Is Gasoline Becoming Unaffordable?

Energy Institute at HAAS

In 1960, gasoline cost $0.31 If you think that’s … Continue Reading Is Gasoline Becoming Unaffordable? Not if you can remember the world before COVID. per gallon. Isn’t it outrageous that it costs more than $0.31 today?

Use of leaded gasoline officially ends worldwide

Green Car Congress

When service stations in Algeria stopped providing leaded gasoline in July, the use of leaded gasoline in cars ended globally. Tetraethyl lead was used as a gasoline additive to improve engine performance. By the 1970s, almost all gasoline produced around the world contained lead. When the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) began its campaign to eliminate lead in gasoline in 2002, leaded gasoline had become one of the most serious environmental threats to human health.


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DOE: MY 2021 all-electric vehicles had a median driving range about 60% that of gasoline-powered vehicles

Green Car Congress

According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO), for the 2021 model year, the median driving range of all-electric vehicles (EV) was 234 miles while the median range for gasoline vehicles was 403 miles.

Nissan introduces new Townstar LCV in gasoline and electric versions

Green Car Congress

With a fully electric powertrain in addition to a gasoline-powered option in van and combi (passenger) versions, the new Townstar brings a suite of 20+ technologies to the compact van offering. In Europe, Nissan revealed the next-generation compact Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), the Townstar.

Recent trends in gasoline prices

Green Car Congress

This brief note analyzes the changes in the price of gasoline during the first 13 weeks of 2020 and compares them with the changes during the first 13 weeks of 2019. The raw data (the average retail price of regular gasoline) came from the U.S. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research.

2020 250

Kia introduces 5th-generation Sportage SUV; gasoline, diesel, HEV, PHEV

Green Car Congress

Developed on a new architecture, the all-new Sportage will offer gasoline and diesel powertrains at market launch later this year, followed by hybrid-electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) models. Kia has presented the fifth-generation Kia Sportage SUV.

Kia 349

Gasoline consumption per capita in 2020 was on par with that in 1965

Green Car Congress

This analysis examines the effect of this downturn in driving on gasoline consumption (both total and per capita), and places the consumption in 2020 in a historical context. The results show that gasoline consumption per capita in 2020 was on par with that 55 years ago. Total gasoline consumption for highway use dropped from 136,076 million gallons in 2019 to 117,251 million gallons in 2020, a drop of 14%. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research.

2020 327

NREL: adoption of shared micromobility in US could save 2.3B gasoline-equivalent gallons per year

Green Car Congress

billion gasoline-equivalent gallons per year nationwide, according to a new study by a team at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). High adoption of shared micromobility in the US coud save 2.3

Bosch, Shell, and Volkswagen develop renewable gasoline with 20% lower CO2; rollout of Blue Gasoline this year

Green Car Congress

Following on the introduction of R33 Blue Diesel ( earlier post ), Bosch, Shell, and Volkswagen have now developed a low-carbon gasoline. The new fuel, called Blue Gasoline, similarly contains up to 33% renewables, ensuring a well-to-wheel reduction in carbon emissions of at least 20% per kilometer driven. Shell will offset the remaining carbon emissions from the use of Blue Gasoline through certified offset arrangements.

2020 Thanksgiving week gasoline consumption in US lowest since 1997

Green Car Congress

Gasoline sales fell 8.4% (nearly 185 million less gallons) from the previous week for the seven-day period ending 28 November, bringing consumption to the lowest level for a Thanksgiving Week in 23 years, going back to 1997. As we come out of Thanksgiving and look ahead to Christmas and the New Year, gasoline sales show that additional waves of the coronavirus are very much impacting travel decisions. Northeastern gasoline sales dropped 10.1%

2020 260

IHS: US gasoline demand exceeds 2020 levels for first time; still trails pre-pandemic demand significantly

Green Car Congress

Year-on-year gasoline sales in the United States have moved into positive territory for the first time on the one-year anniversary of the first major declines that resulted from COVID-induced stay at home orders. Nevertheless, same-store gasoline sales were still 16% below pre-pandemic levels.

2020 334

Sandia team develops gasoline-like fuel blend with high renewable content that simultaneously increases ?-sensitivity, RON, and octane sensitivity

Green Car Congress

A team at Sandia National Laboratories has designed a five-component gasoline-like blend containing 40% vol of a mixture of 2-methyl furan and 2,5-dimethyl furan (representative of products of a viable pathway to make furans from bio-feedstock). Regular gasoline is not very ?-sensitive

Machine learning PODA model projects the impact of COVID-19 on US motor gasoline demand

Green Car Congress

The PODA model is a machine-learning-based model to project the US gasoline demand using COVID-19 pandemic data, government policies and demographic information. The Motor Gasoline Demand Estimation Module quantifies motor gasoline demands due to the changes in travel mobility.

2020 401

Study finds GHG emissions from corn ethanol now 46% lower than gasoline

Green Car Congress

gCO 2 e/MJ) which is 46% lower than the average carbon intensity for neat gasoline.

DOE: Life cycle GHG emissions for 2020 electric small SUV were half those of a conventional gasoline small SUV

Green Car Congress

Using current technologies, all evaluated biofuel, battery electric, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle pathways offer significant C2G GHG emissions reduction compared to the current gasoline internal combustion engine vehicle.

2020 338

Neste testing renewable gasoline in Sweden for possible commercialization internationally

Green Car Congress

Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), is beginning the final phase of testing of a renewable gasoline for drop-in commercial use in the existing fleet. The final phase will complete commercial tests of the fuel, thereby enabling significant reductions of greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline and hybrid cars. The product fulfills EN228 standard and can be used in both existing and new gasoline and hybrid cars.

Sweden 179

DOE: Adjusted for inflation, the price of gasoline in 2019 was similar to the price in 1929

Green Car Congress

The average annual price of gasoline has fluctuated greatly over the past several decades, but when adjusted for inflation (constant dollars), the price of gasoline in 2019 was only nine cents higher than in 1929, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2020 339

EIA: US average gasoline prices before Memorial Day highest since 2014

Green Car Congress

The average retail price for regular gasoline in the United States on 24 May, the Monday before the Memorial Day weekend, was $3.02 The average US gasoline price on 24 May was $1.14/gal higher than a year ago.

2014 222

2022 KIA Sorento PHEV joins hybrid, gasoline models

Green Car Congress

The 2022 Sorento Turbo Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) SUV is the latest addition to Kia’s ambitious ‘Plan S’ electrification strategy and the fourth-generation Sorento model range, which was introduced last year in both gasoline-powered and turbo hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) forms.

Kia 195

EIA: Average US retail gasoline price exceeds $3.00 for the first time since late 2014

Green Car Congress

Disruptions to Colonial Pipeline operations prompted an increase in the average US retail price for regular grade gasoline (retail gasoline price) to $3.03 The average retail gasoline price in the Lower Atlantic (PADD 1C) increased 10 cents/gal from the previous week to $2.88/gal.

2014 222

Government data shows gasoline vehicles are up to 100x more prone to fires than EVs


There is an ongoing flow of misinformation publicized by the less informed (or downright malicious) purporting that electric vehicles and their battery chemistry are more prone to fires than their gasoline counterparts. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Arbor Renewable Gas chooses Topsoe’s TIGAS technology for renewable gasoline plant

Green Car Congress

Arbor Renewable Gas, LLC (Arbor Gas) will use Topsoe’s TIGAS technology for producing renewable gasoline at a new facility in the Gulf Coast region. The facility—expected to be operational by 2024—will produce 1,000 barrels per day of renewable gasoline with a significantly negative carbon intensity score under California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). Topsoe will supply the methanol synthesis technologies and the backend gasoline synthesis unit (TIGAS).

EIA projects global conventional gasoline and diesel LDV fleet will peak in 2038

Green Car Congress

Significant growth in EV sales and shares of sales through the projection period results in the global conventional gasoline and diesel LDV fleet peaking in 2038 in the EIA forecast.

New battery-electric vehicles take 5.7% share in Europe in Q1; hybrids 18.4%, gasoline 42.2% , diesel 23.2%

Green Car Congress

Sales of traditional fossil-fuel cars continued to decrease in the European Union, although gasoline and diesel still made up 65.4% Gasoline and diesel cars. Similarly, demand for gasoline cars continued its downward trend, with sales decreasing by 16.9%

Europe 324

How crude-oil prices influence gasoline prices

Green Car Congress

Gasoline is one of the products refined from crude oil. Thus, the price of crude oil should have a strong influence on the price of gasoline. However, the retail price of gasoline includes other costs as well. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that in the United States from 2008 to 2017, crude oil represented only 61% of the retail price of gasoline. Gasoline prices are also influenced by gasoline demand relative to gasoline supply.

2018 194

Study finds lead from leaded gasoline persists in London air despite ‘90s ban

Green Car Congress

Lead levels in London’s atmosphere have dropped significantly since lead additives in gasoline were phased out, and currently meet UK air quality targets. The study, led by researchers from Imperial College London, found that up to 40% of lead in airborne particles today comes from the legacy of leaded gasoline.

London 243

Milk and gasoline: the cost of the energy they provide to fuel our bodies and automobiles

Green Car Congress

This brief analysis examines the relative cost of the energy from milk and gasoline. Currently, a gallon of gasoline (with ethanol) contains 120,286 Btu of energy. The average price of regular gasoline in September 2020 was $2.183 per gallon. Therefore, the cost of 1,000 Btu from regular gasoline was $0.02. The above analysis considered the available energy in milk and gasoline, and the logic there is straightforward. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research.

2020 260

Study: gasoline is more important than healthcare for Americans

Green Car Congress

Americans collectively spent $388 billion on gasoline in 2018, averaging to 34 million fill-ups a day. According to a study by GasBuddy, a smartphone app connecting drivers with the Perfect Pit Stop, the necessity, perception, and price of gasoline adversely impacts Americans across all age groups and income brackets, with 86% of Americans depending on gasoline for their everyday lives. In 2018 we collectively spent $49 billion more on gasoline than 2017.

2019 248

BMW invests in company aiming to produce zero net carbon gasoline

Green Car Reports

BMW is investing in Prometheus Fuels, a company that plans to remove carbon-dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and convert it into gasoline. Gasoline

2020 87

US: Median Range Of 2021 Gasoline Vehicles Is 72% Higher Than BEVs


The range of the top electric models (with the highest range), recently exceeded the median of the gasoline vehicle's range

DOE: Average annual gasoline taxes paid per vehicle, by state, 2019

Green Car Congress

The Federal tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon, and each state has a gasoline tax, ranging from 8.95 Taxes include federal and state gasoline tax, along with other per-gallon fees, such as leaking underground storage tank fees.

2019 295

BMW i Ventures invests in Prometheus Fuels; CO2 air-capture and conversion to carbon-neutral gasoline

Green Car Congress

BMW i Ventures has invested in Prometheus Fuels ( earlier post ), a company removing CO 2 from the air and turning it into zero-net carbon gasoline that it will sell at gas stations, at a price that competes with fossil fuels, starting as early as this year. The ability to create gasoline from air, cost competitively with fossil fuels, is a game changer. The effective upgrading of alcohols to gasoline, diesel, and jet fuels.

2020 260

Fast chargers are almost as profitable as gasoline pumps, claims BP executive

Green Car Reports

Oil companies expanding electric car fast-charging networks might not entirely be the image-burnishing loss-leader some would suspect. BP sees EV charging as a business line bound for profitability, according to a report from Reuters, citing a top executive at the energy giant.

EV sales rising ahead of schedule in EU & UK, predicted to overtake gasoline vehicles by 2025


more… The post EV sales rising ahead of schedule in EU & UK, predicted to overtake gasoline vehicles by 2025 appeared first on Electrek.

CO2 108

Report: Hyundai has stopped developing gasoline-vehicle powertrains

Green Car Reports

Hyundai has stopped developing new gasoline powertrains, and plans to cut internal-combustion models in order to free up more resources for electric cars, according to a recent Reuters report.

New Mo-doped Ni catalyst for SOFCs enhances use of fuels such as gasoline

Green Car Congress

Researchers led by a team at Washington State University (WSU) have developed a unique and inexpensive nanoparticle catalyst that allows a solid-oxide fuel cell to convert logistic liquid fuels such as gasoline to electricity without stalling out during the electrochemical process.

2020 287

Audi maps out shift to electric: Only EVs launched from 2026, no gasoline models by 2033

Green Car Reports

Audi on Tuesday mapped out plans to go all-electric in just over a decade, including launching only electric cars starting in 2026, and ending production of gasoline engines by 2033.

Nacero selects Topsoe’s TIGAS technology for gas-to-gasoline unit; reducing lifecycle carbon footprint up to 50%

Green Car Congress

Nacero has licensed Topsoe TIGAS (Topsoe Improved Gasoline Synthesis) technology for its multi-billion USD natural-gas-to-gasoline facility in Penwell, Texas to produce 100,000 barrels per day of gasoline component ready for blending into US commercial grades.

UNL study finds non-flex fuel vehicles can adapt to E30 gasoline without performance compromise; fuel efficiency comparable to E15

Green Car Congress

A team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has investigated the long-term adaptability and economic feasibility of non-flex-fuel vehicles—vehicles designed to use fuel blends containing 85% ethanol (E85) or less—to consume a 30% ethanol (E30) fuel blend. Their results indicated that although modest changes can be observed in the behavior of a subset of engine operating parameters, overall engine performance and adaptability are not compromised by using E30.

California Assemblymembers introduce bill phasing out gasoline-fueled small off-road engines

Green Car Congress

California Assemblymembers Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park) and Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) introduced legislation to phase out the sale of new gas-powered small off-road engines (SORE), which are primarily used in lawn and garden equipment, including leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other outdoor power equipment. AB 1346 would require new sales of SORE to be zero-emission by 2024 or whenever the California Air Resources Board (CARB) determines is feasible, whichever is later.

Aramco, KAUST team finds hybrid gasoline compression-ignition architecture can reduce GHG 26-55% vs. conventional SI

Green Car Congress

At a high level, they found that: Gasoline Compression-Ignition (GCI) hybrids reduce WTW GHG emissions by 7–43% versus unhybridized GCI. Four reference vehicles were equipped with: gasoline spark-ignition (SI) engine.

2020 253

DOE: plug-in vehicles in US displaced 323M gallons of gasoline in 2018; ~0.25%

Green Car Congress

In 2018, plug-in light-duty vehicles on the road displaced 323 million gallons of gasoline—about one quarter of a percent of all gasoline used in the United States, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). Gasoline displacement from plug-in vehicles is about 42% more than it was in. The gasoline displacement from EV versus PHEV was split almost evenly in 2012 and 2013 but EV accounted for two-thirds of the gasoline displacement by 2018.

2019 236

Study finds particulates from auxiliary vehicle heaters can be up to 1000 times higher than from idling gasoline engines

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Tampere University and the University of Eastern Finland have found that the particulate emissions of auxiliary heaters can be up to a thousand times higher than the particulate emissions of idling gasoline vehicles.