Nevada launches “Clean Cars Nevada” effort; adopting California LEV and ZEV

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Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced the “ Clean Cars Nevada ” initiative, which will evaluate the adoption of new regulations to provide Nevadans with more choices for low and zero emission electric passenger cars and trucks at dealerships throughout the state beginning in 2024.

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Vast Nevada solar array on federal land will be biggest ever

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Nevada is set to host the largest solar array in the United States. Last month, the U.S. Department of the Interior approved a proposal for the Gemini Solar Project, a $1 billion solar-generating facility to be located about 30 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

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CarPlay finds EV chargers, Nikola claims superiority, Nevada looks to CARB: Today’s Car News

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Nevada is thinking about signing on to California vehicle emissions standards. Apple CarPlay will help the upcoming BMW i4 electric car find chargers along the way. Several South Korean industrial giants involved in making EVs are looking for bright-eyed startups.

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Tesla Adds Nevada Land; Will Gigafactory Be Planet's Biggest Building?

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Tesla claims that its lithium-ion cell "Gigafactory"--currently under construction just outside Reno, Nevada--will be the largest of its kind in the world. Manufacturing lithium-ion Tesla Motors plug-in cars youtube nevada gigafactory

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Tesla launches battery recycling at Nevada Gigafactory

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In its latest environmental impact statement, Tesla announced that it will open its own battery recycling facility. Tesla has been recycling batteries made at the factory using third-party recyclers. Now, as the earliest Model Ses reach 7 years old, and the company is starting to receive some batteries back after use in those early cars, it's. Battery recycling lithium batteries

Colorado, Nevada, Utah to collaborate on electric-car charging network

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plug-in cars state laws nevada charging infrastructure Fast Charging UtahMuch of the U.S. innovation in electric-car incentives and infrastructure has come not from the federal government but from one or more states, especially California. With the decision years ago to let states either comply with national emission standards or adopt the stiffer California rules, both individual states and regional groups are.

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Faraday Future Chooses Nevada For Electric-Car Plant

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Last month, Faraday Future announced that it was considering sites in California, Georgia, Louisiana, and Nevada for a $1 billion electric-car plant. Now, it appears Nevada is the preferred location for the plant, which will build the electric car Faraday plans to launch in 2017. Las Vegas Manufacturing plug-in cars nevada Faraday Future

Faraday puts up $75 million bond to reassure Nevada on factory

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Following its successful bid for the Tesla lithium-ion battery "Gigafactory," Nevada landed a second electric-manufacturing project as well. But Nevada lawmakers have since expressed concern over Faraday's ability to meet the financial requirements of a deal meant to enable the. Manufacturing incentives plug-in cars nevada Faraday Futureit's the proposed Faraday Future factory in North Las Vegas.

Faraday's Future bumpy; Nevada nervous, first car 'no Tesla'

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Green Faraday Future Startups incentives nevada plug-in carsCompany startups are, by their nature, secretive and turbulent places. Toss in a Chinese billionaire or two, a new business model for selling transportation services rather than cars, and the brutal competition in the global auto industry, and you have the recipe for frequent and disruptive change. And, more often than not (as history shows us).

Nevada treasurer, Faraday's nemesis, turns eye toward Tesla tax-credit transfer

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The state of Nevada has been fairly generous to startup electric-car makers that pledge to establish manufacturing operations within its borders. Manufacturing government incentives jobs tax credit plug-in cars nevada gigafactory Faraday FutureAfter offering a generous incentive package several years ago, the Silver State landed Tesla's lithium-ion battery "Gigafactory," which is now up and running just outside Reno. Then it lured the.

Freightliner Inspiration truck receives autonomous vehicle licensing from Nevada DMV

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Nevada has granted the first license for an autonomous commercial truck—the Freightliner Inspiration—to operate on an open public highway in the United States to Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA).

Nevada enacts law authorizing autonomous (driverless) vehicles

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The Nevada legislature passed AB 511 , authorizing the use of autonomous (i.e., The new law charges the Nevada Department of Transportation (DOT) with setting safety and performance standards and requires it to designate areas where driverless cars may be tested. driverless) vehicles; the bill was approved by the Governor on 16 June and it enters into law.

Nevada approves driverless cars

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The US state of Nevada has become the first to approve the use of driverless cars, like the sort being tested by Google at the moment. The state has passed new legislation which requires the Nevada Department of Transportation to prepare for the presence of driverless cars on its roads with rules governing safety standards, [.]. Green credentials approve driverless law low emission Nevada system

Nevada Governor Signs Tesla Tax Break Bill For Battery Gigafactory

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billion by Nevada lawmakers. Tesla Motors'' battery Gigafactory took another step toward construction with the approval of incentives worth up to $1.3 Governor Brian Sandoval signed the package of four bills into law one week after announcing that the Silver State would host the first of what could be multiple factories that will produce

What Will Tesla Gigafactory Cost Nevada? How About $1.3 Billion?

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Nevada will become the site of Tesla Motors'' first battery gigafactory, and that''s partially because of the incentives package lawmakers will offer the company. The factory is expected to cost around $5 billion, but how much will it cost the state? The tax breaks and other incentives officials plan to offer Tesla could add up to $1.3 billion

Tesla Gigafactory Going To Nevada, Apparently (First One, Anyhow)

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The answer appears to be Nevada. A press conference to be held this afternoon may answer one of the major questions for the future of electric-car maker Tesla Motors: Where will it locate its gigafactory? The office of state governor Brian Sandoval said he would make a "major economic development announcement" in Carson City this afternoon

Kia Motors granted Nevada autonomous driving license

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Kia Motors has been granted a licence by the state of Nevada to carry out testing of its autonomous driving technologies on public roads for the first time. Kia—together with sister company Hyundai—hopes to experiment with partially- and fully-autonomous driving technologies in real-world conditions, an important part of its roadmap for autonomous driving.

Tesla's Nevada Gigafactory: Elon Musk, Brothel Owner, State Work Toward Deal

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As expected, Tesla Motors announced yesterday afternoon that it would build its first battery gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada. The electric-car maker released platitudinous statements from CEO Elon Musk, Nevada governor Brian Sandoval, and state Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick. Much of the business press treated it purely as an economic development

Tesla Gigafactory: New Photos Show Progress On Battery Plant In Nevada

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To be able to build and sell its planned $35,000 Tesla Model 3 electric sedan, Tesla Motors must first build its lithium-ion cell "gigafactory" in Nevada and then test and validate the batteries it produces. But if the latest photos are any indication, work is proceeding rapidly on the huge facility. DON''T MISS: Tesla Gigafactory For Electric-Car

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Nevada rebuffs Trump EPA, considers cleaner California vehicle standards

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Nevada could be the next U.S. On Monday, Nevada governor Steve Sisolak announced the Clean Cars Nevada initiative, which aims to adopt new regulations leading to an increase in the number of.

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Opinon: Lithium Market Set To Explode; All Eyes Are On Nevada

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While other commodities are floundering or completely collapsing in this market, lithium—the critical mineral in the emerging battery gigafactory war—is poised to explode, and going forward Nevada is emerging as the front line in this pending American lithium boom. Nevada is about to get a boost first from Tesla’s upcoming battery gigafactory, and then from all of its rivals. For Nevada, there can be no more significant validation than Tesla’s lithium supply agreements.

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Feds Should Boost Electric-Car Incentives: Harry Reid, Nevada Senator

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Today, most plug-in electric car buyers qualify for a Federal income-tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500--but Senator Harry Reid thinks those incentives should be expanded. He proposes to overcome one challenge with that incentive: Buyers must wait up to 15 months to realize the benefit, which they don''t earn until they file their annual income taxes

Ryze Renewables partners with Phillips 66 to build two renewable diesel plants in Nevada; 11,000 BPD combined

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Ryze Renewables announced that construction is underway for two renewable diesel production facilities in Nevada. Once operational, these plants will manufacture high-cetane (80+) renewable diesel fuel from agricultural oils and animal fats, using a patented catalytic hydrogenation technology that the company says is more efficient than current conversion processes.

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Tesla Model 3 challenges, Faraday Future vs Nevada, OK natural-gas stations: Today's Car News

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Today, the challenges Elon Musk must overcome to launch the Tesla Model 3, questions from Nevada's treasurer over Faraday Future's ambitious plans, and why Oklahoma may be the friendliest place for natural-gas cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Nissan and Renault have now together built 340,000 electric cars. How long until they reach. Today in Car News

Lithium X acquires largest land position in Nevada’s Clayton Valley

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is acquiring a 100% interest in the CVL Lithium Property in Nevada’s Clayton Valley. on the northern boundary, the Clayton Valley South project operated by Pure Energy Minerals Ltd to the east and the Neptune property owned by Nevada Sunrise Gold Corporation to the west.

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Tesla, Panasonic Sign Gigafactory Pact; Nevada Site Work Already Underway?

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Now it''s official: Panasonic and Tesla Motors will build the "gigafactory," a huge lithium-ion cell fabrication and battery-pack production facility in the western United States. Today Tesla will report its second-quarter earnings after the market closes, and CEO Elon Musk was bound to face questions about the progress of the massive plant. Right

Tesla Gigafactory To Nevada, 2014 MINI Cooper Driven, 2015 Chevy Colorado MPG: Today's Car News

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We start today with a report that Nevada will be the site for Tesla Motors'' first gigafactory. On the internal-combustion front, we''ve also got the first fuel-economy ratings for the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickup trucks, and a drive report of the 2014 MINI Cooper three-cylinder. All this and more on Green Car Reports

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Hyundai Ioniq lineup, Geneva's green debuts, Leaf 2G update, nervous Nevada: The Week In Reverse

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Which startup company is making the state of Nevada nervous right about now? And, what vehicle did we consider to be the most important new entry at this week's Geneva Motor Show? This is our look back at the Week In Reverse--right here at Green Car Reports--for the week ending on Friday, March 4, 2016. Friday, we updated you on the latest from. The Week In Reverse

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DuPont selects Murex as marketing partner for cellulosic ethanol from Nevada, Iowa plant

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DuPont Industrial Biosciences (DuPont) has selected Murex LLC to market the cellulosic ethanol produced from its 30-million-gallon-per-year plant in Nevada, Iowa. DuPont has made substantial investments in renewable fuels and has committed more than $200 million to the Nevada biorefinery, which will utilize corn stover. This optimized conversion process is being deployed in the facility in Nevada, Iowa.

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Standard-production Mercedes E-Class awarded test license for autonomous driving in Nevada

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The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been awarded a test licence for autonomous driving in the state of Nevada; specifically, three standard-production E-Class vehicles have been approved to drive themselves. Self-driving tests are permitted on all interstates and state highways in Nevada, human drivers being required only for turning, merging and departing. Nevada passed regulations on autonomous driving back in June 2011 and is seen as a pioneer.

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Continental focusing on automated driving as key long-term technology strategy; receives approval to test automated vehicles on Nevada roads

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As a reflection of this focus, Continental has just received approval from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to test autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads. More than 15,000 miles of highly automated driving have been completed on public roads primarily in Nevada.

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Nevada the site for the Tesla Gigafactory pending legislative approval of incentive package estimated at up to $1.25B over 20 years

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According to the Reno Gazette-Journal , the incentive package assembled by the governor for Tesla is “ unprecedented in size and scope for the state of Nevada ” and is one of the largest in the country. I.e., Tesla is not to encounter any opposition in Nevada to its direct sales model.

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Outlander Plug-In, Downsized Pickups, Tesla Chooses Nevada: The Week In Reverse

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We drive Mitsubishi’s plug-in SUV, and wonder if downsized pickups really are a bigger thing than automakers project. And guess who’s now neighbors with the Mustang Ranch? This is The Week In Reverse for Friday, September 12, here at Green Car Reports.

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Faraday Future Plans $1 Billion Electric-Car Factory, Site TBD

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The company has not selected a site, but said it is considering locations in California, Georgia, Louisiana, and Nevada. Nevada has now apparently replaced Texas in the contest. Manufacturing California Louisiana Georgia plug-in cars nevada Faraday FuturesMysterious electric-car startup Faraday Future said yesterday that it will invest $1 billion in a U.S. factory, which will begin producing cars within two years.

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Nevada grants Audi first automaker permit to operate autonomous vehicles on public roads

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The State of Nevada issued to Audi a license allowing the testing of autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roads. This makes Audi the first automotive original equipment manufacturer to obtain this special permit. The first license went to Google; in December 2012, the state also awarded a testing license to automotive supplier Continental. Earlier post.). Audi defines autonomous driving capabilities in terms of piloted parking and piloted driving.

2011 Fiat 500 Testing in Nevada: Exclusive Spy Photo

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The latest proof is this photo of a Fiat 500 development prototype being road-tested outside Las Vegas, in the hot weather of Nevada. The 2011 Fiat 500 will go on sale in less than six months, but the company is still hard at work roadtesting pre-production versions for North America. Our reader KJ Elias sent it to us after snapping the photo out

Tesla: 8,763 Cars Built, 7,579 Sold, 'Potential' Nevada Gigafactory Ground Broken: Q2 Earnings Report

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Tesla Motors built 8,763 Model S electric cars and delivered 7,579 of them to customers during the second quarter, according to just-released second-quarter results. It expects to build about 9,000 cars this quarter, and deliver 7,800, largely due to a two-week production shutdown for retooling at its factory in Fremont, California--which cost it

Rockwood Lithium opens new lithium production facility in Nevada; announces global price increases for lithium salts

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Rockwood is leveraging a $28.4-million investment from the Recovery Act to expand its North Carolina lithium production facility as well as its production operations in Silver Peak, Nevada. Rockwood Lithium has opened its expanded manufacturing facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. This project will increase the United States’ capacity to produce lithium; the federal investment leveraged more than $46 million in additional private sector funding.

Faraday Future imperils electric-car factory, misses payment to contractor

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To achieve that goal, the company is building a new factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, at a stated cost of $1 billion. Manufacturing plug-in cars nevada Faraday FutureThe Faraday Future company has said it aims to put its first electric car into production within two years. Faraday broke ground on the factory in April, although significant work did not begin until July. Now, it may have halted.

Faraday Future halts factory work, hopes to resume early 2017

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Before the Chinese-backed startup can begin production, it needs to complete a new factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, which has a stated cost of $1 billion. Manufacturing China plug-in cars nevada Startups Faraday FutureFaraday Future's ambitious plans to launch a production electric car in less than two years appear to have hit a snag.

FTA awarding $5.1M for 10 new hybrid buses and fueling station in Reno, Nevada

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The RAPID BRT offers a reliable, desirable alternative for residents heading to jobs on or near the downtown corridor, and students heading to the University of Nevada at Reno. The US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is awarding the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County a $5.1-million grant to purchase new hybrid-electric buses and build a new fueling station.

News in brief: Hybrid buses heading to Nevada after cash boost

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Hybrid electric buses will soon be making their way to Reno, Nevada, after the US Federal Transit Administration (FTA) awarded $5.1million to Washoe County to purchase 10 hybrid buses and build a fuelling station. Green cars Latest news green buses hybrid bus Nevada USAFunding for the 10 buses is hoped to boost a service on Virginia Street – one of the busiest corridors in [.].

Tesla Gigafactory Jobs, Investments Fell Short Of Projections Last Year

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Tesla's decision to build its massive lithium-ion battery-cell "Gigafactory" at a site near Reno, Nevada, was made in part because of generous incentives offered by the state government. But thus far, Nevada may. Green Batteries Tesla Motors gigafactory jobs nevada plug-in carsState lawmakers promised Tesla a total of $1.25 billion in tax incentives over many years in exchange for anticipated economic growth.

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