Tesla Enhanced Autopilot available in the United States and China


Tesla Enhanced Autopilot is available in the United States and China. In the United States, Enhanced Autopilot costs $6,000. Tesla owner Trevor Page inquired about the Enhanced Autopilot program stating that “FSD is still too expensive for what you get.” .

Genesis launches the all-electric GV60 in the United States


Genesis Motor America announced the launch and start of sales for the GV60 all-electric vehicle earlier today in the United States. The post Genesis launches the all-electric GV60 in the United States appeared first on TESLARATI.


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Genesis delivers first GV60 electric vehicle in the United States


Genesis has announced that it has officially delivered the first GV60 electric vehicle in the United States for the first time, as Patricia Wayne of Los Angeles officially took delivery of her vehicle on Thursday.

Jeep® Brand Creates Jeep 4xe Charging Network, Works With Electrify America to Provide EV Charging at Off-road Trailheads Throughout the United States

EV Obssesion

The post Jeep® Brand Creates Jeep 4xe Charging Network, Works With Electrify America to Provide EV Charging at Off-road Trailheads Throughout the United States appeared first on EV Obsession.

Jeep 83

Up-to-date information on the rebound in flying in the United States

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research. Among the variables included in my ongoing monthly monitoring of key transportation indexes is revenue passenger miles for domestic flying. That monitoring has shown a huge pandemic-related drop in flying during the spring of 2020 and a gradual rebound later in 2020 and in early 2021. However, the underlying data for that analysis (from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics ) are published with a substantial lag.

Nissan halts orders of the all-electric 2023 Ariya in the United States


Orders for the Nissan Ariya have been closed in the United States. The Ariya just went on sale in Japan, but deliveries in the United States are not expected until later this year. . Even in the United States, we had to request our customers to stop the orders,” he said.

Distance driven in the United States: Did we reach the peak in 2004?

Green Car Congress

This article is the latest publication in a series examining recent changes in various aspects of motorization in the United States. by Michael Sivak. The focus here is on distance driven per person and per household, as opposed to the absolute distance driven (which depends, in part, on the continuously increasing size of the U.S. population). The period covered is 1984 through 2017.

2004 261

Great Britain and the United States show the same pattern of recent changes in vehicle distance traveled

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Vehicle distance traveled per person in Great Britain is currently about one-half of the distance in the United States. I documented recent changes in distance traveled per person for cars and light trucks in the United States in a study published last month.).

2020 247

Number of vehicles in the United States: Did we reach the peak in 2006?

Green Car Congress

In a recent article , I examined changes in distance driven in the United States during the period from 1984 through 2017. by Michael Sivak. Distance driven per person reached a maximum in 2004. While this rate has been on a rebound since 2013, the 2017 rate is still down from 2004 by 5.2%. The present study analyzes corresponding changes in the number of vehicles during the same period.

2006 235

Does e-commerce affect the amount of travel in the United States?

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Recently, the amount of retail e-commerce in the United States increased rapidly in terms of both the absolute volume and the percentage of all sales. by Michael Sivak. For example, retail e-commerce sales during the fourth quarter of 2007 totaled $36.2 billion (in current dollars), or 3.5% of all retail sales. During the fourth quarter of 2017 retail e-commerce sales totaled $119.0 billion, or 9.1% of all retail sales.

2019 235

Tesla dominates January BEV sales in the United States with S3XY lineup all in Top 10


Tesla’s domination of the United States electric vehicle sector continues Tesla’s Model Y, Model 3, and Model S claimed the top three spots of January’s U.S. The Model Y was the nation’s best-selling EV in January, with 18,549 units sold.

2023 Toyota bZ4X Priced From $42,000 In The United States


The EPA-estimated driving range is 252 miles for the base FWD model and 228 miles for the AWD version.

Tesla Model X is the fastest-selling used car in the United States last month


So popular, in fact, that the premium SUV became the fastest-selling second-hand vehicle in the United States in March 2022. All of Tesla’s lineup, the Model S, Model 3, and Model Y, were also among the United States’ fastest-selling used cars in March.

Traffic volume on rural and urban roads in the United States: 1991-2016

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This analysis was conducted to examine changes in traffic volume on rural and urban roads in the United States from 1991 through 2016. This decline is due primarily to the ongoing urbanization of the United States. by Michael Sivak. The raw data for the analysis were lane length (which takes into account all roadway lanes of travel) and distance traveled, both from the Department of Transportation.

2018 207

United States Caribbean Sea Emission Control Area now effective

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The United States Caribbean Sea Emission Control Area (ECA) (SO x came into effect , under MARPOL Annex VI, on 1 January 2014, bringing in stricter controls on emissions of sulfur oxide (SO x ), nitrogen oxide (NO x ) and particulate matter (PM) for ships trading in certain waters adjacent to the coasts of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands.

Tesla’s Elon Musk reiterates call for a carbon tax in the United States


Elon Musk recently reiterated his support for a carbon tax in the United States, reiterating a point he has emphasized in the past. Musk has already stated that he is willing to pay the carbon tax SpaceX would incur if the Biden administration were to push through with such a policy.

Archer Enters Agreement with United States Air Force to Collaborate on Flight Testing

EV Obssesion

The post Archer Enters Agreement with United States Air Force to Collaborate on Flight Testing appeared first on EV Obsession.

Stellantis partner Samsung SDI teases new EV battery factory in the United States


Stellantis partner Samsung SDI hinted at the possibility of building a new EV battery factory in the United States. because many auto companies have been offering us partnerships,” Choi stated. . battery for 2026, and an all-solid-state battery by 2027.

Nissan: Cheaper Leaf To Coexist With Ariya In The United States


Both EVs are eligible for the federal tax credit that lowers the base Leaf's price to $21K and the base Ariya's MSRP to $33.5K.

Female drivers in the United States: From a minority to a majority?

Green Car Congress

by Michael Sivak. When it comes to the types of vehicles on the road, energy consumption, and road safety, we might be better off with more women drivers than men. This is the case because women are more likely to purchase smaller, safer, and more-fuel efficient vehicles; women drive less; and women tend to have a lower fatality rate per distance driven.

2018 174

Single Largest Deployment of Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Trucks in Eastern United States

EV Obssesion

The post Single Largest Deployment of Heavy-Duty Zero Emission Trucks in Eastern United States appeared first on EV Obsession. First Deployment at a Port Authority of NY and NJ Marine Terminal Port Newark, New Jersey, USA August 11, 2021.

United States and China agree to work together on phasing down HFCs

Green Car Congress

The United States and China will work together and with other countries to use the expertise and institutions of the Montreal Protocol to phase down the consumption and production of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), among other forms of multilateral cooperation. For the past four years, the United States, Canada, and Mexico have proposed an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to phase down the production and consumption of HFCs.

2013 195

UAW & Green Lobby Sue USPS Over Not Prioritizing EVs

The Truth About Cars

On Thursday, The UAW and a group of environmental groups based in the United States filed numerous lawsuits in an effort to block the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from moving forward with plants to purchase gasoline-powered next-gen delivery vehicles (NGDVs) from Oshkosh Defense.

Legal 74

BMW i4 Has Twice As Many Pre-Orders As iX In The United States


Looks like buyers would rather have the cheaper electric four-door coupe over the high-riding SUV

NREL updates Survey of Advanced Biofuel Producers in the United States

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The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) updated its annual survey of US non-starch ethanol and renewable hydrocarbon biofuels producers. The 2015 Survey of Non-Starch Ethanol and Renewable Hydrocarbon Biofuels Producers provides an inventory of the domestic advanced biofuels production industry as of the end of calendar year 2015, documenting important changes (e.g.,

2016 150

Shell and Kinder Morgan plan to export LNG from the United States

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Shell US Gas & Power LLC (Shell), a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell plc, and Southern Liquefaction Company, LLC, a Kinder Morgan company and unit of El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P. The project will use Shell’s innovative small-scale liquefaction unit, which will be integrated with the existing Elba Island facility and enable rapid construction compared to traditional large-scale plants.

2013 200

Visteon Files for Chapter 11 Reorganization in United States

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Global automotive supplier Visteon Corporation and certain of its US subsidiaries voluntarily filed petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code. The petitions were filed in the US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. No Visteon subsidiaries or joint ventures outside the US are part of the filing. Visteon is taking this step to maximize the long-term value of the company.

A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans

The Truth About Cars

The post A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

Polestar 3 Electric Performance SUV to be Manufactured in the USA

EV Obssesion

Polestar, the premium electric car brand from Sweden, announces today its first all-electric SUV will be manufactured in the United States. Polestar vehicles built in South Carolina will be for sale in the United States.

United States and Italy Sign Agreements to Advance Developments in Nuclear Energy

Green Car Congress

The US-Italy Joint Declaration Concerning Industrial and Commercial Cooperation in the Nuclear Energy Sector affirms the strong interest of the United States and Italy to encourage their respective nuclear industries to seek opportunities for the construction of new nuclear power plants.

2009 163

US NOx Cap and Trade Program Lowers Smog Levels in Eastern United States

Green Car Congress

State level ozone emissions in the NBP, from 1990 to 2010 (projected). The NO x Budget Trading Program is a partnership between federal and state governments to reduce the regional transport of NO x from power plants and industry in the eastern US.

2009 183

What We Know—and Do Not Know—About Achieving a National-Scale 100% Renewable Electric Grid

EV Obssesion

NREL's energy analysis renewable energy credits Renewables United States

Grid 59

Seven Western states sign deal to expand electric-car charging networks

Green Car Reports

The Western United States will soon see an electric-car charging network covering 5,000 miles of roadways. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper announced that he and six other governors in western states have agreed to develop a network of fast-charge stations in the region. United States plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging infrastructure Charging stations

2017 98

These 12 cities will buy only electric buses from 2025 on; more expected to join

Green Car Reports

Europe zero emissions United States mass transit Buses Public transportThe mayors of 12 major cities from around the world have taken a landmark step to increase the use of zero-emission public transportation late last month. Mayors of London, Paris, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Quito, Vancouver, Mexico City, Milan, Seattle, Auckland, and Cape Town all signed the C40 Fossil-Fuel-Free Streets Declaration, which.

2017 105

Oklahoma Supreme Court rules state's electric-car tax unconstitutional

Green Car Reports

In a 6-3 decision, the state's highest court struck down the bill as an unconstitutional tax. tax lawsuit United States plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV When the Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill earlier this year that imposed new fees on owners of hybrid and electric cars only, it was swiftly sued by the Sierra Club. Now the Oklahoma Supreme Court has rendered its verdict in that suit, filed in August.

Which country or region will make the most electric cars in 2025? Poll results

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Europe North America Manufacturing China Production United States plug-in cars PollsPlug-in electric cars are going to be a bigger part of the vehicle mix in future than they have been to date. That much is abundantly clear. Electric cars are one of four significant forces that will likely change what we think of as an "automobile" forever, the others being autonomy, connectivity, and sharing. DON'T MISS: Tesla and China: why an.

2016 102

EPA to study cutting amount of ethanol in U.S. gasoline

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Most fuel stations across the United States no longer offer pure gasoline, with E10—a blend of 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline—prevailing. Gasoline Biofuels EPA ethanol e85 United States E10 flex fuel alternative fuel vehicles e15Since 2007, the Renewable Fuel Standard has required increasing levels of ethanol in gasoline blends sold in the U.S.

2017 76

Energy Dept to award $15 million for very fast electric-car charging

Green Car Reports

The United States Department of Energy has announced a new funding initiative to accelerate the development of what it calls "Extreme Fast Charging" (XFC) systems. Department of Energy United States Charging station charging infrastructure Fast ChargingIn total, the DoE will award $15 million for the development of electric-car charging systems as well as batteries capable of very fast charging. Each area of interest has specific.

2017 73

UAW wakes up to job threat posed by electric cars, as German unions have already

Green Car Reports

UAW unions Production United States Economy plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV With an evolving shift to electrified and plug-in electric cars, the changes that will bring to the auto industry are far from limited to the powertrains. The entire mass-production and vehicle assembly process the industry pioneered a century ago will require major restructuring, it appears. Electric cars require significantly fewer parts and.

2017 81

How Teslas charge in US and UK.: similarities and differences

Green Car Reports

It's well-known that electrical outlets in the United States and elsewhere vary, but it also makes for somewhat different charging experiences with the Tesla Model S. In Europe, the standard voltage is higher than the United States, which means more power can be drawn from a standard wall outlet. Europe United States Tesla Motors plug-in cars charging Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

2017 67

After 11 Years, Two-Millionth Hybrid Car Sold In United States

Green Car Reports

Sometime early last week, someone somewhere in the U.S. bought a hybrid car. And while we may never know exactly who that person was, the car was the 2-millionth hybrid-electric vehicle sold here since the very first Honda Insight went on sale in late 1999. Industry trade journal Ward's Auto calculated from its sales data that the milestone was

2011 89

Range Rover plug-in hybrids on sale in U.S. in March 2018

Green Car Reports

Land Rover Range Rover and Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid models will both go on sale in the United States in March of 2018. Plug-In Hybrids United States plug-in carsSix years after Land Rover confirmed it would introduce a Range Rover plug-in hybrid, the luxury-SUV brand has now provided an official on-sale date. However, the two plug-in SUVs will be global vehicles and differ from.

2017 71

Electric trucks to grow fast from now through 2030: report

Green Car Reports

Europe China United States plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Commercial vehicleIn the coming years, the world's auto industry will continue to shift its product mix to electric and electrified vehicles to meet growing concerns over carbon emissions and stringent fuel-economy regulations across the globe. However, the passenger-car segment isn't the only area that will see electric powertrains implemented. A new study.

2017 79