Emissions Analytics finds pollution from tire wear can be 1,000x worse than exhaust emissions

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Pollution from tire wear can be 1,000 times worse than a car’s exhaust emissions, Emissions Analytics has found. New cars now emit very little in the way of particulate matter but there is growing concern around non-exhaust emissions (NEEs). Emissions Regulations Tires

2020 156

Satellite data show resurgence in NO2 emissions over China

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Data from the ESA’s Tropomi (TROPOspheric Monitoring) instrument on board the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite shows the variation of nitrogen dioxide (NO 2 ) emissions over China from December to March. Behavior China Emissions Health Market Background Policy

2020 150

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Study: Fossil fuel CO2 emissions reached max daily decline of 17% in April

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A preliminary analysis of global data has found that carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel sources reached a maximum daily decline of 17% in April as a result of drastic decline in energy demand that have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Climate Change COVID-19 Emissions

2020 113

UCS: ride-hailing trips can produce nearly 70% greater emissions compared to private car trips

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A new report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) finds that the rising use of ride-hailing services is increasing carbon emissions, with ride-hailing trips producing nearly 70% greater emissions compared to the trips they are replacing.

2020 170

Nissan electric ambulance curbs the tailpipe emissions

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In a lung-related pandemic, maybe we should be thinking a little more about how many of our existing emergency vehicles—ambulances specifically—have tailpipes and big diesel engines. Working with the Tokyo Fire Department, Nissan converted an ambulance to electric power.

2020 96

ICCT: aviation emissions increasing 70% faster than UN projections

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A new International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) 2 -emissions-commercial-aviation-2018">report finds that aviation emissions are increasing 70% faster than UN projections that already point to a tripling of CO 2 by 2050. Aviation Climate Change Emissions

2019 139

Study finds emissions from road construction could be halved using today’s technology

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The construction sector accounts for a quarter of CO 2 emissions, in Sweden and globally. All the materials and activities involved in its construction were calculated for their total climate impact: energy and materials used in the construction and what emissions these contribute to.

2020 88

Emissions Analytics RDE testing finds VW Touareg V8 TDI well below Euro 6 NOx limit

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Volkswagen has launched a new range of diesel engines (TDI) characterized by extremely low nitrogen oxide emissions (NO x ). These NO x values were determined on the basis of RDE measurements (Real Driving Emissions) in actual road traffic by independent specialist Emissions Analytics.

2020 107

Volvo Cars trucks-to-trains swap significantly cuts emissions in logistics network

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Volvo Cars is significantly cutting CO 2 emissions in its logistics operations by switching transports between its manufacturing plants and new car depots from trucks to trains. When we said we planned to significantly reduce emissions across all our operations, we meant it.

2020 106

Flying first class on a single domestic round trip can contribute more greenhouse gas emissions than a year of driving

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This analysis examined the effect of flight distance on greenhouse gas emissions per passenger, and compared emissions from flying different distances with annual emissions from driving. by adding an amount that corresponds to the direct portion of emissions. (A

2019 171

Energy giant Shell joins BP in aim to be net-zero emissions by 2050

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You know things are getting serious when oil companies move to reduce carbon emissions. Shell has joined BP in aiming to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. emissionsDon't expect the company to get out of the oil business entirely, though.

2020 77

US COVID-19 mitigation efforts resulting in significant decline in traffic, emissions and fuel-tax revenues

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The authors used the VMT data to calculate that emissions of US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were reduced by 4% in total and by 13% from transportation in the almost 8 weeks since many stay-at-home orders went into effect. Behavior COVID-19 Emissions Market Background

2020 88

EPA: US GHG emissions in 2017 down 0.3% from 2016

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greenhouse gas emissions were 6,472.3 The decrease in total greenhouse gas emissions between 2016 and 2017 was driven in part by a decrease in CO 2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion. Overall, net emissions in 2017 were 12.7% Climate Change Emissions

2019 115

Increased relative contribution of medium and heavy trucks to U.S. greenhouse gas emissions

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In this analysis, I examined recent changes in the contribution of transportation to total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States relative to the other sources of emissions (industry, commercial, residential, and agriculture). Total emissions exclude emissions from U.S.

2019 120

EIA: CO2 emissions from US power sector have declined 28% since 2005

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US electric power sector CO 2 emissions have declined 28% since 2005 because of slower electricity demand growth and changes in the mix of fuels used to generate electricity, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Climate Change Emissions Power Generation

2018 169

Trump EPA lowers gas mileage targets, increases vehicle emissions

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standards that will relax emissions and fuel economy requirements through the middle of the decade. The Trump administration Wednesday morning released a Final Rule for new U.S.

2020 99

Study suggests China urban passenger transport emissions could peak in 2030

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A team of researchers in China suggest that, in the context of promoting the use of clean fuel vehicles and increasing vehicle fuel efficiency, CO 2 emissions of China’s urban passenger transport sector could reach a peak of 225 MtCO 2 in 2030. Behavior China Emissions

2019 135

As EPA heads toward emissions rollback, Americans are driving more

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Policymakers have long pointed to two straightforward paths for cutting carbon emissions: cleaning up the vehicle fleet itself, by making it more efficient (and electrified), and reducing the total number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT). emissions Fuel Economy carbon dioxide

2019 93

California deal interrupts White House emissions rollback effort

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Rancor in the White House over the move by four automakers to strike a side deal with California over emissions and fuel-economy rules looks likely to further delay President Trump's plans to roll back the Obama-era standards.

2019 90

CARB increases flexibility of funding for Lower-Emission School Bus Program

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California’s Lower-Emission School Bus Program (LESBP) is a grant program that provides funds to purchase new buses to replace old, high-emitting public school buses, and to equip in-use diesel school buses with retrofit devices that significantly reduce toxic particulate matter emissions.

2020 102

UK ONS report finds significant challenge remains to reduce road transport emissions; sector GHG emissions up 6% from 1990-2017

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A new report by the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) finds that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from road transport in the UK rose by 6% from 1990 to 2017. of all vehicles licensed in the UK were ultra-low emission vehicles. Climate Change Emissions Policy

2019 91

MECA report finds additional NOx emission reductions from new heavy-duty trucks achievable and cost-effective

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The transportation sector was responsible for over 7 million tons of NO x emissions in the US in 2014, with 50% of this sector’s NO x attributed to heavy-duty on- and off-road vehicles and equipment. Diesel Emissions Engines Heavy-duty Regulations

2020 102

Toyota to cut emissions from US operations by 40 percent

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Toyota announced plans last week to reduce emissions from its U.S. operations by 40 percent over the next three years as part of its plan to operate emissions-free by 2050. zero emissions

2019 83

CARB approves zero-emission airport shuttle rule

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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved a rule that will require fixed route airport shuttles serving the state’s 13 largest airports to transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035. With almost 1,000 airport shuttles in operation, ARB expects the regulation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 500,000 metric tons. Zero-emission shuttles are already operating throughout California. Electric (Battery) Emissions Fleets Regulations

2019 77

Study: curbing diesel emissions could reduce mortality rates in big cities

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The researchers examined the air quality and public health impacts of projected freight-related emissions in 2050 over the continental United States. emissions change on air quality, health, and economic benefits. Emissions Health

2019 124

VW paying drivers $97M for overstating fuel economy, must forfeit emissions credits

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emissions Diesel emissions lawsuit

2019 96

Maersk sets net zero CO2 emission target by 2050

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of global CO2 emissions. This makes the sector pivotal in bringing down global emissions. Already, Maersk’s relative CO 2 emissions (CO 2 emissions per container moved) have been reduced by 46% (baseline 2007), approximately 9% more than the shipping industry average.

2018 123

Fiat pays CARB $6.4M penalty for diesel emissions violations

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for emissions-related violations affecting nearly 2,000 on-road and off-road diesel engines. Emission-related field fixes must be reviewed and approved by CARB to ensure they don’t increase emissions. Fiat failed to inform CARB about the fixes when they were made and also disclosed that it had certified 2014-2016 model year off-road engines using incorrect emissions data. Diesel Emissions Regulations

2019 104

EPFL team develops on-board system to capture CO2 from trucks; reducing emissions by 90%

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Researchers at EPFL have patented a new concept that could cut trucks’ CO 2 emissions by almost 90%. Only 10% of the CO 2 emissions cannot be recycled, and the researchers propose to offset that using biomass. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Diesel Emissions Fuels

2019 114

UK expert group focuses attention on non-exhaust emissions from road traffic as regulatory concern

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A new report released by the Air Quality Expert Group ( AQEG ) in the UK recommends as an immediate priority that non-exhaust emissions (NEE) are recognized as a source of ambient concentrations of airborne PM, even for vehicles with zero exhaust emissions of particles.

2019 121

Los Angeles-Long Beach Port trucking company replacing entire diesel truck fleet with near-zero emissions natural gas trucks, RNG

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TTSI) is replacing its entire diesel trucking fleet with near-zero emission natural gas trucks, which it plans to fuel with carbon-negative renewable natural gas (RNG). TTSI’s 40 new near-zero emission heavy-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks reduce this type of emissions by 90%.

Commentary: Emissions–not gas mileage–should be foundation for Cash for Clunkers reboot

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emissionsBack in 2009, the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program, or Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), offered $3,500 to $4,500 for older vehicles up to 25 years old regardless of the condition provided consumers replaced it with a new, more fuel-efficient one.

2020 65

See how emissions from driving have changed in your city

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Despite advances in fuel efficiency and emissions control and the proliferation of hybrid and battery-electric cars over the past three decades, CO2 emissions from transportation sources continue to rise. emissions

2019 70

ICCT makes recommendations for post-Euro 6 light duty vehicle emissions standards

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The European Commission has begun work aimed at post-Euro 6 emission standards for on-road vehicles. The ICCT commends the commitment of the European Commission to continue to address on-road emissions through a new phase of pollutant emission standards.

2019 109

Study: countries seeking to cut CO2 emissions must get a handle on city-level emissions

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Countries seeking to meet Paris Agreement targets on CO 2 emissions must get a grip on the amount of pollution produced at city level, according to a new open-access study published in S cience Advances by an international team of researchers from Europe and China. China Emissions Policy

2018 99

MIT study: half of US deaths related to air pollution are linked to out-of-state emissions

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More than half of all air-quality-related early deaths in the United States are a result of emissions originating outside of the state in which those deaths occur, MIT researchers report in a paper in the journal Nature. Now it’s looking like other emissions sectors are becoming important.

2020 106

California 2017 GHG inventory shows 1.2% total drop from 2016; transportation sector emissions up 1%

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The California Air Resources Board’s latest state inventory of greenhouse gas emissions shows that California’s GHG emissions continue to decrease. Trends in California GHG Emissions. Changes in emissions by Scoping Plan sector between 2000 and 2017.

2019 105

BNEF report finds hydrogen promising decarbonization pathway, but carbon prices and emissions policies required

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The falling cost of making hydrogen from wind and solar power offers a promising route to cutting emissions in some of the most fossil-fuel-dependent sectors of the economy, such as steel, heavy-duty vehicles, shipping and cement, according to a new report from BloombergNEF (BNEF).

2020 83

Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopts zero-emission vehicle standard

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The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission adopted a zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standard for Colorado early today in an 8-1 decision. The new zero-emission standard adopts California ZEV requirements, with automakers to sell more than 5% zero-emission vehicles by 2023 and more than 6% zero-emission vehicles by 2025. The standard is based on a matrix of credits given for each electric vehicle sold, depending on the vehicle’s zero-emission range.

2019 80

Audi aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% over the vehicle lifecycle by 2025

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Audi has set the goal of successively reducing vehicle-specific CO 2 emissions by 30% by 2025 compared with reference year 2015 and over the entire product lifecycle. Combined CO 2 emissions in g/km: 53 – 46.).

2019 119

Ricardo testing finds DPF regeneration spikes particulate emissions, resulting in exceedance of Euro limits

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Testing of two popular Euro 6d-temp diesels by Ricardo, commissioned by the environmental NGO Transport & Environment (T&E), has found that the periodic regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in the light-duty vehicles can generate spikes of particulate emissions of more than 1,000 times the normal rate. This results in exceeding the particle number emissions limit by between 32-115% on all tests in which a full DPF regeneration occurred.

2020 92

EIA: energy-related CO2 emissions in US to fall 11% this year

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The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that US energy-related carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) emissions will decline by 11% in 2020. Petroleum is the largest single source of energy-related CO 2 emissions in the United States, accounting for 46% of the 2019 total.

2020 88

Germany fines BMW over diesel emissions

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German automakers have been under a microscope when it comes to emissions from their diesel cars, which were formerly bestsellers in Europe. After Daimler, Volkswagen, and German supplier Bosch paid billions in fines and several Audi managers have been arrested over installing diesel-emissions cheat devices, German prosecutors have handed down a. Diesel emissions

2019 62