Renewable energy growth accelerating, says International Energy Agency

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And the latest statistics from the International Energy Agency (IEA) will be good news indeed for electric-car drivers. Last year saw record growth in renewable energy, according to the IEA, which surpassed coal to become the. China energy policy plug-in cars renewable energy solar wind energyThe overall carbon emissions associated with electric cars decrease as the electricity used to recharge them gets cleaner.

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Energy Dept stops tracking green energy, electric-car progress; NRDC picks up slack

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For years, federal Department of Energy collected and published that information—but it has eliminated that effort under the Trump Administration. Department of Energy DOE plug-in cars renewable energy clean energy Donald TrumpThere's a lot of good data to be found in public reports from national labs and other government research papers, but it's not always easy to find or easy to parse.

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Tesla, SolarCity, and Ta'u: sun, storage batteries, clean energy (video)

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emissions renewable energy solar clean energy energy storage Solar CityThe combination of Tesla and SolarCity is already promoting its potential synergies, albeit in a location far away from the mainland United States.

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Two-thirds of world's new energy capacity in 2016 was renewable: IEA

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For years, renewable energy has been cast as the most expensive option to reduce emissions and the world's reliance on fossil fuels. But 2016 may have marked a turn for the renewable energy sector, with solar energy in particular rising significantly in output. For the first time in history, renewable energy sources accounted for fully two-thirds. China renewable energy solar clean energy energy wind energy

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Energy storage batteries face biggest test in California

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From the perspective of both renewable-energy advocates and electric utilities, grid-scale energy storage offers many potential benefits. By storing energy in battery packs for later use, energy storage can make intermittent renewable sources like solar and wind into more reliable forms of power. California energy policy renewable energy energy energy storage

Wising Up About Energy Use

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The difference that’s made in cutting my “phantom energy use&# has been serious in cutting my bill from SCE, not to mention my personal carbon footprint. I also spend time volunteering for the South Bay Environmental Services Center in which I try to spread the energy savings and conservation message to everyone I come in contact with. But what if we each knew exactly how much energy every electrical appliance we plug into our wall sockets actually used?

MB2025 – Starting a 100% Renewable Energy Revolution in the South Bay of Los Angeles

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Wind energy capacity in Europe now exceeds total coal output

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While homeowners are more familiar with photovoltaic solar panels, large-scale wind power is an increasingly important part of the growth in renewable energy. For the first time, the total installed capacity of wind energy in Europe now exceeds the total output of electric powerplants fueled with coal. Europe renewable energy energy wind energy fossil fuels

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DoE energy-loan program (notorious for Solyndra) now turning a profit

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Department of Energy (DOE) loan program that became a lightning rod during the 2012 presidential election is now turning a profit. energy policy Department of Energy DOE renewable energy energyThe U.S. The program became infamous for backing solar company Solyndra, which later went bankrupt. Three years after Soyndra's failure, though, the program is now in the black. DON'T MISS: Carbon emissions from U.S.

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Senate panel rejects clean-energy cuts, boosts DoE funding instead

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The committee released a lengthy report on the 2018 fiscal year budget for the Department of Energy that walks away from the Trump Administration's efforts to defund clean energy. Politics government senate Department of Energy DOE renewable energy clean energy Donald TrumpThe Senate Committee on Appropriations recently exhibited a quality somewhat rare in U.S. politics these days: bipartisanship.

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Let Us Now Murder AB 2145 Before It Kills Community Choice Power

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When we last wrote about AB 2145 it was after a trip to Sacramento to speak out against the bill at the Senate Energy Committee hearing on it. ” It’s pretty much impossible to set customer rates five years in advance with today’s volatile energy markets.

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Urgent: Assemblymember Chris Holden Trying to Kill California’s 100% Renewable Climate Bill, #ChangeTheClimate, #SB100

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SB 100 accelerates the existing renewable energy targets to 60 percent RPS by 2030, and requires retail energy sellers to plan, model, and invest over the next 28 years to reach the 100% clean, zero carbon, and renewable energy target.

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The Summit On Clean Tech Law & The New Energy Policy

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My friend, attorney Leslie Williams, of Shaub and Williams , has been busy for the past few months putting together a big Renewable Energy Law Summit at the Southwestern Law School in L.A.

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Smallest state poses big question: natural gas or renewable energy?

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state now faces a big question on energy policy. Rhode Island is in the midst of deciding whether to continue getting a large portion of energy from fossil fuels, or to switch to renewable energy. emissions natural gas renewable energy energy wind energy Rhode IslandThe smallest U.S. Those options are represented by two competing projects: a large natural-gas power plant, and an offshore wind farm. DON'T MISS: Dirty.

Energy Dept grid report downplayed renewables, stressed coal, fossil fuels

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The Trump administration hasn't been coy about trying to champion traditional fossil fuels while downplaying the importance and falling costs of renewable energy. Earlier this year, Department of Energy secretary Rick Perry, previously governor of fossil-fuel producer Texas, called for a 60-day review of the United States' energy grid. Politics energy policy Department of Energy DOE renewable energy fossil fuels

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Lawrence Livermore publishes state-by-state energy/water Sankey diagrams

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For the first time, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) has published state-by-state energy and water Sankey diagrams in one location so that analysts and policymakers can find all the information they need in one place. General location of energy and water categories.

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Big energy hugely underestimates electric cars, renewable power

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Mass adoption of electric cars and renewable energy could significantly decrease global consumption of fossil fuels. But does the established energy industry view these new developments as a threat? oil plug-in cars renewable energy energy fossil fuelsIn a recent report, ExxonMobil said coal could continue to provide the majority of the world's electricity-generation capacity in 2040, and that.

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More solar energy was added in 2016 than natural gas or wind

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Renewable-energy growth has accelerated in 2016, but this may go down as a milestone year for one renewable-energy source in particular. Together, all renewable-energy sources are expected to account for 8 percent of U.S. electricity-generation capacity in 2017, according to the Department of Energy, and solar energy is responsible for most of. emissions natural gas renewable energy solar clean energy wind energy

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Renewable energy to hit 9 percent of U.S. total in 2017

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renewable-energy generating capacity is not only growing, but it is beginning to erode coal's share of the electricity-generating mix, according to new data from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The agency predicts renewable energy—particularly solar power—to continue growing. emissions renewable energy solar clean energy wind energy

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U.S. energy sources and uses: everything you need to know in one lovely chart

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One of the interesting side effects of plug-in electric cars turns out to be a greater awareness of energy sources and uses. Department of Energy climate change U.S. DOE carbon dioxide electric utilities plug-in cars clean energy energyA 2012 California study, for instance, showed roughly four out of 10 electric-car drivers either had or were considering solar panels to provide electricity to their home. And because electric cars everywhere in the U.S.

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Trump names vocal renewable-energy critic to oversee.renewable energy

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Politics global warming Efficiency climate change carbon dioxide renewable energy fossil fuels Donald TrumpWhile the news headlines on President Donald Trump mostly address potential scandals, his administration has also lagged significantly in appointing top-level officials to run government agencies. Those that have been appointed often have an adversarial relationship to the missions of the agencies they run. Scott Pruitt, for example, is now.

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Give Me A #BreakFreeLA & Then Give Me 100% Renewables RIGHT NOW

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” Actual reality tells us we already have all the renewable energy and storage products ready to take their place RIGHT NOW, not in some Star Wars Death Star future. I’ve lived in my house in Torrance, California for 23 years now. Been in L.A.

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Bradford: Twelve Years A Failure – His Reason To Kill CCAs

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And he must have had other plans when 500 people from around the South Bay showed up on the Manhattan Beach pier to show their support for clean energy. South Bay Gets More Done In 3 Months Than SCE’s Former Flack Got Done in a Dozen As A City Councilman in Gardena.

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Ted Lieu To The Rescue! Heroic Climate Champion Saves Community Choice Aggregation.

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Ted now had a twinkle in his eyes. “And if you knew what I know about the successful experiences of Marin Clean Energy and Sonoma Clean Power you’d know that their aggregation programs are saving the participating cities real money on electricity.

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Renault creates new grid-energy subsidiary: Renault Energy Services

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Groupe Renault, Europe’s number one manufacturer of electric vehicles, has formed a new subsidiary: Renault Energy Services. The aim of this new subsidiary is to have an active presence in the energy and smart grid sectors, both of which are fundamental to the expansion of electric mobility. Renault Energy Services will focus chiefly on the development of smart charging, vehicle to grid interaction and second-life batteries.

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Scotland shows path toward boosting renewable energy in a big way

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But its persistent winds make the country a great place for renewable energy. Europe UK renewable energy Scotland energy wind energyScotland isn't known for having the most pleasant weather. Over the past few years, officials have overseen the construction of numerous wind turbines, in hopes of turning Scotland's weather into a useful resource. CHECK OUT: What Country Powered Itself Entirely On.

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Clean energy provides far more U.S. jobs than fossil fuels: analysis

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jobs climate change solar clean energy energy Sierra Club wind energy fossil fuels Donald TrumpYesterday, U.S. president Donald J. Trump signed an executive order to begin the process of rolling back pretty much every vestige of U.S. efforts to address climate change. In both his campaigning and since his inauguration, Trump has claimed that his government and its actions focus on creating or bringing back jobs for working-class Americans.

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All renewable energy types to be cost-competitive by 2020: report

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Renewable-energy generation costs are falling like photons onto a solar panel. By 2020, it's expected all types of renewable-energy generation will be able to compete with fossil fuels on cost. DON'T MISS: Two-thirds of world's new energy capacity in 2016. electric utilities renewable energy solar wind energyThat's right: saving our environment will actually save electric utilities some money, too.

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Solar Powered Greenius Producing Massive South Bay Energy

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With the coming solar feed-in tariff legislation moving through Sacramento that will pay us for the extra solar energy we produce and feed back into the grid. is trying to put together driven by Howard Choy the County’s Energy Services Manager.

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NASA looking at geothermal energy from Yellowstone supervolcano

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United States clean energy energy Natural DisastersAlthough claims of imminent volcanic eruption are likely exaggerated, any eruption of what's known as the Yellowstone Supervolcano would cause global chaos. Through intense monitoring programs, scientists have a clear idea of the Yellowstone volcano's behavior. Now NASA scientists are exploring a radical idea that could one day neutralize the.


All Dutch electric trains now running on 100-percent renewable energy

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The cleaner an energy source, the cleaner the vehicles it powers. Europe The Netherlands renewable energy Public transport Trains wind energyWhile modern electric cars have only been available in large numbers for a few years, electric trains have been commonplace for some time. As with electric cars, the source of the electricity used to power these trains impacts their overall carbon footprint. DON'T MISS: Alstom.

Renewable Energy Doing So Well That Subsidies Could End: Energy Secretary Moniz

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Government subsidies have been an important lifeline for renewable energy, helping to make different technologies viable even when costs are not in their favor. emissions energy policy Department of Energy renewable energy solar wind energyBut at what point will the industry be competitive enough with fossil fuels that subsidies will no longer be necessary? It's possible that will happen sooner, rather than later. DON'T.

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Tesla stores to focus on energy as well as electric cars

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Its Tesla Energy division markets stationary lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage. Energy-storage systems can increase the utility of home solar arrays, meaning Tesla Energy will likely become more important now that Tesla is set to. plug-in cars renewable energy energy storage Solar City Tesla PowerwallTesla is perhaps best known for its electric cars, but the company has another prominent business as well.

2016 87

Home energy storage batteries lose to grid-connected solar on environmental impact

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At first glance, renewable-energy sources like solar power and energy-storage battery packs seem like a logical match. Energy storage allows excess power collected by solar panels to be stored for later use, addressing the intermittent nature of solar power. Study electric utilities renewable energy energy energy storage

Tesla's battery farm on Kauai opens, large-scale solar energy for Hawaii

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SolarCity was already controlled by Musk, who believes its solar-energy business can be reinforced and complemented by Tesla's energy-storage business. electric utilities Hawaii renewable energy solar energy storage Solar CityEven before Elon Musk engineered Tesla's acquisition of SolarCity, the two companies were collaborating.

PHEV Energy Bill

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W e've had the people in our shop go over the new energy bill with an eye for Plug Ins and electric transportation in general. Clearly, this bill will accelerate the development of Plug Ins and energy storage in general.

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Growth Energy: 2 billion miles on E15

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Growth Energy announced that in five months, US drivers have surpassed another billion miles on E15 (gasoline with 15% ethanol), bringing the total miles driven across the US to 2 billion. Growth Energy represents producers and supporters of ethanol. Growth Energy partners with retailers including Casey’s, Cenex, Family Express, Kum & Go, Kwik Trip, MAPCO, Minnoco, Murphy USA, Protec Fuel, QuikTrip, RaceTrac, Sheetz, and Thorntons to offer E15 to their customers.

2017 81

New modified iron trifluoride intercalation-conversion cathode could triple energy density

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Iron fluoride, an intercalation-conversion cathode for lithium-ion batteries, promises a high theoretical energy density of 1922?Wh?kg In the doped nanorods, an energy density of ~1000?Wh?kg

2018 90

What Trump's 'Energy Week' policies actually mean

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The White House declared this past week "Energy Week" and offered up a few key points on which the Trump administration plans to focus to unleash what it calls a new American dominance in energy. However, neither the initiatives nor the proposed policy changes hone in on where the world is heading: renewable energy, free of fossil fuels. Politics energy policy clean energy Donald Trump

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China ratchets down green-energy growth for first time ever

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China renewable energy solar clean energy wind energyOver the past few years, China has made a major push to reduce carbon emissions by encouraging use of green technologies. Thanks to generous government incentives and fleet purchases, it is now the world's largest market for plug-in electric cars. Construction of new solar and wind farms has also proceeded at a rapid pace. DON'T MISS: Chevy Volt.

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