Quebec passes Canada's first zero-emission vehicle rule, to start in 2018

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Quebec's Assemblée Nationale passed the regulation on October 26 by a unanimous vote of 112 to 0, and to universal praise from Canada's electric vehicle community. Canada California plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle regulation state laws QuebecQuebec has become the first Canadian province to adopt a requirement for sales of a certain number of zero-emission vehicles, similar to the one in effect in California.

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Driving a Chevy Bolt EV electric car across Canada, all the way

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To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, Barb Hetherington and Buddy Boyd embarked on their maiden voyage to prove electric car travel is feasible in a very large country with some very sparsely populated areas. Canada road trips plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV With a 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV as their chariot, and their dog Piper for company, the couple left Victoria, British Columbia. They don't plan.

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Ontario, Canada, Boosts Electric-Car Purchase Rebate Amounts

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Politics rebates Canada incentives plug-in cars OntarioAs U.S. electric-vehicle advocates are well aware, a handful of states have reduced or killed incentives for plug-in vehicles over the past year, adding some headwinds to sales. Earlier this month, the Canadian province of Ontario took the opposite approach, expanding its plug-in electric vehicle incentive program. It's a welcome tailwind. The new.

Renault Twizy low-speed electric car comes to Canada

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Renault Canada neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars Quebec 2012 Renault TwizyThe Renault Twizy has always been an unusual vehicle, the sole low-speed electric vehicle to carry the brand of a major global automaker. Sold in a number of European countries, it's been tested here and there in North America. To date, the only way to experience a Twizy has been to rent one from San Francisco's Scoot Network, which is offering.

Government of Canada to develop a national Zero-Emissions Vehicle strategy by 2018

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The Government of Canada is moving forward with provincial and territorial partners, industry and stakeholders, to develop a national strategy to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVS)—battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles—on Canadian roads by 2018. Transportation accounts for about 24% of Canada’s emissions, mostly from cars and trucks. Canada Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Plug-ins Policy

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, December 2015: Tesla Model S-Capades

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Those are the three highest single-month sales totals for any plug-in electric vehicle in Canada, and Tesla delivered 1.5 Green Canada New car sales plug-in cars salesTesla's dominance in Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales in December seems all but assured, given that its sales in the quarters ending in March, June and September were 250, 242, and 255 respectively.

Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, October 2015: The Wallet Ballot

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The new model helped Chevrolet sell 203 Volts in Canada in October, well above the 126 sold in September and good enough for its third sales crown in four months. sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsDuring the same month in which a second-generation Trudeau won the Canadian election, the second-generation Chevy Volt took the plug-in electric vehicle sales crown.

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, March 2015: Tesla On Top Again (Most Likely)

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As expected, the Tesla Model S was a “three-peat” plug-in electric vehicle sales champion in Canada back in February, with its 48 sales comfortably exceeding those of the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf at 38 apiece. Green Canada New car sales plug-in cars sales

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Canada's first Nissan Leaf electric car drive remains committed after five years

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Canada costs plug-in cars Cost Of OwnershipOver five years after they first went on sale, Nissan electric cars have racked up an impressive amount of mileage: more than 2.5 billion kilometers (1.6 billion miles). The Nissan Leaf has proven that electric cars can handle the rigors of daily driving just as well as internal-combustion models. At the same time, Leafs have inspired the.

VW Diesel Owners In Canada Get Their 'Goodwill' Offer Too

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Canada TDI VW Volkswagen diesel scandalWhile customers continue to wait for details of a recall on TDI diesel cars equipped with "defeat device" software, Volkswagen's U.S. arm recently tried to ease tensions with a "goodwill" package. It included gift cards and free roadside assistance for owners of the 482,000 affected 2009 through 2015 model year 2.0-liter diesel cars in the U.S.

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, May 2015: Tesla Supreme For Six Months?

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Fully 167 Tesla Model S electric luxury sedans were registered in Canada that month, outpacing the 127 Leafs Nissan delivered. sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsLast month, we assumed that Nissan would edge Tesla during April in Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales. Wow, were we wrong! Not wanting to underestimate Tesla for two months running, we'll cautiously assume the.

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Government of Canada approves $11B Pacific NorthWest LNG Project

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The Federal Cabinet of the Government of Canada approved the $11-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG Project following completion of a federal environmental assessment. The facility would liquefy and export natural gas produced by Progress Energy Canada Ltd. The project represents one of Canada’s largest resource development projects with a total capital investment of up to $36 billion when accounting for upstream natural gas development.

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Multi-brand electric-car dealer to open in Canada after Iceland test

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That's the concept behind EVEN Electric, which announced plans for its first dealership in Canada last. Canada dealers plug-in cars dealershipsWith the notable exception of Tesla Motors' company-owned stores, electric cars must compete against internal-combustion models for space and attention on dealer lots. But what if a dealership sold only electric cars, covering multiple brands?

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, Apr 2017: plus ça change.

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In April, the Chevy Volt enjoyed its 13th consecutive month as Canada's best-selling plug in electric vehicle, and its 46th month overall. sales Plug-In Hybrids Canada New car sales plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV The Volt remains the undisputed king of the Canadian plug-in electric vehicle market. While overshadowed by other vehicles in its home U.S. market, the Volt's leadership of the Canadian plug-in segment recalls.

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Honda of Canada Mfg. to invest $492M in Ontario manufacturing plants; $83.6M in government grants

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Honda of Canada Mfg. HCM), a division of Honda Canada Inc., In 1986, Honda became the first Japanese auto maker to build a manufacturing facility in Canada. Honda Canada is partnering with the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario on this program. million each, representing 17% of Honda Canada’s investment. Honda of Canada Mfg. Approximately 100,000 Canadian-built Civic and CR-V units are sold on an annual basis in Canada.

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New Government, New Hope For More Electric Cars In Canada?

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Politics Canada energy policy incentives plug-in carsCanadian electric vehicle advocates can look at the election of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party with cautious optimism, and not just for the party's promise to install charging stations at government buildings. Gerald Butts, Prime Minister Trudeau's chief policy advisor, played a role in the Province of Ontario's decision to shutter its coal.

Electric-car pioneers vs mainstream buyers: how they differ, in Canada (exclusive)

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Canada surveys plug-in carsA detailed study of 1,900 new-car buyers has let Canadian researchers contrast the early adopters of electric cars with the more mainstream market in fine detail. More than 150 of the respondents surveyed bought a plug-in electric vehicle, offering a sharp contrast in attitudes and adoption preferences. The findings should remind proponents and.

Canada invests $1.9M to support Nano One advanced battery production technology

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The Government of Canada is investing up to $1.9 million from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) in Vancouver-based Nano One to support the development of advanced battery technology for electric vehicles. The program is providing up to $100 million over five years (2015-2020) to encourage Canadian automotive suppliers to develop new innovative products and processes that will make Canada more competitive on a global scale. Batteries Canada

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, September 2016: new record?

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sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsThe past week has brought a "hat trick" of good news for Canadian plug-in electric vehicle owners. The Toronto Blue Jays made the major-league baseball playoffs, the Canadian government announced a national carbon price to come by 2018, and a spectacular September almost certainly shattered monthly electric-car sales records. DON'T MISS: U.S.

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Plug-In Electric Cars & Politics In Canada: Taking The Pulse

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Factoring in likely June sales volume from Tesla and others, it's likely that about 2,500 plug-in electric vehicles were sold in Canada in the first half of 2015. Politics Canada plug-in carsThis implies sales are running about level with the roughly 5,000 plug-ins sold in the country last year. With incentives in British Columbia having returned, the Canadian electric.

Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, September 2015: Triple-Triple

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Chevy sold 126 first-generation Volts in Canada in September, down slightly from August's 167, but still its fourth consecutive triple-digit. sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsWith a "double-double" being Canadian shorthand for a coffee with two creams and two sugars, we might call September a "triple-triple": Three plug-in electric car models hit the 100-sales mark last month.

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, July 2015: Volt Vaults To Top?

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The Chevrolet Volt sold 150 units in Canada in July, by far its best showing this year. Green Canada New car sales plug-in cars salesVolume was up both from June's 120 sales, and year-over-year from last July's 132 customers. With Tesla sales historically slower in the first month of a quarter, the Volt may have ended the Model S's seven-month dominance of plug-in electric vehicle sales in.

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Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, June 2016: volte-face for the Volt

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Paced by the Chevrolet Volt, Canada may have had its first-ever month in which 1,000 plug-in electric vehicle were sold. Volt sales continued to soar in Canada during June, with GM's electric flagship topping 300 for the first time. sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsFactoring in population ratios, this would be roughly equivalent to a 3,000-sale month in the United States, a feat.

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, April 2015: Leaf Likely Leads After Tesla March Madness

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The Tesla Model S now owns the record for the most electric car sales in Canada in a single month To borrow from the popular song, Canada's plug-in electric vehicle market in March was "all about that S". Based on registration data, which lags by a month, Tesla sold a whopping 250 Model Ses in Canada during March – half the entire country's

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales in Canada, November 2015: Autumn Reign For Volt

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sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsThe second-generation Chevy Volt followed up its 203 October sales with 178 units in November, likely leading the Canadian plug-in electric vehicle pack. Though it will end December with slightly lower year-over-year volumes, the positive early reception suggests the 2016 Volts have the potential to top their previous sales record in 2016.

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Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, June 2015: Dial 'S' For Summer

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sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsOn July 1, Canadians celebrated the country's founding on the three principles of Peace, Order, and Good Government. The same day, electric-car advocates took heart from the announcement of a pro-plug-in policy by one of the front-runners in the country's federal election this fall. But given that plug-in sales stats are probably a higher priority.

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Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, April 2016: Model S sales ludicrous

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Green Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Canada New car sales Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars salesWith the Stanley Cup destined to be won by an American team for the 23rd straight year, Canadian hockey fans seemingly spent the month of April shopping. The country's monthly auto sales topped 200,000 for the first time in history, and least two plug-in electric vehicles set sales records. None did as well as the Tesla Model S did in March.

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Fusion Hybrid needs to burn more gas to keep engine healthy: Ford Canada

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The answer, at least according to Ford Canada, is when the hybrid in question is driven in a cold climate, but only for short distances. Maintenance CanadaHere's a riddle to consider. When is it a good thing for a hybrid car to burn more gasoline? CHECK OUT: 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Quick Winter Gas Mileage Test (Mar 2013) After a customer complained of problems.

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Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, Jan 2017: Volt on top again

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sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsThe Chevrolet Volt continued its reign on top of the Canadian electric-vehicle sales charts for the tenth consecutive month in January. The plug-in hybrid Volt's 256 sales obliterated the prior January record of 99 Tesla Model Ses from two years ago this month. Chevy Bolt EV sales began at the end of last month as well, contributing another 6.

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2016 Chevrolet Spark EV To Be Sold At Retail In Canada

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minicar Canada incentives plug-in cars Ontario British Columbia Quebec Spark EV compliance car It may not have too many more years to live, but the Chevrolet Spark EV will be sold in some new markets starting with the 2016 model year: three Canadian provinces. While General Motors had offered the Spark EV for fleet purchase in parts of the country, it wasn''t available to retail buyers--individuals who walked into a dealer and asked for.

Plug-in electric car sales in Canada, August 2016: Volt laurels

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The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid followed July's record-setting 385 Canadian sales with 421 units in August—the first time any plug-in electric vehicle had topped the 400 monthly sales mark in Canada. sales Canada New car sales plug-in carsAt 2,098 vehicles sold through August, the second-generation Volt now recovers the Canadian annual sales record among plug-ins, surpassing.

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Will 2018 Hyundai Accent be limited to Canada, or come to U.S. too?

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Canada subcompactIn a U.S. where all the new-vehicle buzz seems to be about light trucks—especially crossover utilities and SUVs—is there even a place for a new subcompact sedan? That's the question posed by the launch of the 2018 Hyundai Accent, the latest generation of the Korean maker's smallest North American vehicle. It was unveiled last week at.

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Canada to echo U.S. fuel economy regulations for heavy-duty trucks

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Canada plans to echo upcoming U.S. Canada energy policy Fuel Economy transportation policyIn its efforts to increase the fuel efficiency of heavy-duty trucks, the U.S. government now has a partner in its neighbor to the north. efficiency standards for large trucks, which account for a disproportionate amount of fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The two countries' standards already align in.

Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada For April: Volt Record Sales

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In Canada, the Chevy Volt''s record-setting sales last month overshadowed the Tesla Model S''s equally impressive deliveries the month before, in March. Building on strong momentum in March, the Chevy Volt tallied 222 sales in April, breaking its own monthly record for deliveries of a single plug-in electric car in Canada (214 units back in

BMW i6, Faraday Future, VW Canada 'Goodwill': Today's Car News

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Today, a BMW i6 electric sedan is rumored to be in development, Faraday Future teases its electric car in a new video, and Volkswagen's Canada arm hands out a "goodwill" package to diesel owners. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Saab owner National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) cuts a deal to sell 150,000 electric cars to a Chinese firm. Today in Car News

Renault Twizy 40 arrives in Canada

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Twizy, Renault’s all-electric quadricyle, has been certified by Transport Canada, and is now set for release on the Canadian market. Renault’s local partner, AZRA Canada, will be selling Twizy 40 from summer 2016.

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Canada commits to green vehicles

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Green cars Latest news Canada canadian ecoTECHNOLOGY green carsThe Canadian Government has emphasised its commitment to green cars by launching the latest phase of its ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles Programme. The programme, costing $38million over five years, is designed to test advanced vehicle technologies and develop both safety and environmental regulations. It is hoped that the tests will help to align vehicle regulations across [.].

Tesla Model S: Canada's 2nd-Best-Selling Plug-In Electric Car

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Our posts on June plug-in sales in the United States and Canada illustrate this latter point. Readers of our monthly analysis of the Canadian plug-in electric car market know two things well: a) the Chevy Volt dominates, with sixteen consecutive months of sales leadership; and b) Canadian plug-in figures are hard to come by. Both offer sales

Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, Jun 2014: 10,000 On Roads At Year-End?

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To borrow from an old soccer saying, plug-in electric car sales in Canada are a game in which about a dozen models compete, and the Chevy Volt wins. But in the broader competition with combustion, based on current trends, the Canadian market looks ripe to hit a nice round milestone by the end of the year. And Canadians have made some Smart moves

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Nissan partners with FLO for home charging in Canada

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with FLO, a provider of a charging ecosystem in Canada, to encourage and ease EV adoption throughout the country. The new FLO Home charging station will become the recommended residential charging station by Nissan Canada for owners of the Nissan LEAF. Nissan is.

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