Thu.Apr 19, 2018

Momentum Dynamics deploys 200 kW wireless charging system for electric transit buses in Wenatchee, WA

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Momentum Dynamics has commissioned the US’ first 200 kW wireless charging system for a battery-electric transit bus fleet. The wireless charging system is now operational on a BYD K9S bus at Link Transit in Wenatchee, Washington.

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Really fast electric-car charging stations coming to a Walmart near you

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Tired of not being able to find a fast charging station near the stuff you need to buy? Not anymore. Electrify America, an organization born out of the Volkswagen emissions settlement, plans to install an unspecified number of DC fast-charge stations at 100 Walmart stores across the country. Not only should this give electric car drivers a

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Lithium Australia finalizes acquisition of VSPC for Li-ion cathodel materials

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Lithium Australia (LIT) has finalized its acquisition of advanced cathode material production technology, acquiring 99.7% of the equity in Brisbane-based Very Small Particle Company (VSPC).

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Mazda gets California approval for CX-5 diesel

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Dedicated Green Car Reports readers keep us going. In response to our story earlier this month about why Mazda's promised diesel engine for the CX-5 still hasn't made it to the U.S. market, reader sent in evidence that the diesel has just been certified for sale (PDF) in California starting Apr. While that doesn't guarantee that Mazda will. Diesels

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Jilin team develops crystalline porous salts with high proton conductivity; application for fuel cell membranes

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Researchers at Jilin University in China have developed a new class of self-assembled crystalline porous organic salts (CPOSs) featuring high proton conductivity for applications such as proton-exchange membranes for fuel cells.

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U of Bristol leading nanoCAGE project to use new approach to hydrogen storage; potential 10x improvement

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The University of Bristol is leading a US$1.4-million (£947,336) project— NanoComposites for Active Gas Encapsulation (nanoCAGE) —which will deliver smart composite materials to address the problem of safe and efficient hydrogen storage. A low-density gas, hydrogen is challenging to store on-board a vehicle.

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Walmart gets fast chargers, diesel Ford F-150 and Mazda CX-5, Buick Velite in China: Today's Car News

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Electric car chargers will soon be able to get a fast charge with a quart of milk at Walmarts across the country. Ford releases fuel economy numbers for the new diesel F-150, the Mazda CX-5 diesel is finally certified for sale in California, and a new plug-in hybrid for China signals a new approach to plug-ins for GM. All this and more on Green

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Roskill: record cobalt deals in Q1 2018 show raw material procurement for Li-ion batteries revving up

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Given the rapid development of the lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery industry, analysts are predicting that industry requirements for lithium and graphite could increase five-fold within the next decade while other metals such as nickel and cobalt are expected to increase nine-fold and four-fold, respectively, reflecting changes in cathode chemistry, according to a new report from Roskill.

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