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Renault and TheArsenale unveil AIR4 electric flying showcar

Green Car Congress

To conclude the celebrations for the 60 th anniversary of Renault 4, the car maker teamed up with motion design hub TheArsenale to create a futuristic showcar, reinterpreting this iconic model.

Poll: US majority supports EV transition by 2030, and there's "generational urgency" behind it

Green Car Reports

A majority of United States voters support requiring all new cars sold in their state to be electric by 2030, according to a new poll commissioned by nonprofit Coltura. Nationally, respondents supported phasing out sales of new gasoline cars by a 55%-35% margin.


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DHL Express is piloting first hydrogen truck throughout Deutsche Post DHL Group

Green Car Congress

DHL Express is the first within Deutsche Post DHL Group to test hydrogen-fueled trucks for the long haul.

First test confirms Lucid Air charges faster than Model S or Taycan

Green Car Reports

The Lucid Air can charge faster than a Tesla Model S or Porsche Taycan, a test by InsideEVs has confirmed.

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Tesla is investing almost $200 million to expand Gigafactory Shanghai and hire 4,000 people


Tesla has indicated that it plans to invest almost $200 million to expand Gigafactory Shanghai and hire 4,000 more people. more… The post Tesla is investing almost $200 million to expand Gigafactory Shanghai and hire 4,000 people appeared first on Electrek.

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Tesla Model S falls from cliff, gets totaled; owner walks with a scratch on his arm


A recent story of a Model S P90D crash from Puerto Rico is proving to be one of the most remarkable yet. Despite the vehicle getting totaled from the incident, the driver reportedly walked away from the wreck with just a scratch on the arm.

The World’s Most Popular EVs Aren’t Cars, Trucks, or Motorcycles

Cars That Think

When the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act last week, a lesser-recognized provision earmarked some $4.1 billion in tax credits to further stimulate an already booming EV market that Elon Musk hasn't even dabbled in.

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Australia, which won COP26’s booby prize, greenlights offshore wind


Australia has the world’s highest uptake of rooftop solar, but it also has a huge dependency on coal. And the country just threw open the door to another clean energy source: offshore wind. On Thursday, its Parliament passed a law that establishes a regulatory framework for offshore wind power.

Tesla got a penalty when it paid back its $465 million DoE loan nine years early


Tesla paid its $465 million loan from the US Department of Energy nine years early, and by doing so, the company had to pay an “early repayment penalty.” ” This was mentioned recently by CEO Elon Musk in a comment on Twitter.

A Smart Artificial Pancreas Could Conquer Diabetes

Cars That Think

In some ways, this is a family story. Peter Kovatchev was a naval engineer who raised his son, Boris, as a problem solver, and who built model ships with his granddaughter, Anna. He also suffered from a form of diabetes in which the pancreas cannot make enough insulin.

GM takes 25% stake in Pure Watercraft to accelerate all-electric boating

Green Car Congress

GM has acquired a 25% ownership stake in Pure Watercraft , a Seattle-based company that specializes in creating all-electric boating solutions. The Pure Outboard system includes a 25kW electric outboard motor with power tilt/trim (112 lbs); one or more 8.85

Hyundai Seven concept sets the board for future of Hyundai and Ioniq EVs

Green Car Reports

Hyundai's future is going to look like a chess set, and with everything from rook and bishop to knight and king, it'll all be tied together. That's according to Hyundai design boss, Simon Loasby.

A Tesla Model S Plaid becomes first to hit 8-second quarter-mile


A Tesla Model S Plaid has become the first Tesla vehicle to hit an eight-second quarter-mile. By some definition, it’s also the first “production car” to achieve a quarter-mile time under nine full seconds.

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SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket aces first interplanetary launch


SpaceX has aced its first operational interplanetary launch, sending NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft on its way out of the Earth-Moon system as part of the world’s first planetary defense mission.

Escape 114

Revealed: Jupiter’s Secret Power Source

Cars That Think

For all its other problems, Earth is lucky. Warmed mostly by the sun, 150 million km away, shielded by a thin but protective atmosphere, the temperature at the surface averages 14 to 15 degrees Celsius—a good number to support liquid oceans and a riot of carbon-based life.

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Several Rotterdam terminals to be ready for hydrogen imports by 2025

Green Car Congress

In the port of Rotterdam, the first companies are already preparing for the storage, processing and transit of hydrogen, according to a study conducted by the Port Authority into the development of hydrogen import terminals in Rotterdam.

EPA report suggests automakers' glut of credits will make fuel economy compliance too easy

Green Car Reports

New cars and trucks are more efficient than ever before, but lax regulations mean they're still much less efficient than they should be, according to the EPA's annual report on emissions and fuel economy.

Tesla moves to AMD chip in new Model Y in China


Tesla has started using a new AMD chip in new Model Y vehicles in China after also moving to AMD in the new Model S. more… The post Tesla moves to AMD chip in new Model Y in China appeared first on Electrek.

China 114

PepsiCo. receives permit for Tesla Semi Megacharger installation


PepsiCo. has received the permit for the installation of a Tesla Semi Megacharger at its Modesto, California, facility, according to public documents released by Stanislaus County.

Surviving the Robocalypse

Cars That Think

Does the value of a job lie in how long it resists automation? Over the course of the pandemic, I saw a growing wave of mealtime deliveries: riders whizzing by silently on electric bicycles, ferrying takeout meals to folks in my urban neighborhood who don't want to venture out of their homes.

TECO 2030 leading project to build hydrogen-powered high-speed vessel for the Port of Narvik

Green Car Congress

The Port of Narvik in northern Norway needs a new workboat which should be both fast and emissions-free. Together with eight project partners, it is now seeking public funding to build one of the world’s first hydrogen-powered high-speed vessels.

GM fine-tuning 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV ahead of spring 2022 arrival

Green Car Reports

General Motors on Monday released an update on development of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV, which is scheduled to start production in the first quarter of 2022.

Mercedes-Benz teases upcoming hyper-efficient electric car with over 1,000 km (620 miles) of range


Mercedes-Benz teased its upcoming hyper-efficient electric car with over 1,000 km (620 miles) of range with a new picture. The automaker plans to use the vehicle to test new technology to improve efficiency in its electric vehicles.

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Elon Musk shares hilarious theory about why US leaders are refusing to admit that Tesla exists


US President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and members of the current administration who are seemingly refusing even to mention the word “Tesla” may soon find their online presence saturated with the EV maker’s name.

Texas 113

Mercedes Benz teases upcoming hyper-efficient electric car Vision EQXX

Electric Vehicles India

Mercedes Benz teases upcoming hyper-efficient electric car Vision EQXX. Mercedes-Benz has teased its upcoming next ultra-efficient electric car Vision EQXX that provides a range of over 1,000 km (620 miles).

Rolls-Royce electric aircraft sets three speed records; world’s fastest electric vehicle

Green Car Congress

Rolls-Royce said that its all-electric Spirit of Innovation aircraft has set three new world speed records, making it the world’s fastest all-electric aircraft.

2022 GMC Hummer EV: Edition 1 will be listed—but not EPA-rated—at 329 miles

Green Car Reports

While driving range is one of the most important numbers for the GMC Hummer EV, it’s different for GM’s electric “supertruck” versus any other personal-use EV currently on the market.

GMC 135

Tesla begins Model Y Performance deliveries in China


After teasing the move earlier this week, Tesla has begun deliveries of the Performance Model Y in China. The move comes with price hikes to the other Tesla models as the American automaker has fallen victim to continued supply chain issues.

China 113

Tesla won’t use government subsidies to build its 4680 battery plant in Giga Berlin


In a recent announcement, Tesla has informed the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Brandenburg Ministry of Economics in Germany that it would be building its 4680 battery plant and recycling facility in the Gigafactory Berlin complex without government subsidies.

The Hyperloop Is Hyper Old

Cars That Think

"Lord how this world improves as we grow older," reads the caption for a panel in the " March of Intellect ," part of a series of colored etchings published between 1825 and 1829.

MIT study attributes > 50% of Li-ion rapid cost decline to investment in materials & chemistry R&D

Green Car Congress

The cost of Li-ion batteries has plunged some 97% since their introduction three decades ago—a rate similar to the drop in solar panel prices.

Li-ion 358

Apple loses ‘global head of battery developments’ to Volkswagen over EV ambitions


Nearly three years ago, Apple made news when it poached a prominent Samsung executive in charge of next-generation battery development. Fast forward to now and that same battery guru has been poached again — only this time by a major carmaker.

Global 108

Tesla’s Elon Musk tells managers to correct him if needed: “Sometimes, I’m just plain wrong!”


A recently leaked email from Tesla CEO Elon Musk has highlighted the executive’s unique management style once more.

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Ducati Becomes The Sole Producer for The FIM Enel MotoETM World Cup

Get Electric Vehicle

Ducati will be the exclusive official motorbike supplier for the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, the electric class of the MotoGP World Championship from the 2023 season.

Ford’s next-gen Ranger pickup gets bigger, adds V6 turbodiesel

Green Car Congress

Ford has revealed the next-generation Ranger mid-size pickup truck. Order books for next-generation Ranger will open in Europe in late 2022 for customer delivery in early 2023.

Ford 335

Here’s why hybrids have become a top target for thieves

Green Car Reports

The 2004-2009 Prius is the one in which the word “iconic” started to apply to Toyota’s hybrid trendsetter.

Prius 129

Closer look at Helbiz’s absurd 60 MPH standing electric scooters built for new racing league


Perhaps it is simply part of man’s basic DNA, to take any form of mobility and supercharge it for extreme thrills. That’s one explanation for how we got here today, checking out Helbiz’s ridiculously fast 62 mph (100 km/h) standing electric scooters.

MPH 111