Austin’s Capital Metro to buy 26 Proterra electric buses, with option for 126 more

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Capital Metro in Austin, Texas has approved a plan to purchase 26 40-foot Proterra ZX5 Max electric transit buses, featuring a total of more than 17 megawatt hours of battery storage capacity.

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Elon Musk will not build personal airport near Austin


Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismissed rumors that he would build a private airport in Austin, Texas, today, after reports circulated last week. Musk was rumored to be building an airport for personal use somewhere east of Austin, near the town of Bastrop.

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Austin’s CapMetro contracts with New Flyer for up to 171 electric buses and 427 chargers

Green Car Congress

Austin, Texas transit operator Capital Metro Transportation Authority has awarded NFI subsidiary New Flyer of America Inc. CapMetro is Austin’s public transportation provider, delivering more than 20 million annual trips through bus, paratransit, and commuter rail services. a contract for 26 battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE NG forty-foot heavy-duty transit buses and four battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE NG sixty-foot heavy-duty transit buses (34 equivalent units or EUs).

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UT Austin, Stony Brook researchers develop thicker high-energy-density electrode

Green Car Congress

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin and Stony Brook University have fabricated a thicker electrode for lithium-ion batteries by controlling nanosheet assembly via the combination of an external magnetic field and drying-based densification.

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Tesla formally moves headquarters to Austin, TX


Elon Musk announced that Austin, Texas has formally become the site of the company’s main headquarters. “I’m excited to announce that we’ll be moving our headquarters to Austin, Texas,” Elon Musk said to much applause at the latest Annual Shareholders Meeting.

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REE automotive to open US headquarters in Austin, Texas


Zero-emission technology company REE Automotive has named Austin, Texas, the new home to its US headquarters. more… The post REE automotive to open US headquarters in Austin, Texas appeared first on Electrek.

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The Boring Company proposes tunnels in Austin and San Antonio


Elon Musk’s The Boring Company (TBC) has started discussing potential tunneling projects in Austin and San Antonio with city officials. The post The Boring Company proposes tunnels in Austin and San Antonio appeared first on TESLARATI.

As Tesla Giga Texas goes live, Austin aims to become a hub for transit innovations


The arrival of Tesla in Texas and the influx of companies moving into the state will likely trigger an increase in the number of people residing in cities like Austin. The comments of Austin’s transit leaders bode well for Elon Musk’s future projects in the state.

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Elon Musk is linked to a massive land grab next to Tesla Gigafactory Austin


Elon Musk is personally linked to a new massive land grab that happens to be next to Tesla Gigafactory Austin, though it might not be for Tesla itself. more… The post Elon Musk is linked to a massive land grab next to Tesla Gigafactory Austin appeared first on Electrek.

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Austin development employees visit The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop


Last week, City of Austin employees visited The Boring Company’s (TBC) Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop in Sin City. . Ten employees from the City of Austin’s Development Services Department (DSD) visited The Boring Company’s LVCC Loop.

Report: Tesla homing in on Austin for Cybertruck Terafactory

Green Car Reports

Tesla is leaning toward Austin, Texas, as the site for its second United States car factory, according to a Bloomberg report published Tuesday. Tesla is asking Austin officials for a tax deal

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Tesla has already created 5,000 new jobs in Austin in 2021, the most of any company


Tesla has already created 5,000 new jobs in Austin, Texas, so far in 2021, according to a report from the Austin Chamber of Commerce. The data shows that Tesla is the company to pledge and create the most jobs in 2021 in Austin.

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Advent Technologies to collaborate with Los Alamos, UT Austin, RPI, UNM and Toyota in the development of next-generation HT-PEM fuel cell technology

Green Car Congress

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Giga Berlin Cell Production Still On, But Tesla Will Focus On Austin


Tesla told German authorities that plans to open a battery factory in Grünheide will go ahead, although Austin will have priority

Maven deploying its first all-electric shared-use fleet in Austin; 20 Chevy Bolts

Green Car Congress

Maven is now offering its first all-electric fleet of cars for use in the gig economy; 20 Chevrolet Bolt EVs are available for freelance drivers in Austin, Texas to earn money on their own schedules. Maven is working with Austin Energy, the Austin Transportation Department, and Rocky Mountain Institute to create infrastructure solutions leading to an all-electric future.

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Elon Musk highlights Austin’s need for more housing after cryptic tweet


Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently highlighted the need for more residential projects in the greater Austin, Texas area. The Tesla CEO initially posted a cryptic tweet that read “Austin++” on his Twitter page. Urgent need to build more housing in greater Austin area!

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VW’s Diess says Berlin and Austin Gigafactory ramp should slow Tesla


Volkswagen AG’s CEO Herbert Diess said Tesla’s production ramps at both the Berlin and Austin Gigafactories should slow the company down enough for the German automaker to catch up.

Tesla to expand START training program to Austin, funneling talent for Giga Texas


Tesla is expanding its START Training Program to Austin Community College in Texas. based Gigafactory in Austin, more commonly known as Giga Texas. The post Tesla to expand START training program to Austin, funneling talent for Giga Texas appeared first on TESLARATI.

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Austin Adds 171 EVs & 427 New Flyer Chargers, Tesla Megastructure,  Electric F-150 Lightning Reservations, Volvo Lifecycle Analysis, Electric Trucks

EV Obssesion

Electric Buses, Trucks, Vans Austin’s CapMetro selects NFI for Nation’s largest electric vehicle procurement with up to 171 EVs and 427 chargers from New Flyer Citroën launches New ë-Berlingo Electric in the UK Volvo Cars’ sales up 12.6

GM’s Cruise will develop robotaxi service to Phoenix and Austin

Baua Electric

Cruise LLC, the self-driving automotive startup majority owned by Common Motors, plans to develop its robotaxi enterprise to Phoenix and Austin within the subsequent three months with a goal of.

Electrify Expo will close out in Austin, TX from November 12 to November 13

EV Specifications

tour on November 12 and 13 in Austin, Texas. Electrify Expo, North America's largest electric-vehicle festival, closes out its 2022 U.S. The final event of 2022 expects to draw its largest crowd yet and log more than 20,000 test rides on the world's leading EV brands.

Tesla’s solar neighborhood in Austin could help TX learn if renewables are viable


Last week, Elon Musk announced Tesla’s first involvement in a major housing development project in Austin, Texas. Easton Park is a 2,400-acre community southwest of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, as per the Austin Business Journal.

VW ID. Buzz To Make First Public Appearance In Austin On March 11


Are we reading too much into this or did VW choose Austin, Texas to send a message to Tesla

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UT Austin team proposes novel approach to suppress polysulfide shuttle in Li-S batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are proposing a novel approach to suppress the “polysulfide shuttle” in Li-S batteries—a freestanding, three-dimensional graphene/1T MoS 2 (3DG/TM) heterostructure with highly efficient electrocatalysis for lithium polysulfides (LiPSs).

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UT Austin researcher awarded $15M for switchgrass traits studies

Green Car Congress

A researcher at The University of Texas at Austin will receive two grants totaling $15 million to study switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum ), with a focus on how it can become a sustainable source of bioenergy. Tom Juenger, a professor of integrative biology, will lead scientists from multiple institutions—including federal agencies, universities and the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology—on two projects researching switchgrass.

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Austin Heally EV Conversion

Electric Cars are for Girls

My son and I have decided after two overhauls to our Austin Heally 3000 MKIII to convert it to an EV. The car is dismantled and ready for a conversion

Report: Tesla Giga Austin To Start Production Next Week


Will it beat Giga Berlin

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Musk Says Berlin and Austin Plants Are "Gigantic Money Furnaces"


Tesla CEO says the company's newest plants are "losing billions of dollars" at the moment as they have hardly any output

Austin study teases out changes in behavior in wake of suspension of Uber and Lyft service

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Columbia University surveyed more than 1,200 people in Austin, Texas, to examine how their habits changed after Uber and Lyft pulled drivers out of the city due to a local law change. In May 2016, Austin voters blocked a ballot measure that would have allowed the companies to keep using their own background-check systems.

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car2go Reaches 10,000 Registered Members in Austin

Green Car Congress

Daimler’s car2go mobility program has reached 10,000 registered members in its first North American city, Austin, Texas, after just more than four months since its public launch on 21 May 2010. Since the start of the car2go operations, more than 80,000 rentals have been completed throughout the greater downtown Austin area with average usage between 30 and 60 minutes per rental.

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VW Group CEO Praises Tesla's Giga Texas During Austin Visit


Herbert Diess says that without the new EV plant that will be built in Wolfsburg, VW would have "no chance" to compete with Tesla

Tesla Receives Large 4680 Battery Production Shipment In Austin


A drone operator captured footage of a truck delivering crates marked Cathode Line 1 and Anode Line 1 production equipment

Ford Partners with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to Prepare Austin and Houston Areas for EVs

Green Car Congress

Ford announced two partnerships with utilities in Texas— Austin Energy in Austin and Centerpoint Energy in Houston—to prepare those two regions for electric vehicles. Ford will work with Austin Energy and Centerpoint Energy to develop consumer outreach and education programs on electric vehicles as well as share information on charging needs and requirements to ensure the electrical grid can support the necessary demand.

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GM’s Super Bowl campaign features Austin Powers characters using Ultium EV technology to save the world, then take it over


This year however, GM’s “everybody” includes some familiar, villainous faces from the Austin Powers film franchise. General Motor’s streak of newsworthy movements continues as we head into Super Bowl weekend.

Tesla Giga Austin Leaked Videos Reveal More Details


Tesla employees and other workers captured videos from inside Giga Texas and posted them online

Will Tesla's Giga Berlin Start Production Before Giga Austin?


Tesla's German factory is smaller, and construction started sooner, but there's much more red tape

Tesla Is Now Officially Headquartered In Austin, Texas


As of December 1, 2021, Tesla's new corporate headquarters is located on the massive Gigafactory Texas site

UT Austin team identifies promising new cathode material for sodium-ion batteries: eldfellite

Green Car Congress

Professor John Goodenough, the inventor of the lithium-ion battery, and his team at the University of Texas at Austin have identified a new cathode material made of the nontoxic and inexpensive mineral eldfellite (NaFe(SO 4 ) 2 ), presenting a significant advancement in the quest for a commercially viable sodium-ion battery. The UT Austin cathode achieved a specific capacity that is only about two-thirds of that of commercial lithium-ion batteries.

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When Will Tesla's Giga Austin Open? New Filings Suggest Soon


Tesla is on the brink of opening two huge new factories. Here's what recent filings in Texas reveal

UT Austin to lead $58M study of methane hydrate in Gulf of Mexico; $41M from DOE

Green Car Congress

A research team led by The University of Texas at Austin has been awarded approximately $58 million to analyze methane hydrate deposits under the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to UT Austin’s Institute for Geophysics (UTIG) at the Jackson School of Geosciences, the Gulf of Mexico study includes researchers from The Ohio State University, Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the Consortium for Ocean Leadership and the US Geological Survey.

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Is Tesla Officially Moving Its Headquarters To Austin, Texas?


It seems Tesla has already unofficially made the switch from California to Texas

Tesla Will Build Model Y In Austin With Both 4680 And 2170 Cells


This is likely because the company cannot produce as many structural battery packs featuring 4680 cells as needed to meet demand

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UT Austin team uses polypyrrole-MnO2 coaxial nanotubes as sulfur host to improve performance of Li?sulfur battery

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a novel electrode for lithium-sulfur batteries that improves cyclic stability and rate capability significantly. In a paper published in the ACS journal Nano Letters , they report using polypyrrole-MnO 2 coaxial nanotubes to encapsulate sulfur. MnO 2 restrains the shuttle effect of polysulfides greatly through chemisorption and the polypyrrole serves as conductive frameworks.

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