Olympian Motors company is making Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

Olympian Motors is making old-style cars into Electric cars as we all know till today everyone is passionate about buying a classic model but due to limited production, they cant people cant make their dream true. Olympian Motors O1 Electric car.

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Why wireless charging matters for electric cars

Green Car Reports

If you’ve cut the cord for your smartphone with a charging pad for the bedside table and one in the car—and, if you’re lucky—wireless CarPlay or Android Auto—you likely get the idea of what a game-changer wireless inductive charging could be for electric cars.

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Ola’s first Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

As we all know till today Ola has manufactured 2-wheelers ever since the first time Ola came up with its first electric car about to launch to the Indian market. At the Ola customer Day event held at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu announced its first electric car concept.

Electric Car – Tata Motors revealed New Electric SUV Curvv

Electric Vehicles India

Tata revealed their new Suv curvv which is aerodynamically built, its sharp edges, curvy designs, sleek arch looks beautiful and in this video, all the doors of this car are opening and closing automatically with this the frameless design of do0rs gives it a premium look.

Kia Ev6 GT Electric car spied testing in India.

Electric Vehicles India

As we can see How electric vehicle companies are inventing their ideas, day by day they are coming up with new different concepts and designs a couple of days back Tata launched their new brand vehicle and within no time Kia announced its new brand Ev6 electric car.

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Electric Car Conversion Kits

Electric Cars are for Girls

Wondering where the best places are to get electric car conversion kits? Here are a few of my favorites

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Electric Car Facts and FAQ

Electric Cars are for Girls

Electric car facts and frequently asked questions from the e-mail bag. There's no such thing as a dumb question

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5 Upcoming Tata Electric Cars in India

Electric Vehicles India

Tata Electric Cars: The current status shows Tata Motors is ruling the Electric Vehicle segment in India close with 80% of the market cap. The company has started testing the electric hatchback, and the TATA ALTROZ EV is excepted to release by end of 2022.

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Electric Cars in India 2021

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Cars in India 2021. Especially from the last 2 years, India’s electric vehicle sales are increasing even faster than petrol prices. So, let’s have a look at the best electric cars in India available to buy in 2021. .

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Comeback from Hindustan Motors with New Ambassador Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

Great comeback from Hindustan motors with the new attractive Ambassador Electric car produced with a partnership with a French Auto manufacturing company. Next-gen Ambassador Electric car to Indian Market. Tata Ace EV small electric truck launched in India.

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History: Electric Cars: The Golden Age

Clean Fleet Report

With the recent growth of the electric automobile industry , it’s no surprise that EVs are a hot topic of conversation. Whether it’s a Tesla, the Chevy Bolt or Nissan Leaf, it’s getting more common to see electric cars on the road. Growing Popularity of Electric Cars in the U.S.

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China based company introducing a new Electric car.

Electric Vehicles India

The new Electric vehicle is tinier than Nano and it comes with 40 hp. Wuling, the china based company introducing a new Electric car small-sized electric vehicle in Indonesia. The mini Electric car design front fascia of the Electric car took inspiration from VR glasses.

Audi unveiled new 2 in 1 concept electric car Skysphere

Electric Vehicles India

Audi unveiled new 2 in 1 concept electric car Skysphere. The Audi has unveiled a new concept electric car called Skysphere which is powered by a two-door convertible with Level 4 autonomous driving technology. Audi electric car Skysphere.

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Mahindra XUV300 India’s upcoming electric car 

Electric Vehicles India

Mahindra XUV300 India’s upcoming electric car . Mahindra XUV300 electric car is from a leading and pioneer automaker Mahindra Electric. It is developing an all-electric version of its conventional XUV300 car. Mahindra XUV300 electric car .

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Mercedes Benz teases upcoming hyper-efficient electric car Vision EQXX

Electric Vehicles India

Mercedes Benz teases upcoming hyper-efficient electric car Vision EQXX. Mercedes-Benz has teased its upcoming next ultra-efficient electric car Vision EQXX that provides a range of over 1,000 km (620 miles). The new electric car is also part of it.

Update: Top 10 Electric Cars

Clean Fleet Report

2021 Is Here: Here Are the Top 10 Electric Car Companies. Picking the Top 10 electric car makers now involves making some choices as the number of vehicles available increases. The Model S is the best-selling plug-in car in the U.S. Fleet To Electric?

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BMW Electric Car: The i3

Electric Cars are for Girls

The BMW electric car offering from BMW group is called the i3, and wow, it is really a head-turner

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How to make a diy electric car?

DIY Electric Car

Hello everyone, I have an electric motor at home. So I wanted to try my best by making an electric car myself. So I want to ask everyone who can show me how to make an electric car. I am a person who loves to find, learn and explore.

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Bentley launching five new electric cars from 2025

Green Car Congress

Bentley Motors will launch five new electric cars from 2025. From 2025, the first Bentley electric vehicle will be designed, developed and produced at its headquarters in Crewe, England. Moreover, Bentley is investigating using sustainable biofuel in fleet cars, including Bentley’s iconic Heritage Collection. Bentley expects more than 20% of sales this year will come from Bentley’s hybrid cars. Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

Mercedes teases new electric car Vision EQXX

Electric Vehicles India

Mercedes teases new electric car Vision EQXX. Mercedes Benz a German automaker has released a new teaser image of the luxury electric car, the Mercedes Vision EQXX. It will be the new electric model for the brand which the company had announced a year ago.

M-zero performance electric car

Electric Vehicles India

M-zero performance electric car. So, most of them manufacture electric vehicles based on affordability and utility. Mean Metal Motors is one such electric supercar startup that came up with their M-zero performance electric car.

Electric car price war is coming, says Ford CEO


Ford CEO Jim Farley believes that the electric car market is going to soon enter a price war with upcoming $25,000 models. The post Electric car price war is coming, says Ford CEO appeared first on Electrek.

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A long range Electric car from BWM called i4 into Indian market.

Electric Vehicles India

BMW i4: Today German carmakers have Launched a long-range Electric car to the Indian market and the excepted range is all about 590 km per charge. Till today the long-range Electric car in the Indian market is Tata but today the best long-range Electric car is the BMW i4.

Qiantu unveils K20 $13,000 two-seat electric car


Qiantu has unveiled a new two-seat electric car with up to 500 km (300 miles) of range and a starting price equivalent to just $13,000. The post Qiantu unveils K20 $13,000 two-seat electric car appeared first on Electrek.

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Minerals used in electric cars: How much does the US import and from where?

Green Car Congress

This post focuses on minerals used uniquely in the manufacture of electric cars. The table below lists the weight (in kg) of the minerals used in a typical electric car and a typical conventional car. The source of the information is the International Energy Agency , so the data are applicable in general, and they are not specifically tailored to the cars made in the United States. Electric cars. Conventional cars.

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Alphabet Soup: Electric Car Acronyms and Abbreviations

Electric Cars are for Girls

Wondering about all those strange letters of the electric car world? I'm about to explain them

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Electric Car Charging: We Can Do This!

Electric Cars are for Girls

So you've got a new (or new to you) electric car. Welcome to the world of electric car charging What are you going to do when your battery runs low?

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New electric cars due in 2022

Discover EV

Best new electric cars coming in 2022

Top 10 electric cars in India 2021 

Electric Vehicles India

Top 10 electric cars in India 2021 . Cars are something which everyone wants to have at least one in a family due to their seating capacity, comfort, long journeys and much. So here in this article, we will discuss the Top 10 electric cars in India 2021.

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Electric Car FAQs: Is It Still Worth Buying A Hybrid?

EV Obssesion

Electric cars — and electrified or hybrid cars! — are mostly like regular cars. You step on the pedal on the right and the car goes, you turn the wheel and the car turns, and the only real difference is what kind of fuel goes in it.

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Lightyear announces ~$34,000 solar electric car


Lightyear, a startup known for developing an expensive solar car, announced its second vehicle, and it’s going to be a much less expensive ~$34,000 solar electric car. more… The post Lightyear announces ~$34,000 solar electric car appeared first on Electrek.

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We visited Tata Motor's electric car factory

Plug In India

By Atul Gopal Atul Gopal from PluginIndia and some members of the Nexon EV owners community were invited to Tata Motor's electric car factory. These are where the different electrical equipment are earthed. Electric Cars EV Industry News

Ford to introduce 7 new electric cars and vans in Europe by 2024; plans for new battery plant

Green Car Congress

Ford will offer a new generation of seven, all-electric, fully-connected passenger vehicles and vans in Europe by 2024. Ford will have nine electric cars and vans on the market in Europe in 2024. Starting in 2023, Ford will begin production of an all-new electric passenger.

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New update from TATA Nexon Electric Car – Nexon EV is upgrading the range to 400 KM.

Electric Vehicles India

New update from TATA Nexon Electric car, ever before TATA Nexon is going to upgrade range up to 400 km on a single charge. Tata Motors is the #1 Electric Cars manufacturer in India. Tata Motors is the best-selling electric car company of 2020 and 2021.

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Used Electric Cars

Electric Cars are for Girls

For the first time in around 80 years, it is possible in many parts of the world to buy a used electric car

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Mycardirect Outperforms UK Electric Car Market: 20% Electric Car Penetration v. 7.5% UK Car Market YTD

EV Obssesion

Mycardirect outperforms UK electric car market Mycardirect reports a 20% electric car penetration v. The post Mycardirect Outperforms UK Electric Car Market: 20% Electric Car Penetration v. UK Car Market YTD appeared first on EV Obsession.

Electric Car Watch #13: The OLA Electric Car Concept Revealed

Plug In India

By Abhishek & Kamlesh ​ In this episode of Electric Car Watch, we will talk about India’s most talked about EV startup, Ola Electric and their electric car plans, their large investment in Coventry, UK and also the challenges in creating an electric car from the scratch.

Neighborhood Electric Cars

Electric Cars are for Girls

Neighborhood electric cars like the Zenn, high-speed three-wheeled electric cars, and low-speed electric vehicles all fit here

Things to Keep in mind while buying an Electric Car insurance.

Electric Vehicles India

We all can see how electric vehicles were increasing day by day and many of them showed interest in buying the Ev’s because of their low maintenance, noise-free and pollution-free. Usually, E-cars have a range of 100 to 150 miles before their batteries need to be recharged.

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Mazda MX-30 Electric Car

Electric Vehicles India

Mazda MX-30 Electric Car. Mazda, a 100-year-old automaker has now made its entry into the electric vehicle market. In recent days all the major automakers are trying to rule out gas cars and they are planning to switch to full electric in the near future.

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Electric cars buyers guide

Drive Electric

If this is something that’s been on your mind, stepping into the world of electric motoring has probably crossed it too, making the switch to an electric car or van could help you improve your lifestyle in a wonderful new way. Are electric cars better for the environment?

Even misrepresented, Michigan Senator makes case for electric car amid record gas prices

Green Car Reports

a Michigan Senator bragged about driving an expensive electric car to Washington, D.C., According to the reporting from Fox News, one of the most popular news organizations in the U.S., while avoiding gas stations amid historic prices. Not true.

Electric Car History

Electric Cars are for Girls

Ever wonder about electric car history, and how the gasmobile ate up the electric car's market in the US

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