Swansea team develops faster, greener way of producing carbon spheres

Green Car Congress

A fast, green and one-step method for producing porous carbon spheres—a component for carbon capture technology and for new ways of storing renewable energy—has been developed by Swansea University researchers. Carbon spheres range in size from nanometers to micrometers.

2020 334

MIT researchers boost efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems

Green Car Congress

Researchers at MIT have developed a method that could significantly boost the performance of carbon capture and conversion systems that use catalytic surfaces to enhance the rates of carbon-sequestering electrochemical reactions. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Solar fuels


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Infinium enters strategic alliance with Denbury for ultra-low-carbon electrofuels projects in Texas

Green Car Congress

Electrofuels innovator Infinium ( earlier post ) has entered into a strategic alliance with US independent energy company Denbury to collaborate on developing ultra-low carbon electrofuels projects in the state of Texas.

Carbon 234

ArcelorMittal publishes concept for global low-carbon emissions physical steel standard

Green Car Congress

ArcelorMittal published a concept for a low-carbon emissions steel standard to help incentivize the decarbonization of steelmaking globally and support the creation of market demand for physical steel products which would be classified as lower, and ultimately near-zero, carbon emissions steel.

Hankuk Carbon, Dymag partner to mass manufacture carbon composite wheels for automotive

Green Car Congress

Hankuk Carbon Co Ltd, a manufacturer of advanced composite materials, has formed a strategic joint-partnership with Dymag, a manufacturer of carbon composite wheels, to enable the mass production of high-performance carbon composite wheels for the world’s leading automotive OEMs.

Carbon 226

Kia EV6 achieves product carbon footprint certification from the Carbon Trust

Green Car Congress

Kia EV6 ( earlier post )has achieved product carbon footprint certification and ‘ Carbon Measured ’ label from the global climate change and sustainability consultancy the Carbon Trust, becoming the first Korean vehicle manufacturer to achieve the certificate.

Carbon 343

ExxonMobil, FuelCell Energy expand agreement to optimize carbonate fuel cell technology for large-scale carbon capture

Green Car Congress

signed a new, two-year expanded joint-development agreement to further enhance carbonate fuel cell technology for the purpose of capturing carbon dioxide from industrial facilities. The agreement, worth up to $60 million, will focus efforts on optimizing the core technology, overall process integration and large-scale deployment of carbon capture solutions. ExxonMobil says it has captured more carbon dioxide than any other company. ExxonMobil and FuelCell Energy, Inc.

2019 281

Carbon Recycling International and Johnson Matthey collaborate on sustainable methanol

Green Car Congress

Carbon Recycling International (CRI) and Johnson Matthey (JM) have agreed on a long-term exclusive catalyst supply agreement for the use of JM’s KATALCO methanol catalysts in CRI’s Emissions-To-Liquids (ETL) CO 2 -to-methanol plants. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Methanol

ExxonMobil, UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab develop new MOF for carbon capture and steam regeneration

Green Car Congress

Scientists from ExxonMobil, University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new material that could capture more than 90% of CO 2 emitted from industrial sources using low-temperature steam, requiring less energy for the overall carbon capture process.

2020 328

New polymer membrane efficiently removes carbon dioxide from mixed gases; high permeability and selectivity

Green Car Congress

A team of researchers from North Carolina State University, SINTEF in Norway and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, has developed a polymer membrane technology that removes carbon dioxide from mixed gases with both high permeability and high selectivity. The researchers then grafted a patchy layer of polyamine, which selectively attracts carbon dioxide, thus pulling it into the membrane and leading to much higher separation from nitrogen.

ExxonMobil planning hydrogen production, carbon capture and storage at Baytown complex; 1B cfd of blue hydrogen

Green Car Congress

ExxonMobil is planning a hydrogen production plant and one of the world’s largest carbon capture and storage projects at its integrated refining and petrochemical site at Baytown, Texas, supporting efforts to reduce emissions from company operations and local industry. The proposed hydrogen facility would produce up to 1 billion cubic feet per day of “blue” hydrogen—hydrogen produced from natural gas and supported by carbon capture and storage.

Molten carbonate electrolysis can produce a range of carbon nanomaterials, including graphene, from CO2 at high yield

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China and George Washington University in the US report in a new paper in the ACS journal Accounts of Chemical Research that a range of important carbon nanomaterials can be produced at high yield by molten carbonate electrolysis.

2019 309

Strategic Biofuels successfully tests carbon capture and storage for renewable diesel plant

Green Car Congress

Strategic Biofuels announced that its Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Test Well Program was successfully completed at the company’s Louisiana Green Fuels Project (LGF) in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Carbon capture and permanent geologic sequestration is no longer a hypothetical scenario for Louisiana Green Fuels—successful completion of the test well is a major milestone that’s not been achieved by any other renewable diesel project.

Carbon 276

DOE to award up to $24M to advance direct air carbon capture technology

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will award up to $24 million for research into technology that captures carbon emissions directly from the air, replicating the way plants and trees absorb CO 2. ( Although direct air capture of carbon dioxide (DAC) generally refers to the capture of CO 2 from ambient air, this FOA also considers the removal of CO 2 from partially concentrated air (e.g., Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Fuels Market Background

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Multicomponent catalytic system efficiently converts carbon dioxide to methanol

Green Car Congress

Inspired by naturally occurring processes, a team of Boston College chemists used a multi-catalyst system to convert carbon dioxide to methanol at the lowest temperatures reported with high activity and selectivity.

2020 292

Study finds limiting warming to 2 °C would require at least a $200/t carbon tax globally

Green Car Congress

Lloyd Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, and José-Luis Cruz of Princeton University assesses the local social cost of carbon (LSCC) and how that cost aligns with the carbon reduction pledges countries made under the Paris Agreement.

Tax 323

Benchmark: Lithium carbonate prices reach record high

Green Car Congress

Prices of lithium carbonate assessed by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence have reached new highs on the back of limited supply and sustained lithium-ion battery demand in China. Benchmark’s EXW China (Battery) grade of lithium carbonate rose by 26.5%

Carbon 217

Estonian startup UP Catalyst secures €2.09M; sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite from CO2

Green Car Congress

Estonian startup UP Catalyst, a company developing a method to produce sustainable carbon nanomaterials and graphite from CO 2 , has closed a successful pre-seed round of €500,000, in addition to €1.59 Although founded in 2019, the scientific research and development of UP Catalyst goes back to 2016, when relevant technologies to produce carbon nanomaterials and graphite sustainably were studied by the founders. Batteries Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Manufacturing Materials

ESA approves Norwegian CCS Full-Scale carbon capture and storage project; up to €2.1bn in aid

Green Car Congress

The CCS Full-Scale project is a central part of Norway’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and meet the European goal of climate-neutrality by 2050. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Market Background

2020 330

Haldor Topsoe and Aker Carbon Capture to cooperate on low-carbon hydrogen solutions

Green Car Congress

Aker Carbon Capture and Haldor Topsoe have signed a memorandum of understanding with the intention to offer a complete solution for low-carbon hydrogen production. The solution combines Haldor Topsoe’s proven hydrogen process and Aker Carbon Capture’s post-combustion carbon capture technology to achieve low-emission and cost-effective production of ‘blue’ hydrogen. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2020 174

LanzaTech, Danone develop method to convert carbon emissions directly into MEG, a key building block for PET

Green Car Congress

The technology converts carbon emissions from steel mills or gasified waste biomass directly into MEG. The carbon capture technology uses a proprietary engineered bacterium to convert carbon emissions directly into MEG through fermentation, bypassing the need for an ethanol intermediate, and simplifying the MEG supply chain. AI Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Market Background Plastics Synthetic Biology

Carbon 167

Elkem to test first carbon capture pilot for silicon smelters

Green Car Congress

Elkem, a global leader in silicon-based advanced materials, will test the world’s first carbon capture pilot for silicon smelters at its plant in Rana, Norway. The carbon capture pilot is a collaboration between Elkem and Mo Industripark, SINTEF, Alcoa, Celsa, Ferroglobe, SMA Mineral, Norcem, Norfrakalk, Arctic Cluster Team and Aker Carbon Capture. Aker Carbon Capture delivers the test unit, which is the only one of its kind in Norway.

Carbon 167

Occidental Petroleum and Chevron invest in direct air carbon capture and synthetic fuels company Carbon Engineering

Green Car Congress

Canada-based Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE) CE) has received equity investment from two global energy companies: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation; and Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), the venture capital arm of Chevron Corporation. CE’s AIR TO FUELS products are fully compatible with existing cars, trucks, ships and planes, allowing existing vehicles to reduce their carbon emissions without modification.

2019 275

Researchers use carbon-based anodes with “bumpy” surfaces for Li-ion batteries that last longer in extreme cold

Green Car Congress

The resulting 12-sided carbon nanospheres had “bumpy” surfaces that demonstrated excellent electrical charge transfer capabilities. The resulting 12-sided carbon nanospheres had bumpy surfaces that demonstrated excellent electrical charge transfer capabilities.

Li-ion 334

Carbon Engineering & LanzaTech partner to produce SAF using direct air capture CO2; “air-to-jet”

Green Car Congress

LanzaTech UK and direct air capture technology company Carbon Engineering have partnered on a project to create sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO 2 ). The project team, consisting of LanzaTech, CE, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic, will examine how two proven technologies can be integrated to recycle atmospheric CO 2 into ultra-low carbon jet fuel. Aviation & Aerospace Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Fuels Market Background

Carbon 249

Baker Hughes acquires exclusive license from SRI International for mixed salt process technology for carbon capture

Green Car Congress

3C’s technology differs from traditional carbon capture solvent-based solutions by using rotating beds instead of static columns, effectively distributing solvents in a compact and modularized format. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Market Background

Carbon 206

Teijin unveils advanced spread-tow carbon fiber woven fabric

Green Car Congress

Teijin Limited launched a lightweight, strong and cost-effective carbon fiber woven fabric developed with the company’s proprietary tow-spreading technology. Properties of Teijin’s new spread-tow carbon fiber.

FPX Nickel establishes subsidiary to pursue large-scale, low-cost and permanent carbon capture and storage

Green Car Congress

to pursue opportunities in large-scale, low-cost and permanent carbon capture and storage (CCS). million in a seed round financing, leaving FPX Nickel with an approximately 76% ownership interest (fully diluted) in CO 2 Lock, which will proceed with an independent management team in developing carbon sequestration operations in geological settings worldwide with similarities to FPX’s Decar Nickel District. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Market Background Materials Mining

Measuring AI’s Carbon Footprint

Cars That Think

Several software packages estimate the carbon emissions of AI workloads. They also obtained, for 16 geographical regions, carbon emissions per kWh of energy used throughout 2020, at five-minute granularity. Machine-learning models are growing exponentially larger.

Dodge 64

Drexel team develops stable Li-S battery with carbonate electrolyte

Green Car Congress

sulfur phase within carbon nanofibers that enables successful operation of Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) batteries in carbonate electrolyte for 4000 cycles. Carbonates are known to adversely react with the intermediate polysulfides and shut down Li-S batteries in first discharge. We hope that this striking discovery of solid-to-solid reaction will trigger new fundamental and applied research in carbonate electrolyte Li-S batteries.

Carbon 239

Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, Rusheen Capital Management create company to deploy Carbon Engineering’s direct air capture technology

Green Car Congress

Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC, a subsidiary of Occidental, and Rusheen Capital Management, a private equity firm, have formed a development company, 1PointFive, to finance and to deploy Carbon Engineering ’s large-scale Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

2020 206

Evonik introduces silicon-carbon composite material for anodes: Siridion Black

Green Car Congress

Evonik has introduced the silicon-carbon composite material Siridion Black as a new anode material for lithium-ion batteries. Within the amorphous particles, the carbon concentration increases from the inside out. The carbon-covered silicon is now available on an industrial scale.

Carbon 328

Linde and Shell team up to commercialize lower-carbon technology for ethylene: E-ODH

Green Car Congress

The catalytic process is an alternative route to ethane steam cracking, offering the potential of economic advantages, acetic acid co-production and significantly lower overall carbon footprint through electrification of power input. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC) Market Background

2020 292

C2CNT process converts flue gas from natural gas power plant into carbon nanotubes

Green Car Congress

On 26 July, the first flue gas from the natural gas power plant, the Shepard Energy Center in Calgary, Canada, was directly transformed by the C2CNT process ( earlier post ) into carbon nanotubes. new developments of the transformation are reported including use of a nickel super-alloy electrode, critical thermal balance of the process, demonstration of the secondary pure, hot oxygen product, and alkali control of the carbon nanotube structure. Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCC

2019 280

Mote begins engineering work on biomass-to-hydrogen plant with carbon capture

Green Car Congress

With the engineering work of their first facility underway, Mote expects to produce approximately seven million kilograms of carbon-negative hydrogen and remove 150,000 metric tons of CO 2 from the air annually. Mote’s proprietary integration of proven equipment in a novel process is the basis for this carbon removal and clean energy generation facility. Biomass Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

Carbon 174

DOE awards $2.2M to Rio Tinto-led team to explore carbon mineralization at Tamarack nickel project

Green Car Congress

million of funding to a Rio Tinto-led team to explore carbon storage potential at the Tamarack nickel joint venture in central Minnesota. Rio Tinto has assembled a team of climate innovation and research leaders to explore new approaches in carbon mineralization technology as a way to store carbon as rock safely and permanently. Carbon mineralization uses natural chemical reactions to convert captured carbon dioxide into rock and store it underground.

Carbon 150

Study finds limited evidence that carbon tax rebates have increased public support for carbon pricing

Green Car Congress

In a study published in Nature Climate Change , an international research team reports finding limited evidence that individual or household rebates have increased public support for carbon taxes in Canada and Switzerland. Information was obtained using a five-wave panel survey that tracked public attitudes before, during and after implementation of Canada’s 2019 carbon tax and dividend policy and a large-scale survey of Swiss residents.

Carbon 167

BMW Group to procure low-carbon steel from Salzgitter AG for European plants; second low-carbon steel deal

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group is expanding sourcing of low-carbon steel to two suppliers, meeting up to 40% of steel demand at European plants by 2030. earlier post ) The BMW Group has now signed an agreement with Salzgitter AG for delivery of low-carbon steel.

Carbon 248

Aviation H2 selects liquid ammonia as carbon-free fuel of choice

Green Car Congress

Additionally, worldwide transportation and handling of liquid ammonia has been around for many years, making ammonia as a carbon-free fuel even more appealing.

Carbon 310

DOE to award up to $19M to advance waste carbon utilization for algal biofuels and bioproducts

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management’s (FECM’s) Carbon Utilization Program (CUP) announced up to $19 million in federal funding for the advancement of technologies that utilize waste carbon to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and produce reliable feedstocks for biotechnologies.

Waste 167

DOE awards $35M to 15 projects in ARPA-E ECOSynBio program to reduce carbon footprint of biofuel production

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $35 million to 15 research projects through ARPA-E’s “Energy and Carbon Optimized Synthesis for the Bioeconomy” (ECOSynBio) program to decarbonize biorefining processes used across the energy, transportation, and agriculture sectors. These fermentation processes create carbon as a byproduct, with some processes wasting more than 1/3 of this carbon as CO 2 emissions. Carbon-Negative Chemical Production Platform - $4,160,262.57.

Carbon 247

First carbon-neutral lithium extraction project to start in Germany

Green Car Congress

EIT InnoEnergy, the European innovation engine for sustainable energy, announced a partnership with Vulcan Energy Resources Limited (Vulcan), a start-up lithium exploration company, to produce the world’s first completely carbon-neutral lithium in Germany.

2020 390

DOE announces $110M for carbon capture, utilization, and storage projects

Green Car Congress

A recent study by Science of the Total Environment found that DOE is the most productive organization in the world in the carbon capture and storage field. Under the first FOA award, Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) Studies for Carbon Capture Systems on Coal and Natural Gas Power Plants, DOE has selected nine projects to receive $55.4 The selected projects will support FEED studies for commercial-scale carbon capture systems.

2019 191