So how about all-electric supersonic aircraft, then?

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But could supersonic planes carrying large number of passengers make a comeback—and with electric power no less? That's the vision of Luke Workman, a designer of lithium-ion battery packs who believes all-electric supersonic aircraft are attainable. Supersonic airliners haven't flown since 2003, when the last Concorde was retired. DON'T. emissions Batteries aircraft

2003 46

Bollinger B1 all-electric utility truck revealed

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The Bollinger B1 electric utility truck revealed tonight at the Classic Car Club on New York City's Hudson River was designed out in the country, where trucks have to be functional above all else. Trucks all-wheel drive Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) StartupsIt's square-edged, with flat body panels, large knobbly tires, and a simple interior that can easily be hosed out when dirty.

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Bollinger Motors promises all-electric off-road 'sport utility truck'

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There seems to be no shortage of startups planning to build new battery-electric vehicles from the ground up. It aims to launch what it calls the "world's first all-electric on- and. While companies like Lucid Motors and Faraday Future are focusing on high-end luxury models, a newer company named Bollinger Motors is taking a different approach. Off-road New York Trucks plug-in cars Startups

2017 40

All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys

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Not all electric vehicles have wheels. Electric boats have actually been around for quite awhile, and now a California startup is trying to expand use of electric powertrains to another type of watercraft. Free Form Factory is partnering with Zero Motorcycles to use the motorcycle company's electric-powertrain components in a "stand-up personal. California plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Boats

Subaru plans for all-electric versions of existing model lines

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It's now clear that every automaker, no matter how large or small, will have to develop and sell battery-electric vehicles by 2020 to 2025. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Subaru XVCompanies like GM and Volkswagen, which each make 10 million cars a year, can afford the breathtaking costs of developing expertise and engineering cars with entirely different powertrains. For smaller.

All-electric Corvette sets EV top speed record (video)

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Genovation Cars is a company that, among other things, converts Corvettes to electric power, creating a high-performance sports car it calls the Genovation eXtreme Electric (GXE, for short).

2016 47

Antelope Valley Transit orders up to 85 electric buses from BYD; first US all-electric public transit fleet

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The board of directors of the Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) in California voted to award BYD a contract to manufacture up to 85 electric buses over a five-year period. All 85 buses will have a range of more than 160 miles on a single battery charge.

2016 59

Transport for London launches first all-electric, long-range double-decker BYD buses into service

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Transport for London (TfL) has introduced the first long-range, battery-electric BYD Double-Decker buses into revenue service routes. TfL plans to charge the buses overnight using low-cost, off-peak electricity to provide additional cost savings.

2016 43

BMW i8 prototype to drop engine, go all-electric: report

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BMW's next all-electric car could be a variant of the i8 plug-in hybrid coupe. The German carmaker currently offers only one all-electric model—the i3 hatchback—and there have been rumors of a second, likely called i5. But BMW is apparently considering an all-electric i8 in addition to a completely new electric model.

GAC Motor officially releases all-electric SUV GE3 into the Chinese market

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China-based GAC Motor has introduced its all-electric GE3 SUV into the Chinese market; the GE3 made its international debut at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January. The GE3 is based on a new EV platform and positioned as a medium- to high-end electric SUV.

2017 26

Havelaar Bison all-electric utility truck announced by Canadian company

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The electric-vehicle market remains in infancy, but non-traditional automakers are beginning to explore and tap the potential market for multiple types of vehicles powered by batteries. Canadian company Havelaar is the most recent to try its hand at an electric vehicle; like a few other companies, it's proposing a purpose-built electric truck.

Even luxury launches can go all-electric; Hinckley shows how

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While the automotive sector will clearly affect a larger group of people, numerous companies have shown that boats too can go all-electric. Batteries electric BoatsElectrification is starting to surge through the automotive industry as countries implement emission regulations and the cost of batteries and associated technology drops. That now extends to luxury launches.

BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept previews all-electric four-door sedan

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If concept cars are meant to grab attention, then the BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept—an all-electric sedan that debuted Tuesday at the Frankfurt motor show—may have fulfilled its mission.

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California Launches Country's First All-Electric School Bus

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The Kings Canyon Unified School District recently launched the first all-electric school bus in the United States, Inhabitat reports. The bus is a modified SST Trans Tech model based on a Ford E-Series van chassis, with an electric powertrain from It may not be capable of space travel, but one California district has found a magic school bus.

Renault Zoe Leads 2015 European Sales Of All-Electric Cars

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While sales of electric cars and plug-in hybrids fell slightly last year in the U.S., Almost 100,000 battery-electric cars were sold in the European Union last year: 97,687 units, to be precise. Renault sales New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Renault-Nissan Renault Zoethe sales data for Europe was more encouraging. Data for plug-in hybrids isn't immediately available.) And that's close to half again as many.

2016 41

All-electric VW ID Buzz Microbus confirmed for production

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but ongoing in Europe—Volkswagen Group has talked a lot about its future electric-car plans. It will launch three high-volume battery-electric vehicles on a common architecture over the next five years, and has now shown concepts for all three. Future Cars VW VW Group plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Microbus MEB architectureWorking to redirect attention from its diesel-emission scandal—soon to wind down in the U.S.

Lilium all-electric vertical takeoff and landing jet: first flight video

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The promise of flying cars has been around for decades, and companies continues to show off their interpretations of what the public may expect in the future.

Hyundai to launch all-electric SUV in 2018 with 200-mile range

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Carmakers need to launch more plug-in electric vehicles to meet global regulations on emission reduction and energy efficiency. Now we learn that Hyundai is planning to launch a dedicated all-electric SUV with 200 miles of range within two years. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Hyundai Tucson Fuel CellAnd small to mid-size SUVs are the fastest-growing segment in auto markets around the world.

2016 45

VW ID Buzz concept: all-electric Microbus could arrive in 2022

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If you pronounce the word "buzz" with a German accent, it sounds like "bus"—which is almost surely why VW's second all-electric concept vehicle is called the Volkswagen ID Buzz. Detroit Auto Show Future Cars VW plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) MicrobusIt's the latest in a series of concept studies for a modern-day Microbus, with stylistic nods to the classic Type 2 bus launched 65 years ago. It's one of the few.

2017 37

Jaguar to prioritize all-electric sedan, SUV over sports cars

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The success of Tesla Motors has made quite an impression on the main German luxury carmakers, all of which plan future products that can compete with the automaker from Silicon Valley. The British luxury brand is reportedly planning a pair of all-electric models: a large sedan and an. Now it appears Jaguar may be planning to target Tesla as well. plug-in cars Jaguar Land Rover

India's ambitious goal: all electric vehicles on roads by 2030

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Several countries have committed to putting more electric cars on their roads in the near future as a way to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. But what if one country—and a very large one at that—decided to make every car on its roads electric inside of 15 years? That's the incredibly ambitious goal now being proposed by. emissions India energy policy plug-in cars transportation policy

World's sexiest car, Jaguar E-Type, reappears as all-electric concept

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Electric cars are now accepted as future volume models for most automakers, but Jaguar Land Rover has taken a very different approach to showcase its future electric powertrains. collecting plug-in cars Jaguar Land Rover Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) E-Type Jaguar E-Type

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Draft tax bill eliminates credit for all electric-car buyers: report (updated)

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The process of drafting a so-called tax reform bill has been shrouded in mystery, with even Republican congressmembers admitting they didn't know what provisions it would contain. But according to a report on Thursday, the draft of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act proposed in the House of Representatives on Thursday immediately eliminates the income-tax. Politics rebates incentives tax credit taxes plug-in cars

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Volkswagen Budd-e Concept: 373-Mile, All-Electric Van Signals The Future

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On the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Volkswagen has revealed the Budd-e concept, a vehicle that follows up on some of the purpose and utility of the Microbus, yet looks to the next decade, as a compelling template for an all-electric family vehicle.

BYD launches two new all-electric sedans for Chinese market

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Last year, the company sold more highway-capable electric cars and plug-in hybrids than any other company in the world. Aiming to expand on that success for 2016, BYD is introducing two new electric cars for the Chinese market. Chinese automaker BYD may be largely invisible in the U.S., but it's thriving in its home market. DON'T MISS: Who Sold. China BYD plug-in cars BYD Qin

BYD 35

British magazine gets ride in all-electric Mercedes EQ Concept

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Mercedes-Benz has big plans for electric vehicles in the future, but its main nod to what those plans will bring thus far is the EQ Concept. Shown at the Paris Motor Show last year, the vehicle represents a conceptual version of the first of many electric vehicles to come from the Germany luxury marque. Future Cars Daimler plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

Now You Can Ride An All-Electric Raft Down The Colorado River

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Highways and parking lots aren't the only places where you'll find electric vehicles these days. In fact, if you're planning to take a trip down the scenic Colorado River this summer, you may very well traverse it on electric power. Colorado River Discovery--which offers raft tours on portions of the river in Arizona--says its first all-electric.

BYD partners with U.S. firm to launch all-electric garbage truck

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Here's an electric vehicle that really, truly stinks. While automakers are moving in the direction of more electric cars, several companies are also making efforts to electrify commercial vehicles. The humble garbage truck will be the next to be electrified—which, if nothing else, will eliminate the unpleasant noise from huge diesel trucks. emissions China Trucks BYD plug-in cars Commercial vehicle

Toyota battery R&D will allow all-electric car in 'a few years,' likely 2020

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The signals are now unmistakable: Toyota will offer a battery-electric car for sale in 2020. After a decade of condemning electric cars as suitable only for the smallest vehicles in around-town use, the world's largest car company is changing its tune. Batteries lithium-ion Future Cars research and development plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2016 44

Polestar's second, third cars will be all-electric, one to challenge Tesla Model 3

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While Tesla works out the production bottlenecks that plague the Model 3, rivals continue to gear up to challenge the Silicon Valley maker's more affordable electric car. plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) PolestarSpecifically, Tesla's latest announced competitor comes from the new brand at Volvo Cars Group, named Polestar, which has become a standalone maker within the company's stable.

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All-electric Kia Niro EV to come in 2018, says Kia exec

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Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Hyundai Ioniq ElectricSouth Korean carmakers Hyundai and Kia often share the underpinnings of their vehicles, though there's no "badge engineering" and the two brands compete in the marketplace. The recent Kia Niro hybrid wagon and the Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid hatchback, for instance, share the same powertrain, platform, and other hidden components. But while the 2017.

2017 39

2017 Audi R8 e-tron: First Details For New All-Electric Sports Car

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Before next week''s official debut of the second-generation Audi R8 sports car at the Geneva Motor Show, Audi released some advance information—including the first official details about the all-electric R8 e-tron sports car that will soon follow the gasoline version.

2015 47

Mercedes explores ways to turn its Sprinter van all-electric

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Spurred by Tesla Motors and competitor German luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz is planning a handful of new electric cars. But Mercedes may also be planning an electric. The first is likely to be a crossover, to be previewed by a concept that will debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show this fall, set to be followed by another crossover and two sedans. plug-in cars fleet

All-electric Fisker EMotion orders open June 30, starting at $129,900

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Henrik Fisker is planning to return to the luxury electric fold with his new company's EMotion sedan, and potential buyers now have a price tag. The brand's first vehicle, the Fisker EMotion sedan, will become available for pre-order on June 30. And when the EMotion eventually goes on sale, it will cost $129,900 and up. DON'T MISS: Fisker EMotion. Emotion plug-in cars Henrik Fisker

New all-electric Mini E to launch in 2019 as halo for brand

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The first Mini E, cobbled together by putting a battery pack where the rear seat used to be, was BMW's very first attempt at building a modern electric car. Only a few hundred were built, back in 2009, but the quick project gave the German company real-world experience on how electric-car drivers used their cars, recharged them, and otherwise. Future Cars Minicars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

Plug 32

All-electric Buick small SUV to be based on Bolt EV: report

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The Chevrolet Bolt EV, initially intended to be adapted from the next-generation Chevy Sonic subcompact, ended up with unique underpinnings designed solely for use as a battery-electric vehicle. China Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) youtube Chevrolet Bolt

Plug 28

Portland Tests BYD K9 All-Electric Passenger Bus: Quick Ride

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If Warren Buffett needed to catch a ride across town, we suspect he might do it exactly the way that we did this past week: in an all-electric BYD bus. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway famously invested big in China’s BYD Motors in late 2008 -- likely spurred by the company’s innovative battery technology, bullish plans for electric

Aston Martin Rapide luxury sedan to go all-electric; cheerio, V-12!

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Many luxury automakers are planning new electric cars, both to meet future emissions standards and as a response to the success of Tesla. So far, though, no established automaker has discussed directly replacing an internal-combustion model with an all-electric one. Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV But that may be exactly what Aston Martin is planning to do with its sleek.

China wants all electric cars: will it work? Reasons and reactions

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emissions China global warming energy policy climate change plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) regulation air pollutionIt was quaint and adorable when Norway did it, saying it would end sales of cars with internal-combustion engines by 2025. The Netherlands followed suit, with little fanfare. More recently, France and the U.K. have enacted various forms of bans on non-electrified vehicles, on varying schedules. Now that China has said it's considering timetables.

Hyundai To Launch All-Electric 'Prius Fighter' Model In 2016: Tip

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Hyundai's ambitious plans to offer more green cars than any other maker except Toyota may have tilted slightly toward electric cars. According to the report, Hyundai has decided that it will offer an all-electric "AE" version of its forthcoming dedicated "Prius. Green Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Future Cars plug-in carsAt least, that is, if a tip from a source close to the company is to be believed.

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