Renault introduces two new electric light commercial vehicles

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At the Brussels Motorshow in Belgium, Renault Pro+ introduced two new electric light commercial vehicles—New Kangoo Z.E. —Ashwani Gupta - Global Head of Light Commercial Vehicle Business.

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Avantium acquires Liquid Light; electrocatalysis to convert CO2 to chemicals

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Renewable chemicals company Avantium has acquired the assets of Liquid Light. Liquid Light has developed proprietary process technology to make major chemicals from low-cost, globally-abundant carbon dioxide. The acquisition combines the technologies of both Liquid Light and Avantium to develop a world-leading electro-catalysis platform and to commercialize new process technologies using CO 2 as feedstock to produce sustainable chemicals and materials.

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SABIC exploring integrated lighting features in car windows

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SABIC is actively working on developing car window technology with integrated lighting features. SABIC first disclosed its efforts to develop polycarbonate (PC) windows with integrated lighting at the International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL), held in Darmstadt, Germany 28-30 September. While those elements are largely decorative, SABIC says integrated lighting can serve a variety of functional purposes. Using colored light for brand enhancement.

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Britain ‘blighted’ by light pollution

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Half of the Britain’s population suffer severe light pollution according to a new study from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) and Campaign for Dark Skies (CfDS). Latest news campaign energy Light pollutionThe two charities latest joint annual Star Count Survey revealed that just over half (53 per cent) of 981 participants could see ten stars or fewer in [.].

Plug-in hybrid utility truck keeps lights on during emergencies

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California electric utility Pacific Gas & Electric recently took delivery of a pair of new trucks that it hopes will help solve two problems. The first is power outages, whether they are caused by weather or necessary planned maintenance work conducted by utilities. The other is every utility's huge bill for diesel fuel. The large trucks. Trucks Plug-In Hybrids California electric utilities plug-in cars Commercial vehicle

Mitsubishi developing electric light truck

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Japanese manufacturing giant Mitsubishi is said to be working on its third electric vehicle – in the form of an electric light truck earmarked for a 2012 launch. According to reports in Japanese business daily The Nikkei, the new electric vehicle will be targeted at contractors, farmers and others that use light trucks for their [.]. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Mitsubishi electric light truck electric vehicles

Audi launches Traffic Light Information V2I service in the US starting in Las Vegas

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Audi is the first manufacturer to launch Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology in the US, with the deployment of Traffic Light Information in select 2017 Audi A4, Q7 and allroad models in Las Vegas. The launch of this technology is another in a long list of firsts for Audi that have positioned us as the industry leader in connectivity solutions V2I applications and services like Traffic Light Information are essential components as we continue to move toward an autonomous future.

Tesla Model S: 'Intergalactic SpaceBoat Of Light And Wonder'

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But we''ve never seen it called an "intergalactic spaceboat of light and wonder" before. The Tesla Model S electric luxury sedan can be described many ways, and its owners generally use glowing superlatives in doing so. Nor an "Electric CruiseBeast," for that matter. ALSO SEE: Next-Generation Tesla Electric Car Won''t Be ''Model E'' After All But

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California ARB votes to move forward with light-duty vehicle GHG and ZEV programs through 2025; cranking it up post-2025

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After considering the Advanced Clean Cars Midterm Review ( earlier post ), the California Air Resources Board voted unanimously on Friday to continue with the vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards and ZEV program for cars and light trucks sold in California through 2025.

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ABB commissions world’s highest capacity HVDC Light underwater power link

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The 500-megawatt (MW) HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) Light transmission connection is the highest capacity link of its kind, based on voltage source converter (VSC) technology, to go into commercial operation. HVDC Light uses underground or submarine cables.

Say hello to the Light Car

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Combining the latest in lightweight materials, semi-finished products and advanced joining concepts, global engineering services provider EDAG presented its Light Car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Tags: Green cars Latest news 2010 Geneva Motor Show EDAG Light Car geneva motor show Light Car Protean Electric wheel hubs space frame

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ICCT calculates consumer benefits of increased efficiency in 2025-2030 light-duty vehicles in the US

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A new report from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) estimates Consumer benefits of increased efficiency in 2025-2030 light-duty vehicles in the US. The analysis found that consumer benefits are available across vehicle types, from cars to light trucks.

Riversimple Rasa: New Details On Super-Light Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car

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based startup Riversimple first showed its hydrogen fuel-cell Urban Car prototype in 2009, but since then there has been little apparent activity from the company. Now it's back with a refined design that it hopes to put into production by 2018. It's called the Rasa--as in tabula rasa, Latin for "clean slate." DON'T MISS: U.K. Extends. hydrogen UK hydrogen fuel cell Zero Emission Vehicle

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Schaeffler P2 high-voltage hybrid module expected in North American light-duty truck by 2020; also 48V applications

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Schaeffler expects this high-voltage solution to be in use in a North American light-duty truck by 2020.

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Future Electric Utility Trucks: Lighting Your Home While Crews Restore Power

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As weather-related power outages left hundreds of thousands without electricity during the holiday season, attention has once again turned to the role of electric vehicles in providing backup power when the lights go out.

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Green light for Audi traffic information system

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Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January, Audi''s online traffic light information system is now production ready: and could soon be in every Audi model, based on government legislation.

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Street Lights With Electric-Car Charging Sockets: Why Didn't We Think Of This?

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Sometimes, without realizing it, the solution to a problem can literally be right in front of you. Carmakers are working to increase the number of public electric-car charging stations, but there''s already plenty of existing electricity infrastructure. RELATED: BMW Launches Its Own DC Fast-Charging Station, Priced At $6,500 BMW is taking advantage

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California goal: eliminate gasoline, diesel light vehicles altogether

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What if gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks were simply eliminated altogether from the new vehicles sold in a state? Residents of one state in the U.S. may, eventually, find out. California already leads the nation in promoting zero-emission vehicles, but the Golden State may soon take that policy a step further. DON'T MISS: Will California. emissions California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars transportation policy

MAHLE Jet Ignition for Ferrari F1 as well as sub-200 g/kWh BSFC in light-duty engine; on-road and stationary applications

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2016) “Sub-200 g/kWh BSFC on a Light Duty Gasoline Engine,” SAE Technical Paper 2016-01-0709 doi: 10.4271/2016-01-0709. MAHLE Powertrain has been developing Jet Ignition—a high-energy distributed ignition technology that enables homogeneous ultra-lean (λ > ∼1.6)

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BMW develops street lights that charge your car

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BMW has developed street lights that double up as electric car chargers according to the news agency, Reuters.

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Ceres Power to demonstrate SOFC stack technology for EV range extender with Nissan; light commercial vehicle

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UK-based Ceres Power Holdings, a spin-out from Imperial College, is leading a consortium that includes Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd and M-Solv to develop a compact, on-board solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) stack as a range extender for an electric light commercial vehicle (van).

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Toyota seize the light with engine plant solar installation

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Almost 13,000 solar panels have been fitted to Toyota’s engine manufacturing factory in Deeside, North Wales.

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Ricardo demonstrates processes for evaluating light-duty diesel emissions under coming Real Driving Emissions (RDE) regs

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Despite the continuing and significant reductions in the legislated limits of light-duty diesel vehicle NO x emissions under the European Euro 1 through 5 regulations of recent years, many studies have demonstrated that real-world NO x emissions appear not to have been reduced as significantly. May, John; Bosteels, Dirk; Favre, Cécile (2014) “ A Comparison Of Light-Duty Vehicle Emissions Over Different Test Cycles And In Real Driving Conditions ” FISITA 2014 F2014-CET-058.

DELIVER electric light commercial vehicle demonstrator to make its debut at FISITA

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Liberty Electric Cars, the European subsidiary of Green Automotive Company, has completed the build of the first fully functioning example of “DELIVER”—an electric light commercial delivery vehicle funded by the European Commissions’ 7 th Framework Programme. Ten partner companies are involved in the design and construction of an electric light commercial vehicle. DELIVER. Click to enlarge.

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Green light goes out on the incandescent bulb

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Environment Minister Dan Norris said:“We can no longer rely on light bulbs which waste 95 per cent of their energy as heat. Tags: Green credentials bulb Defra incandescent light From the 1 September its goodbye to the old incandescent lightbulb, a design which has been around for more than 130 years. From next month, EU starts the mandatory phase out of 100W and frosted incandescent (or old fashioned) lightbulbs.

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GM switches on to light savings

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It’s amazing how one small change can make such a huge difference-and that’s a lesson GM is benefitting from learning this week-as the car giant reveals how it will cut no less than 8,500 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions each year, just by changing a few lightbulbs. OK, a lot of lightbulbs. At its[.].

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Cadillac's Volt-Based Converj Electric Car Gets Green Light: Exclusive

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Sometimes, like Lazarus, dead cars rise again. We've learned from an inside source at General Motors, a person close to the project, that the electric Cadillac Converj luxury coupe is now back in the GM product plan. The Converj was recently approved for production by GM product executives. It will likely launch in 2013 as a 2014 model, though it

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Kansas City Power & Light To Build 1,000 Electric-Car Charging Sites

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Kansas City, Missouri, will become the latest municipality to gain an electric-car charging infrastructure this year. A local utility company is leading the effort to build a comprehensive network of charging sites for drivers of plug-in vehicles. DON''T MISS: BMW, VW, And ChargePoint To Build 100 CCS Fast-Charging Sites For Electric Cars Over the

Cambridge team demonstrates light-driven photoreforming of unprocessed biomass to H2 at room temperature

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A team of scientists at the University of Cambridge has reported the light-driven photoreforming of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin to H 2 using semiconducting cadmium sulfide quantum dots in alkaline aqueous solution.

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Ricardo: achieving light-duty diesel RDE NOx compliance in urban driving is possible, at a price

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Future RDE emissions legislation and fleet average CO 2 targets represent a challenge for automakers wishing to provide cost-effective light duty diesel vehicles.

Cambridge team successfully tests hybrid light aircraft; 30% fuel savings

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Researchers from the University of Cambridge, in association with Boeing, have successfully tested a light aircraft powered by a parallel hybrid-electric propulsion system, in which an electric motor and gasoline engine work together to drive the propeller. Hybrid in flight. Click to enlarge.

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Australian electric off-roader will never see the light of day

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Over the last decade, the Australian car industry has been in a long-term decline. Ford, General Motors, and Toyota have all decided to end local vehicle production, opting to import cars from other markets instead. But one Australian company plans to begin production of a new electric vehicle later this year. DON'T MISS: Immortus Electric-Car. Off-road Australia plug-in cars Commercial vehicle

ORNL-led team developing breakthrough high-temperature, high-strength Al alloy for advanced light-duty engines

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A team led by researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is developing a lower-cost cast aluminum (Al) alloy capable of at least a 50 ˚C temperature increase over the current cylinder head alloys 319 and 356 for use in light duty engines. Having such a higher-temperature alloy for use in the head can be a game changer for light-duty engines, suggested Dr. J Allen Haynes, ORNL propulsion materials program manager.

Renewable 'Pedal Power' To Light Times Square Ball Tonight

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In this case, it''s pedal-powered energy to offset the roughly 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity consumed by the famous lighted ball that drops to signal the New Year. Never let it be said that New York City doesn''t get everything it can out of its 50 million-plus tourist visitors each year. Times Square, site of the famous ball drop that ushers in

ETH Zürich team developing light-duty natural gas-diesel hybrid electric powertrain; 43 g/km CO2

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Researchers at ETH Zürich have developed a light-duty hybrid electric vehicle featuring a dual-fuel natural gas-diesel engine. Consumption measurements of the dual-fuel natural gas-diesel engine as a function of speed and load. Source: Ott et al. Click to enlarge.

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Audi's Traffic Light Recognition Tech Will Save You Gas, Time

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Taking the average passenger car and making it more efficient is the combination of dozens of factors from engine technology to aerodynamics to more extreme measures like hybridization. But some factors you just can''t control, like traffic, weather and the changing of traffic signals. Audi thinks it can at least mitigate the latter with its latest

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Achates Power developing light-duty two-stroke opposed-piston diesel engine: the OP4

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The OP4 light-duty opposed-piston diesel. Achates Power, which is developing a family of two-stroke, compression-ignition (CI) opposed-piston (OP) engines, has designed and is developing a light-duty diesel concept engine, the OP4. Light-duty OP4.

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Audi LED Lights Actually Save Fuel, Cut Emissions, EU Says

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Many people imagine that fuel efficiency stops and starts with engine technology and driving technique, but there''s a little more to it than that. Making a fuel-efficient vehicle involves a holistic approach that examines every aspect of a car''s design and tries to reduce its impact on fuel use--and even the humble headlight can play a part

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What will happen to diesels for U.S. cars, light trucks by 2025? Poll results

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With electric-car battery prices falling faster than predicted even five years ago, carmakers face tough and costly choices in choosing powertrains for the lineups in 2020 and after. Pressed by stiff carbon-emission reduction laws in Europe and heavy regulations to encourage electric cars in China, they must assess how much to invest in new. Trucks Future Cars Polls

New BMW Brilliance engine plant with light metal foundry in China; high-voltage battery production to come

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BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) opened a new engine plant with a light metal foundry in Shenyang today. Both the engine plant and the light metal foundry incorporate the latest state-of-the-art production standards. Light metal foundry. The new location will produce the latest generation of the BMW TwinPower Turbo three and four-cylinder gasoline engines and forms part of the BBA production network based in Shenyang in Northeastern China.