California trend: hybrid sales sink, plug-in electric cars soar

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California has always been a bellwether for automotive trends, and it leads every other state by far in the volumes of plug-in electric cars sold. sales California New car sales plug-in carsIt also led in national sales of hybrid cars for many years. In fact, for several years running, the Toyota Prius was the single most popular passenger car sold in the state—setting it well apart.

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California utility SCE offers $450 rebate for new and used electric cars

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California already offers generous incentives to get consumers into electric vehicles, but now the electric utility Southern California Edison has joined in. rebates California incentives Used Cars Southern California Edison electric utilities plug-in carsSCE has announced what it calls the Clean Fuel Rewards Program to offer a $450 purchase rebate for battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners. The utility company isn't limiting the.

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California to test electric-car 'point of purchase' rebate for electric cars

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rebates California incentives California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in carsIt's clear that incentives to buy specific cars work best when they can be applied directly at the time of sale. That's why purchase rebates are widely preferred by electric-car advocates to tax credits, which may take up to 15 months to be usable, depending on the timing of the purchase and tax filing. While the federal electric-car incentive is.

California approves PG&E utility plan for 7,500 electric-car charging stations

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California's latest tactic to promote electric-car adoption is to involve electric utilities in the installation and operation of charging infrastructure. Utilities in other states were previously allowed to own and operate electric-car charging stations, but that wasn't the case in California until a state Public Utilities Commission ruling in. California energy policy electric utilities plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure

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Energy storage batteries face biggest test in California

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California energy policy renewable energy energy energy storageFrom the perspective of both renewable-energy advocates and electric utilities, grid-scale energy storage offers many potential benefits. By storing energy in battery packs for later use, energy storage can make intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind into more reliable forms of power. It also helps utilities "balance" the gird by.

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California's PG&E utility now offers $500 rebate for electric-car use

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But one California utility is now taking direct action. California electric utilities plug-in cars Utility Companies Incentives and RebatesIn certain states, electric utilities are getting into the business of installing and operating electric-car charging infrastructure. They may build public charging stations, or work with other entities that operate them, but that's usually as far as their efforts to promote electric cars go.

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California Air Resources Board Head: All New Cars Should Be Zero-Emission In 2030

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states, California is by far the most enthusiastic when it comes to electric cars. But Mary Nichols--the chair of this agency since 2007--isn't satisfied with having just a few electric cars on California roads. DON'T MISS: California Approves Aggressive. emissions California California Air Resources Board plug-in cars transportation policyAmong U.S. And that's largely due to regulations overseen by the state's Air Resources Board.

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250,000th plug-in electric car to be sold in California alone this month

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It's long been obvious that California is the epicenter of emission reduction and electric-car adoption in the United States. sales California CARB New car sales plug-in cars Zero Emission VehicleAnd its outsize influence on U.S. environmental policy has global ramifications as well. Of the 1.25 million plug-in vehicles estimated to be on global roads by the end of this year, fully one-fifth are in the Golden State.

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California bought more electric cars than rest of U.S. combined in June

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California, with its pioneering zero-emission vehicle sales requirements, has always occupied an outsize place in the sales charts. sales California New car sales plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle state lawsSales of plug-in electric cars are not evenly distributed across the U.S. by any means. Not only is it the most populous state in the union, with 39 million residents, but it accounts for a large share of all electric.

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California Test Track For Elon Musk's Hyperloop To Be Built

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Elon Musk California mass transit HyperloopTesla's Powerwall home batteries have grabbed headlines recently, but another of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's many big ideas could be reaching an important stage in its development. That would be the "Hyperloop," a system of tubes and windowless pods that's unlike any current form of mass transportation. Elon Musk first proposed the Hyperloop in the.

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How Many Electric Cars Does California Buy? One-Third To One-Half Of All Of 'Em

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It's no secret that California is considerably more enthusiastic about electric cars than the rest of the nation. But how do California electric-car sales actually compare. sales California incentives New car sales plug-in cars state lawsPolicies put in place to promote plug-in cars--and a population willing to embrace new technology--make the Golden State the friendliest place for electric cars in the nation.

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3 California battery storage sites come online, one from Tesla

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Long a leader in the push to reduce vehicle emissions and switch to renewable energy, California marks another milestone this week. The last of three battery energy-storage sites will come online in Southern California, providing storage and buffering for unpredictable renewable energy. Batteries California renewable energy energy energy storage

First 2016 Toyota Mirai Fuel-Call Car Delivered in California

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The car was delivered at Roseville Toyota, north of Sacramento, one of eight California dealers that will sell the Mirai initially. sales California hydrogen hydrogen fuel cellThe first 2016 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell car in the U.S. was delivered to its owner November 9. The keys went to Glenn Rambach, a 70-year-old engineer specializing in--what else?--hydrogen hydrogen fuel cells. DON'T.

California local governments share how to prepare for electric cars

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California leads the way when it comes to electric-car adoption in the U.S. government California plug-in cars transportation policyThat's due in large part to a zero-emission vehicle mandate that requires the largest-volume automakers to sell cars without tailpipes, combined with a generous state purchase incentive that encourages residents to buy them. But local governments have also played an.

California Approves Aggressive New Plans To Combat Climate Change

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California continues to lead the way in all things green, now with new legislation that calls for dramatic cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions over the next few decades. emissions Politics California climate change state lawsBills passed by the state Senate seek to formalize energy-efficiency goals set by Governor Jerry Brown in his inaugural address earlier this year. They include targets for reductions.

How California's Recycled Tires Turn Into Smog Over State

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California drivers generate 40 million used tires every year, and everyone from sellers to policymakers has struggled to figure out what to do with them. But California lawmakers want more tires to be recycled--and created an elaborate infrastructure to see that they were. Green California China Tires air pollution emissions energy

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Porsche Plug-In Hybrids Selling Well In California

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Plug-In Hybrids California plug-in carsPorsche is moving forward with plans to produce and sells its first electric car, but the German automaker is already seeing success with plug-in hybrids. Over the past few years, Porsche has launched three plug-in models, including the Panamera S E-Hybrid sedan, Cayenne S E-Hybrid SUV, and the now-defunct 918 Spyder supercar. And it seems Porsche.

California Energy Commission awards $17M to expand hydrogen refueling infrastructure

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During its latest business meeting, the California Energy Commission approved more than than $17 million was approved for nine new hydrogen stations that will expand the refueling infrastructure network in California. Five of those will be located in Southern California: in Huntington Beach, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Monica, and Sherman Oaks.

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Even California imposes new fee on electric cars in lieu of gas taxes

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Last week, the California state legislature approved a $52 billion transportation-funding package. California Gas Tax state laws transportation policyUnlike the practice in previous years, this one is to be used only for improvements to the transportation infrastructure, to begin cutting into an estimated $ 130 billion backlog of repairs and expansions. As a result of the new bill, owners of.

California Ends Electric-Car Rebates For Wealthiest Buyers, Boosts Them For Poorest

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California incentives plug-in cars transportation policyPurchase rebates and tax credits have been a major factor in the growth of electric cars over the past few years. By easing the price gap between electric and internal-combustion models--and providing the allure of a cash handout--they've helped get more people into electric cars. But for some consumers, price is less of a concern than it is for.

California joins Germany in climate coalition to support Paris pact

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And that's just what California is doing in an agreement announced this weekend that expands its efforts to battle climate change. Politics global warming California Germany climate changeThe 50 states that make up the U.S. don't get to set their own foreign policies (neither do Canadian provinces). But that doesn't necessarily prevent them from working with other countries on matters of mutual interest.

BlueLA expands French electric-car sharing service to California

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Los Angeles California Car Sharing plug-in cars BollorĂ© BlueCar BlueIndy BlueLAFirst there was AutoLib, a French electric-car sharing service operated by the Bolloré Group. Then came BlueIndy, the first U.S. franchise of the service, which put the same BlueCars onto the streets of Indianapolis. Now Bolloré is expanding its car-sharing operations to a second U.S. city, one that may be much more in the public.

Which states follow California's emission and zero-emission vehicle rules?

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California leads the nation in policies that promote reductions of carbon emissions from road vehicles. emissions zero emissions EPA California California Air Resources Board CARB transportation policyIt is unique in having a federal waiver that allows it to set its own, stricter emissions standards, along with a zero-emission vehicle mandate that requires automakers reaching certain sales volumes to sell a certain number of cars without.

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Utilities To Lead Surge Of Electric-Car Charging In Southern California

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California already aggressively promotes electric cars, and has among the most developed networks of charging stations of any state. In Southern California, electric utilities are about to undertake projects that will significantly expand charging infrastructure in the. California energy infrastructure electric utilities plug-in cars charging infrastructure

California conundrum: 2018 Leaf, Bolt EV, or Mirai fuel-cell car?

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California is very different from the rest of the United States. emissions zero emissions California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle smog state lawsAll by itself, it's the sixth largest economy in the world. One eighth of all Americans live there. It's home to Silicon Valley, as well as much of the global entertainment industry, and it produces a large proportion of the nation's fruit and vegetables. DON'T MISS: A Brief History.

California Rejects VW Diesel Fix Plan: 'Gaps,' 'Lacks Detail'

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The California Air Resources. EPA TDI VW California Air Resources Board Volkswagen diesel scandalIt seems owners of Volkswagen diesel cars equipped with illegal "defeat device" software will have to wait longer for a recall to update their cars. The plan submitted by VW in November to modify its 2.0-liter four-cylinder TDI diesel models has been rejected by the regulatory agencies that must approve those fixes.

2016 28

California goal: eliminate gasoline, diesel light vehicles altogether

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California already leads the nation in promoting zero-emission vehicles, but the Golden State may soon take that policy a step further. DON'T MISS: Will California. emissions California California Air Resources Board CARB plug-in cars transportation policyWhat if gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks were simply eliminated altogether from the new vehicles sold in a state? Residents of one state in the U.S. may, eventually, find out.

First 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans delivered in California

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Well after Hyundai and Toyota launched their own fuel-cell cars in California, the first 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedans to be leased to retail customers were delivered yesterday in a small ceremony. California hydrogen hydrogen fuel cellThere's a new hydrogen fuel-cell kid in town.

Honda's California HQ Installs 120 Electric-Car Charging Stations (But Sells No Plug-In Cars)

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headquarters in Torrance, California. Green California charging charging infrastructure plug-in carsHonda currently doesn't offer any plug-in electric cars, and has only sold a small number over the past several years. But the Japanese carmaker isn't quite done with cars with plugs. It's installing a remarkable 120 charging stations at its U.S. DON'T MISS: Honda To Offer New Electric Car, Plug-In Hybrid.

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California car incentives may expand to more low-income buyers

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California may soon expand a program aimed at helping lower-income individuals switch to more efficient cars. Plug-In Hybrids California incentives Used Cars plug-in cars gross pollutersThe Golden State previously launched "cash for clunkers" programs that incentivized the retirement of older, higher-polluting cars. But last year it also introduced the Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program Plus-Up pilot, which provides.

Fisker To Open California Plant, No Date Yet For Electric Car Production To Resume

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Green California Manufacturing Wanxiang plug-in carsWhile all 2012 Fisker Karma extended-range electric luxury sedans were built in Finland, the company always intended to assemble cars in the U.S. Before its collapse and bankruptcy, Fisker had bought a former General Motors plant in Delaware. A pledge to use this facility was one factor in the successful bid for Fisker by Wanxiang, China's largest.

California ARB moves forward with climate and air quality actions

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On the first day of a two-day board meeting—the second day of which (Friday 24 March) will consider the Advanced Clean Cars Midterm Review—the California Air Resources Board (ARB) took a number of climate and air quality actions.

2017 37

Will California lead the green-car resistance?

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When it comes to green cars, California leads the nation—and has done so for decades. California residents buy more hybrids and electric cars than those of any other state, and it is also the only state with fueling infrastructure to support the sale of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. emissions California plug-in cars transportation policy federal government Donald Trump

Fisker Karma Plant In Southern California: More Details Emerge

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The resuscitated Fisker Automotive has signed a lease deal for what is expected to become a new vehicle assembly plant in California. Manufacturing California plug-in cars Range-Extended Electric Vehicle Fisker Automotive WanxiangThe announcement marks a significant milestone in the luxury electric carmaker's return from bankruptcy. As previously discussed by Fisker, the plant will be located in Moreno Valley--not far from the company's.

California removes limit on carpool access for plug-in hybrids

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Of California's many incentives for green cars, one of the most popular is solo access to the state's carpool lanes for drivers of electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and certain other vehicles. But while California will distribute an unlimited number of "white stickers" for electric cars—as well as vehicles using hydrogen fuel cells and. carpool Plug-In Hybrids California incentives plug-in cars transportation policy

West Coast Electric Highway To Fill In California Fast-Charging Stations

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Green California Electric Highway Fast Charging Oregon Washington State charging infrastructure plug-in carsThe West Coast Electric Highway has steadily grown over the years, providing electric-car drivers with charging infrastructure to make trips longer than their cars' rated ranges. It's a network of public charging stations that actually spreads across multiple highways, with I-5 serving as the backbone. But today, for the most part, that network.

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Electric-car leases in California: Leaf, Volt, Focus vs Clarity

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The state of California is undeniably the United States' premier market for electric vehicles. car buying California Leasing plug-in cars deals Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) lease priceIt's also a market where automakers actually need to sell certain volumes of zero-emission cars, which means some of the nation's best lease deals on electric cars can be found in the Golden State. There are plenty of electrified vehicles to choose from.

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Ricardo collaborates with California Fuel Cell Partnership on hydrogen trucks; TCO assessment

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Ricardo Strategic Consulting is collaborating with the California Fuel Cell Partnership to provide economic modeling tools that will enable the assessment of total cost of ownership (TCO) of future fuel cell trucks, and hydrogen stations necessary to support commercial operation. Medium- and heavy-duty fuel cell electric trucks will play a crucial role in reducing vehicle emissions in California, but are at the beginning stages of introduction.

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Electric-car intender Faraday Future wants 2nd factory, in California this time

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Manufacturing California plug-in cars Faraday FutureChinese-backed startup Faraday Future still hasn't released details of its first production electric car, but it's already eyeing a second factory. Faraday is moving ahead with plans for a factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, and has said it plans to start car production within two years. While the company would seem to have many challenges ahead.

California's '50/50/50 Challenge' To Cut Energy Use Radically By 2030

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Earlier this year, California Governor Jerry Brown proposed ambitious goals for dealing with climate change by drastically cutting fossil-fuel use in the state. Carbon Footprint California energy policy state laws transportation policy fossil fuelsIn his inaugural address, the man once dubbed "Governor Moonbeam" by Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau called for the state to reduce the petroleum used in cars and trucks on its roads.