Infinium to provide ultra-low carbon electrofuels to Amazon trucking fleet starting in 2023

Green Car Congress

Electrofuels provider Infinium announced an agreement with Amazon to begin using Infinium Electrofuels in the retailer’s middle mile fleet as an ultra-low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Electrofuels Fleets Fuels Market Background

Fleet 381

Ford introducing new connected fleet management tools for electric fleets

Green Car Congress

With new fleet-wide energy monitoring and vehicle management tools from Ford Commercial Solutions, available through app and web-based interfaces, Ford is helping North American commercial fleets and businesses make a seamless transition to electric vehicles.

2020 344

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Cummins fuel cell technology powers Coradia iLint fleet in Germany

Green Car Congress

Cummins is powering the world’s first fleet of hydrogen trains in Bremervörde, Lower Saxony, Germany. The first zero-emissions passenger trains in the 14-train fleet arrived in mid-summer.

Moscow rolling out all-electric bus fleet in New Moscow district

Green Car Congress

Moscow, which overall has the largest electric bus fleet in Europe ( earlier post ) has 8 separate bus fleets—all of them consisting of a mixture of e-buses and diesel buses. Now, the Russian capital is deploying its first all-electric bus fleet in the New Moscow district.

Fleet 365

Merchants Fleet to buy 5,400 new BrightDrop EV410s

Green Car Congress

Merchants Fleet, the US’ fastest growing fleet management company (FMC), has reserved 5,400 BrightDrop EV410s, the all-new, mid-size electric light commercial vehicle purpose-built for the delivery of goods and services over long ranges, as well as other service applications.

Fleet 350

DTF: Diesel dominates commercial truck, transit and school bus fleets in US

Green Car Congress

This analysis found the following: Commercial Trucks: 76% of the approximately 15 million commercial trucks (Class 3-8) that make up the nation’s fleet run on diesel. Of those, the newest generation of advanced diesel technology models now account for 53% of that fleet.

Fleet 378

XL Fleet launches pilot program with Essential Utilities, Inc. to electrify its utility fleet

Green Car Congress

XL Fleet announced that Essential Utilities, Inc. Essential, headquartered in Bryn Mawr, PA, deploys a fleet of approximately 2,500 of these vehicles across 10 states. —Charles Stevenson, Vice President of Fleet Operations at Essential. Conversions Fleets Hybrids

2020 370

CARB launches $25M pilot program to help small trucking fleets transition to zero-emission technologies

Green Car Congress

The California Air Resources Board will launch a new pilot program that aims to help small trucking fleets make the transition to zero-emission technologies. The Innovative Small e-Fleet pilot will focus on privately owned and nonprofit trucking fleets with 20 or fewer trucks and less than $15 million in annual revenue. The pilot will provide $25 million to implement a range of innovative solutions to help small fleets make the transition to zero-emissions.

Fleet 274

Hyundai Motor puts XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks into commercial fleet operation in California with $3.5M from EPA

Green Car Congress

Fleets Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Market BackgroundHyundai Motor has secured $3.5 million in 2021 Targeted Airshed Grant (TAG) funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to deploy five XCIENT Fuel Cell electric trucks in California.

Fleet 311

News: IRA Aims to Accelerate Fleet Electrification

Clean Fleet Report

The signing of the nation’s most significant climate bill into law has created a unique opportunity for business leaders to maximize their sustainability investments, as well as a sense of urgency for organizations that have long considered alternatives to gas- and diesel-powered fleets to act.

Fleet 68

Canada Post commits to fully electric fleet by 2040, half by 2030; RFQ for EV pilot

Green Car Congress

Canada Post has earmarked $1 billion to cut emissions and transform its fleet. The Corporation will transform its fleet to non-emitting transportation, with commitments to reach a 50% electric fleet by 2030 and 100% by 2040. Canada Electric (Battery) Fleets Market Background

Canada 312

UNFI adding 53 all-electric TRUs to California fleet

Green Car Congress

is adding 53 all-electric transport refrigerated trailer units (TRUs) to its fleet located at the company’s Riverside, Calif. Nearly 50 percent of UNFI’s direct greenhouse gas emissions are from our fleet of trucks and trailers. Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty Market Background

Fleet 356

EV Connect introduces flexible EV charging solution designed for fleets

Green Car Congress

EV Connect announced the general availability of its Fleet Charging Management Platform. With robust data analytics, fleet managers can view everything fleet-related down to the lowest level. Electric (Battery) Fleets Infrastructure

Fleet 239

BHP, Caterpillar, and Finning to replace haul truck fleet at world’s largest copper mine with 798 AC electric-drive trucks

Green Car Congress

BHP Group, Caterpillar, and Finning International announced an agreement to replace BHP’s entire haul truck fleet at the Escondida mine —the world’s largest producer of copper concentrates and cathodes located in the Antofagasta Region, northern Chile.

Fleet 345

27 Hyundai XCIENT fuel cell trucks entering fleet service in Germany; funding from BMDV

Green Car Congress

Seven German companies in logistics, manufacturing and retail will put 27 Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks into fleet service with funding for eco-friendly commercial vehicles from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).

Fleet 266

ABB increases stake in InCharge Energy to 60%; fleet electrification services

Green Car Congress

ABB has increased its stake in InCharge Energy, a provider of fleet electrification services ( earlier post ), to 60%. It also provides cloud-based software services for the optimization of energy management, critical for maximizing fleet business performance.

Fleet 338

Major companies with large fleets release new EV roadmap for car & truck manufacturers

Green Car Congress

Automakers are already moving toward electric vehicles, but by establishing clear lines of communication between manufacturers and major consumers, we can accelerate that transition to the point where we’re meeting critical climate goals as well as fleets’ operational needs.

Fleet 383

Walmart to electrify fleet by 2040

Green Car Congress

Electric (Battery) Fleets Heavy-duty Market BackgroundWalmart will electrify and zero-out emissions from all of its vehicles, including long-haul trucks, by 2040, as part of its current goal to become a “regenerative company”.

2020 318

XL Fleet expands XLP PHEV drive system for use in multiple GM fleet applications

Green Car Congress

XL Fleet announced that the Company’s XLP plug-in hybrid electric drive technology is being expanded for use across a range of fleet vehicles from General Motors. The company believes its expanded portfolio will further extend its leadership position in fleet electrification.

2020 271

First Hydrogen enters trials with UK fleet consortium; interest from 10 operators in fuel cell light commercial vehicle

Green Car Congress

The consortium brings together operators of the largest UK fleets of vans and trucks and predominant members of the hydrogen industry, including hydrogen producers, hydrogen state suppliers and vehicle manufacturers. The consortium works together with large UK fleet operators to accelerate the commercial rollout of fuel cell vans and trucks and hydrogen refueling infrastructure. Fleets Fuel Cells Hydrogen Market BackgroundFirst Hydrogen Corp.

Fleet 253

GM’s BrightDrop acquires Marain’s AI software to help fleet owners lower operational costs

Green Car Congress

BrightDrop, the GM business focused on decarbonizing last-mile delivery, is acquiring fleet optimization software from Marain Inc., This will enable fleet customers to better optimize their operations as they make the transition to an all-electric future.

Fleet 248

Opinion: Dispelling Some EV myths About Fleet Electrification

Clean Fleet Report

When it comes to fleet electrification and electric vehicles (EVs) in general, there are many myths stalling adoption. While fleet electrification may seem intimidating, the best first step is to learn the truth behind the common misconceptions that have fleet managers pumping their brakes.

Fleet 71

GM bringing Charge 360 to fleets

Green Car Congress

General Motors and BrightDrop, a new business created and wholly owned by GM focused on electric commercial delivery and logistics, announced the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service, a comprehensive approach designed to help make the switch to electric seamless for fleet customers by connecting them with services, features and resources. The new fleet announcement extends this service to fleets. Electric (Battery) Fleets Infrastructure Vehicle Manufacturers

Fleet 190

New York City to invest $420M in electric vehicles and infrastructure; all-electric fleet by 2035

Green Car Congress

The City of New York will invest $420 million in electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and alternative fuels to accelerate the transition to an all-electric municipal vehicle fleet. The new investments, the largest ever made in the electrification of a public vehicle fleet, will help the City achieve an all-electric fleet by 2035, five years sooner than the previous goal of 2040. New York City operates nearly 30,000 vehicles, the largest municipal fleet in the country.

Royal Mail announces first delivery office with an all-electric delivery fleet

Green Car Congress

As part of the UK’s Royal Mail’s continued drive to reduce emissions associated with its operations, it has converted the last-mile fleet of a Bristol Delivery Office to be 100% electric. Electric (Battery) Europe Fleets

Fleet 356

Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans deploys 6 plug-in hybrid pickups from XL Fleet

Green Car Congress

In order to advance its fleet electrification and emissions reduction goals, the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans (SWBNO) has deployed six new XL plug-in hybrid electric Ford F-150 pickup trucks to its fleet. Fleets Hybrids Plug-ins

2020 405

Siemens USA aims for carbon-neutral fleet by 2030

Green Car Congress

Siemens USA has set a goal to transition to a fully carbon-neutral fleet in the US by 2030. Siemens’ US fleet coomprises more than 10,000 vehicles, from sedans and service vans to light- and heavy-duty trucks. To address these emissions, the company assembled a multi-disciplined team of experts in fleet, fleet infrastructure, facility efficiency, and climate action to implement a strategic plan. Educating fleet drivers on eco-driving techniques, such as zero idling.

USA 249

XL Fleet launches XL Grid division with charging infrastructure solutions

Green Car Congress

XL Fleet, a leading provider of vehicle electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, has entered into a partnership with a commercial EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) supplier to begin the launch of its XL Grid division. XL Grid will provide charging infrastructure, energy storage and power solutions for electrified fleets. XL Fleet intends to continue expanding its XL Grid division to meet these energy demands.

2020 253

SoCalGas adding 50 Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell EVs to fleet

Green Car Congress

The company plans to expand its fleet of HFCEVs to 50 next month, making SoCalGas among the first utilities in the nation to start transitioning to hydrogen. These HFCEVs are an important step for SoCalGas in decarbonizing its fleet and supports the company’s Net Zero 2045 Climate Goal , which includes replacing 50% of its over-the-road fleet with clean fuel vehicles by 2025 and operating a 100% zero-emission fleet by 2035. Fleets Fuel Cells Hydrogen

Fleet 279

Fleet of Hyundai XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks pass 1M-kilometer mark in Switzerland

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility’s fleet of XCIENT Fuel Cell trucks has collectively exceeded 1 million kilometers of driving in 11 months of service in Switzerland. During that time, the fleet has reduced CO 2 emissions by more than an estimated 630 tons, compared to diesel-powered vehicles.

Lightning eMotors adds production capacity, space to meet growing demand from fleets for EVs

Green Car Congress

Lightning eMotors, a leading provider of commercial electric vehicles for fleets, is expanding to meet the growing demand for EVs from commercial and government fleets. Electric (Battery) Fleets Manufacturing

Fleet 387

Penske orders 750 Ford E-Transit cargo vans for rental and leasing fleet

Green Car Congress

These are the first light-duty electric trucks to be made available in Penske’s rental and leasing fleet, as previously announced. Electric (Battery) Fleets Market BackgroundPenske Truck Leasing has ordered 750 all-electric Ford E-Transit cargo vans. The company is taking delivery of its first several vehicles in the next several weeks. The move follows successfully piloting the vehicles late last year.

Fleet 264

Moscow launches its 500th electric bus; largest electric bus fleet in Europe

Green Car Congress

Moscow’s electric fleet is thus the largest in Europe. Bus Electric (Battery) FleetsMoscow, Russia has launched its 500 th electric bus—a KAMAZ 6282 electric bus. The KAMAZ 6282 uses lithium-titanate batteries, and has a range of 70 km on one charge.

2020 412

Biden says he will convert Federal fleet to electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

In remarks made at the signing of his Executive Order on Strengthening American Manufacturing, President Biden said that he would replace the federal government’s fleet of vehicles with electric vehicles made in the US. In his remarks, the President provided no further details on the fleet conversion to EVs, such as timing and spending plans. Of that total, 445,777 are owned; 194,293 are in the GSA fleet; and 4,977 are commercial leased.

Fleet 273

Anheuser-Busch transitioning 30% of dedicated fleet to renewable natural gas

Green Car Congress

Louis to fleets powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines. The two fleets are expected to travel more than 8.5 Biomethane / RNG Fleets Heavy-duty Natural Gas

2020 378

SWISS equips entire Boeing 777-300ER fleet with AeroSHARK riblet films

Green Car Congress

SWISS will equip its entire Boeing long-haul fleet with fuel-saving AeroSHARK surface technology ( earlier post ). The significantly reduced frictional resistance resulting from this modification will make the sub-fleet more than one percent more fuel-efficient and lower in emissions.

Fleet 345

XL Fleet partnering with Curbtender to develop all-electric and plug-in hybrid refuse trucks

Green Car Congress

XL Fleet Corp. Under the terms of the agreement, XL Fleet and Curbtender will jointly develop a series of battery electric (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) commercial trucks for use in waste management applications. —Dimitri Kazarinoff, XL Fleet CEO.

Fleet 345

How Long Until EV Fleets Take Over the Supply Chain?

Clean Fleet Report

When will the same happen for commercial fleets? How long until we see electric fleets taking over the supply chain? Where Are EV Fleets Now? While you may not see many electric long-haul trucks on the road, fleet electrification is well underway.

Clean 73

Frito-Lay debuts pilot for upcoming electric fleet in Carrollton, TX

Green Car Congress

Frito-Lay announced a new electric fleet that will serve the Dallas Fort Worth area, specifically Carrollton. Additionally, Frito-Lay is further decarbonizing its fleet through the nationwide use of Renewable Compressed Natural Gas and other new zero- and near-zero emission vehicles. Electric (Battery) FleetsThe first pilot Ford eTransit truck has arrived just in time for Earth Day, with 40 arriving later this summer.

Fleet 239

Study shows commercial fleets save up to 13% on fuel costs using Motive Automated Operations Platform

Green Car Congress

In the study, Motive analyzed more than 800 commercial fleets across a two-year period beginning in January 2020, identified what top fleets with the best fuel performance increase did to improve their fuel efficiency, and measured their impact. Top-performing fleets used the Motive Automated Operations Platform insights to reduce fuel consumption by 13%. The top fleets also had an increased focus on maintenance, with 80% more inspections compared to other fleets.

Fleet 150 announces most advanced SUV Robotaxi fleet; 30 SAIC MARVEL R SUVs with L4 Driver 2.0

Green Car Congress , an international autonomous driving technology company, announced a leading-edge Robotaxi fleet comprising 30 SAIC Motor MARVEL R SUVs equipped with DeepRoute’s proprietary L4 Driver 2.0 The Robotaxi fleet will deploy in Shenzhen, China, in the coming months.

Fleet 228

BMDV providing €20M to support fleet electrification and infrastructure

Green Car Congress

The German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) is investing a further €20 million in the procurement of vehicles for fleets and the development of charging infrastructure as part of its electromobility funding guideline. The funding is intended to support municipal and commercial fleets such as vehicle fleets, company cars, taxis, mobility and sharing services in an accelerated switch to alternative drives. Electric (Battery) Europe Fleets Infrastructure

Fleet 184

Heritage Environmental Services and battery-maker Romeo Power looking for fleet electrification partners

Green Car Congress

Heritage Environmental Services, a provider of environmental and recycling services, and battery-maker Romeo Power launched a program to select fleet electrification partners to execute on HES’ fleet electrification strategy.

Fleet 314