Cummins unveils fourth-generation fuel cell at IAA

Green Car Congress

Cummins revealed its fourth-generation hydrogen fuel cell engine at IAA. Designed to meet the duty-cycle, performance and packaging requirements of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and buses, the fuel cell technology is available in 135 kW single and 270 kW dual modules.

Fuel 383

Cummins fuel cell technology powers Coradia iLint fleet in Germany

Green Car Congress

The Alstom Coradia iLint trains ( earlier post ) are outfitted with Cummins fuel cell systems and will run on the world’s first 100%-hydrogen train route in passenger operation. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Rail


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ZF and Freudenberg partner on fuel cell drives

Green Car Congress

ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division announced a joint development agreement with fuel cell and battery systems supplier, Freudenberg e-Power Systems. The initial focus of the agreement is to develop a highly integrated fuel cell e-drive solution for commercial vehicles.

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Westport Fuel Systems introduces H2 HPDI fuel system

Green Car Congress

Westport Fuel Systems announced its new H 2 HPDI fuel system. For the first time in Europe, Westport will display an H 2 HPDI fuel system-equipped demonstrator truck at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover. The system, when fueled with hydrogen, offers more power and torque than diesel while significantly reducing emissions. Westport’s H 2 HPDI fuel system provides the following benefits: Up to 20% more power than diesel.

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Expleo develops closed-loop, e-methanol fuel cell solution for global shipping

Green Car Congress

UK-based Expleo, a global engineering, technology and consultancy service provider, has developed a closed-loop fuel solution for global shipping that delivers a 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) in the model vessel.

Global 406

Ferguson collaborates with Ford on F550 Fuel Cell Prototype

Green Car Congress

Ferguson Enterprises is collaborating with Ford Motor Company to place a first-of-its-kind F550 Fuel Cell Prototype Chassis Work Truck in service within Ferguson’s daily fleet operations for six months. Fleets Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Testing

Ford 305

Synhelion starts construction of DAWN demo plant to produce solar fuels

Green Car Congress

ETH Zurich spin-off Synhelion has started the construction of DAWN—its own industrial plant to produce synthetic fuels using solar heat. Synhelion’s industrial demonstration plant will produce several thousand liters of fuel per year.

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UConn researchers developing tubular PEM fuel cell

Green Car Congress

A team of UConn researchers led by Jasna Jankovic, an assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering, has devised a novel design for a tubular polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cell. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background

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New Zealand Post buys Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell truck

Green Car Congress

NZ Post has purchased the first of Hyundai New Zealand’s five XCIENT hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric trucks. Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Market Background

SAIC puts 80 fuel cell MAXUS MIFA vans into service in Shanghai

Green Car Congress

SAIC recently put 80 MAXUS MIFA hydrogen fuel cell vans into operation in Shanghai through Xiangdao Chuxing, SAIC’s mobility service platform. MIFA Hydrogen uses a 92 kW fuel cell system and delivers a range of 605 km (376 miles) with fuel consumption of 1.18

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Argonne releases new cradle-to-grave lifecycle analysis of US LDV vehicle-fuel pathways

Green Car Congress

Argonne National Laboratory has published a new cradle-to-grave (C2G) lifecycle analysis (LCA) of US LDV vehicle-fuel pathways. Selected fuel pathways were constrained to those deemed to be nationally scalable in the future. Fuel production pathways considered.

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Rolls-Royce releasing mtu rail engines for sustainable fuels

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce is releasing mtu rail engines for use with sustainable fuels. With synthetic diesel fuels of the EN15940 standard, CO 2 emissions can be reduced by up to 100% compared to fossil diesel. Bio-hydrocarbons Diesel Engines Fuels Market Background Rail

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Loop introduces new 120kW fuel cell system; 60% net system efficiency, much earlier fuel-cost parity with diesel

Green Car Congress

Loop Energy, a designer and manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells for commercial mobility, unveiled its new 120 kW fuel cell system at IAA Transportation 2022. Loop Energy has achieved this efficiency gain because of its patented eFlow fuel cell architecture ( earlier post ).

Fuel 228

Boeing’s Insitu advances its fuel cell technology; LH2 fueling

Green Car Congress

Insitu, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, announced new details about its latest efforts to advance hydrogen fuel-cell propulsion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Autonomous driving Aviation Fuel Cells Hydrogen

Fuel 345

BMW Group commences in-house production of fuel cell systems for BMW iX5 Hydrogen in Munich

Green Car Congress

BMW has begun fuel cell system production at the company’s competence center for hydrogen in Munich. The BMW Group sources the individual fuel cells required for manufacturing the BMW iX5 Hydrogen from the Toyota Motor Corporation. Fuel cell systems are manufactured in two main steps.

BMW 356

Hyliion acquires KARNO fuel-agnostic generator technology from GE for range-extended electric truck

Green Car Congress

Hyliion, a developer of electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles ( earlier post ), has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a new fuel-agnostic generator (KARNO) from GE Additive for its range-extended series-hybrid powertrain.

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Toyota, Kenworth tout fuel cell electric truck capabilities with completion of truck operations for ZANZEFF

Green Car Congress

Kenworth designed and built the Class 8 T680 FCEVs, while Toyota designed and built the powertrain’s fuel cell electric power system powered by hydrogen. Toyota plans to produce fuel-cell powertrain modules at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky from 2023.

Allison Transmission introduces hydrogen fuel cell vehicle testing at VEET

Green Car Congress

Allison Transmission announced the availability of hydrogen fuel cell and compressed natural gas (CNG) testing at its Vehicle Electrification + Environmental Test Center ( VEET ). As part of Allison’s goal to support the development and deployment of alternative fuel vehicles that reduce emissions, the company has completed the installation of two phases of hydrogen capabilities. Additional OEMs are scoping fuel cell vehicle testing projects for later this year.

SK Innovation invests $30M in ammonia fuel-cell startup Amogy

Green Car Congress

Korea-based SK innovation has invested $30 million in ammonia-based fuel cell startup Amogy ( earlier post ); the two also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on technical cooperation, and agreed to cooperate to develop ammonia-based fuel cell system technology and expand the market.

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ENC next-gen battery-electric and fuel-cell buses to be delivered in 2023

Green Car Congress

and a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and emission-free technology, announced that the next generation of its zero-emission products, Axess Battery Electric Bus (EVO-BE) and Axess Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus (EVO-FC), are now in development.

Fuel 356

HyMethShip seeks to fuel ship engines with hydrogen from methanol

Green Car Congress

The EU-funded HyMethShip project developed a system that innovatively combined a membrane reactor, a CO 2 capture system, a storage system for CO 2 and methanol as well as a hydrogen-fueled combustion engine to power ships. Engines Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Storage Methanol Ports and Marine

Bosch testing fuel cell vans using its own fuel cell components

Green Car Congress

Bosch has equipped two vans with hydrogen fuel cell technology and started test operation on the road. The fuel cell enables long ranges and short refueling times, which makes long journeys more economical. Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Testing

Fuel 195

MAN launches new dual-fuel engine

Green Car Congress

The latest addition to its four-stroke engine portfolio, the dual-fuel engine is capable of running on LNG, diesel and HFO as well as a number of more sustainable fuels including biofuel blends and synthetic natural gas. Fuel flexibility and efficiency are the key features.

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Siemens and Deutsche Bahn test hydrogen train and mobile fueling station for first time

Green Car Congress

million by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport as part of the National Innovation Program for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NIP 2). NIP 2 is coordinated by NOW (National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology) GmbH and is being implemented by project lead Jülich.

Proton Motor Fuel Cell and Aumann AG expand partnership to series production of hydrogen fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Since 2017, Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has been working with Aumann AG as part of the larger EU program “ Fit-4-AMandA ” (Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly) on hydrogen fuel cell stack production with financing from the agency FCH JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking).

Toyota, NREL collaborate to advance megawatt-scale fuel cell systems

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor North America is collaborating with the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to build, install and evaluate a 1-megawatt (MW) proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power generation system at NREL’s Flatirons Campus in Arvada, Colorado.

Toyota 248

SoCalGas, Ford developing F-550 Super Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck

Green Car Congress

SoCalGas) is working with Ford Motor Company on a demonstration project to reduce commercial fleet emissions by developing a F-550 Super Duty Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Truck. Currently, a third of SoCalGas’ over-the-road fleet operates on clean fuels. Southern California Gas Co.

Neste, Marathon finalize transaction to establish JV for production of renewable fuels in US

Green Car Congress

Neste Corporation and Marathon Petroleum Corporation (Marathon) announced an agreement to establish a 50/50 joint venture to produce renewable diesel following a conversion project of Marathon’s refinery in Martinez, California (the Martinez Renewable Fuels project ). This positions Neste as a global producer of renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel and renewable feedstock for polymers and chemicals, with production operations in Asia, Europe and North America.

Alfa Laval FCM Methanol chosen as the fuel supply system for six methanol-fueled container vessels

Green Car Congress

In this year’s largest methanol order to date, the Alfa Laval FCM (Fuel Conditioning Module) Methanol will be the low-flashpoint fuel supply system (LFSS) on six dual-fuel container vessels. The high-pressure stage maintains the specified fuel parameters.

MARAD launches 16-month study on alternative fuels and power options for Great Lakes shipping

Green Car Congress

Lawrence Governors & Premiers (GSGP), will assess the suitability of alternative fuels and power options for Great Lakes shipping. In 2014, MARAD began working with the Department of Energy (DOE) to investigate marine applications of fuel cells. Fuels Market Background Ports and Marin

First China-developed hydrogen fuel cell locomotive starts trial runs

Green Car Congress

The first China-developed hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive—from core power to main components—has started trial runs on a 627 km railway line for coal transport in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. China Fuel Cells Hydrogen Rail

China 425

Bureau Veritas awards AiP to HELION marine fuel cell system

Green Car Congress

Bureau Veritas has issued an Approval in Principle (AiP) to Alstom subsidiary HELION for its marine fuel cell system, the FC-RACK Marine. The marine fuel cell system uses a double envelope enclosure that enables the system to be perfectly sealed in a saline environment.

Eni launching sustainable aviation fuel production

Green Car Congress

Italy-based integrated energy company Eni is launching the production of alternative sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This product, called “Eni Biojet”, contains 100% biogenic component and can be combined with conventional jet fuel in an up to 50% mix.

TECO 2030 launches new concept Power Barge; containerized fuel cells

Green Car Congress

TECO 2030 has launched a new product concept for its containerized fuel cells, the TECO 2030 Power Barge. The solution comprises TECO 2030 fuel cell modules, batteries, power electronics, safety- and automation systems, hydrogen storage, and a refueling solution.

Power 195

UCLA team designs graphene-nanopocket-encaged PtCo nanocatalysts for fuel cells; highly durable, ultra-low loading

Green Car Congress

The graphene-wrapped alloy yielded 75 times more catalytic activity 65% more power about 20% more catalytic activity at the expected end of the fuel cell’s life about 35% less loss of power after testing that simulates 6,000 to 7,000 hours of use, beating the target of 5,000 hours for the first time.

Design 356

SANY developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles

Green Car Congress

China-based SANY, one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, is developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles; two recent examples include a dump truck and a mixer truck, freshly rolled out of SANY’s intelligent flagship factory.

Volvo Trucks to begin customer testing of fuel cell trucks in 2025

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks is testing fuel cell electric trucks that have an operational range comparable to diesel trucks, up to 1,000 km. The fuel cells will be supplied by cellcentric—the joint venture between the Volvo Group and Daimler Truck AG.

Volvo 248

Iveco Group chooses HTWO (Hyundai) fuel cell systems for the next generation of hydrogen buses in Europe

Green Car Congress

Iveco Group , through its brand IVECO BUS, will partner with HTWO to equip its future European hydrogen-powered buses with world-leading fuel cell systems. Hyundai fuel cell system. (1). Fuel Cell Stack. 2) Fuel Processing System.

Europe 356

Volvo Trucks begins testing hydrogen fuel cell trucks; cellcentric fuel cells for commercialization

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks has started to test its hydrogen fuel cell powered trucks. Volvo Trucks already offers battery electric trucks and trucks that run on renewable fuels, such as biogas. Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Market Background

Ballard to supply Stadler with fuel cell systems to power first hydrogen train in US

Green Car Congress

Stadler Rail AG, a leading manufacturer of rolling stock, has ordered six 100 kW FCmove-HD+ fuel cell engines from Ballard Power Systems to power the first hydrogen train in the United States. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market Background Rail

Hyundai Motor puts XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks into commercial fleet operation in California with $3.5M from EPA

Green Car Congress

million in 2021 Targeted Airshed Grant (TAG) funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deploy five XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks in California. This will be the largest commercial deployment of Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks in the US.

Fleet 311

ClearFlame Engine Technologies hits multiple manufacturing, customer pilot, and fueling milestones

Green Car Congress

ClearFlame Engine Technologies, a company developing net-zero engine technology ( earlier post ), has hit a number of key milestones through multiple partnerships with customers, manufacturers, and fuel providers. Ethanol is already distributed through fuel terminals nationwide.

Rolls-Royce reports successful 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel test flight

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce, working with Boeing and World Energy, has carried out a successful test flight of its 747 Flying Testbed aircraft using 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on a Trent 1000 engine. World Energy provided the low-carbon fuel for the flight.

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