Green Hero: Formula E

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There is a common misconception that green car enthusiasts are not real motoring fans: that they are more interested in the environment than in engines. Electric cars Green Hero

Green Hero: Xtrac

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When we think of green car innovators, most of us would point to start-up companies who would struggle to chase their roots back beyond the turn of the millennium: modern thinkers for a tech-savvy generation. Green Hero

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Geneva Motor Show: Green Car Preview

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The 2016 Geneva Motor Show is right around the corner, and a number of electric cars, hybrids, and other green models are set to debut there. This being a European show, there will also be a few green-car debuts that fall under the category of. As with any auto show, there will be a mix of concept cars and more down-to-earth production models. Geneva Motor Show Plug-In Hybrids Geneva Auto Show

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Green Hero: California

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Less than half a year has passed since we awarded our Green Hero title to the California Air Resources Board (see Green Hero: California Air Resources Board) to celebrate its remarkable achievements with the Advanced Clean Cars Package; and the progression of H2USA.

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Green Hero: Nissan

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It was one year ago this month that we officially began our Green Heroes feature here at Nissan Green Hero Editor Pick

Green Cars At Frankfurt Auto Show: Production, Concept Cars Previewed

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The annual parade of new concept and production models begins next week at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and there are a few green models that will be worth a look. Green Auto Show Plug-In HybridsIt's September, which means a new auto-show season is getting underway once again. Frankfurt is the home event for the German manufacturers, and they're expected to be out in force.

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2017 Geneva auto show: green car preview

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With press days beginning March 7, we aren't expecting an overwhelming number of green cars at the Swiss show this year. A smattering of production and concept cars with some green elements will debut there, though. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show marks the next stop on the annual auto-show circuit. DON'T MISS: 2018 Lexus LS 500h hybrid luxury sedan to. Geneva Motor Show Plug-In Hybrids Geneva Auto Show

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Chevrolet Bolt EV: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2017

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Each year, Green Car Reports chooses a new car, or a family of cars, as the best green car introduced in that model year. In 2011, our very first award, we picked the first-ever modern electric car to be sold in high volumes.

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U.K. Extends Green-Car Grants To Double Buyers By 2018

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government will extend and expand an incentive program for green cars that had been set to end in the coming year. Green Plug-In Hybrids UK incentives plug-in cars transportation policyThe U.K. The plug-in car grant was introduced in 2011, and was originally scheduled to expire in early 2016. But the program will now run until March 2018, with some modifications, according to The Guardian. DON'T MISS: Electric Cars.

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Chevrolet Volt: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2016

Green Car Reports

Every year, Green Car Reports picks a new car or model line that we feel is the best green car for that new model year. This year, the Green Car Reports Best. This year, we picked a car that's the all-new version of one that was revolutionary when it was introduced several years ago. The latest version improves on it in pretty much every dimension. Plug-In Hybrids Chevy Volt plug-in cars GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy

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Government fleet unashamedly un-green

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Green credentials green car low emissionThe UK Government is failing to follow its own policy of promoting low emission vehicles by still running a fleet with above average emission levels, according to the RAC Foundation blog.

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Top green car: the Ford Fiesta. The Green Piece

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The Green Piece Column. Ford The Green Piece Ford Fiesta The Green Piece Column Tuesday 23 April, 2013. The top-selling car of the last year; the Ford Fiesta arguably has the greatest chance of helping the UK reduce its transport emissions from private cars.

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Volkswagen’s new green focus. The Green Piece

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The Green Piece Column. The Green Piece Volkswagen electric hybrid low emission The Green Piece ColumnTuesday 19 March, 2013.

A green car year in review: 2013. The Green Piece.

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The Green Piece Column. As the year draws to a close, we take a look back over some of 2013’s highlights in this two-part special Green Piece. The Green Piece Wednesday 18 December, 2013.

Green resolutions for 2013

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Latest news green plan TyresAt this time of year lots of people are making resolutions for the New Year, and our transportation habits are one area of life that just about all of us could make a pledge to make things better and reduce our environmental impact.

2013 24

Green Hero: ITM Power

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Green Hero Turn the clock back to 2007… series 12, episode seven of British cult motoring TV show Top Gear.

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Toyota Mirai seeks to reclaim green image from Tesla, sans Supercharger network

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Since launching in Japan in 1997, the Toyota Prius hybrid has imbued its maker with a strong green image. The Prius has become Toyota's signature model, and helped the company become by far the world's largest seller of green cars. Green Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell plug-in carsBut after nearly two decades on sale, hybrid powertrains no longer have the novelty they once did. DON'T MISS.

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Green cars at the Paris Motor Show: preview

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Press days for the 2016 Paris Motor Show begin at the end of this month, and we already know several notable green production and concept cars will make their debuts in the French capital. Fall is approaching, which means it's time for the auto-show season to get underway once again. That includes no fewer than 24 electric cars, according to the. Paris Auto Show plug-in cars Paris Motor Show

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Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2018: Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid plug-in minivan

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In 2011, Green Car Reports launched an award for the new car, or family of cars, that represented the best green vehicle introduced for the model year. The Nissan Leaf won that year because it was the sole affordable battery-electric vehicle on the market. Over the next seven years, more than two dozen vehicles that plug in to the grid to recharge. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars GCR Best Car to Buy Best Car To Buy

LA Auto Show: Green goes mainstream. The Green Piece.

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The Green Piece Column. With just a week to go until the opening of the Los Angeles Auto Show (the show opens to the press on November 17 and 18th) the show looks set to be a veritable feast of greenness. The Green Piece LA Auto Show models new The Green Piece Column U.STuesday 8 November. The final big US motoring show of 2011, the show will [.].

Renault goes from green cars to green gardens

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French carmaker Renault has certainly made an impact on the green car world with electric vehicles such as the Renault Twizy (pictured) and Renault Kangoo Van ZE – but now it’s ready to take its green fingers into the garden. Green cars Latest news Renault electric cars green cars green credentials Renault electric Renault Twizy

Report: More people taking green journeys

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More and more people across the UK are ditching their cars and relying on "green journeys" to take them to and from public transport hubs: according to a new report. Latest News Green cars Green credentials

What will be your next green-car purchase? Poll results

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That's the only conclusion we can draw from the results of our most recent Twitter poll, this one on what respondents planned to buy for their next green car. Well, that was decisive! Our readers are clearly, unquestionably, absolutely intending to switch from driving on fossil fuels to driving on grid electricity. DON'T MISS: What effect will. plug-in cars Polls

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Boeing ecoDemonstrator 757 expands testing; green diesel blend, energy harvesting windows, 3D-printed flight deck component

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Boeing announced the next phase in ecoDemonstrator 757 testing today, including its first flight with US-made “green diesel” ( earlier post ) and two new environment-related technologies. Boeing’s Green Diesel concept, in three slides. Diamond Green Diesel in Norco, La.,

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Audi in new e-fuels project: synthetic diesel from water, air-captured CO2 and green electricity; “Blue Crude”

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Audi’s latest e-fuels project is participation in a a pilot plant project in Dresden that produces diesel fuel from water, CO 2 and green electricity. In a separate process, a solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) unit powered with green electricity splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

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2016 Detroit Auto Show Preview: Green Car Concepts, Production Cars

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isn't going to see a shred of snow over the Christmas holidays, and Detroit in early January isn't looking too green either. Thus far, we know of just a handful of concept cars and new production models that could be described as green to be revealed or displayed at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. The Northeastern U.S. And it seems likely that two of. Detroit Auto Show

World Green Car 2014 shortlist announced

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The shortlist for the 2014 World Green Car award has been announced, ahead of the reveal of the final winner at the New York International Auto Show (NAIAS) on April 17, 2014. Green credentials

2014 24

New Chevrolet Malibu to boast green technology

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General Motors'' brand Chevrolet has revealed the latest version of its popular Malibu model (pictured): with a host green technology. Latest News Green cars Chevrolet General Motors

2014 28

Citroen’s green best-seller. The Green Piece.

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The Green Piece Column. Citroen The Green Piece green pieceWednesday 15 August, 2012. What’s the best-selling Citroen in the UK? A few years ago, you’d have said the budget-priced Saxo. Judging by the numbers on our roads today, packed with ICE setups more expensive than a decent family holiday, they sold trainloads of the things. The C2 later took over [.].

2016 New York Auto Show: green-car preview

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So far, New York is relatively light on green. One week from tomorrow, the 2016 New York Auto Show will open its doors to reporters from around the world for two media-preview days. We know already that there will be a new version of the Toyota Prius unveiled there, but a few other concepts and production models will make their debuts as well. New York Auto Show plug-in cars

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PHEVLERs are the Zero CO2 Clean Green Machines of the Future

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These vehicles are the green machines that will provide a critical part of the renewable and sustainable society that we need for the future. [ This makes the PHEVLER a critical technology enabling more clean, green, sustainable energy to be used for all domestic, industrial and transportation needs in the future. Society as a whole will reap the benefits of the multipurpose PHEVLER green machine which will be “sun kissed for zero CO 2.”.

2016 39

2015 Volkswagen Golf: Green Car Reports' Best Car To Buy 2015

Green Car Reports

Our Best Car To Buy award can go one of several ways here on Green Car Reports. Those are cars that radically redefined what green transportation could be, changing the auto industry forever. DON''T MISS: Green Car Reports'' 2015 Best Car To

Villains sign Green Motion

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Green Motion – the low CO2 vehicle and van hire firm – has been appointed the preferred car supplier for Aston Villa Football Club. The eco-minded company was favoured by the Premier League side due to its growing number of green awards – Best Industry Supplier at Energy Saving Trust’s Fleet Hero awards and the [.]. Green Motion

Green Hero: Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership

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Green credentials Editor Pick From turning London cabs electric (see Cabbies test London’s new electric range extended taxi) to establishing bio-LNG refuelling stations (see Whitbread joins growing fleet of bio-LNG trucks), sometimes at

Ford 'EcoBeast' Trademark: The Performance Side Of Green?

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The drive to raise new-car fuel economy in the face of tightening global emissions standards has brought a glut of green brand names for fuel-saving technologies and powertrains. So far, few have achieved the level of recognition enjoyed by Ford''s EcoBoost brand--which has grown into a line of turbocharged engines ranging from a 1.0-liter

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Green Hero: California Air Resources Board

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Tokyo Motor Show Green Cars: Concepts & Production Models

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Auto-show season continues with the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, which featured a number of notable green-car debuts. Tokyo usually boasts a few significant world launches from the local carmakers, mixed with more esoteric models designed primarily with Japan in mind. Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles seemed to be prominent this year, with the introduction of. Tokyo Motor Show

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Do green cars need funding any more? The Green Piece

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The Green Piece Column. The Green Piece Vauxhall funding Green carsTuesday 1 February 2011. Read the news today in almost any part of the world and one theme is continuing to dominate the headlines – the economy. When the crisis was at its deepest one of the solutions outlined was that there should be a firm focus on a greener economy [.].

Green Hero: Fiat’s TwinAir Bi-fuel engine

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in which we celebrate something or someone that has achieved something truly extraordinary in the world of green motoring: making them our green hero. Fiat Green Hero Welcome to a brand new monthly feature here at

2013 31

Green car tech to spark intellectual property war?

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The race to dominate the growing market for so-called ‘green cars’ could spark a patents war, similar to the one that has over-run the smartphone industry, according to the Financial Times this week. Green credentials

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