GM adding Plug and Charge

Green Car Congress

GM is expanding its existing collaboration with EVgo to add a new Plug and Charge service to the Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem. In time, GM plans to broaden the service to include all compatible DC fast-charging stations across the Ultium Charge 360 network.

GM 378

GM reveals 2024 Chevrolet Equinox EV

Green Car Congress

With a starting price of around $30,000 on the 1LT base trim, the Equinox EV plugs Chevrolet into the critical compact SUV segment; GM says it expects the EV to be the most affordable EV in its class. GM-Est.


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GM invests in battery recycling company Lithion

Green Car Congress

GM Ventures, the automaker’s investment arm, has made a strategic investment in Lithion Recycling’s Series A financing round, supporting a new GM-Lithion strategic partnership agreement to pursue a circular battery ecosystem using Lithion’s advanced battery recycling technology. This collaboration between GM and Lithion will focus on: Validation of Lithion’s recovered battery materials for use in the production of new batteries, and potential to acquire battery materials.

GM opens broad application of EV component sets

Green Car Congress

This approach will enable GM to expand its reach to a larger, more diverse group of commercial customers, helping organizations meet the growing demand for zero-emissions technology while achieving their own sustainability targets.

GM 344

GM reveals new Ultium Drive EV motors designed and developed in-house with GM propulsion software

Green Car Congress

At the 2021 Mackinac Policy Conference, General Motors President Mark Reuss revealed GM’s group of three all-new motors that will power its Ultium-based EVs. The motors that will power GM’s Ultium-based EVs were built as a scalable family.

GM 317

GM and Glencore enter multi-year cobalt supply agreement

Green Car Congress

Glencore and General Motors announced a multi-year sourcing agreement in which Glencore will supply GM with cobalt from its Murrin Murrin operation in Australia.

GM and OneD Battery Sciences collaborate on joint R&D of silicon anode technology for Ultium cells

Green Car Congress

General Motors and OneD Battery Sciences signed a joint research development agreement focused on the potential use of OneD’s silicon nanotechnology in GM’s Ultium battery cells to drive significant increases in energy density for longer range and reduced cost.

GM 228

POSCO Chemical, GM in large-scale CAM supply agreement to support EV growth

Green Car Congress

recently announced a binding agreement for a large-scale supply of Cathode Active Material (CAM) to help GM meet its fast-growing EV production needs. Through the multi-year agreement, which runs from 2023 through 2025, the CAM provided by POSCO Chemical to GM will be used by Ultium Cells LLC, a joint venture between GM and LG Energy Solutions, at its battery cell plants in Warren, Ohio; Spring Hill, Tennessee; and Lansing, Michigan. POSCO Chemical and General Motors Co.

GM introduces Ultium Charge 360

Green Car Congress

General Motors introduced Ultium Charge 360, a holistic charging approach that integrates charging networks, GM vehicle mobile apps, and other products and services to simplify the overall charging experience for GM electric vehicle owners. Ultium Charge 360 builds on GM’s existing charging efforts to provide GM EV owners more confidence and convenience when it comes to EV charging.

GM 200

Cadillac CELESTIQ to be built at GM’s Global Technical Center

Green Car Congress

The CELESTIQ will be the first production vehicle to be built at GM’s Global Technical Center, the center of the company’s engineering and design efforts since its inauguration in May 1956. The Cadillac CELESTIQ will be built on GM’s Ultium Platform, the heart of the company’s EV strategy.

GM takes 25% stake in Pure Watercraft to accelerate all-electric boating

Green Car Congress

GM has acquired a 25% ownership stake in Pure Watercraft , a Seattle-based company that specializes in creating all-electric boating solutions. The Pure Outboard system includes a 25kW electric outboard motor with power tilt/trim (112 lbs); one or more 8.85

GM launches interactive EV learning platform

Electric Cars Report

EV Live is a new element of GM’s holistic approach to EVs, which includes: – Electric vehicles built on […] The post GM launches interactive EV learning platform appeared first on Electric Cars Report. Electric Car News EV Live general motors GM GM EV live

GM 88

GM investing $491M in Marion Metal Center to support EV production

Green Car Congress

General Motors will invest $491 million at its Marion, Indiana metal stamping operations to prepare the facility to produce a variety of steel and aluminum stamped parts for future products, including electric vehicles, built at multiple GM assembly plants. First opened in 1956, GM’s Marion Metal Center produces sheet metal stamped parts and blanks for multiple GM assembly plants to support production of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles.

Buick 215

FLO providing workplace charging solutions to GM across the US

Green Car Congress

Parking lot at GM Arlington Assembly in Texas. Arlington currently assembles the Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV, GMC Yukon, Yukon XL, Chevrolet Suburban and Chevrolet Tahoe for markets in 32 countries across the globe, making it the most export-heavy manufacturing site within GM.

GM and Red Hat to collaborate on software-defined vehicles at the edge

Green Car Congress

The companies expect to expand an ecosystem of innovation around the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, which provides a functional-safety certified Linux operating system foundation intended for the ongoing evolution of GM’s Ultifi software platform ( earlier post ).

GM 354

GM expands EV first responder training efforts in US and Canada

Green Car Congress

GM is expanding its efforts to educate public safety, fire and emergency service providers throughout the United States and Canada as EV sales grow. GM’s training includes guidance on doing this more sparingly to keep battery management systems active.

Canada 356

Report: Chevy not planning dealer buyouts over EVs as GM offered for Buick, Cadillac

Green Car Reports

Chevrolet won't follow sibling General Motors brands Buick and Cadillac in offering buyouts to dealerships that don't want to sell electric vehicles, a GM executive said in a recent interview with The Verge.

Buick 161

GM to double the Super Cruise road network

Green Car Congress

For new vehicles in the GM portfolio built on the VIP electrical architecture, the expansion will be available later this year and will be delivered at no additional charge, over-the-air starting in 2022 on Super Cruise-equipped models.

GM 248

Hertz to order up to 175,000 EVs from GM over the next five years

Green Car Congress

Hertz and GM believe this plan is the largest expansion of EVs among fleet customers and the broadest because it spans a wide range of vehicle categories and price points—from compact and midsize SUVs to pickups, luxury vehicles and more. The agreement will encompass electric vehicle deliveries through 2027 as Hertz increases the EV component of its fleet and GM accelerates production of EVs broadly.

SAIC-GM-Wuling's NEV sales exceed 1 million units

CN EV Post

SAIC-GM-Wuling has become the second local automaker after BYD to see sales of NEVs reach 1 million units. The post SAIC-GM-Wuling's NEV sales exceed 1 million units appeared first on CnEVPost. Industry Deliveries SAIC-GM-Wuling

BYD 71

GM begins deliveries of first Ultium-based EVs: GMC Hummer pickup and Brightdrop EV600

Green Car Congress

This dedicated EV architecture and propulsion system is the foundation for GM’s all-electric future, giving the company the capability not only to build an entire retail and commercial portfolio, but also leverage the technology to expand its business to non-automotive applications.

GMC 372

GM expanding into new commercial applications for its HYDROTEC fuel cell systems

Green Car Congress

GM announced new commercial applications of its HYDROTEC fuel cell technology. —Charlie Freese, GM executive director of the global HYDROTEC business. GM is supplying HYDROTEC fuel cell power cubes to Renewable Innovations of Lindon, Utah to build the Mobile Power Generator.

Hertz announces 175,000 electric vehicle deal with GM to expand rental fleet


Hertz said it would utilize a new partnership with GM to expand its EV rental fleet, which started with a massive purchase from Tesla nearly one year ago. Hertz, which also has struck a deal with Polestar for electric vehicles , will purchase a variety of GM products across its several brands.

GM 83

GM Investing $491 Million in Marion Metal Center in Indiana to Support EV Production

Electric Cars Report

General Motors said today it will invest $491 million at its Marion, Indiana metal stamping operations to prepare the facility to produce a variety of steel and aluminum stamped parts for future products, including electric vehicles, built at multiple GM assembly plants.

First Acura electric SUV to be named ZDX; co-developed with GM

Green Car Congress

The ZDX is being co-developed with GM utilizing the highly flexible global EV platform powered by Ultium batteries. Acura announced that its first all-new full-electric SUV coming to market in 2024 will be named the Acura ZDX.

Acura 311

GM launches OnStar Insurance

Green Car Congress

GM is launching OnStar Insurance. GM’s new insurance agency, OnStar Insurance Services, will be the exclusive agent for OnStar Insurance. OnStar Insurance Services intends to leverage its unique understanding of the vehicles GM produces to offer a secure, fair, personalized and easy-to-use digital insurance experience for drivers.

2020 164

GM bets silicon anode will boost battery range, lower cost

Green Car Reports

OneD is developing s silicon anode cell chemistry that could increase battery energy density, enabling more range at lower cost, GM said in a press release.

GM pushes back return-to-office plan amid employee resistance


GM’s return-to-office plan was outlined in a memo last week. According to a New York Post report, GM executives have decided to walk back on its plan, with the veteran automaker stating that it would not be implementing the initiative until Q1 2023 at the earliest.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and GM Defense partner to pursue US Army’s Common Tactical Truck program

Green Car Congress

American Rheinmetall Vehicles, a leading developer of tactical wheeled and tracked combat vehicles and systems has formed a strategic collaboration with GM Defense LLC, to compete in the US Army’s Common Tactical Truck (CTT) program.

GM 239

GM unveils the Chevrolet Equinox EV, its budget SUV offering


Chevrolet has long been the budget offering of GM products; their vehicles are made for everyone, so what if the interior is comparable to a school lunch tray, it’s cheap and (hopefully) reliable transportation. News Chevrolet Equinox EV Featured GM

GM boosting face mask production; sharing mask manufacturing plans

Green Car Congress

Based on the number of requests for face masks for frontline workers, GM is increasing its production capacity for face masks at its Warren, Michigan facility. —Shilpan Amin, GM vice president of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain.

2020 330

GM shares glimpse of Chevy Silverado electric ute in off-road tests

The Driven EV News

GM shares an action shot of its Silverado all-electric pickup being "put through its paces" at a proving ground ahead of on-road testing as early as August. The post GM shares glimpse of Chevy Silverado electric ute in off-road tests appeared first on The Driven.

GM enhancing Energy Assist app for EVs

Green Car Congress

GM is now displaying dynamic data from charging networks EVgo and ChargePoint within Energy Assist, so Bolt EV owners can have a more seamless charging experience with their GM vehicles. GM will continue to add eligible charging stations throughout 2020.

2020 279

GM bringing Charge 360 to fleets

Green Car Congress

General Motors and BrightDrop, a new business created and wholly owned by GM focused on electric commercial delivery and logistics, announced the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service, a comprehensive approach designed to help make the switch to electric seamless for fleet customers by connecting them with services, features and resources. Integration with both GM’s fleet management solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, and the BrightDrop fleet and asset management platform.

Fleet 190

GM and EDF Announce Recommended Principles on EPA Emissions Standards for Model Year 2027 and Beyond

Electric Cars Report

The recommendations were jointly developed by GM and EDF to support the next tier of EPA clean car standards. Electric Car News EDF Environmental Defense Fund general motors GM

GM 86

Chevy Bolt EV lives with record sales, GM wants to increase production


There’s so much demand that GM announced its plans to increase production. The post Chevy Bolt EV lives with record sales, GM wants to increase production appeared first on Electrek. The Chevy Bolt EV is still alive as it delivers a record quarter of sales.

GM 99

GM expands access of OnStar Vehicle Insights telematics solution to non-GM vehicles

Green Car Congress

OnStar Vehicle Insights can now be used with most non-GM vehicles via a plug-in adapter. Since the introduction of General Motors’ fleet telematics solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, fleet managers have received nearly 3.5

Hertz to order up to 175,000 EVs from GM over the next five years

Electric Cars Report

Hertz and GM believe this plan is the largest expansion of EVs among fleet customers and the broadest because it spans a wide range of vehicle […] The post Hertz to order up to 175,000 EVs from GM over the next five years appeared first on Electric Cars Report.

GM building new center for next-generation battery cell technology

Green Car Congress

The Wallace Center will be located on the campus of GM’s Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. The facility will build on more than a decade of advanced battery development at GM Research and Development.

GM partnering with Wolfspeed to leverage silicon carbide for GM’s future electric vehicle programs

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Wolfspeed announced a strategic supplier agreement to develop and provide silicon carbide (SiC) power device solutions for GM’s future electric vehicle programs. The agreement marks GM’s initial shift to using silicon carbide for EV power electronics. Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide devices will enable GM to install more efficient EV propulsion systems that will extend the range of its rapidly expanding EV portfolio.

GM 184

SAIC-GM-Wuling unveils smart driving system created with drone maker DJI

CN EV Post

The SAIC-GM-Wuling 2023 Baojun KiWi EV, which will officially go on sale this month, will be the first model to use the system. The post SAIC-GM-Wuling unveils smart driving system created with drone maker DJI appeared first on CnEVPost. Industry DJI SAIC-GM-Wuling Smart Driving

GM 69

GM Hummer electric SUV

Electric Vehicles India

GM Hummer electric SUV. This gives us the curiosity to know about all the information available about GM Hummer electric SUV. In 2008, GM acquired the original IC Hummer brand. The post GM Hummer electric SUV appeared first on Promoting Eco Friendly Travel.

GM to hike Hummer EV prices by $6,250 on Saturday


GM said the increase in price was due to higher prices for parts, technology demands, and logistics as the global supply chain crisis continues to rage on. Reservation holders who place or have an active order before Saturday will not be affected by the price increase, GM clarified.