Denmark, Norway, and US to lead Zero-Emission Shipping Mission

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The governments of Denmark, Norway, and the United States, along with the Global Maritime Forum and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, will lead a new Zero-Emission Shipping Mission as part of Mission Innovation. The Mission aims to accelerate international public-private collaboration to scale and deploy new green maritime solutions, setting international shipping on an ambitious zero-emission course.

T&E: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands lead deployments of zero-emission buses in Europe

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Denmark leads the way when it comes to putting zero-emission urban buses on the streets in Europe, with 78% of new vehicles being electric, according to the latest data from green NGO Transport & Environment.


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Alsie Express runs first domestic route in Denmark to use sustainable aviation fuel

Green Car Congress

Alsie Express is the first operator of a domestic route in Denmark to use aviation fuel made from sustainably sourced, renewable waste and residue raw materials, helping to reduce the carbon emissions of its flights.

Denmark PM wants fossil-free flights by 2030


more… The post Denmark PM wants fossil-free flights by 2030 appeared first on Electrek.

Haldor Topsoe joins ambitious hydrogen and sustainable fuel project in Denmark

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Apart from a triple-digit million investment from the companies within the project, the partners have applied for substantial funding from Innovation Fund Denmark. With the large-scale supply of renewable electricity needed, the timing of phases two and three will depend on the execution of the offshore wind power project off the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Haldor Topsoe has joined a hydrogen and sustainable fuel project based on electrolysis in the Greater Copenhagen Area.

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Denmark awards €11M to dynamic green ammonia plant project by Skovgaard Invest, Vestas, and Haldor Topsoe

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The Danish Energy Agency’s Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program ( EUDP ) has awarded 81 million DKK (app. €11 11 million) to the green ammonia project managed by the three partners Skovgaard Invest, Vestas, and Haldor Topsoe. The project aims at building a 10 MW green ammonia plant directly coupled to local wind and solar power generation. The green ammonia plant will be the first dynamic green ammonia plant.

Maersk secures green e-methanol for the world’s first container vessel operating on carbon-neutral fuel; new plant in Denmark

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The energy needed for the power-to-methanol production will be provided by a solar farm in Kassø, Southern Denmark. While the renewable energy will be produced in Southern Jutland it is yet to be decided where in Denmark the power-to-methanol facility will be located.

Air Liquide inaugurates HyBalance pilot site in Denmark for production of carbon-free hydrogen

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In Denmark, Air Liquide inaugurated HyBalance, a pilot site for the production of carbon-free hydrogen. Besides industrial customers, the hydrogen that is produced is used to supply the network of five hydrogen stations installed and operated by the Copenhagen Hydrogen Network (CHN), a subsidiary of Air Liquide in Denmark. Denmark is a pioneer in the integration of renewable energies into the national energy mix, with 40% of the country’s electricity produced from wind turbines.

2018 195

Denmark proposes banning gas and diesel cars, UK might ratchet up timeline

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The banning of diesel (and potentially gasoline) cars in mainland Europe and the UK appears to be accelerating as a Denmark-led coalition of 11 countries proposed an EU-wide ban on the sale of diesel- and gasoline-powered cars by 2040. This is not the first time Denmark has called for a ban on internal combustion engine sales.

2019 107

VW will now sell you a car online, but only in Denmark, not the U.S.

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The German automaker is launching an online-sales scheme in Denmark for its Up minicar. Europe car buying VW Internet Denmark Volkswagen Up! These days, it's possible to order virtually anything online—but for the most part, buying a car still requires going to a physical dealership and signing papers. But, in one country at least, Volkswagen is experimenting with an alternative. DON'T MISS. Online Stores

CLEVER to add 100 ABB fast charging stations in Denmark and neighboring countries

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Danish electric mobility operator CLEVER will expand its charging network in Denmark and neighboring countries with 100 ABB multi-standard Terra 53 DC fast charging stations. The chargers will be installed in Denmark and in neighboring countries through partners, including a first collaboration with Öresundskraft in Sweden. The expansion of CLEVER’s network follows its 2012 ABB collaboration to roll out a country-wide network of fast chargers in Denmark.

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H2 Logic and Air Liquide to build network of hydrogen refueling stations in Denmark

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This will make Denmark will be the world’s first country where hydrogen fueling is available nationwide and based 100% on renewable energy. Denmark is one among the countries in the world with the best incentives for FCEVs as these are exempted for normal registration taxes of up to 180% of the base vehicle price. The CHN hydrogen refueling station network in Denmark is constructed with public support from the European FCH-JU and TEN-T programs and the Danish national EUDP program.

2014 233

ABB delivers first urban battery storage solution in Denmark to support renewables

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ABB has commissioned Denmark’s first urban energy storage system. The project partners include The Technical University of Denmark, City of Copenhagen, By & Havn, HOFOR, Radius, ABB, Balslev, Danfoss, Clean Charge, METROTHERM, Glen Dimplex and the PowerLab facilities. The Lithium-ion based battery energy storage system (BESS) will be integrated with the local electricity grid in the new harbor district of Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

2017 167

Parker Project demonstrates cross-brand V2G in Denmark; more tests of grid services slated

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For vehicles on a global scale to support the power system optimally, a universal definition for grid integration must be formed so that vehicles can connect with and balance the grid no matter brand and location, which is what the automotive brands Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, PSA Groupe and Nissan sets out to do in Parker together with Enel, Nuvve, Insero, Mitsubishi Corporation and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

2017 163

Biorefinery for sustainable marine fuel to be built in Denmark

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The Port of Frederikshavn, Steeper Energy and Aalborg University are partnering to establish a biomass biorefinery in Denmark to produce a sustainable drop-in sulfur-free marine fuel that will serve more than 100,000 vessels passing through the port annually.

ABB to supply 50 CCS (Combo) fast chargers for EVs to CLEVER in Denmark

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The first CLEVER DC fast charger at a Shell gasoline station in Denmark was inaugurated earlier this month by the Danish Minister of Transport, Pia Olsen Dyhr, marking the installation of the first commercial CCS fast charger in Denmark. CLEVER’s strategy is to follow the car and that’s why we, as Denmark’s leading electric-mobility operator, establish charging stations for all types of electric vehicles available in the Danish market.

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CLEVER chooses ABB to supply 51 DC fast chargers for network in Denmark

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CLEVER, a leading electric mobility operator (EMO) in Denmark has chosen ABB to supply 50 Terra 51 DC fast chargers at multiple locations throughout Denmark. The first six ABB Terra 51 fast charge stations are due to be delivered and installed this week and represent the largest deployment of smart electric vehicle chargers in Denmark. CLEVER’s network of DC fast chargers and AC chargers builds on Denmark’s commitment towards becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

H2 Logic delivers 9th H2 fueling station for Denmark; 100% renewable hydrogen, 1st country-wide station network

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H2 Logic has delivered the ninth hydrogen fueling station in Denmark. The station in Kolding is the third to open in Denmark during the past six months, and in total the ninth public accessible hydrogen station in 24/7 operation throughout Denmark. DHF targets to build up to five hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark, where the Kolding station is the third in operation. H2Station hydrogen fueling station in Kolding, Denmark.

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Leclanché’s launches new marine battery system; to be used in Denmark’s E-ferry

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Leclanché will use the MRS on the E-ferry in Denmark, the world’s largest, 100% electric ferry by battery capacity, equipped with a 4.3 Leclanché SA announced the market launch of Leclanché Marine Rack System (MRS), a modular, Lithium-ion battery system for marine vessels. Leclanché MRS is the first marine battery system of its type approved by international certification body DNV-GL under revised rules issued in October 2015.

2017 150

AVIS Denmark orders 401 Nissan e-NV200 vans and 60 more LEAFs; largest fleet of Nissan EVs in Europe

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Nissan and AVIS Denmark have signed a deal to create the largest fleet of Nissan electric vehicles anywhere in Europe, with a new order of 401 Nissan e-NV200 vans and a further 60 units of the battery-electric Nissan LEAF, brining its total EV fleet to date to 861 vehicles. We had great success already with the Nissan LEAF in Denmark and we leased all of the units we purchased from Nissan very quickly, which has led to us ordering more.

2015 180

Better Place winding down ops in North America and Australia, to focus on Denmark and Israel

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Better Place, the startup provider of electric car networks using a battery switch model, has decided to focus its efforts on Denmark and Israel, where the complete infrastructure is in place and commercial operations are underway. To do so we are now focusing on realizing the full potential of what we have built, and that means concentrating our resources and energy in the near term, on Denmark and Israel, where we have customers on the road enjoying our switching and charging networks.

Driving my Tesla Model 3 from Denmark to Coral Bay WA

My Electric Car

The post Driving my Tesla Model 3 from Denmark to Coral Bay WA appeared first on My Electric Car. Guest Post by long time MEC friend Angela Tillier. When our flights to Cairns were cancelled with 2 days’ notice we decided to take the Tesla for a holiday in WA.

Inauguration Ceremony for Inbicon Biomass Biorefinery in Denmark

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Denmark’s Prince Joachim inaugurated the Inbicon biomass biorefinery in Kalundborg, Denmark, where ethanol will be produced from straw. In June, Statoil in Denmark signed a contract for the first 5 million liters of cellulosic ethanol from Inbicon. In addition to bioethanol, the plant will also produce lignin biopellets and C 5 molasses. The biopellets can be used as fuel at CPH plants, and the C 5 molasses can be used for animal feed. Inbicon is a subsidiary of DONG Energy.

AC Propulsion sends eBox EV to Denmark for V2G research focused on buffering intermittent renewable energy

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AC Propulsion has delivered an AC Propulsion-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where it will be used to evaluate Vehicle to Grid (V2G) operation as part of a research program. In Denmark, UD will now shift its focus to another important application of V2G research, which is buffering intermittent renewable energy resources.

Denmark to examine vehicle to grid technology

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The Technical University of Denmark will look into vehicle to grid operation after AC Propulsion delivered its eBox to its research team. With the aim of advancing integration of electric vehicles with Denmark’s electric power grid, which has extensive wind power generation capacity, the team will look into buffering intermittent renewable energy resources. Electric cars Green cars Latest news AC Propulsion Denmark eBox Technical University of Denmark vehicle to grid technology

Cellulosic ethanol blend available at filling stations in Denmark

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An E5 blend of 95% gasoline and 5% cellulosic ethanol is premiering at 100 filling stations across Denmark. Made available by Statoil, the Bio95 2G mixture uses ethanol derived from wheat straw collected on Danish fields after harvest and produced by DONG Inbicon , using enzyme technology from Novozymes. Long a grand vision of the future, next-generation biofuel is now coming to market to fulfill its promises.

Better Place unveils Europe’s first battery switch station in Denmark

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In March, Better Place opened the Better Place Center in Hellerup, Denmark and since then, nearly 3,000 visitors have passed through the center and interest in a tour of the Better Place Center continues to grow. In preparation for commercial launch later this year, Better Place unveiled the company’s first Battery Switch station in Europe at an event in Gladsaxe, just outside Copenhagen.

Mitsubishi Motors Signs Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Denmark for i-MiEV

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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Danish government regarding the popularization of the i-MiEV electric vehicle (EV) in Denmark. The Danish government, in order to reduce CO 2 emissions in its country, is proactively implementing environmental conservation initiatives as national policy—a part of which are EV-related tax incentives—and approached MMC for cooperation in the popularization of EVs in Denmark.

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Mitsubishi electric car moves into Denmark

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The Japanese car manufacturer has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Danish government that will see the i-MiEV electric car break new ground in Denmark. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Mitsubishi Danish government Denmark electric vehicles Mitsubishi electric cars Mitsubishi i-MiEV Renault-Nissan isn’t the only car manufacturing powerhouse capable of setting up electric car agreements around the world, as Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has now proven.

DSB and Better Place Partner to Deliver a Sustainable Transportation Alternative in Denmark with EV-Train Combo

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Better Place and DSB, Denmark’s state-owned passenger rail company, signed an agreement to provide Danes with door-to-door, sustainable transportation by combining passenger rail and electric car service. We consider the cooperation agreement with DSB as a unique opportunity to promote the adoption of EVs in Denmark and an important milestone in our work to establish a nationwide infrastructure for sustainable transportation. Jens Moberg, CEO of Better Place Denmark.

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Better Place halts US and Australian operations, focusing on Denmark and Israel

National Green Transportation

and Australia in a move that's meant to focus the company's efforts on existing operations in Denmark and Israel. Project Better Place announced on Wednesday it is shutting down operations in the U.S. These

2013 67

Better Place halts US and Australian operations, focusing on Denmark and Israel

National Green Transportation

and Australia in a move that's meant to focus the company's efforts on existing operations in Denmark and Israel. Project Better Place announced on Wednesday it is shutting down operations in the U.S. These

2013 57

Dantaxi, The Largest Taxi Charging Hub in the Nordics Accelerates Diesel Taxi Phase-Out in Copenhagen

EV Obssesion

Originally published by Dantaxi On May 11 at 4 pm, the largest charging operator in Denmark, E.ON, and the taxi company Dantaxi will open the largest taxi charging hub in the Nordics: Danhub – Powered by E.ON.

Taxi 56

Danish Drivers Set New Tesla Model S Distance Record: 450 Miles (Video)

Green Car Reports

miles), after a marathon drive beginning and ending at the Supercharger DC fast-charging site in Rødekro, Denmark. Videos Denmark Tesla Motors plug-in cars Distance recordA pair of Danish drivers claim to have set a new record for Tesla Model S electric-car range. Over the weekend, the pair covered 728.7 kilometers (452.8 The drivers claim to have used 77.5 kilowatt-hours of energy to cover that.

2015 129

Tesla Roadster, Toyota Prius, VW Touareg Crash in Denmark

All Cars Electric

Here's a frightening scene from the streets of Denmark submitted to Autopia by reader, Lars H. A Tesla Roadster was involved in a three-way crash with a Volkswagen Touareg and a Toyota Prius earlier this week. Apparently the Roadster was stopped behind the Touareg when the Prius rear-ended the Roadster, pushing it under the SUV

Geely supporting Danish initiative on e-methanol with vehicle trials in Aalborg

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Denmark has been a global leader in sustainability, and has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by 70% by 2030. Supporting green e-methanol to be used as marine fuel, Denmark has established a strong infrastructure foundation for the production, storage, and transport of methanol fuel.

Avis Builds Largest Electric-Vehicle Lease Fleet In Europe With Latest Nissan Order

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Denmark is about to gain the largest fleet of electric cars available for lease in Europe, thanks to a deal between Nissan and Avis. Denmark fleet sales plug-in cars Avis Nissan e-NV200The rental company will purchase 401 Nissan e-NV200 electric vans, and 60 Nissan Leaf electric cars. That will supplement an existing contingent of Leaf electric cars, and bring the total number of electric vehicles.

2015 110

Report: Launching Renault EVs With Better Place in Denmark

All Cars Electric

Living in Denmark, I was recently able to sign up for a Renault Fluence Electric Vehicle, and was subsequently assigned # 25 on the waiting list. I also arranged an interview with Soren Hyltoft from Renault Denmark to get answers to my many questions about how the Fluence EV program and the swapping of its lithium-ion battery pack will work.

PBS looks into the Electric Future

Revenge of the Electric Car

Ahead of the Copenhagen summit, PBS look into the electric future in Denmark — and checks. Tags: In the Media International Projects denmark project better place in with Project Better Place. Watch the show here.

2009 138

Copenhagen mayor proposes banning new diesel cars

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Diesel Europe DenmarkCopenhagen's mayor wants to deal a major blow to diesel-fueled cars—but not trucks. Frank Jensen, the city's mayor, says that he will propose legislation to ban new diesel cars from entering the Danish capital by January 1, 2019. Jensen's plan would not apply to vehicles bought and registered prior to the close of 2018, and it appears to.

2017 75

Unicom to order 11 Volvo electric trucks for concrete mixers

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Unicon, the largest producer and supplier of ready-mixed concrete in Denmark, intends to place the largest private single order to date for electric trucks that will run on Danish roads. —Peter Ericson, Managing Director of Volvo Trucks in Denmark.

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Western Australia’s South West | Day 918 – 925

Plug Me In

Updates Videos Albany australia Bridgetown Denmark Eco housing Pemberton South West Western AustraliaIn the South West I was hosted by some nice people who took me for prospecting, gave the Blue Bandit […].

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Dong slams the box in the Danish electric car adventure

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BP Denmark has gone through the initial investment of 400 kroner, and Dong denies an obligation to loan more. Regarding additional funding of Better Place Denmark, "it is our choice. denmark better place dong energyGoogle translate sure knows how write a headline. Seems the deal between Better Place and its Danish partner Dong Energy has gone south. There are eroded cooperation between DONG Energy and Better Place Group," according to the story in

2011 100