Lightning eMotors launches of Lightning Insights real-time EV telematics and charger management software

Green Car Congress

Lightning eMotors has launched Lightning Insights , a significant extension of its telematics system built for monitoring and managing Lightning fleet assets in real-time. Additionally, Lightning Insights provides complete control over Lightning’s fleet charging solutions including charger access, charge time scheduling, load management, payment methods and more. Lightning Insights is available for both existing and new Lightning eMotors vehicles through a subscription-based model.

Tetrapods discovery provides exciting insights about evolution

Innovation News Network

The post Tetrapods discovery provides exciting insights about evolution appeared first on Innovation News Network. Scientists from the University of Bristol have discovered that early tetrapods had fewer skull bones, which limited their evolution.


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Guidehouse Insights names Rivian, NIO, and Nikola the leading EV “upstarts”

Green Car Congress

A new Leaderboard Report from Guidehouse Insights evaluates the strategy and execution of 21 electric vehicle (EV) upstarts, with Rivian, NIO, and Nikola ranked as the leading market players. The Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid.

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GM expands access of OnStar Vehicle Insights telematics solution to non-GM vehicles

Green Car Congress

Since the introduction of General Motors’ fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, fleet managers have received nearly 3.5 OnStar Vehicle Insights can now be used with most non-GM vehicles via a plug-in adapter.

Researchers provide insight into OER electrocatalyst

Green Car Congress

Feng added that the work provides insight into how applied potential facilitates the formation of the functional amorphous layers at the electrochemical interface and leads to possibilities for the design of better catalysts.

Insight LiDAR develops first gesture detection sensing technology for autonomous vehicle LiDAR systems

Green Car Congress

Insight LiDAR announced that its product, Insight 1600, is the first LiDAR with the combined high resolution and velocity detection to enable pedestrian gesture recognition. The Insight 1600 also offers the industry’s highest resolution: 4-64x better than competitors.

OSU, Ford study provides insight into more efficient use of Rhodium in TWC applications

Green Car Congress

A study by a team from The Ohio State University and Ford is providing insight into the deactivation mechanism of rhodium in three-way catalysts (TWC) for automotive emissions control.

2022 Honda Insight hybrid starts $2,000 higher, still gets 52 mpg

Green Car Reports

The 2022 Honda Insight hybrid sedan gets a price bump for the new model year, but retains its 52 mpg combined EPA fuel-economy rating. The 2022 Honda Insight EX starts at $26,205, while the 2021 Insight LX had a $23,885 base

Deep insights into sodium-ion batteries using calorimetric methods

Innovation News Network

The post Deep insights into sodium-ion batteries using calorimetric methods appeared first on Innovation News Network. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) outlines how, through cutting-edge calorimetric methods, they enhance the safety of post-lithium and sodium-ion batteries.

TWAICE, ViriCity partner to provide detailed e-bus battery insights

Green Car Congress

The software will generate insights into e-bus battery performance and capacity in the form of a battery health report. Without the insights and knowledge that this partnership will provide, fleet managers and route planners can do no more than guess the status of their batteries. Battery experts TWAICE and leading telematics company ViriCiti are partnering to deliver comprehensive battery analytics for electric bus fleets.

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Tesla battery partner Panasonic shares insights on 4680 cell development


Kazuo Tadanobu, the CEO of Panasonic’s energy division, recently shared some insights about the company’s upcoming 4680 batteries, which would be sold to longtime partner Tesla.

Insight into benzene formation could help development of cleaner combustion engines

Green Car Congress

That insight could also help the car industry make cleaner combustion engines.

Volkswagen provides first insights into new electric compact SUV ID.4; coming to the US

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen will launch the new ID.4 electric compact SUV this year. The ID.4 is the second model, following the ID.3, based on the new modular electric drive matrix (MEB). Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer of the Volkswagen brand, says that the ID.4

2020 299

Honda will drop Insight hybrid sedan to make room for Civic Hybrid

Green Car Reports

Production of the Honda Insight hybrid sedan will cease in June to make room for a new Civic Hybrid and other hybrid models, Honda announced Thursday in a press release.

Argonne-led study insights help to reduce degradation in fuel cells and extend lifetime

Green Car Congress

The investigation enabled them to identify the degradation mechanism during the cathodic ORR, and the insights guided the design of a nanocatalyst that uses gold to eliminate platinum dissolution.

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Here are 3 vital insights installers shared about the state of solar in 2021


The post Here are 3 vital insights installers shared about the state of solar in 2021 appeared first on Electrek.

Model S deliveries, Honda Insight, Hyundai fuel-cell truck, free fast-charging: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The Honda Insight is more expensive for 2022. Free road-trip fast charging is a perk you’ll only find with a few new electric cars. Tesla Model S Plaid deliveries start June 10.

Guidehouse Insights: blockchain-based EV charging & grid integration market to show 78% CAGR from 2020-2029

Green Car Congress

A new report from Guidehouse Insights provides forecasts for blockchain-enabled charging hardware deployment, electricity demand from blockchain-based platforms, and revenue from electric vehicle (EV) charging and integration applications through 2029. —Johnathon de Villier, research analyst with Guidehouse Insights.

2020 200

SLAC, MIT, TRI researchers advance machine learning to accelerate battery development; insights on fast-charging

Green Car Congress

Scientists have made a major advance in harnessing machine learning to accelerate the design for better batteries. Instead of using machine learning just to speed up scientific analysis by looking for patterns in data—as typically done—the researchers combined it with knowledge gained from experiments and equations guided by physics to discover and explain a process that shortens the lifetimes of fast-charging lithium-ion batteries.

Simulating for High-Speed Digital Insights

Cars That Think

Keysight is offering a design flow, which gives you all the insights you need. The latest technology for serial links and memory interfaces is getting into the multi-gigabit range. We see them adopting multi-level modulations and more advanced data recovery methods.

Honda to focus on increasing hybrid volume with core models: CR-V, Accord and in the future, Civic; Insight production ends in June

Green Car Congress

To make room for these moves, Honda will conclude Insight production in June. With the conclusion of Insight production, the Indiana Auto Plant will focus on building CR-V, CR-V Hybrid and Civic Hatchback, several of Honda’s most popular models. The 3rd-generation Honda Insight is one of America’s top-selling compact hybrids, with more than 70,000 sold since it was introduced in 2018.

Guidehouse Insights forecasts deployments of highly automated vehicles are unlikely before 2025

Green Car Congress

According to a new report from Guidehouse Insights, significant deployments for more than a few hundred thousand light-duty, highly automated vehicles are not expected until after 2025, with global volumes expected to reach approximately 13.1 —Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst with Guidehouse Insights.

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Geographers provide new insight into commuter megaregions of the US

Green Car Congress

Geographers from Dartmouth College and the University of Sheffield have provided new insight into the economic geography of commuter megaregions in the US by using an empirical approach that combines visual interpretation with statistical analysis.

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Rocks provide new insight into the Earth’s magnetic field

Innovation News Network

The post Rocks provide new insight into the Earth’s magnetic field appeared first on Innovation News Network.

2019 Honda Insight video review

Green Car Reports

You could be forgiven for not remembering the two Honda vehicles that have worn an Insight badge before. This 2019 Honda Insight is the third Honda to wear the name and perhaps it’s. The first was a quirky hatchback two-seater that struggled for acceptance with mainstream buyers. The second was a Prius-like Prius fighter, egg shape and all. Videos

Home EV charging data and insights: how to benefit | EVBox

EV Box

The home is –by far– the. most popular location to charge. an electric vehicle (EV). With the. skyrocketing number of EVs on the road. , we expect the transition from the gas pump to home charging stations will only increase in the coming years. Residential connectivity ev charging app

Insights from Leoben researchers lead to improved piezo injectors

Green Car Congress

In a project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, a group of researchers from the Materials Center Leoben (MCL) in Austria has now gained insight into the mechanics of this technology—which can make the systems more reliable and efficient. Based on this insight, the researchers were able to determine the optimum pre-stressing for technical applications. These insights are already being used by industry, reports Deluca.

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EV Powertrain Market is Likely to Accelerate in the Near Future, says The Insight Partners

Baua Electric

The post EV Powertrain Market is Likely to Accelerate in the Near Future, says The Insight Partners appeared first on Bauaelectric Auto News.

Honda to unveil prototype of Gen 3 Insight hybrid at Detroit show; two-motor hybrid system

Green Car Congress

Honda will unveil the Honda Insight Prototype at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January as the precursor to the new third-generation 2019 Honda Insight—an upscale, stylish five-passenger sedan positioned above the Civic in Honda’s passenger car lineup. The new Insight features the latest generation of Honda’s innovative two-motor hybrid system and will launch next summer as the newest electrified vehicle in the Honda lineup.

2017 150

Berkeley Lab nanoscale imaging study yields key insights into photo-electrochemical water splitting

Green Car Congress

This technique correlates the material’s morphology to its functionality, and gives insights on the charge transport mechanism, or how the charges move inside the material, at the nanoscale.

2018 207

Why Studying Bats Might Yield Insights into Human Life Extension

Cars That Think

Few fields of endeavor have advanced as swiftly as bioinformatics over the past couple of decades. Just 25 years ago, the human genome was still largely a mystery. Then, in 2003, the first sequence was announced, of about 92 percent of a human genome. That sequence cost some $300 million dollars.

2019 Honda Insight production model to make global debut at New York International Auto Show; series hybrid with 55 mpg city

Green Car Congress

The all-new, production version of the 2019 Insight ( earlier post ) will make its global production debut at the 2018 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS). The new Insight, launching at Honda dealerships nationally in early summer, joins the Clarity series and just-launched 2018 Accord Hybrid as the fifth new Honda electrified vehicle introduced over the past year. Honda estimates the Insight will deliver up to 55 mpg (4.27

2018 200

Honda introduces new Insight Hybrid

Green Cars News

Japanese carmaker Honda has announced the introduction of a refreshed Insight Hybrid model, which will be accompanied by an Insight Exclusive model with a 1.5litre engine. The Honda Insight Hybrid will start at [.]. Green cars Honda Hybrid cars Latest news Freed Hybrid Freed Hybrid Minivan Freed Spike Hybrid Honda Freed Honda Insight Honda Insight Exclusive Honda Insight Hybrid

Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas


The post Biden official shares insights after meeting with Tesla’s Elon Musk in Giga Texas appeared first on TESLARATI. Last month, United States Labor Secretary Marty Walsh paid a visit to Gigafactory Texas to speak with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

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2012 Honda Insight

Green Car Reports

Two years ago, Honda launched its Insight subcompact hybrid hatchback to high hopes. Regrettably, the company saw its hopes for soaring sales of its mild hybrids dashed, with the Insight selling less than half the projected number--largely because it suffered in comparison to its showroom stablemate, the Honda Fit.

FORMULA E RACING FOR THE FUTURE Behind-the-scenes Insights

EV Obssesion

FORMULA E RACING FOR THE FUTURE Behind-the-scenes insight into the world’s premier all-electric racing series Formula E is leading the way for the future of motorsport, promoting electric power for a sustainable future while providing thrilling racing.

Insights into low-temperature performance issues of Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Germany are providing some insight into the low-temperature performance issues of Li-ion batteries. In a paper in the Journal of Power Sources , they report on a combined in situ high-resolution neutron powder diffraction and electrochemical study on 18650-type Li-ion cells over a temperature range from 230 K to 320 K (-43 ?C C to +47 ?C), C), with a focus on the graphite anode and the low temperature performance of the cell.

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Facebook CTO shares insights on Tesla’s shift to pure vision for Autopilot


The post Facebook CTO shares insights on Tesla’s shift to pure vision for Autopilot appeared first on TESLARATI.

Tesla’s partner IDRA shares insights on the Cybertruck Giga Press’ potential


In a recent video, IDRA, the company building the house-sized die-casting contraptions, shared some insights on the daunting machine’s development, its advantages, and its upcoming iterations like the 8,000-ton Giga Press that will be used for the Tesla Cybertruck. .

Sharing Insights for a Better Future – Hubject ICNC 2022 Berlin


Doron showcased his message with insightful customer success stories and best practices. The session demonstrated a virtual EV charging journey that provided interesting insight into the development of EV charging infrastructure.

2020 Honda Insight doesn't budge versus Ioniq, Corolla Hybrid

Green Car Reports

As choices among hybrid small sedans have expanded, Honda is standing pat with the 2020 Insight. The Insight was introduced in 2019 as a separate model based on the Civic sedan, but with unique sheetmetal, a nicer interior, and the Accord Hybrid's two-motor hybrid drive system. It gets no significant updates for its second model year, beyond

2013 Honda Insight

Green Car Reports

Now in its fourth year on the market, the 2013 Honda Insight has never quite lived up to the legacy left by its ground-breaking 1999 predecessor--even if it's now a much more usable vehicle. Sales have been much lower than Honda expected, and the Insight remains a niche player in the market. The 2013 Insight is still the least expensive hybrid

2013 70

Study provides insight into key process in lithium-rich cathodes that both helps and hurts battery performance; oxygen oxidation

Green Car Congress

A new study led by researchers from Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has provided insight into a phenomenon that both helps and hurts Li-ion battery performance. These insights establish a point-defect explanation for why anion redox often occurs alongside local structural disordering and voltage hysteresis during cycling.

2019 204