How One Bad Manny Can P**s Away Your Brand

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Cluelessness is the brand attribute of arrogant companies who only see their customers as wallet share opportunities. Just the kind of informed customer companies like Leviton find “tiresome.”

2019 130

BMW i Ventures invests in optical AI software company Alitheon

Green Car Congress

BMW i Ventures has invested in Alitheon , an optical AI software creator and deep-tech startup developing generative engineering software aimed at automating the product development process.

2020 78

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Lessons In Losing From Leviton: First Screw Up, Then Blame The Customer, Then Pound Sand

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I love a frustrated and impotent message from a mid-level manager expressing bitterness to a customer who has already generated more than 500 negative brand impressions for the mid-level employee’s company. Hey Mark Richards , Sr.

2019 130

Union hack: British company offers electric classic Mini conversion

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While neither of those models has arrived quite yet, the UK-based company electric bicycle company Swind has already started making a limited number of electric conversions of classic Minis for.

2019 98

This Is Why You Don’t Take Money From Oil Companies For Your Schools

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When Chevron, or Phillips 66, or ExxonMobil or E&B oil companies give schools and nonprofits funding money they do it for one reason only. Sold them out to the very oil companies who are destroying their chance of having a decent future.

2015 246

Hyundai and Kia invest in autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have invested in Aurora to accelerate development of autonomous vehicle technologies.

2019 102

Billionaire Everyman Eats Standing Up In Company Breakroom On Casual Friday.

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campaign election News politics Truth & Reality Voters white privilege

2019 130

Time To Fine Hitler’s Favorite Car Company, @VW Out Of Business #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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2018 141

Shell acquiring EV charging company Greenlots

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The companies will offer software and services that enable large-scale deployment of smart charging infrastructure and integrate efficiently with advanced energy resources such as solar, wind and power storage. Shell’s New Energies business is seeking to leverage the company’s strengths in fast-growing and commercial parts of the energy industry, including EV charging, and could spend on average between $1-2 billion a year until 2020 on commercial opportunities.

2019 75

Another Lesson On Brand #FAIL From Leviton

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Company Ethics Customer Service electric cars #BadCustomerService #BrandFAIL Brian CEO Don Hendler Emanuel J. After hearing nothing about the replacement EV Charger Leviton promised me a week ago – to replace the one I paid them $1300 for which failed while still under warranty – today I got a mystery call from someone claiming to be with Leviton Manufacturing.

2019 100

BNEF: EV company fundings bright spot as clean energy investment slips in Q3 quarter; 3 China EV companies raise $1.9B

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billion in the third quarter of 2018, down 6% from the same period last year, according to the latest Clean Energy Investment Trends report from research company Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). VC/PE fundings of specialist clean energy companies have reached $7.5

2018 116

California ARB developing Clean Miles Standard for ridesharing companies

Green Car Congress

With the enactment of SB 1014 ( earlier post )—the Clean Miles Standard and Incentive Program—the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is to develop and to implement new requirements for transportation network companies (TNCs)—i.e., This bill requires CARB to adopt and set annual GHG reduction requirements on TNC companies by 1 January 2021.

2019 104

PHEV company VIA acquires automotive engineering company

Green Car Congress

VIA Motors, a privately held plug-in electric vehicle development and manufacturing company, has acquired Prodigy Engineering, an electric vehicle design, engineering and prototyping company. Prodigy has been under contract with VIA to prototype new vehicle models for the company’s expanding portfolio. VIA VTRUX deliver up to 40-mile battery range and unlimited extended range, averaging over 100 mpg in typical daily driving, according to the company.

2014 81

Volkswagen Group takes minority stake in 3D holography company SeeReal Technologies

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen has acquired a minority stake in the technology company SeeReal Technologies. Research in this area is being carried out by the company SeeReal Technologies and is progressing.

2019 122

HD REV powertrain company Wrightspeed gearing up for commercialization push

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The company recently showcased its powertrain technology alongside Mack Trucks at Waste Expo 2016 in Las Vegas and signed a $30+ million deal with NZ Bus, signaling multinational and multimodal demand for the company’s powertrain technology. Wrightspeed Inc.,

2016 159

Navigant Research ranks EV charging network companies

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In a new Leaderboard Report , Navigant Research assesses the business strategy and execution of 12 companies offering public charging networks and EV charging services. Companies in the commercial charging space will face a transitional market over the next few years.

2016 101

Los Angeles-Long Beach Port trucking company replacing entire diesel truck fleet with near-zero emissions natural gas trucks, RNG

Green Car Congress

SoCalGas), along with environmental health non-profit BREATHE LA, fueling company Clean Energy, engine manufacturer Cummins Westport, and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) participated in the announcement. Total Transportation Services Inc.

Chinese EV company Xpeng Motors raises US$400M in Series C; Xiaomi strategic investor

Green Car Congress

The company unveiled its second production model, the P7 sedan in April, rolled out the 10,000 th unit of its first production model, the G3 2019 smart SUV, in June, and in July it released the enhanced version, the G3 2020 with a 520 km (323-mile) NEDC driving range.

2019 90

Occidental Petroleum and Chevron invest in direct air carbon capture and synthetic fuels company Carbon Engineering

Green Car Congress

CE) has received equity investment from two global energy companies: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation; and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), the venture capital arm of Chevron Corporation. Canada-based Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE)

2019 147

Public transport company VHH orders 16 Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric buses; longer-range packs

Green Car Congress

The public transport company Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) in Germany has ordered 16 units of the Mercedes-Benz eCitaro electric city bus. The company Verkehrsbetriebe Hamburg-Holstein (VHH) uses more than 150 buses to connect the metropolis of Hamburg with the surrounding area.

2019 124

California first state to regulate GHGs of ridesharing companies

Green Car Congress

California Governor Brown signed SB 1014 , a bill requiring transportation network companies (TNCs) to account for, and reduce, the greenhouse gas emissions of their operations. The explosive growth of ride-hailing companies has left states facing a growing list of unintended consequences caused by on-demand transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft.

2018 91

Volkswagen Group sets up new group company for energy and charging: Elli

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen Group is establishing a Group company for energy offerings and charging solutions, underlining its strategic goal of becoming a leading provider of sustainable mobility. The new company will play its part with energy offerings from renewable sources and smart charging solutions.

2019 133

UPS invests in autonomous trucking company TuSimple, tests self-driving tractor trailers

Green Car Congress

UPS’ venture capital arm, UPS Ventures, has made a minority investment in autonomous driving company TuSimple ( earlier post ). The company initiated self-driving service in May, 2019, with a driver and engineer in the vehicle.

2019 97

Electric motor company YASA enters innovation agreement with global automotive manufacturer for hybrids and EVs

Green Car Congress

Last month, the company announced partnering with Rolls-Royce to provide the electric motors to power the world’s fastest electric airplane, scheduled for launch in 2020.

2019 132

Automotive, Telecom and ITS companies carry out first Cellular V2X trial in Japan

Green Car Congress

The companies have successfully conducted Japan’s first C-V2X testing in the country using 5.8 In their field trials, the companies focused on sending messages directly via cellular V2X technology (PC5).

2018 132

Volkswagen progressing with work on quantum computing, develops traffic management system for taxi companies

Green Car Congress

As a result, public transportation organizations, taxi companies, and transport service providers will be able to deploy their fleets considerably more efficiently while minimizing waiting times for passengers.

2018 135

Study finds ride-sharing companies biggest contributors to growing traffic congestion in San Francisco

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the University of Kentucky and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority have determined that, contrary to the concept and vision, transportation network companies such as Uber and Lyft are the biggest contributor to growing traffic congestion in San Francisco.

Don’t Look For Truth In @LATimes About Arson Fire Started By Phillips 66 Oil Company To Increase Prices & Pollution #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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carbon producers climate change Climate Emergency Collusion corruption environment environmental justice, environmental racism Evil fossil fuels Greed News Media renewable energy solar power Sustainability toxic chemicals Truth & Reality arson Carson El Segundo Phillips 66

2019 130

Battery company Kreisel Electric introduces automated 2-speed transmission for EVs

Green Car Congress

2018 98

Porsche increases stake in electric sports car company Rimac to 15.5%

Green Car Congress

Porsche has increased its stake in technology and sports car company Rimac Automobili to 15.5%. The Croatian company develops and produces electromobility components and also produces electrically powered super sports cars in-house. We believe in what Mate Rimac and his company have to offer, which is why we have now increased our stake and intend to intensify our collaboration in the field of battery technology. The company also develops and produces electric bikes.

2019 88

Companies form H2Bus consortium to deploy 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell buses and infrastructure in Europe

Green Car Congress

Everfuel, Wrightbus, Ballard Power Systems, Hexagon Composites, Nel Hydrogen and Ryse Hydrogen—leading players in the hydrogen fuel cell electric value chain—are joining forces to form the H2Bus Consortium. The members are committed to deploying 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric buses, along with supporting infrastructure, in European cities at commercially competitive rates.

2019 116

Oil companies fight back for charging dollars

Green Car Reports

As electric cars begin eating into profit growth at oil companies, the war for electric-car drivers' pocketbooks has begun. Electric utilities are counting on supplying increasing quantities of juice, especially during off-peak hours to make their operations more efficient—and not insignificantly to boost revenues along the way. Charging Networks

Juice 58

Waste gasification company Sierra Energy closes $33M Series A funding; FastOx

Green Car Congress

The company’s first commercial-scale demonstration facility is located at US Army Garrison Fort Hunter Liggett in Monterey County, California. Sierra Energy Corporation closed a $33-million Series A investment round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures and joined by Cox Investment Holdings, Inc., BNP Paribas SA, Twynam Investments Pty Ltd, Formica Ventures AB, and The March Fund I LP.

2019 99

Great Reporting @LATimes But Your Headline Writer Spun The Story In Favor Of Fossil Fuel Companies & More Climate Destruction. That’s All Most People Will Read #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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carbon producers climate change Climate Emergency environment fossil fuels greenwashing Truth & Reality Los Angeles Times So Cal Gas

2019 130

Company claims to harness AI for quicker electric-car DC fast charging

Green Car Reports

Further, the company is aiming, with a technology that employs AI elements, to boost charging speeds without accelerating.

2019 103

Tesla buys ultracapacitor company to boost energy density

Green Car Reports

Maxwell Technologies, a San Diego company that specializes in ultracapacitor energy storage, announced Monday that it is being bought by Tesla in a stock swap valued at $218 million. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that he expects ultracapacitors could provide a more likely bet for a breakthrough in energy storage than batteries. Maxwell. ultracapacitors

Nissan LEAF helps power company’s NA facilities with V2G; Nissan Energy

Green Car Congress

Working with Fermata Energy, a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems company, Nissan North America is launching a new pilot program under the Nissan Energy Share initiative which leverages bi?directional The company will also develop new ways to reuse electric car batteries.

2018 116

Former Porsche CEO backing company with TDI-like emissions claim

Green Car Reports

The idea, belonging to a company called MWI (Micro. Former Porsche AG CEO Wendelin Wiedeking, who waged a failed takeover of the Volkswagen Group ten years ago, is reportedly one of the backers of a new venture that, at face value, is making claims that sound very much like those made of what was then the favored tech for VW and Audi: TDI diesel. emissions Wendelin Wiedeking

2018 71

Hyundai Motor Company and Cummins to collaborate on hydrogen fuel cell technology

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Company and Cummins Inc. The companies will also explore ways they can work together to develop next-generation fuel cell systems, and have each committed to assign a team of individuals to investigate and pursue other areas of collaboration. This partnership is a terrific opportunity for both companies to leverage our respective strengths and create new opportunities to grow and broaden the product portfolio we bring to our customers.

2019 79

British company resurrects classic MGB and Jaguar XKSS as electrics

Green Car Reports

First, it was the Porsche 911, then the Jaguar E-Type. Now it's the MGB. Converting classic old cars into electrics has become the rage across Europe. The latest comes from RBW Classic Electric Cars in the UK, which isn't taking classic MGBs and modifying them, but recreating new classic MGBs with electric powertrains. READ MORE: Royal couple's

2018 83

BYD, Toyota to establish joint company for battery-electric vehicle research and development

Green Car Congress

BYD Company Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation signed an agreement to establish a joint company to research and development for battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). The new R&D company, which will work on designing and developing BEVs (including platform) and its related parts, is anticipated to be established in China in 2020, with BYD and Toyota to evenly share 50% of the total capital needed.

2019 65

EFG Companies launches MAP Electric Vehicle Protection for EV customers; 11 years, 150k miles

Green Car Congress

EFG Companies, the innovator behind the award-winning Hyundai Assurance program, has launched the new Motorist Assistance Plan (MAP) Electric Vehicle Protection. —John Pappanastos, President and CEO of EFG Companies. —Eric Fifield, Chief Sales Officer of EFG Companies. —Paul Roberts, Director of Service Engagement at EFG Companies.

2019 85

Eight Chinese electric-car companies: Headed for boom or bust?

Green Car Reports

At almost twice the volume of the U.S., China is the world’s largest car market. Its government has aggressive plans to put the country at the forefront of global electric-car development, deployment, and sales.

2019 52