Audi equipping new models in Europe with Audi connect SIM

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Audi is now equipping its new models that use the second-generation modular infotainment platform with Audi connect SIM. With the factory-installed SIM card, customers can immediately use the wide range of Audi connect services with the accompanying data flat rate for up to three years.

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Volvo Cars’ 90 Series cars receive powertrain, safety and connectivity updates including Android Auto

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Volvo Cars is updating its 90 series cars with new powertrain, safety and connectivity updates. With Connected Safety, Volvo Cars is helping to define a completely new type of road safety system. Connected vehicles Driver Assistance Systems Engines Fuel Efficiency Safety

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Audi deepening partnerships with Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent on connected cars in China

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The R&D center is part of Audi China, a 100% Audi AG daughter-company, and puts a strong focus on key future technologies such as connected car, piloted driving, new energy vehicles and digital services. We are determined to work with them on features for the connected car of the future.

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Hyundai Motor accelerating development of its connected car operating system

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Hyundai Motor is accelerating development of its advanced ccOS (connected car Operating System), the core platform technology for its future connected cars. The software will optimize the high-speed transmission and reception of data within the vehicle to support increasingly complex features that will lead the connected car market. Hyundai Motor has also opened a new Big Data Center in China to reinforce its venture toward connected car development.

Continental showcases “Super Clean Electrified” connected, optimized 48V mild hybrid diesel; post-Eu6d

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An additional significant reduction in emissions is achieved with the help of connected Energy Management (cEM). The beauty of ‘connected Energy Management’ is that we can implement a more energy-efficient driving strategy simply by using an improved database.

Nissan Leaf connectivity update will replace vanishing 2G network

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Since it was launched as a 2011 model, the Nissan Leaf electric car has been offered with a telematics system that relies on a cellular connection to deliver information to the driver. Infotainment Connectivity plug-in cars AT&T CarwingsNissanConnectEV, formerly known as Carwings, lets owners monitor functions like climate control and remote charging. it also compiles a driving history from.

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IFP Energies nouvelles launches DriveQuant start-up in the connected mobility sector

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The market for services associated with connected vehicles is expanding rapidly. It is likely to generate some US$350 billion dollars by 2020 according to the “The Connected Mobility Global Forecast 2016” study conducted by Ptolemus Consulting Group. In 2010, IFPEN launched research projects concerning connected vehicles, particularly in the field of eco-driving. IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is launching a dedicated start-up: DriveQuant.

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Toshiba introduces new automotive Ethernet-AVB bridge; working with Qualcomm on advanced connected car systems

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TAEC also announced it is working with Qualcomm Technologies to bring to the automotive market advanced connected car platforms powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A and Snapdragon 602A processors, and telematics solutions powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon X12 LTE modem. Connection to the host is achieved via PCI Express (PCIe), HSIC or Time Division Multiplex (TDM)/I2S for audio traffic. AT CES 2016, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.

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VW e-Golf: Staying Connected With Car-Net Services, Smartphone App

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Increasingly, buying or leasing a new car includes connectivity that extends well beyond the driver’s seat and the car’s cabin—to one’s smartphone and possibly even smartwatch.

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Renesas Electronics introduces new software packages to improve security and safety of connected cars

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Renesas Electronics announced new software packages for the R-Car automotive computing platform to improve security and safety capabilities for next-generation connected cars. Automotive systems—including cloud-connected systems, instrument cluster, and driver monitoring—are expanding in number and scale year by year.

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IEEE publishes new 1609.3-2016 WAVE standard supporting connected vehicle deployment

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IEEE has published the 1609.3-2016 Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) -- Networking Services. IEEE 1609.3 defines network (Layer 3) and transport layer (Layer 4) services that support secure WAVE data exchange, including addressing and routing.

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Bosch and SBB Cargo working on connected rail freight wagon; leveraging automotive technology

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Bosch Engineering is leveraging its automotive connectivity technology and working with Swiss rail freight operator SBB Cargo to develop rail logistics into a connected transport system.

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Toyota and NTT agree to collaborate on ICT platform R&D for connected cars; 5G

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Toyota Motor Corporation and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation have agreed to collaborate on developing, verifying, and standardizing technology in the connected car field, combining the automotive vehicle-related technologies of Toyota with the information and communication technologies(ICT) of NTT Group companies. A field trial is planned for 2018 to assess the feasibility and usability of representative services in the connected car field.

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Daimler demonstrates autonomous truck platooning; Highway Pilot Connect delivers ~7% lower fuel consumption

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Daimler Trucks demonstrated the new Highway Pilot Connect system for autonomous truck platooning on the A52 autobahn near Düsseldorf. Three WiFi-connected, autonomously driving trucks operated on the autobahn with authorization for public traffic in a platoon formation.

KPMG Survey: execs say connected car generates 10x revenue than a conventional vehicle; market share based on units “outdated”; BEVs #1 trend

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The KPMG research, which polled nearly 1,000 executives with the world’s leading automotive companies, found that 76% say one connected car generates more revenue streams than 10 conventional cars. Connectivity and digitalization have thereby even been overtaken.

Airbiquity introduces OTAmatic for connected vehicle over-the-air (OTA) software updates and data management

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Airbiquity launched launch of OTAmatic, an automotive over-the-air (OTA) solution that orchestrates and automates software updates and data management for connected vehicles. The benefits of automotive OTA are multifaceted, including recall cost and cybersecurity mitigation, operations optimization, increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, and new opportunities for monetizing and expanding connected vehicle ecosystems.

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Continental Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal debuts in E-Class; NFC, wireless smartphone charging, connectivity

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To connect the smartphone wirelessly to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the driver simply places the device in the compartment in the center console. This standard provides a similar charging current to a USB charging connection and therefore has similar charging times to those of cable charging systems. Continental’s Multifunctional Smart Device Terminal (MFST) is making its YYYY debut in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

UK 5*StarS consortium to focus on automotive cybersecurity in autonomous and connected vehicles

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The project will address the increased threat from cybersecurity with the proliferation of connected and autonomous road vehicles. Following its successful bid to secure funding, the consortium will research and develop an innovative assurance methodology to assure that connected autonomous vehicles components and systems have been designed and tested to the relevant cyber security standards throughout their whole lifecycle.

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Toyota and Mazda enter business and capital alliance; $1.6B plant in US, joint development for electric, connected vehicle tech

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The companies agreed to: 1) establish a joint venture that produces vehicles in the United States; 2) jointly develop technologies for electric vehicles; 3) jointly develop connected-car technology; 4) collaborate on advanced safety technologies; and 5) expand complementary products. Jointly develop connected technology and collaborate on advanced safety technologies.

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Connected Energy and Renault to collaborate on energy storage and EV charging technology; second-life batteries in E-STOR

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Renault and distributed energy storage company Connected Energy are partnering to develop sustainable and efficient ways of using electric vehicle batteries at the end of their useable in-vehicle life in order to supply innovative and more affordable vehicle charging solutions.

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Electric vehicles to get connected

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As the dawn of the electric car era inches ever closer, two companies have formed a partnership to advance the connectivity of these vehicles. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Airbiquity electric car connectivity electric vehicles Hitachi Smart Grid transport connectivity Hitachi Automotive Systems Ltd and Airbiquity Inc have joined forces to provide telematics services for electric vehicles on a global scale.

Ford opens new Silicon Valley research center; focus on connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, big data

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Ford has opened its new Research and Innovation Center Palo Alto, growing its global research team and accelerating the company’s work in connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, customer experience and big data.

2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Connectivity, Navigation Highlights

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But, this week, BMW released not only a few technical specifications for the powertrain but also some details of the car''s advanced connectivity and navigation systems. First, the car has its own cellular connection--as do many cars--but it uses its communications We''ll finally see an undisguised 2014 BMW i3 electric car in about two weeks.

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Home energy storage batteries lose to grid-connected solar on environmental impact

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At first glance, renewable-energy sources like solar power and energy-storage battery packs seem like a logical match. Energy storage allows excess power collected by solar panels to be stored for later use, addressing the intermittent nature of solar power. It's a concept that has already won over policymakers, electric utilities, and some. Study electric utilities renewable energy energy energy storage

GM sees connectivity, autonomy and transport-as-service fundamentally changing automotive industry

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Three emerging and converging factors—connectivity, autonomy and transport-as-a-service—will fundamentally change the automotive industry over the next few decades, according to Mike Abelson, GM’s VP of Strategy and Global Portfolio Planning.

Yadea launches Z3 electric scooter with connectivity app

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Connected to BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS), which allows multi-directional data transmission, the embedded intelligent system can share real-time location and relevant data through the mobile application.

EV Connect launches first EV charging-as-a-service

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EV Connect, a provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, announced the first “EV Charging-as-a-Service” or “EV CaaS”, to cut up-front costs and simplify the process for purchasing and installing EV charging station infrastructure by turning the purchase decision from a capital expenditure to an operating expense. EV Connect has also launched an online resource for customers at

IAV and Microsoft demonstrate connected highly automated driving vehicle for enhanced safety; cloud-based analytics and big data

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At CES 2016 last week, IAV and Microsoft demonstrated a connected highly automated driving (CHAD) vehicle capable of connecting with the Microsoft Azure cloud and Windows 10 to enable communication that helps prevent vehicle and pedestrian accidents and increases driving comfort and convenience.

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First drive: Ford Transit Connect Electric

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Ford Azure Dynamics Connect electric ev first drive TransitAlready on the road and silently running, Ford venture into electric vehicles has already begun. With five electric models from the US car maker planned to launch in Europe by 2013, our reporter Tom Stewart gets behind the wheel of Ford’s first fully electric offering… By Tom Stewart I’ve recently been reminded that, almost regardless [.].

Mazda takes car connectivity to next generation

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With 2014 right around the corner, many motoring fans will have their eyes locked on the showcase North American International Auto Show in January where a host of exciting concepts will be unveiled.

More details on BMW’s i3; electric and connected

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In addition to the battery, the BMW Group also developed numerous battery system components including specific components which ensure the interconnection of the cells themselves as well as the connection between the battery system and the vehicle. Cutaway of the BMW i3. Click to enlarge.

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Ford Transit Connect Hybrid taxi prototype to appear in Detroit

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The Ford Transit Connect small van has proven popular among U.S. In some cities, you're just as likely to find Transit Connect taxis plying the streets as traditional sedans—especially in taxi-rich New York City. taxi drivers. But now Ford plans to put a new—and greener—spin on this workaday vehicle. DON'T MISS: Ford plans. Detroit Auto Show taxi

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Say Hello To The Car Connection's 2016 Driver's Choice Awards

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Every year, like Green Car Reports, our sister site The Car Connection names its Best Car To Buy. This year, it's now giving you the opportunity to vote for the best new cars of the year as well. Dubbed the 2016 Driver's Choice Awards, there are six categories, which include Best Performance Car, Best Green Car, Best Luxury Car, Best Looking Car. Awards

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IEEE publishes three updated standards to support connected vehicle development

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The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) announced IEEE’s publication of three updated standards to support connected vehicle deployment. These standards are: IEEE 1609.2-2016 Standard for Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Security Services for Applications and Management Messages. Defines secure message formats, and the processing of those secure messages, within the dedicated short-range communications/WAVE system.

California roadmap for grid-connected energy storage technology

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The California Independent System Operator (ISO), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) unveiled a comprehensive roadmap to assess the current market environment and regulatory policies for connecting new energy storage technology to the state’s power grid. Reducing costs of integrating and connecting to the grid.

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Nissan announces new strategy for customer ownership experience; leveraging connected car, big data, and personalization

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The company anticipates that, as a result, connected car services and greater choice in accessories and personalization will increasingly drive growth in its aftersales business, anticipated to contribute 25% of aftersales revenue by 2022.

Ford improves Transit Connect economy by a third

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And in response, Ford is launching its new Transit Connect van-with a staggering improvement of more than a third (34 per cent) in fuel economy[.]. The fixation on fuel economy is not just affecting cars, but also vans too, as commercial vehicle drivers demand ever more from their work horses.

Audi acquires stake in Cubic Telecom for connected vehicle work

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Together, Audi and Cubic Telecom intend to develop connectivity solutions for the automobiles of the Audi brand. Dublin, Ireland‑based Cubic Telecom is a leading cloud based M2M platform provider, focused on enabling seamless global connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things and enterprise customers. The company’s applications and technologies are embedded into the device at the manufacturing stage, enabling always on connectivity anywhere in the world.

Connected vehicle technology takes a step forward

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A pilot programme will soon be launched focusing on connected vehicle technology. Supported by the US Department of Transportation, Parsons Brinckerhoff has been selected to launch the programme in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It will test the advanced technology over a period of 12 months and will involve the installation of wireless devices in around 3,000 [.]. Green cars Latest news green cars US Department of Transportation vehicle to vehicle communications

Ford and Automatic Labs working together to support connected-car solutions

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Ford’s interface—coupled with Automatic’s connected services platform—enables us to bring customized one-touch applications to Ford drivers that go beyond the capabilities of either technology on its own. Behavior Connected vehicles

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