-in cars

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Daimler invests in ChargePoint to grow electric-car charging in Europe, joins BMW

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As automakers produce electric cars in greater numbers, public charging infrastructure will become even more crucial to lure new buyers and convince them the cars can be practical. Some automakers have already invested in charging infrastructure, while others are just starting to contemplate public charging stations for the electric cars they plan. Europe Mercedes-Benz Daimler plug-in cars charging infrastructure ChargePoint Network

Smaller Bentley SUV might be all-electric, competing with Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes

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The Tesla Model S may have upended the luxury-car establishment, but it's the Silicon Valley automaker's Model X crossover that most traditional luxury brands now seem to be targeting. Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes-Benz will each launch a new all-electric SUV within the next two years. And those pricey electric cars may soon be joined be a somewhat. Future Cars plug-in cars

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Honda Clarity EV electric car to have only 80 miles of range: report

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One of the more eagerly awaited all-electric cars coming to market this year has been the 2018 Honda Clarity EV. It's a battery-electric version of the 2017 Clarity Fuel Cell already on sale in some regions of California, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. But unlike most of the pure electric cars on the U.S. market, the Clarity is a mid-size sedan. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) compliance car Honda Clarity EV

Sandia, Lawrence Livermore team improves solid-state H2 storage using nano-confinement; new paradigm for hydrogen storage

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Plug-in electric car sales for Feb: Volt outsells Prius Prime, Bolt EV, Leaf

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Once again, it's the first day of the month following a weekday sales close, when the auto industry turns its eyes to the sales charts emerging from all automakers (except Tesla). For plug-in electric cars, the question this month remains the same as last month: how many Chevrolet Bolt EVs did GM deliver? As distribution of the first affordable. sales Plug-In Hybrids New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

Have Tesla Model S and Model X electric-car sales plateaued?

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Is there no middle ground in discussing electric-car maker Tesla Motors? The challenge of reading large volumes of Tesla coverage is that it tends to be either rabidly positive or sharply negative. And the company's stock is so obsessively analyzed both by supporters and detractors that sober analysis is often hard to come by. DON'T MISS: Tesla. sales Tesla Motors New car sales plug-in cars

Fuel-cell range extender for Nissan e-NV200 electric taxis announced by Symbio

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Advocates of battery-electric and hydrogen fuel-cell cars are often at odds over which powertrain technology is the more practical solution to reducing emissions. But French firm Symbio continues to experiment with ways to combine the two. It fits hydrogen fuel cells as range extenders for battery-electric vehicles, primarily small delivery vans. hydrogen taxi Range-Extended Electric Vehicle fleet Nissan e-NV200

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Coal industry hopes to don disguise as clean-power player via carbon capture

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As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump vowed to "bring back coal" as part of a larger program to encourage greater production of fossil fuels. But the coal industry believes it needs more than an ostensibly friendly administration in Washington to survive. With coal production down and electric utilities continuing to switch to lower-cost. Environmental emissions electric utilities energy air pollution fossil fuels

Tearing down the Tesla Model S battery pack (video)

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The lithium-ion battery pack is at the heart of any electric car. Its cost, energy density, and safety features do as much as any other feature of an electric car to determine its success. And battery packs from Tesla Motors differ from those built by virtually any other electric-car maker in at least one key aspect. DON'T MISS: Tesla Model 3. Videos battery pack Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

GM says green-car buyers should consider its diesels: here's why

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Diesel engines will continue to appear in pickup trucks, European luxury SUVs, and at least a few mass-market crossover utility vehicles. Two of those are the Chevrolet Equinox and Mazda CX-5 crossovers that will launch for the 2018 model year. But the future of diesel in U.S. passenger cars remains far more up in the air, due to a confluence of. General Motors GM carbon dioxide Chevrolet Cruze Diesel

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VW exec pleads not guilty on diesel cheating charges

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A Volkswagen executive appeared in a federal courtroom in Detroit on Thursday to be arraigned on charges related to the automaker's diesel-emissions cheating. Oliver Schmidt previously headed the VW Group's U.S. regulatory compliance group. He was arrested by the FBI in Florida last month, while attempting to return home to Germany from a. TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandal

Study finds black carbon pollution directly affects bacteria; altering effectiveness of antibiotics, increasing the potential for infection

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