Why Does @LATimes Have No Clue What’s Happening With LA’s Clean Power Alliance? Maybe Cause They Farm Out The Reporting To San Diego Trib #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Clean coal

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Just a the coal companies go on the air with ads that could be Obama campaign commercials, down to the Yes We Can (make coal clean,) the real world intrudes. Tags: clean coal

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Tesla, SolarCity, and Ta'u: sun, storage batteries, clean energy (video)

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emissions renewable energy solar clean energy energy storage Solar CityThe combination of Tesla and SolarCity is already promoting its potential synergies, albeit in a location far away from the mainland United States.

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Hazel Henderson: Clean Air Activist

Electric Cars are for Girls

Hazel Henderson went from housewife to clean air activist in one (smoggy!) New York year

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BNEF: EV company fundings bright spot as clean energy investment slips in Q3 quarter; 3 China EV companies raise $1.9B

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Global clean energy investment was $67.8 billion in the third quarter of 2018, down 6% from the same period last year, according to the latest Clean Energy Investment Trends report from research company Bloomberg NEF (BNEF). Public markets investment in clean energy jumped 120% to $3.1

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Senate panel rejects clean-energy cuts, boosts DoE funding instead

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The committee released a lengthy report on the 2018 fiscal year budget for the Department of Energy that walks away from the Trump Administration's efforts to defund clean energy. Politics government senate Department of Energy DOE renewable energy clean energy Donald TrumpThe Senate Committee on Appropriations recently exhibited a quality somewhat rare in U.S. politics these days: bipartisanship.

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Coal in China: huge problem for clean power, climate efforts

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emissions China climate change renewable energy clean energy air pollution fossil fuelsOver the past few years, China has made impressive strides in renewable-energy investment. The promotion of renewable energy will only become more important as China works to meet its commitments under the recently-ratified Paris climate agreement. But the country's reliance on coal for electricity generation still poses a huge problem for these.

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Know what a 'baller' is? Wanna be one for clean energy?

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Department of Energy (DOE) recently launched a campaign to promote clean energy in general, and electric cars specifically. It's entitled, "How to be a clean energy baller." Marketing Department of Energy plug-in cars clean energy AdsSometimes, even good intentions can't cover up poor execution. The U.S. The program's name, you may ask? DON'T MISS: How can automakers sell more electric cars? Sierra Club.

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Effect of Trump solar-panel import tariffs on clean-power growth debated

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Now, environmentalists and energy analysts worry that the new 30-percent tariff on solar-panel imports announced last Monday by President Donald Trump may stymie the rapidly growing clean-energy. Politics taxes renewable energy solar clean energy Donald TrumpA majority of the photovoltaic solar panels used in the U.S. are imported from such countries as China, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Cleaning aluminium oxide off terminals

DIY Electric Car

After doing 70% of it, I read on evworks that it''s a good idea to clean the terminals with a wire brush to remove aluminium oxide. Wiring up the pack. So disconnected all the cells and BMS cabling. A whole day "wasted" - except that it will hopefully perform better with the lower resistance. I was surprised at the change in colour/albedo on some of the terminals, I''d never noticed they were oxidised

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The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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Early bird registration for this Sept 18 Clean Tech Law Summit is extended to Tuesday Sept 15 at 6:00 pm Pacific Time.

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Canadian gold mine cleans up its act with electricity

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Some mining companies are drilling down in their efforts to clean up their acts. Mining operations get a lot of flack for creating environmental problems around the world. Yet they provide much of the basic material that keeps the global economy humming. As the world’s fourth-largest gold mining company Goldcorp has received its share of

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California ARB releases proposed Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation; 100% ZEB purchasing by 2029

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The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has released its proposed Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation ( earlier post ) and a Draft Environmental Analysis (Draft EA) for public comment.

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Clean energy provides far more U.S. jobs than fossil fuels: analysis

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jobs climate change solar clean energy energy Sierra Club wind energy fossil fuels Donald TrumpYesterday, U.S. president Donald J. Trump signed an executive order to begin the process of rolling back pretty much every vestige of U.S. efforts to address climate change. In both his campaigning and since his inauguration, Trump has claimed that his government and its actions focus on creating or bringing back jobs for working-class Americans.

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California clean fuels rule reports 100% compliance in 2017

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They were required to make up for their shortfall by purchasing credits from clean fuel providers. The clean fuels also reduced emissions of toxic pollutants as well as those that cause smog.

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Exclusive Greenius Coverage of Today’s Clean Tech Roundtable

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I attended today’s Bryan Cave Clean Tech Roundtable at the Broad Stage at Santa Monica College – thanks to my pal Donna Gentry. He sees four key areas to make money in the Clean Technology Revolution: 1.

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Trump to slash clean-energy funding 72 percent, lauds "beautiful clean coal"

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You may wish to apply those judgments to mentions of "beautiful clean coal" by President Donald Trump, who used the phrase in Tuesday's State of the Union address. Trump claimed his administration had "ended the war" on "beautiful clean coal," while. If a marketer talked enthusiastically about "healthy delicious cyanide," what would you think?

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Ted Lieu To The Rescue! Heroic Climate Champion Saves Community Choice Aggregation.

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Ted now had a twinkle in his eyes. “And if you knew what I know about the successful experiences of Marin Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power you’d know that their aggregation programs are saving the participating cities real money on electricity.

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Bill Gates, Other Billionaires Invest To Advance Clean Energy

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emissions energy policy climate change plug-in cars Bill Gates clean energyThis week, representatives from world governments are meeting in Paris for the much-anticipated United Nations summit on climate change. Ahead of those talks--which are intended to create a global strategy for radically reducing carbon emissions--some of the world's richest people announced their own plan to slow climate change. More than 20.

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California ARB developing Innovative Clean Transit Proposal

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The staff of the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is developing an “ Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) ”—a regulatory concept that includes a gradual transition to zero emission transit technologies without compromising transit services and that recognizes enhanced mobility options. ICT reflects an expansion of the scope of the Advanced Clean Transit measure.

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New California program to make clean cars affordable for lower-income residents

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The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program, run by the Oakland-based nonprofit Beneficial State Foundation, was launched with a $5-million CARB grant. The Cap-and-Trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution.

2018 74

Satellite study suggests California clean air regulations working to reduce PM2.5 emissions in state

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The study demonstrates the success of California’s air pollution control programs, regulations, enforcement efforts and clean-air plans in regions with the greatest air quality challenges: Southern California and the southern Central Valley.

2018 112

New York to invest $127.7 million Volkswagen settlement in clean vehicles

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million received from the 2016 Volkswagen settlement to significantly increase the number of electric vehicles and other clean vehicles in the state. The state’s strategically leveraged investment of settlement funds is anticipated to result in at least $300 million of clean vehicles and infrastructure on New York’s roadways. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that New York will utilize the $127.7

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Electric cars are clean, but can they be profitable? New report casts doubt

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A flood of new electric-car models is washing into the market in the next year as automakers scramble to meet regulatory demands for electric cars around the world—not to mention scrambling to compete with Tesla. The challenge, as with Tesla, is whether they can sell those cars at a profit. A new report by AlixPartners, a worldwide business

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Weighing and Cleaning the Car

Open Source Civic EV Kit

The next task today was to get the engine compartment cleaned so that I could remove the engine and have a clean bay to work in. After an hour of steam cleaning, I got the following: Look how clean the transmission is now. Here's the overall cleaned up engine.

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Renewable Energy Group launches REG Ultra Clean Diesel; blend of renewable diesel and biodiesel

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Renewable Energy Group launched REG Ultra Clean Diesel, at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach. REG Ultra Clean Diesel is California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved for year-round use throughout California under the Alternative Diesel Fuel Regulation.

2018 88

Chicago Area Clean Cities names American Lung Association 2017 Clean Fuels Champion

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The American Lung Association has been named the 2017 Clean Fuels Champion by Chicago Area Clean Cities (CACC), a nonprofit coalition dedicated to promoting clean-energy and clean-air solutions for transportation in the Chicago area impacting nearly 9 million people. The Clean Fuels Champion was awarded last night at the coalition’s Annual Meeting. We are truly honored to be named a Clean Fuels Champion by Chicago Area Clean Cities.

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Clean powertrain company Punch Powertrain acquires power electronics specialist Apojee

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Punch Powertrain, a Belgium-based full-system supplier of fuel-efficient powertrains including transmissions and plug-in hybrid and battery-electric systems, is acquiring France-based power electronics expert Apojee.

2018 93

CARB announces up to $205M in new funding for clean freight transportation; >$400M with partner match

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The California Air Resources Board (CARB) announced up to $205 million in grants for projects designed to accelerate the adoption of clean freight technologies and reduce air pollution caused by the movement of goods throughout the state. The goal of CARB’s Zero and Near Zero Emission Freight Facility program is to support transformative, cost-effective clean technologies that can be adopted by other freight facilities and accelerate the commercialization of these technologies statewide.

2018 69

CalZEV Coalition supports Innovative Clean Transit measure under consideration at California ARB; 100% zero-emission buses

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Californians for Zero Emission Vehicles (CalZEV), a coalition of public health, environmental and electric vehicle industry organizations, announced its strong support for the Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) measure currently before the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

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Just Cleaning Up

Porsche 914 EV Conversion

The garage, somewhat clean again. I spent the past two evenings getting the rest of life together. Tonight I just did some simple cleanup. I swept the garage and put away all the tools, wood pieces and garbage so that there would be space to work in.

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Are 'Clean Diesels' Actually Not Nearly As Clean As Claimed?

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The only region where diesel passenger cars sell in equal numbers to gasoline-powered vehicles is Europe. And until the advent this year of tougher Euro 6 emission standards, new European diesel cars were significantly dirtier than those sold since 2008 in North America. But one European transport analysis group suggests that the newest European. Europe emissions test EPA

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Xing Mobility selects Clean Wave AC induction motors for electric super car Miss R

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XING Mobility, a Taipei-based electric powertrain system supplier, has selected Clean Wave Technologies to provide electric motors and drive control units for a rally-inspired supercar. The vehicle will utilize four Clean Wave traction motors, one for each wheel.

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That Super Sexy Clean Tech Roundtable, Part II of a Greenius Exclusive

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If you’re like me you would have found Tuesday’s gathering in Santa Monica a very sexy day at the beach.

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Cleaning up Loose Ends

Open Source Civic EV Kit

At this point, I'm a little burned out, so I'm going to take this weekend and just clean up the house (there are EV parts *everywhere*) and get my dining room table and kitchen back. After working with Bryan from Belktronix yesterday, I found out that I had blown some components in the IsoBatMon, the Charge Detector and one of the BatMon boards. Those went off in the mail this morning back for repairs. I'll try the system again when the parts come back.

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Clean Energy investment reaches record levels

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There was a 30 per cent increase in global clean energy investment during 2010 – as the total reached a whopping $243billion. According to Pew Charitable Trusts, China, Germany, Italy and India were among the leading nations that attracted private investments with China solidifying its position as the world’s clean energy powerhouse. Green credentials Latest news China China clean energy clean energy clean energy investment germany Germany clean energy Pew Charitable Trusts U.S.A

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Oregon Governor signs Clean Fuels bill

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown, who assumed office in February after the resignation of former Governor John Kitzhaber, has signed into law Oregon’s Clean Fuels legislation ( SB 324 ). The bill removes the 31 December 2015 sunset on the statutes requiring the adoption of clean fuel standards. Earlier post.)

Argonne Oleo Sponge for cleaning oil spills successful in real-world conditions off California coast

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The Oleo Sponge, a patent-pending technology to clean oil spills invented at the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory, performed successfully in an experiment conducted off the coast of Southern California.

2018 83

Landi Renzo and Clean Energy combine natural gas compressor businesses

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and Clean Energy Fuels Corp. Landi Renzo’s SAFE, with a strong presence in Europe and Asia, and Clean Energy Compression, which is well established in the North and South America markets, will combine manufacturing and support operations and equip an international sales team with an expanded line of compressors. Littlefair, President and CEO of Clean Energy, will serve as the chairman of the board. Landi Renzo S.p.a.

2017 60

California ARB releases draft summary of proposed Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation for comment

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The California ARB has released the draft summary of its proposed Innovative Clean Transit (ICT) regulation ( earlier post ) for review and comments.

2018 83

Six trucking firms deploy ultra clean near-zero RNG trucks at Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles

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Six trucking firms operating in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are deploying trucks powered by Cummins Westport (CWI) near-zero ISX12N engines ( earlier post ), and fueled with Clean Energy Fuels Corp.’s —Greg Roche, Clean Energy’s vice president of sustainable trucking.

“Drive to Zero” program to fast-track adoption of clean trucks and buses

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State government agencies and companies signed on to a new program intended toaccelerate the deployment of zero and near-zero emission commercial vehicles and technologies. The “Global Commercial Vehicle Drive to Zero” pledge is championed by CALSTART, a non-profit industry organization with more than 190-member companies, aimed at reducing emissions from trucks and buses in high-potential markets. The Pledge focuses on eight global market segments for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

2018 71

Clean Energy introduces new CleanCNG compressor

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Clean Energy Fuels Corp., The CleanCNG, developed by engineers at Clean Energy’s subsidiary Clean Energy Compression in British Columbia, incorporates improvements in compressor design and intelligent engineering, resulting in ultra-low vibration and noise in a compressor that offers scalability, parts commonality and overall performance. Clean Energy Compression facilities meets all ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements.

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