Denmark, Norway, and US to lead Zero-Emission Shipping Mission

Green Car Congress

The governments of Denmark, Norway, and the United States, along with the Global Maritime Forum and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, will lead a new Zero-Emission Shipping Mission as part of Mission Innovation. The Mission aims to accelerate international public-private collaboration to scale and deploy new green maritime solutions, setting international shipping on an ambitious zero-emission course.

Tesla drivers are the most satisfied EV owners in Norway


A new survey shows that Tesla drivers are the most satisfied electric vehicle owners in Norway, the country with the highest plug-in electric vehicle ownership per capita in the world. Norway is a battleground for electric vehicle enthusiasts and non-supporters alike.

Norway 114

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10 Solaris trolleybuses for Bergen, Norway

Green Car Congress

The Norwegian operator Keolis Norge AS has ordered 10 Solaris Trollino articulated trolleybuses for Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. The Trollino 18 ordered will be the first trolleybuses of the manufacturer delivered to Norway, but not the first in Scandinavia.

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Aker Solutions wins FEED contract for e-Fuel plant in Norway

Green Car Congress

Aker Solutions has signed a contract with Nordic Blue Crude (NBC) for front-end engineering and design (FEED) of a new e-Fuel facility at Herøya in Porsgrunn, Norway. It will involve about 50 employees from Aker Solutions, primarily at the company’s headquarters in Fornebu, Norway.

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NIO begins ES8 test drives in Norway


NIO began offering test drives yesterday to consumers in Norway of its ES8 electric SUV, ahead of deliveries to the Scandinavian country later this year. more… The post NIO begins ES8 test drives in Norway appeared first on Electrek.

TECO 2030 aims to build hydrogen fuel cell gigafactory in Norway

Green Car Congress

TECO 2030 ( earlier post ) is aiming to establish Norway’s first large-scale production of fuel cells, optimized to be the heart of hydrogen-powered ships and other heavy-duty installations.

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ASKO deploys two Scania battery-electric distribution trucks in Norway

Green Car Congress

Norwegian wholesaler ASKO is deploying two battery electric Scania distribution trucks in its operations in Oslo, Norway. This project received financial backing from Enova , which is a state enterprise owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Norway.

2020 309

Norway December 2020

EV Sales

A minor surprise comes from the Nissan Leaf, a model that scored 692 registrations last month, its best score in Norway since 2018. Norway

In Norway, Asko begins piloting use of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks

Green Car Congress

Calculations made by SINTEF have shown that provided the authorities put proactive measures in place, Norway could have 10,000 heavy hydrogen-powered vehicles on the roads by 2030.

2020 418

Tesla Model Y takes over Norway, pushes all-electric car sales to 72% market share


Tesla started deliveries of the Model Y in Europe last month, and within a week it became the best-selling vehicle in Norway. more… The post Tesla Model Y takes over Norway, pushes all-electric car sales to 72% market share appeared first on Electrek.

Norway 114

NIO superchargers and battery swap stations begin journey to Norway


NIO’s expansion overseas has officially begun as superchargers and swap stations have begun their journey to Norway and are expected to arrive next month. more… The post NIO superchargers and battery swap stations begin journey to Norway appeared first on Electrek.

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Norway shows us glimpse of the future as electric cars make gas-powered car sales vanish


Norway shows us yet another glimpse of the future as electric cars are making gas-powered car sales vanish in the market. The latest new car sales data from Norway shows a gas-powered car market disappearing at an insane pace.

Norway 114

TECO 2030 to set up giga factory for production of hydrogen fuel cells in Narvik, Norway

Green Car Congress

TECO 2030 ASA plans to establish Norway’s first large-scale production of hydrogen-based fuel cells in Narvik in Northern Norway. TECO 2030 ASA considered a number of different potential locations for the giga factory and had initially planned to build the factory in Eastern Norway.

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XPeng begins shipping first P7 EVs to Norway ahead of Q4 deliveries


Chinese automaker XPeng has officially begun its first venture overseas as it has loaded its P7 EVs on a ship headed for Norway. This initial batch of smart electric sedans represents XPeng’s commitment to a full-scale operation in Norway and an eventual expansion further into Europe.

Norway 102

Tesla Model Y becomes Norway’s best selling EV in August in less than one week


A few days ago, Tesla started its Model Y invasion in Europe with its first deliveries in several EU territories, including Germany, Belgium, and Norway. The Model Ys domination in Norway’s registration chart reveals Tesla’s demand in the country.

Norway 114

Tesla overtakes Volkwagen, Ford in Norway as Model Y dominates August EV sales


Charts that track EV sales in Europe reveal that Tesla Model Y sales have already exceeded numbers from legacy automakers in Norway, including Volkswagen, Ford, and Audi. In terms of the full transition to electric vehicles, Norway might be considered the closest to the goal.

Norway 114

Audi and Norway unleash Game of Thrones star on GM, Will Ferrell

Green Car Reports

Audi is Norway’s best-selling electric vehicle brand. GM doesn’t sell vehicles in Norway. You didn’t think Audi—and especially its Norwegian operation—would sit idly by as GM and Will Ferrell challenged it in EVs, would you?

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Solaris Urbino 15 electric bus being tested by operators in Norway

Green Car Congress

The tests in Norway are to be completed by the end of March. The tests in Norway are to be completed by the end of March. The Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus, i.

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GM Hypes Norway’s EV Leadership

The Truth About Cars

Actor Will Farrell describes Norway’s EV leadership in one of the more amusing Super Bowl commercials, and how General Motors is looking to change all that here at home. The post GM Hypes Norway’s EV Leadership appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

Nissan Ariya Soon Will Be Available For Pre-Order In Norway


The pre-orders book to be opened in Norway on the world EV day, on the 9th of September

Norway 109

First Batch Of 100 BYD Tang Heads For Norway


Chinese EV manufacturers are entering the European market, starting with Norway

Tesla Model 3 tops June registrations in Norway


Norway’s Road and Traffic Information Council (OFV) reported that zero-emission cars made up more than half of new passenger cars in the country. In Norway, the OFV noted that zero-emission cars made up 64.7%

BYD sets out EV expansion strategy for Europe; Tang SUV heading to Norway first

Green Car Congress

Pricing will be announced later this year when it goes on sale in Norway. Norway is the most advanced market in Europe when it comes to the widespread adoption and usage of electric vehicles, as well as possessing a comprehensive charging network.

2020 241

Tesla Continues To Take Over Norway, & Now It's Thanks To Model Y


The made-in-China Model Y has arrived in Norway in massive numbers, and the exports have just begun

Norway 101

Nio picks Norway as first market outside China—battery swapping included

Green Car Reports

Chinese automaker Nio announced Thursday that it will make Norway the first market for its electric cars outside of its home country. Plans include a small network of company-owned showrooms and battery-swapping stations.

Norway 139

First 100 Pure-Electric BYD Tang SUVs to Norway: Plans to Deliver 1500 cars in 2021

EV Obssesion

The post First 100 Pure-Electric BYD Tang SUVs to Norway: Plans to Deliver 1500 cars in 2021 appeared first on EV Obsession. 100% Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles BYD Tang china Norway Pure-Electric BYD Tang SUVs

NIO expands outside of China – starting with launching its electric vehicles in Norway


NIO, one of the most successful new electric automakers to come out of China, is expanding for the first time out of its home country – starting with launching its electric vehicles in Norway.

Norway 108

California EV sales, CARB’s plan for 2035, Nio in Norway: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

China’s Nio heads to Norway. The Tesla Model Y is California’s top-selling EV. And CARB lays out a plan that’s not quite an ICE ban. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

Norway 141

Electric vehicles outsell ICE cars in Norway, forecasting a combustion engine decline


Cars running on petrol and diesel engines made up 4.3% (451 vehicles) and 4.1% (430 vehicles) of new passenger car sales in Norway last month. Nettavisen calculated that nearly 16 electric vehicles were sold in Norway for every diesel car sold in July.

Norway 113

Florø Marina in Norway Will be Equipped with the Worlds-first Supercharger for Boats. (+150 kW).

EV Obssesion

The first network of fast chargers in North of Europe The Marinas of Aker Brygge, Bergen, and Florø in Norway will be equipped with chargers for electric boats during the coming months. The post Florø Marina in Norway Will be Equipped with the Worlds-first Supercharger for Boats. (+150

World will follow Norway's lead on electric cars, minister says

Green Car Reports

When it comes to electric-car adoption, Norway is unique. Europe Norway plug-in cars transportation policyElectric cars make up a larger share of new-car sales in the Scandinavian country than anywhere, thanks to a very particular combination of factors. On average, most Norwegians drive short distances, meaning the relatively short ranges of the first crop of modern electric cars were never as.

Norway 130

Nissan Announces Ariya Prices In Norway


It's almost two times more expensive than the entry-level Nissan LEAF

Norway: Tesla Model Y Already At 2,500 Registrations In September


It might be a record month for all-electric car registrations, with Model Y and Model 3 on the top

Norway 101

Because of EV adoption, Norway nearly leads the world in per-capita electricity use

Green Car Reports

Norway's aggressive push for electric-car adoption is leading to record electricity consumption. On Thursday morning, between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., five million Norwegians used as much electricity as 10 million residents of neighboring Sweden, according to Bloomberg.

Norway 134

Ford Norway responds after six Mach-E units overheat due to regen braking use


Ford has pledged to address an issue that has emerged in a number of Mustang Mach-E vehicles in Norway, which resulted in the all-electric crossovers shutting down in a popular tourist spot.

Norway 105

Ballard to supply Norled with 200 kW fuel cell modules to power ferry in Norway

Green Car Congress

—has signed an Equipment Supply Agreement (ESA) with Norled A/S , one of Norway’s largest ferry and express boat operators, to provide two next-generation 200 kW fuel cell modules that will be used to power a hybrid ferry planned to begin operating in 2021. Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S—a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems, Inc.—has

2019 269

iMiev #1 in Norway

Plugs and Cars

Norway's EV enthusiast site Electricaid reports that iMiev is #1 in Norway. norway imievIn its small car segment in January, the little electric outsold each of its gasoline competitors. 99 iMievs sold. Source: Electricaid ].

Norway 100

Norway cracks down: Is “self-charging” a misleading way to pitch hybrids?

Green Car Reports

The phrase “self-charging” has been quite the lightning rod among electric-vehicle enthusiasts—especially in Norway.

2020 139

Renault delivered its 100,000th electric car on Friday, in Norway

Green Car Reports

Europe Renault sales Norway plug-in cars Renault ZoeFrench automaker Renault hasn't sold nearly as many electric cars as its alliance partner Nissan. But Renault has steadily increased its electric-car sales volumes, particularly in Europe, with its main focus on the subcompact Zoe hatchback. That allowed the company to pass a notable milestone recently. DON'T MISS: Nissan and Renault together now.

Norway 118

Tesla Model 3 rentals launched by Norway’s largest transport operator


Vygruppen (Vy), a state-owned transport group in Norway, has launched a novel new service for its electric car-sharing division. Norway is among the most EV-friendly countries in the world, after all.

Norway 106

BYD: The First 100 Tang SUVs Were Sent To Norway


"BYD describes its new business in Norway as the ‘start of the European dream’ with respect to its passenger car ambitions

Norway proposes electric car tax that could affect Tesla significantly

Green Car Reports

Norway is likely the friendliest place on Earth for electric cars. However, Norway's latest taxation proposal could have serious implications for Tesla in the near future. Europe Norway plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV The government's generous incentives and perks have led to an electric-car boom, and the country is now Silicon Valley automaker Tesla's third-largest market.

NIO announces Norway delivery & service center for Europe expansion


NIO plans to expand its automobile business to Europe, starting with a delivery and service center in Norway. The company revealed details about its plan at the NIO Norway press conference. In 2022, NIO will introduce Norway to the ET7, the company’s flagship sedan.