SK On signs MOU with Global Lithium Resources to bolster key battery materials supply chain

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South Korea-based SK On (SKO), a global EV battery manufacturer, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Australia’s Global Lithium Resources to explore future business opportunities together in regard to stable supply of lithium.

Expleo develops closed-loop, e-methanol fuel cell solution for global shipping

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UK-based Expleo, a global engineering, technology and consultancy service provider, has developed a closed-loop fuel solution for global shipping that delivers a 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) in the model vessel.

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EIA: New refineries will increase global refining capacity in 2022 and 2023; China leads

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that global refining capacity decreased by 730,000 barrels per day (b/d) in 2021—the first decline in global refining capacity in 30 years. million b/d since the start of 2020, contributing 184,000 b/d to the global decline in 2021.

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Juniper Research forecasts on-road hydrogen vehicles to exceed 1M globally by 2027

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A new study from Juniper Research forecasts that the number of hydrogen vehicles in service globally will exceed 1 million in 2027, from just over 60,000 in 2022—substantial growth of more than 1,500%—with the bulk of the deployed vehicles in China and the Far East.

HIF Global begins approval process for its first eFuels manufacturing facility in Australia; third globally

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E-fuels company HIF (Highly Innovative Fuels) Global has begun the development of Australia’s first large-scale, carbon-neutral eFuels production facility in Tasmania. HIF Asia Pacific, a wholly owned subsidiary of HIF Global, filed a Notice of Intent (NoI) with the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority (EPA) seeking approval for the facility, which will be located in north-west Tasmania. —Cesar Norton, President and CEO of HIF Global.

Study finds transporting food and ingredients generates 20% of carbon emissions in the global food system

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A study by researchers in Australia and China has determined that global food-miles account for nearly 20% of total food-systems emissions; moving fruit and vegetables in refrigerated vehicles is particularly emissions-intensive. Food trade plays a key role in achieving global food security.

HIF Global partners with Topsoe for eFuels facility in Texas; carbon-neutral gasoline

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Topsoe will deliver technology to HIF Global’s (HIF) planned eFuels facility in Texas. In April 2022, Porsche announced a US$75-million investment in HIF Global. Earlier post.) The plant will produce carbon-neutral fuel—enough to decarbonize more than 400,000 vehicles annually. eFuels are produced by combining green hydrogen made from renewable power and recycled carbon dioxide. HIF’s facility in Texas will help remove 2 million tonnes of CO2 from the air every year.

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Octillion shipping 1,500 battery packs per day globally

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Octillion Energy, a global supplier of advanced high-density lithium-ion battery packs for passenger cars, trucks, buses, and energy-storage systems, has achieved the milestone of shipping more than 1,500 battery packs a day and expects to hit 2,000 packs per day this month.

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IEA: global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly

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The Covid-19 crisis in 2020 triggered the largest annual drop in global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions since the Second World War, according to IEA data, but the overall decline of about 6% masks wide variations depending on the region and the time of year.

Volkswagen global EV production network grows with launch of second German site in Emden

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Volkswagen is expanding its global production network for electric vehicles by now starting to make the all-electric ID.4 s start-up is on schedule, despite the global challenges during the two-year conversion phase. The global production network will then grow to five locations.

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ArcelorMittal publishes concept for global low-carbon emissions physical steel standard

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ArcelorMittal published a concept for a low-carbon emissions steel standard to help incentivize the decarbonization of steelmaking globally and support the creation of market demand for physical steel products which would be classified as lower, and ultimately near-zero, carbon emissions steel.

HEI study links fossil fuel combustion with more than 1 million deaths globally

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Fossil fuel combustion, a major source of air pollution, contributed to more than one million deaths globally in 2017, more than 27% of all deaths from outdoor fine particulate matter (PM 2.5 ), according to a new report published by the Health Effects Institute (HEI).

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Buick Electra electric crossover concept makes global premiere in China

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The Buick Electra concept vehicle made its global premiere in Shanghai. The Electra is the latest global concept vehicle developed by GM’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) automotive engineering and design joint venture in Shanghai, backed by GM’s global resources.

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Benchmark Mineral Intelligence: global battery gigafactory pipeline tops 300; China dominates

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In 2031, China is set to have almost 4,500 GWh of gigafactory capacity, representing 70% of global capacity. The number of gigafactories in the pipeline has surpassed 300; there is now 6,387.6

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Volvo Cars global sales up by 43% in May; plug-ins accounted for 23.7% globally

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Volvo Cars achieved its eleventh consecutive month of sales growth as the company’s global sales increased by 43% in May, compared with the same month last year. Globally, Recharge cars accounted for 23.7% In May, Volvo Cars sold a total of 64,111 cars, up from 44,830 cars in the same period last year. The growth was mainly driven by a strong demand in the US and, in Europe, a recovery from a sales drop in May last year related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Lexus unveils RZ 450e, the brand’s first global BEV

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Lexus unveiled details of the all-new 2023 RZ 450e, the brand’s first global Battery EV (BEV). The 2023 Lexus RZ 450e is expected to go on sale towards the end of 2022.

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Study finds limiting warming to 2 °C would require at least a $200/t carbon tax globally

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These heterogeneous effects mean that different countries will have differing incentives to abide by the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global warming below 2 °C relative to pre-Industrial levels.

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WNA: global nuclear generation nears record high in 2019

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The average global capacity factor for reactors generating electricity in 2019 rose from 79.8%

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EVs new sales increased by 26% in global automotive market

Electric Vehicles India

EVs new sales increased by 26% in global automotive market. million units representing 26% of new sales in the global automotive market. Global fleet of passenger electric and fuel cell vehicles. Global electric and fuel cell vehicle fleet.

Global warming threatens global seed bank in Norway's Arctic

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Politicians may argue over the academic merits of global warming theories. A recent report by the Norwegian Center for Climate Services shows that global warming in the Arctic region may pose a very direct threat to human well-being. global warmingBut the arguments are no longer just academic. As with most climate studies, the Climate in Svalbard 2100 report.

2019 112

Tesla estimated to deliver 500k units by Q4 2022: Global Equities Research


Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry forecasted that Tesla is slated for a “Super Record Quarter” this year. The post Tesla estimated to deliver 500k units by Q4 2022: Global Equities Research appeared first on TESLARATI.

VinFast delivers first 100 VF 8s to customers in Vietnam; first global delivery expected in December

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The VinFast VF 8 is an electric SUV made for global markets with a 5-seat configuration and overall dimensions of 187.00" (length) x 76.14" (width) x 65.63" (height).

Baker Institute team says fossil fuel subsidies need global reform

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Their paper tracks fossil fuel usage and government subsidies since the the 2009 G20 summit, during which representatives from 20 countries discussed global financial and socioeconomic issues and agreed to “phase out and rationalize over the medium term inefficient fossil fuel subsidies.”.

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EIA: Global trade in liquefied natural gas grew by 4.5% in 2021

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billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) was traded globally during 2021, an increase of 2.2 New LNG export capacity, primarily in the US, and rising global demand for natural gas drove continued growth in global LNG trade last year. An average of 49.0

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Hyundai Motor targeting 7% of global EV market by 2030; 1.87M BEVs

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Under the new plan, the company aims to boost annual global BEV sales to 1.87 million units and secure 7% of global market share by 2030 by strengthening its line-up with 17 new BEV models by 2030; 11 for Hyundai models and 6 for Genesis luxury brand.

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WHO issues new, lower Global Air Quality Guidelines for classical pollutants

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New WHO has issued new Global Air Quality Guidelines (AQGs) that reduce levels of key air pollutants, some of which also contribute to climate change. They are applicable to both outdoor and indoor environments globally, and cover all settings. WHO global air quality guidelines.

Amogy and Trafigura to research ammonia cracking technology as a facilitator to global hydrogen supply chains

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The findings of this joint research on ammonia cracking will help support industry-wide efforts to decarbonize transport and heavy industrial processes and lower carbon emissions to meet global climate goals. Trafigura deploys infrastructure, logistics and financing to connect global producers and consumers of oil and petroleum products, metals and minerals and power and renewables.

Subaru’s first global all-electric vehicle SOLTERRA makes world debut

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Subaru jointly developed the e-Subaru Global Platform together with Toyota Motor Corporation as a BEV-dedicated platform. In Tokyo, Subaru Corporation today unveiled its new battery electric vehicle (BEV) SOLTERRA; SOLTERRA will make its US debut at the LA Auto Show later this month.

Tesla global deliveries hit record high in Q3, but fall short of expectations

CN EV Post

Tesla delivered a record 343,830 vehicles globally in the third quarter, but missed analysts' expectations of about 357,900 vehicles. The post Tesla global deliveries hit record high in Q3, but fall short of expectations appeared first on CnEVPost.

UK-based EV-tire-maker ENSO in talks to supply multiple global OEMS

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London-based EV tire manufacturer ENSO said it is in discussions with multiple international car makers and has begun trials with major fleet operators. Multiple EV manufacturers have expressed interest in fitting ENSO’s range-extending, emissions-reducing tires.

GlobalData: Global automakers earmark nearly US$600B for EVs over next decade

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and is an innovation leader with the highest number of patents filed amongst other global automakers. Aggressive emission and carbon neutrality targets set by regulators worldwide entails a faster transition from traditional automakers to next-gen electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers.

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GlobalData: Asia to spearhead global refinery FCCU capacity additions between 2022 and 2026

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Asia is expected to register the highest refinery Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU) capacity additions globally between 2022 and 2026, accounting for approximately 48% of the total capacity additions by 2026, according to GlobalData, a data and analytics company.

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StoreDot ships “extreme” fast charging cells to global automakers

The Driven EV News

The post StoreDot ships “extreme” fast charging cells to global automakers appeared first on The Driven. StoreDot ships "100in5" extreme-fast-charging batteries to electric vehicle OEMs for real-world testing.

Airbus and Munich Airport International expand partnership to develop Advanced Air Mobility solutions globally; CityAirbus eVTOL

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Airbus and Munich Airport International signed a Memorandum of Understanding at ILA Berlin Air Show to start marketing turnkey solutions to cities and regions interested in developing advanced air mobility (AAM) ecosystems globally.

Hyundai upgrades design and performance of XCIENT fuel cell truck for global expansion

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With the launch of the enhanced model, Hyundai plans to accelerate the global roll-out of its heavy-duty fuel cell truck. Hyundai Motor Company released images of its newly upgraded XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen.

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EIA forecasts rising global oil production will limit price increases

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EIA forecasts production will increase more rapidly than consumption, ending the large global stock draws seen in the first two quarters of 2021 and limiting upward crude oil price movement.

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Volkswagen reveals ID. AERO concept; foretaste of brand’s first global electric sedan

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AERO concept electric sedan in China as a foretaste of the brand’s first global fully-electric sedan. this model will be our next global car for Europe, China and the US. AERO will be offered globally in future— also in Europe and North America in addition to China.

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Ford launches new global battery center of excellence

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Ford announced a new global battery center of excellence—called Ford Ion Park—to accelerate research and development of battery and battery cell technology, including future battery manufacturing. We’re already scaling production of all-electric vehicles around the world as more customers experience and crave the fun-to-drive benefits of electric vehicles with zero emissions.

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Star Scientific selected as 2020 S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards Finalist; industrial heat from H2 without combustion

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Star Scientific has been named an Emerging Technology of the Year category finalist in the S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards, an annual program recognizing innovation, leadership and exceptional performance in the energy sector. Winners will be selected from each corresponding group of finalists by the Global Energy Awards’ independent panel of judges and announced at the live-streamed Global Energy Awards Virtual Gala on 10 December 2020.

2020 254

Volkswagen launches PowerCo for global battery business; €20B investment; standard factories

Green Car Congress

With immediate effect, responsibility for global battery business is to be held by the newly created company “PowerCo”. The Volkswagen Group is bundling its global battery activities in the European company (SE) PowerCo. PowerCo will become a global battery player.

EIA estimates decrease in global surplus crude oil production capacity in 2022

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As of May 2022, surplus crude oil production capacity in non-OPEC countries decreased by 80% compared with 2021, according to the US Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) new report Global Surplus Crude Oil Production Capacity.

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Daimler Truck and CATL expand global partnership on truck-focused batteries and supply

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In 2019, Daimler Truck AG and CATL entered into a global lithium-ion battery cell modules supply agreement for electric series trucks including the Mercedes-Benz eActros, the Freightliner eCascadia and eM2.

IEA: global CO2 emissions rebounded to their highest level in history in 2021; largely driven by China

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Global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions rose by 6% in 2021 to 36.3 The rebound of global CO 2 emissions above pre-pandemic levels has largely been driven by China, where they increased by 750 million tonnes between 2019 and 2021.

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