Big yellow school buses go green with electric power

Green Car Reports

Trucks youtube Green LifeSchool buses may be the perfect application for electric vehicles. They run short delivery routes, sit for hours in between, and deliver the most environmentally precious cargo of all. School districts who want to get on board don’t have to wait.

2019 109

SGH2 building largest green hydrogen production facility in California; gasification of waste into H2

Green Car Congress

Energy company SGH2 is bringing the world’s biggest green hydrogen production facility to Lancaster, California. The City of Lancaster will host and co-own the green hydrogen production facility, according to a recent memorandum of understanding.

2020 144

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Green Car Reports is 10!

Green Car Reports

Ten years ago this week, in February 2009, Green Car Reports published its first story—one packed with insight regarding the Chevrolet Volt, which was then still nearly two years away. Despite all that could have happened to the Volt in GM’s bankruptcy, it arrived on time and was everything we expected. But many things haven’t

2019 84

Democrats' clean energy plan would boost EVs, but steps back from Green New Deal

Green Car Reports

Congressional Democrats unveiled a new clean energy action plan Tuesday that would emphasis electric cars, but it steps back from some aspects of the previous Green New Deal plan.

2020 79

California report: To be the green choice, ride-hailing needs to go electric

Green Car Reports

Green LifeDoing away with a car and opting for more frequent use of ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft might sound like the greener option for your household, but as data released in December by the state of California underscored, such services are adding to pollution, not reducing it.

2020 105

Audi networks with traffic lights in Düsseldorf; “Green wave”

Green Car Congress

At the end of January, Audi drivers will see information from around 150 traffic lights in their cockpit, thus increasing their chance of catching a “green wave”. Audi Traffic Light Information consists of two functions: Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA) and Time-to-Green.

2020 98

Green number plates for electric cars confirmed by government

Green Cars News

The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed that green number plates will be introduced for electric vehicles from the autumn

2020 66

Bring your Green Vehicle to Brookline, MA - October 21!

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum on Sunday October 21, 2012 will be hosting our second annual Green Day: Bringing Technology and People Together through Green Innovations - a family friendly event to promote green driving and living in Massachusetts. We welcome those with any green modes of transportation; grease cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, solar cars, motorized and regular bicycles, Segways, scooters, etc.

2012 182

Bring your Green Vehicle to Brookline, MA - October 21!

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum on Sunday October 21, 2012 will be hosting our second annual Green Day: Bringing Technology and People Together through Green Innovations - a family friendly event to promote green driving and living in Massachusetts. We welcome those with any green modes of transportation; grease cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, solar cars, motorized and regular bicycles, Segways, scooters, etc.

2012 181

Green Car Reports' top 10 greenest cars for 2019

Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports’ top 10 fuel-efficient vehicles all have one thing in common: plugs. Efficiency went further and farther for 2019 model-year vehicles in almost every sense of the two words. But where they go from there is anything but common among the vehicles. The most efficient vehicles on our list did more with their energy than the

2019 87

Virginia Tech team demonstrates green manufacturing method for Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Virginia Tech have demonstrated a green and more sustainable manufacturing method for LIBs in which no hazardous organic solvent is used during electrode manufacturing and recycling.

2020 102

Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) completed in Japan; aiming for low-cost green hydrogen production; P2G

Green Car Congress

Renewable energy output is subject to large fluctuations, so FH2R will adjust to supply and demand in the power grid in order to maximize utilization of this energy while establishing low-cost, Green hydrogen production technology.

2020 146

DEME and partners developing HYPORT DUQM, a large-scale green hydrogen project in Oman

Green Car Congress

DEME Concessions and Omani partners are partnering to develop a world-leading, green hydrogen plant in Duqm, Oman. However, the hydrogen produced can only be called “green” if renewable electricity is used in the process.

Oman 97

The Big Green Bus is Coming to Manhattan Beach!

Creative Greenius

The sensationally sustainable Sona Kalapura is bringing the Big Green Bus to Manhattan Beach on August 2 and August 3.

2010 158

Transitions at Green Car Reports

Green Car Reports

Regular readers of Green Car Reports may have noticed that our writing staff has changed in the last few weeks. If you can get them to admit it, many reporters and writers consider editors’ notes to be self-indulgent. Sometimes they’re necessary, however—and this is one of those times. DON'T MISS: 7 things we learned in 9 years. High Gear Media

2018 63

New Flyer supports San Francisco launch of emission-reducing Green Zones; geofencing for EV mode

Green Car Congress

has successfully met and supported the launch of the San Francisco Green Zone requirement, using New Flyer Connect to execute GPS-triggered (geofencing) functionality with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and BAE Systems PLC (BAE). New Flyer of America Inc.

Transportation details of LA Mayor’s proposed Green New Deal

Green Car Congress

On Monday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti released his version of a Green New Deal (LAGND). The LA Green New Deal seeks to “zero out” Los Angeles’ main sources of harmful emissions: buildings, transportation, electricity, and trash.

2019 103

Equinor contracts for first green-ammonia-fueled supply vessel; 2MW SOFC

Green Car Congress

Norway-based energy company Equinor has contracted with Eidesvik Offshore for the Viking Energy supply vessel, which is being retrofitted to make it capable of covering long distances fueled by carbon-free ammonia.

2020 131

Bollinger Frunkgate, Nio battery swaps, green-energy trend lines: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Abrupt changes in global energy trends could help green energy, long-term. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Nio reports half a million battery swaps in China. And Bollinger teases some very cool cargo features.

2020 58

Green Car Reports’ Car of the Decade: Tesla Model S

Green Car Reports

Ten years ago, the Volt Dance was still fresh in our minds; Ford CEO Alan Mullaly invested more in its electric programs and said that by 2020 EVs would become more important than hybrids (and more dominant in the company’s lineup); the Leaf was on its way to be something very, very big; and we really had our bets on at least one of.

2019 83

Green transportation bill, gas-station charging, Audi E-Tron predictability: Today?s Car News

Green Car Reports

This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Electric-car charging connects all of our headlines this morning, as a $500 billion infrastructure bill would emphasize charging corridors. Audi makes a point about the E-Tron’s flat charging curve.

2020 63

LA Green New Deal targets 80 percent EVs, less driving

Green Car Reports

As Washington waffles on developing a Green New Deal—or works to torpedo it altogether—LA's environmentalist mayor, Eric Garcetti, signed off on a local Green New Deal for the city on Monday. “Politicians don’t need to look across the aisle to find the answers—they need to look across the country,” he said, in. Los Angeles air pollution

2019 78

Bidirectional Charging Management (BCM) research project gets green light; tying in renewables

Green Car Congress

By utilizing the storage capacities made available in the high-voltage batteries of electrified vehicles, supply and demand for green power can be reconciled more effectively.

2019 125

The BMW Group’s battery cell suppliers to use only green power to produce its fifth-generation cells

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group now has a contractual agreement with it cell manufacturers so that they will use only green power to produce BMW’s fifth-generation battery cells, according to BMW AG Management Board Chairman Oliver Zipse. As volumes increase, the use of green power will save around ten million tonnes of CO 2 over the next decade.

2020 65

Great Day to Be Green at Madrona Marsh

Creative Greenius

Tags: Environmental Politics citizen volunteer environment green education renewable energy solar power ABC Solar Brad Bartz Congresswoman Jane Harman Diane Moss

2010 177

Inside The Green Task Force

Creative Greenius

But during this same past year, I’ve also been attending the meetings of the South Bay Cities Green Task Force. And that’s where the Green Task Force comes in. The Green L.A. Rather than just suffer from green envy, I intend to find out.

2008 130

Energy investment to drop 20% in 2020: A turning point toward greening the grid?

Green Car Reports

Global energy investment was predicted to be at its highest in six years, according to the International Energy Agency. But in its annual World Energy Investment report out last Friday, the energy authority has dramatically changed its trendlines.

2020 83

California white and green carpool stickers expire New Year's Day

Green Car Reports

California plug-in car drivers with white or green carpool stickers can no longer use carpool lanes starting Tuesday. The state passed a new program last March that invalidates both the white stickers for electric cars and the green stickers for plug-in hybrids with the start of 2019. For many of those drivers, the state provided a way to extend. carpool California

2018 80

Green Hero: Johnson Controls

Green Cars News

Now, for our latest Green[.]. Green Hero Editor Pick Anyone who has ever been involved in the automotive industry will know all about its unsung heroes.

2014 84

Audi of America expands Traffic Light Information to include Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA)

Green Car Congress

Audi of America announced an expansion of Traffic Light Information to include Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory (GLOSA), another industry first in vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies from the brand.

2019 131

Toyota establishes Toyota Green Energy to conduct renewable energy power generation business

Green Car Congress

and Toyota Tsusho Corporation agreed to establish Toyota Green Energy LLP for the purposes of obtaining and managing renewable energy sources in Japan and supplying electric power from renewable energy sources to the Toyota Group in the future. Going forward, Toyota Green Energy will achieve sustainable and competitive energy by maintaining sustainable practices through cost reductions and extending the lifespans of and replacing existing facilities.

2020 86

Green T Interviews Greenius At Green Expo

Creative Greenius

So this blonde walks up to me while I’m volunteering for the South Bay Environmental Services Center at the Hermosa Beach Green Expo a couple of weeks ago and starts asking me questions… Tags: environment

2009 100

Don’t Miss the RETHINK: GREEN Benefit for ECHS on Nov 6

Creative Greenius

If you dig Environmental Charter High School and the the Green Ambassadors as much as I do then you’re not going to want to miss this all star charity event on their behalf, especially if you’re also a fan of Ed Begley Jr.

2010 151

BP, Nouryon and Port of Rotterdam partner on green hydrogen study; 250 MW electrolyzer

Green Car Congress

BP, Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals), and the Port of Rotterdam will collaborate to explore the opportunity of making green hydrogen via water electrolysis for BP’s refinery in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, which has the potential for significant reductions in CO 2 emissions.

2019 120

Wendy Greuel Gains Green Ground in South Bay L.A. – Stands Up & Speaks Out To Keep Hermosa Hermosa

Creative Greenius

But Ted hasn’t come out against oil drilling and in favor of keeping the ban on oil drilling in Hermosa Beach, which would seem like a no brainer if you’re a South Bay native and supposed to be the green candidate worthy of Henry Waxman’s mantle. .

2014 232

Nouryon-led consortium wins €11M EU backing for green hydrogen project

Green Car Congress

A consortium comprising Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals), Gasunie and four other partners will receive an €11-million European grant towards their proposed green hydrogen project in Delfzijl, the Netherlands.

2020 95

Green Hero: Xtrac

Green Cars News

When we think of green car innovators, most of us would point to start-up companies who would struggle to chase their roots back beyond the turn of the millennium: modern thinkers for a tech-savvy generation. Green Hero

2014 81

Porsche commissions MAN electric eTruck for green logistics at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Green Car Congress

As at all Porsche charging stations, the vehicle is charged using natural power, i.e. green energy from renewable sources. Porsche has commissioned a fully electric MAN eTGM ( earlier post ) for logistics operations at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen site.

2018 150

Audi E-Tron: Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2020

Green Car Reports

The Audi E-Tron is Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2020. We can’t think of a single fully electric vehicle that fits so well into a carmaker’s lineup the way that the E-Tron does.

2020 86

Chicago Plugging Green

Plug In Partners

Recently, Chicago's greening was highlighted in Time. The Greening of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley wants to turn the City of Big Shoulders into the most environmentally friendly city in the U.S., Chicago is also going to start a green roof program.

2006 130

Has the Green Idea City Invited YOU Yet?

Creative Greenius

This isn’t the kind of transparency or sunshine I expect from local elected officials and this level of secrecy isn’t worthy of a “Green Idea City&# label.

IDEA 154

One of these 3 vehicles will be Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2020

Green Car Reports

Carmakers have become increasingly attuned to the idea of reducing carbon footprint and emissions in their manufacturing and emissions, and car shoppers have become more demanding and discerning.We’re happy to have made the requirements for our Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy narrow enough to point to a select few vehicles. In continuing a.

2019 81

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and Hydrospider partner to promote green hydrogen ecosystem; Hyundai H2 Xcient fuel cell electric truck

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM), the joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and H2 Energy, is partnering with Hydrospider, a joint venture of H2Energy, Alpiq and Linde to promote green hydrogen ecosystem in Switzerland and European countries in the upcoming future.

2019 125