Yara planning 500 kton/year green ammonia project in Norway

Green Car Congress

Leading fertilizer company Yara plans to electrify fully its ammonia plant in Porsgrunn, Norway with the potential to cut 800,000 tonnes of CO 2 per year, equivalent to the emissions from 300,000 passenger cars. I am excited to announce that a full-scale green ammonia project is possible in Norway, where we can fully electrify our Porsgrunn ammonia plant. To make its vision of zero-emission ammonia production in Norway a reality, Yara is seeking partners and government support.

2020 84

iMiev #1 in Norway

Plugs and Cars

Norway's EV enthusiast site Electricaid reports that iMiev is #1 in Norway. norway imievIn its small car segment in January, the little electric outsold each of its gasoline competitors. 99 iMievs sold. Source: Electricaid ].

Norway 100

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10 Solaris trolleybuses for Bergen, Norway

Green Car Congress

The Norwegian operator Keolis Norge AS has ordered 10 Solaris Trollino articulated trolleybuses for Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city. Bergen, called ‘the gate to the fjords', a city on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is the only city in Norway and one of only two in entire Scandinavia with a trolleybus system in operation. The Trollino 18 ordered will be the first trolleybuses of the manufacturer delivered to Norway, but not the first in Scandinavia.

World will follow Norway's lead on electric cars, minister says

Green Car Reports

When it comes to electric-car adoption, Norway is unique. Europe Norway plug-in cars transportation policyElectric cars make up a larger share of new-car sales in the Scandinavian country than anywhere, thanks to a very particular combination of factors. On average, most Norwegians drive short distances, meaning the relatively short ranges of the first crop of modern electric cars were never as.

ASKO deploys two Scania battery-electric distribution trucks in Norway

Green Car Congress

Norwegian wholesaler ASKO is deploying two battery electric Scania distribution trucks in its operations in Oslo, Norway. This project received financial backing from Enova , which is a state enterprise owned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Norway. This pilot marks another milestone in the cooperation regarding electrified solutions for heavy transport between Scania and ASKO. Asko is also piloting the use of hydrogen fuel-cell trucks with Scania. Earlier post.).

2020 95

Renault delivered its 100,000th electric car on Friday, in Norway

Green Car Reports

Europe Renault sales Norway plug-in cars Renault ZoeFrench automaker Renault hasn't sold nearly as many electric cars as its alliance partner Nissan. But Renault has steadily increased its electric-car sales volumes, particularly in Europe, with its main focus on the subcompact Zoe hatchback. That allowed the company to pass a notable milestone recently. DON'T MISS: Nissan and Renault together now.

Norway proposes electric car tax that could affect Tesla significantly

Green Car Reports

Norway is likely the friendliest place on Earth for electric cars. However, Norway's latest taxation proposal could have serious implications for Tesla in the near future. Europe Norway plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV The government's generous incentives and perks have led to an electric-car boom, and the country is now Silicon Valley automaker Tesla's third-largest market.

Norway cracks down: Is “self-charging” a misleading way to pitch hybrids?

Green Car Reports

The phrase “self-charging” has been quite the lightning rod among electric-vehicle enthusiasts—especially in Norway. Toyota’s Lexus luxury brand has continued—in Norway, and in the UK and elsewhere in Europe—to run an ad campaign describing its hybrids as “self-charging.”

2020 79

Half of Norway's new-car sales are now hybrids or electrics

Green Car Reports

Norway has achieved yet another milestone in electric-car sales. Europe sales Plug-In Hybrids Norway New car sales plug-in carsThe Scandinavian country may be the friendliest for electric cars in the world, thanks to a combination of aggressive incentives, well-developed charging infrastructure, and a citizenry committed to lowering carbon emissions. Thanks to this unique array of circumstances, electric.

Electric car agitation in Norway

Plugs and Cars

In Norway, the effort to find a means to get financing so Th!nk elbil norway electricaid.org norstart think city oslo nk can fulfill existing orders for thousands of vehicles took to the streets on Tuesday. A 50-electric car parade took the issue right to the Trade and Industry Department in downtown Oslo. A concrete proposal for a Guarantee Institute for Electric Vehicles was presented to the government.

Norway 100

Half of all new cars sold in Norway last year are electric or hybrid, as diesel ebbs fast

Green Car Reports

Norway was one of the earliest nations to set a coherent and broad-based national plan to cut its carbon emissions, and then stick to it. emissions sales global warming Norway climate change New car salesFor road transport, it plans to phase out sales of cars with internal-combustion engines by 2025 using a variety of carrots (financial incentives and special privileges) and sticks (very high taxes on.

2018 76

Norway's Goal: All New Cars Will Be Emission-Free By 2025 To Cut Carbon

Green Car Reports

Meanwhile, there's Norway. Carbon Footprint Norway climate change plug-in cars transportation policyWith yesterday's release of final EPA rules for reducing carbon emissions from power plants, the stage is set for a major battle over how--and even whether--any carbon emissions in the U.S. may be limited. As Ola Elvestuen, a member of Parliament there as well as Chair of the Standing Committee on Energy and the.

Mercedes EQC electric SUV reservations open in Norway, for 2019 delivery

Green Car Reports

The country of Norway has been among the most ardent in urging drivers to buy zero-emission vehicles, offering a friendly market in which automakers can launch new electric cars. In fact, Norway was the first nations to announce a ban on the sale of new vehicles powered by fossil fuels; it's due to take effect after 2025. Europe Future Cars Daimler Norway plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV

What can we learn from electric-car owners in Norway (more than 100K of them)?

Green Car Reports

Thanks to a combination of government incentives and public enthusiasm, electric cars make up a higher portion of new-car sales in Norway than in any other country. That makes Norway possibly the best place in the world to. Europe Norway Study plug-in carsAs of May, there were more than 105,000 plug-in electric cars registered in the Scandinavian country of 5 million people.

BYD sets out EV expansion strategy for Europe; Tang SUV heading to Norway first

Green Car Congress

Pricing will be announced later this year when it goes on sale in Norway. Norway is the most advanced market in Europe when it comes to the widespread adoption and usage of electric vehicles, as well as possessing a comprehensive charging network. We will closely evaluate how the market performs, but, in the longer term, it is our aim to expand passenger car sales beyond Norway.

2020 74

World's largest electric-car charging site in parking facility: in Norway, of course (video)

Green Car Reports

parking Norway plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stationsParking garages often aren't very well-lit, and a video tour of one may not sound like a particularly enjoyable way to spend time. But if you're an electric-car driver or advocate in North America, an 11-minute tour by electric-car advocate (and Tesla fanatic) Bjørn Nyland may be time well spent. That's because his tour of the Vulkan.

Tata says Norway first; Th!nk says tata to Norway?

Plugs and Cars

Tata says Norway first for electric Indica, later this year, as Th!nk nk ponders leaving Norway for lack of gov't support. What's up with that?

Norway 100

Strong demand for Opel Ampera-e in Norway moves up launch date

Green Car Reports

Europe General Motors Opel Norway plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Opel Ampera-eJust as the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car is launching in North America, its European cousin is beginning deliveries across the Atlantic. In Europe, General Motors markets the U.S.-built built Bolt EV as virtually identical Opel Ampera-e under its German Opel brand. An example of what is known in the industry as "badge engineering," the Ampera-e.

World's largest fast-charging site opens in Norway: 28 electric cars can charge, all standards included

Green Car Reports

Norway has once again proven to be the friendliest place in the world for electric cars. Norway plug-in cars charging ChaDeMo quick-charge standard charging infrastructure DC Rapid Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS The country where plug-in cars make up a higher proportion of new-car sales than any other now also boasts the world's largest single DC fast-charging site. It's located in Nebbenes, a rural town about 40 miles from the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Ballard to supply Norled with 200 kW fuel cell modules to power ferry in Norway

Green Car Congress

—has signed an Equipment Supply Agreement (ESA) with Norled A/S , one of Norway’s largest ferry and express boat operators, to provide two next-generation 200 kW fuel cell modules that will be used to power a hybrid ferry planned to begin operating in 2021. Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S—a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems, Inc.—has

2019 107

Netherlands joins Norway in plans to end new gas, diesel car sales by 2025

Green Car Reports

While many countries promote electric cars, only Norway has taken the step of putting into place a plan to phase out cars powered by gasoline or diesel fuel entirely. Europe emissions Norway plug-in cars The Netherlands transportation policyNow, however, a similar proposal is under consideration in another European country. The Dutch parliament recently passed a motion that would end sales of new cars powered solely by.

Two-thirds of new cars in Norway last month were hybrid or electric

Green Car Reports

Norway is a case study in the effectiveness of electric-car incentives. sales Plug-In Hybrids incentives Norway plug-in carsThe Scandinavian country is known as the friendliest place in the world for electric cars, thanks to generous financial incentives and other perks. So while electric and hybrid cars continue to make up a small fraction of new-car sales in other countries, they account for a.

Norway's Electric Cars: Already Too Popular?

Green Car Reports

Thanks to supportive government policies and relatively short average commuting distances, Norway has become the friendliest place in the world for plug-in cars. Is it possible for electric cars to be too popular? Now, there may be too many of them on the country''s roads. The country is starting to have more electric cars than it can handle

Test of 20 EVs in cold Norway: No big surprises, but some lost more range than others

Green Car Reports

A recent group test of 20 electric cars in Norway (via InsideEVs) reiterates some of that knowledge, and showed that some Cold-weather performance is still a concern for some electric-car shoppers, although the effect of cold on EV battery packs is better understood now than when the first modern electric cars went on sale almost a decade ago.

2020 67

Tesla Model S fire in Norway caused by short circuit in car

Green Car Reports

fire battery pack Norway Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla SuperchargerThe topic of electric cars and fires is a fraught one, not helped by the recent spate of videos of cheap Chinese hoverboards in flames. Any fire in an electric car tends to make headlines, regardless of whether the facts have been established. Now we have the results of an investigation into the New Year's Day fire that ignited in a Tesla Model S.

One Percent Of Norway's Cars Are Already Plug-In Electrics

Green Car Reports

Overshadowed by their spectacular sales success in March, electric vehicles hit a momentous milestone in Norway last month. Fully one percent of Norway''s passenger-car fleet now consists of battery electric vehicles. And this isn''t a case of rounding up, either – this is a full 1 percent. As reported by Norwegian website Gronn Bil ("Green

Global warming threatens global seed bank in Norway's Arctic

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Politicians may argue over the academic merits of global warming theories. But the arguments are no longer just academic. A recent report by the Norwegian Center for Climate Services shows that global warming in the Arctic region may pose a very direct threat to human well-being. As with most climate studies, the Climate in Svalbard 2100 report. global warming

2019 72

Norway confirms electric car incentives until 2018

Green Cars News

Norway has decided to guarantee its package of support measures for electric cars until at least 2018. A leading country in Europe for electric car uptake, Norway’s decision provides an important boost to the fledgling EV industry, which suffers from doubt over the longevity of support measures in other countries. Electric cars electric car Norway

Orders in: 1,000 buyers in Norway reserve coming all-electric BMW iX3 crossover SUV

Green Car Reports

BMW opened order books for its upcoming electric iX3 in Europe at the beginning of September, and the company already has deposits for 1,000 in Norway. In a page out of the Tesla playbook, the Norwegian buyers each put down deposits of almost $1,900 (1,600 Euros.) News of the deposits was first reported by the Express in Britain. DON'T MISS: BMW

2018 74

Norway stimulates economy and electric cars with 5000 chargers

Plugs and Cars

As a part of the new government economic stimulus plan, Norway will be getting a "forest" of charging stations for electric vehicles. Tags: norway think global charge point battery electric car charge station The Scandinavian nation, which is home to Th!nk, nk, today has about 2500 EVs on the road. The plan is to quickly install 5000 charge points, reports Richard, the founder of the website Electricaid. Electricaid was created late last year to explore ways to help save Th!nk.

Norway 100

Nissan LEAF second best-selling car in Norway in April

Green Car Congress

The Nissan LEAF took the number two spot in the overall car sales chart for Norway in April, outpacing numerous combustion-engined cars. Since the start of sale 18 months ago more than 4,500 of the 100% electric models have been sold in Norway, making it the best selling car in the Nissan range for that market. Norway has encouraged the use of electric vehicles for many years with tax and usage benefits.

Norway 103

Tesla Motors launches Supercharger network in Norway

Green Car Congress

Tesla Motors introduced the first elements of its European Supercharger network—a set of fast charging stations across Norway. With locations in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, Cinderella and Lillehammer, Norway’s most vital and commonly used roads and highways are covered by Tesla Superchargers.

Tesla cutbacks, Norway EVs, Hyundai filters, Hawaii beaches: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Electric cars have become "normal" in Norway. Oil-rich Norway has become famous for how many of its citizens buy electric cars. Hyundai aims to keep particulates out of the cabin. Hawaii fights climate change with a sea wall. And CEO Elon Musk takes another razor blade to Tesla expenses. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We had a chance to. Today in Car News

2019 48

Tesla Taxis In Holland Follow Norway In All-Electric Green Cabs

Green Car Reports

Model S taxis are already operating Norway--where generous electric-car incentives make the Tesla one of the country''s best-selling vehicles--and now Holland is following Norway''s The Tesla Model S electric car has garnered plenty of praise from individual owners, but a handful of operators are finding that it works pretty well as a taxi, too.

2014 87

Nissan LEAF best selling car in Norway in October

Green Car Congress

The Nissan LEAF has for the first time claimed the number one spot in Norway’s passenger car sales chart. October 2013 Sales in Norway. Norway has been the center of the electric vehicle market in Europe for some time, with a package of incentives including zero VAT and zero road tax for electric vehicles. Tesla’s Model S spiked as the top seller in Norway in September.

CHAdeMO DC Fast Charge network coming to Norway

Plugs and Cars

The Norwegian energy company Ishavskraft yesterday unveiled its plan to make the stunning vistas of Norway's isolated fjords accessible to vacationers in electric cars with a 2500 mile network of DC Fast Chargers using the CHAdeMO connector. The Mistsubishi iMiev, with a CHAdeMO connector, is currently the best selling small car in Norway. The Nissan LEAF will arrive in Norway soon, and is also available with the fast charge connector.

DC 100

UK to ban diesel, gasoline car sales by 2040; follows France, Norway, Holland bans

Green Car Reports

The initiative closely follows a similar announcement from France, which also declared 2040 as the year it will phase out fossil-fuel vehicles Norway and the Netherlands have also. The United Kingdom will follow in the footsteps of some European countries as it announced plans to ban the sale of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars by the year 2040.

2017 74

Volvo receives order for 25 electric buses from Trondheim, Norway

Green Car Congress

With the acquisition by operator Tide Buss of a total of 35 electric buses, including the 25 Volvo buses, Trondheim will have the largest electric bus fleet in Norway. Tide Buss has placed an order for 25 Volvo 7900 Electric buses for the city of Trondheim, Norway—the company’s largest order yet for its fully electric buses. The electric buses from Volvo will run on four routes in Trondheim, covering distances of between 12 and 15 km each, with operations due to start in August 2019.

2017 60

Norway: The Friendliest Place In The World For Electric Cars

Green Car Reports

in the Scandinavian country of Norway. Just last week, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] opened its first Supercharger fast-charge stations outside the U.S.--in With just six stations and 46 charging points, 90 percent of Norwegians live within 200 miles of a Supercharger--well within the 265-mile EPA range of a Model S sedan. The first one of those outside

First Toyota Mirai in Norway delivered to Uno-X Hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Following the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany and Belgium, Norway is the 5 th European country to start selling the fuel cell sedan. Uno-X Hydrogen, a newly established joint-venture that plans to establish a 20-station hydrogen network by 2020 in Norway, is the first customer in that country to take ownership of the Toyota Mirai. Toyota is now continuing its Mirai roll-out in Norway.

2016 60

Volkswagen has 30k+ reservations for the ID.3 1ST edition; most from Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and UK

Green Car Congress

Most of the pre-bookers live in Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Just before the beginning of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Volkswagen has already received more than 30,000 reservations for the ID.3 EV, which will make its world premiere at the event. More than 100,000 ID. enthusiasts have registered for the ID.3 newsletter which Volkswagen is using to present regular information on its new full-electric ID.

2019 74

IEA: record oil output from US, Brazil, Canada and Norway to keep global markets well supplied

Green Car Congress

Oil production growth from the United States, Brazil, Canada and Norway can keep the world well supplied, more than meeting global oil demand growth through 2020, but more investment will be needed to boost output after that, according to the International Energy Agency’s latest annual report on oil markets.

2018 78

Europe's First Six Tesla Superchargers Now Live In Norway

Green Car Reports

The first Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations are now up and running in Europe''s capital for electric cars, Norway. Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] announced via its Twitter feed that 90 percent of Norwegians now live within 200 miles of a Supercharger station--well within the 265-mile range of a Model S. Six stations have sprung up in the country