Report: Tesla homing in on Austin for Cybertruck Terafactory

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Tesla is leaning toward Austin, Texas, as the site for its second United States car factory, according to a Bloomberg report published Tuesday. Both Austin and Tulsa, Oklahoma, are considered finalists for the massive "Terafactory", which will build the Cybertruck pickup truck and Model Y crossover. Tesla is asking Austin officials for a tax deal

Austin Heally EV Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

My son and I have decided after two overhauls to our Austin Heally 3000 MKIII to convert it to an EV. The car is dismantled and ready for a conversion


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Advent Technologies to collaborate with Los Alamos, UT Austin, RPI, UNM and Toyota in the development of next-generation HT-PEM fuel cell technology

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Maven deploying its first all-electric shared-use fleet in Austin; 20 Chevy Bolts

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Maven is now offering its first all-electric fleet of cars for use in the gig economy; 20 Chevrolet Bolt EVs are available for freelance drivers in Austin, Texas to earn money on their own schedules. Maven is working with Austin Energy, the Austin Transportation Department, and Rocky Mountain Institute to create infrastructure solutions leading to an all-electric future.

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UT Austin team proposes novel approach to suppress polysulfide shuttle in Li-S batteries

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are proposing a novel approach to suppress the “polysulfide shuttle” in Li-S batteries—a freestanding, three-dimensional graphene/1T MoS 2 (3DG/TM) heterostructure with highly efficient electrocatalysis for lithium polysulfides (LiPSs).

2018 78

UT Austin researcher awarded $15M for switchgrass traits studies

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A researcher at The University of Texas at Austin will receive two grants totaling $15 million to study switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum ), with a focus on how it can become a sustainable source of bioenergy. Tom Juenger, a professor of integrative biology, will lead scientists from multiple institutions—including federal agencies, universities and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology—on two projects researching switchgrass.

Austin study teases out changes in behavior in wake of suspension of Uber and Lyft service

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Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Columbia University surveyed more than 1,200 people in Austin, Texas, to examine how their habits changed after Uber and Lyft pulled drivers out of the city due to a local law change. In May 2016, Austin voters blocked a ballot measure that would have allowed the companies to keep using their own background-check systems.

Ford Partners with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to Prepare Austin and Houston Areas for EVs

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Ford announced two partnerships with utilities in Texas— Austin Energy in Austin and Centerpoint Energy in Houston—to prepare those two regions for electric vehicles. Ford will work with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to develop consumer outreach and education programs on electric vehicles as well as share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support the necessary demand.

UT Austin team identifies promising new cathode material for sodium-ion batteries: eldfellite

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Professor John Goodenough, the inventor of the lithium-ion battery, and his team at the University of Texas at Austin have identified a new cathode material made of the nontoxic and inexpensive mineral eldfellite (NaFe(SO 4 ) 2 ), presenting a significant advancement in the quest for a commercially viable sodium-ion battery. The UT Austin cathode achieved a specific capacity that is only about two-thirds of that of commercial lithium-ion batteries.

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UT Austin to lead $58M study of methane hydrate in Gulf of Mexico; $41M from DOE

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A research team led by The University of Texas at Austin has been awarded approximately $58 million to analyze methane hydrate deposits under the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to UT Austin’s Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) at the Jackson School of Geosciences, the Gulf of Mexico study includes researchers from The Ohio State University, Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and the US Geological Survey.

UT Austin team uses polypyrrole-MnO2 coaxial nanotubes as sulfur host to improve performance of Li?sulfur battery

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a novel electrode for lithium-sulfur batteries that improves cyclic stability and rate capability significantly. In a paper published in the ACS journal Nano Letters , they report using polypyrrole-MnO 2 coaxial nanotubes to encapsulate sulfur. MnO 2 restrains the shuttle effect of polysulfides greatly through chemisorption and the polypyrrole serves as conductive frameworks.

2016 87

UT Austin team develops new family of high-capacity anode materials: Interdigitated Eutectic Alloys

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Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a new family of anode materials that can double the charge capacity of lithium-ion battery anodes. The new family of anode materials, which the researchers dubbed the Interdigitated Eutectic Alloy (IdEA) anode, also saves time and materials by producing an anode using only two simple steps instead of the multiple steps traditionally required to mass-produce lithium-ion battery anodes.

car2go completes pilot program, enters new agreement with the City of Austin’s Car-Share Austin Program; more than 21,000 registered members

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car2go, the largest carsharing network in Austin, Texas, has completed its two-year car2go North America Pilot Program with the City of Austin. Under a newly signed agreement with the City of Austin’s Car-Share program, car2go will continue operations in Austin. car2go, developed by Daimler as the world’s first free-floating carsharing network, launched its first North American Pilot Program with the City of Austin and its employees in November 2009.

U Texas at Austin researchers rewire yeast for high lipid generation; 60x improvement over parent strains

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering have rewired the native metabolism of the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica for superior production of lipids (lipogenesis). The research has resulted in a technology for which UT Austin has applied for a patent. However, these alternative platforms do not always produce lipids directly from sugar as the UT Austin technology does.

Peer-to-peer car sharing service Getaround launches in Austin, Texas

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Peer-to-peer car sharing company Getaround announced its official launch in Austin, Texas. Getaround will join the local “collaborative consumption” space in Austin. This announcement closely follows the company’s February launch in the greater Portland metropolitan area with a $1.7 million federal grant and expands its reach to four major cities.

UT Austin team devises new strategy for safe, low-cost, all-solid-state rechargeable Na or Li batteries suited for EVs

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, including Prof. John Goodenough, known around the world for his pioneering work that led to the invention of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, have devised a new strategy for a safe, low-cost, all-solid-state rechargeable sodium or lithium battery cell that has the required energy density and cycle life for a battery that powers an all-electric road vehicle.

2016 94

AMD installs three Coulomb Technologies charging stations at Austin campus

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AMD has installed three Coulomb-manufactured ChargePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at its Austin “Lone Star” campus for employees, and plans to install additional stations at its Sunnyvale campus in spring 2011. The Austin ChargePoint stations were supplied and installed by Verdek, the exclusive distributor for Coulomb Technologies in the Southern States.

UT Austin team demonstrates new approach to lithium sulfide cathodes for Li-S batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, led by Professor Arumugam Manthiram, have demonstrated that lithiated graphite can serve as a lithium donor in lithium-deficient cathodes used, for example, in high energy density lithium-sulfur chemistry batteries. Schematic showing the chemical reduction reaction of one Li 2 S 6 molecule by lithium to form six Li 2 S molecules, involving the diffusion/driving of lithium out of the graphene layers in the graphite. Credit: ACS, Fu et al.

Shell partners with UT Austin to pursue new solutions to unlock gas resources

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Shell and The University of Texas at Austin signed a five-year agreement to invest $7.5 The agreement will also support students at The University of Texas at Austin, significantly enhancing the employability of students working on Shell-UT projects in the Jackson School of Geosciences, Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering and other departments at the university.

UT Austin researchers successfully spoof yacht at sea with false GPS signals

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A radio navigation research team from The University of Texas at Austin successfully coerced a 213-foot yacht off its course, using a GPS spoofing device. Chandra Bhat, director of the Center for Transportation Research at The University of Texas at Austin, believes that the experiment highlights the vulnerability of the transportation sector to such attacks.

UT Austin team and partners report on extensive measurements of methane emissions during natural gas production

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Source: UT Austin. A new study from The University of Texas at Austin, published as an open access paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reports on extensive measurements of methane emissions—including the first measurements for methane emissions taken directly at the well pad—during completion operations for hydraulically fractured wells (“fracked”).

ExxonMobil invests $15M in University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute; renewable energy, battery technologies and power grid modeling

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ExxonMobil will invest $15 million as a leadership member of the University of Texas at Austin Energy Institute to pursue technologies to help meet growing energy demand while reducing environmental impacts and the risk of climate change.

2016 60

UT Austin researchers significantly boost yield and speed of lipids production from engineered yeast; more efficient biofuel production

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Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have used a combination of metabolic engineering and directed evolution to develop a new strain of the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica featuring significantly enhanced lipids production that could lead to a more efficient biofuel production process. In earlier work, the UT Austin team had already enhanced lipogenesis titers in Y.

2015 74

UT Austin team achieves best reported full-cell hybrid Li-air battery cycling with new ordered catalyst

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A team from the University of Texas at Austin led by Professor John Goodenough has achieved significantly enhanced activity and durability for the oxygen reduction reaction under alkaline conditions in a hybrid Li-Air battery using a new ordered Pd 3 Fe/C catalyst. Cycling performance of the hybrid Li− air batteries with (top) ordered Pd 3 Fe/C air electrode and (bottom) conventional Pt/C air electrode. Credit: ACS, Cui et al. Click to enlarge.

2015 77

University of Texas at Austin study measuring methane emissions released from natural gas production

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A research team led by The University of Texas at Austin, and including engineering and environmental testing firms URS and Aerodyne Research, is conducting a major field study to measure methane emissions from natural gas production, about which little empirical data exist. He has submitted a disclosure of outside interest to The University of Texas at Austin in accordance with its conflict of interest policies.).

ORNL, UT Austin team proposes optimization framework for hybrids; balancing fuel consumption, motor efficiency, battery capacity and life

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Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Texas at Austin have developed an optimization framework for hybrid-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs and PHEVs) including fuel consumption, motor efficiency, and battery capacity and lifetime. Sample output.

2014 71

UT Austin study finds no direct connection of hydraulic fracturing to reports of groundwater contamination

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Hydraulic fracturing of shale formations to extract natural gas has no direct connection to reports of groundwater contamination, based on evidence reviewed in a study released by the Energy Institute at The University of Texas at Austin at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Vancouver, British Columbia. Faculty members from across The University of Texas at Austin campus participated in the research, which the Energy Institute funded.

U Texas Austin team finds P2S5 electrolyte additive enables use of Li2S bulk particles for high-capacity cathodes in lithium-sulfur batteries; ~800 mAh/g

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, led by Prof. Arumugam Manthiram, have found that using phosphorus pentasulfide (P 2 S 5 ) as an electrolyte additive. enables the direct use of commercially available bulk Li 2 S particles as high-capacity cathode materials for rechargeable Li?S S batteries, without intricate synthesis or application of a high charging cut-off voltage that deteriorates the electrolyte stability and safety.

2014 79

UT Austin poll finds majority support development of natural gas and renewables; declining support for environmental issues

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The University of Texas at Austin Energy Poll has found that US consumers strongly support increased production of energy from domestic sources, particularly natural gas and renewables. The University of Texas at Austin Energy Poll reflects the views of 2,371 Americans surveyed during 5-16 March 2012.

Daimler Extending car2go Car-Sharing Program to Austin, Texas; Ramping Up in Germany

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Two smart2go units in Austin. Daimler will bring its car2go mobility concept ( earlier post ) to the US in a pilot phase to start this fall in Austin, Texas with an initial fleet of about 200 smart fortwo mhd vehicles with start/stop functionality. As in the first phase of the German pilot project, car2go will begin in Austin with a defined group of users, for example city employees. It is then planned to make car2go accessible to the public in Austin in a second step.

Tesla chooses Texas to build Cybertruck, reports another profit in Q2

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced Wednesday in a quarterly financial call that it picked the area near Austin, Texas, to build its next Gigafactory that will assemble the Cybertruck and other models.

2020 97

Sparrow Electric Car

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Sparrow electric car was featured in Austin Powers 'Goldmember'. Groovy, baby

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UT Austin team synthesizes molybdenum-antimony composite material for Li-ion anode; 3x the volumetric capacity of a graphite anode with better safety, but poor cycle life

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Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin report the synthesis of a molybdenum-antimony composite (Mo 3 Sb 7 –C) for use as anode material for a lithium-ion battery in a paper in the ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry C. With a discharge capacity of 518 mAh/g and 907 mAh/cm 3 and a tap density of 1.75 g/cm 3 for the composite, the Mo3Sb7–C composite anodes offer three times higher volumetric capacity than the graphite anode.

2011 87

PHEV Day 154, Thursday, 12 March 2009. On to Austin and AAEAA'rs

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

2009 36

Pecan Street launches Texas’ first grid-connected vehicle-to-grid research and testing center

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Austin, Texas-based energy research organization Pecan Street Inc. launched Texas’ first grid-tied vehicle-to-grid (V2G) testing center at its lab in Austin, turning electric vehicles into a dispatchable load shaving tool for the municipally-owned electric utility, Austin Energy. New grid-tied V2G equipment installed at Pecan Street’s lab in Austin, TX. Pecan Street’s V2G testing center is part of the Austin SHINES project and is the first in Texas.

2019 113

Ford announces electric vehicle partnerships

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It will work with Austin Energy, in Austin, and CenterPoint Energy, in Houston, to develop educational programmes on electric vehicles and share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical [.]. Tags: Electric cars Ford Green cars Latest news Austin Energy Boulder CenterPoint Energy electric vehicle partnerships electric vehicles Texas

Car sharing to continue in Texas

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The two-year car2go North America Pilot Programme in the state capital of Texas – Austin – has come to an end. Green cars Latest news Austin car sharing car sharing scheme Car2go Daimler TexasHowever, a new agreement has been signed to ensure that car2go will continue its operations in the city. Developed by Daimler, car2go is the world’s first free floating car sharing network and it launched [.].

Texas 41

Car club secures 10,000 members

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The residents of Austin, Texas, have taken to the concept of a car club in their droves with 10,000 drivers signing up for the car2go mobility programme. Just four months after its launch on May 21, 2010, more than 80,000 rentals have been completed throughout the greater downtown Austin area with average use lasting between [.]. Tags: Green cars Latest news Austin car clubs car share clubs Car2go LIVESTRONG Texas

2010 40

Charging Stations Away from Home

Electric Cars are for Girls

Coulomb Technologies is setting up charging stations in several American cities, including Austin, San Francisco, Detroit, and Orlando. If you had charging stations at work or near work, I can see this being useful. Especially for only 23 dollars for an unlimited 6 month subscription

2011 182

Hydro-Québec to commercialize patents co-invented by Goodenough and Braga for electrolyte for solid-state Li-ion batteries

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Hydro-Québec and The University of Texas at Austin signed an agreement for the transfer to Hydro-Québec of patents co-invented by Dr. John B. Goodenough, a professor at The University of Texas at Austin and the 2019 Nobel Laureate in chemistry and Dr. Maria Helena Braga, an associate professor at the University of Porto, Portugal.

2020 92

Tesla Texas, Model 3 LFP cells, VW ID.4 timing, Twisted electric Defender: Today’s Car News

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Austin, Texas, will be the site of a very large Tesla factory, and CEO Elon Musk confirmed why some Model 3s will be getting different battery cells.

2020 87

Texas steps up efforts to cut emissions

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A new mobility programme in Austin, Texas, that aims to reduce emissions in one of the fastest growing urban areas in the USA, has stepped up its efforts by signing a new partnership with a real estate firm. Tags: Green cars Green credentials Latest news Austin car sharing car sharing program Car2go Urbanspace

Texas 39

PHEV Day 152, Tuesday - 10 March 2009. The "Spirit" Moveth Onward First to Richardson Senior HS. before Austin - 43rd State Capital on PHEV3A

Spirit of DC - PHEV3A

Stand by

2009 36