Amazon to deploy 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws in India by 2025

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In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, Amazon will deploy 10,000 electric delivery rickshaws in India by 2025. The fleet of 10,000 EVs in India will include 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler vehicles which have been designed and manufactured in India. Electric (Battery) Fleets India

2020 128

India launches long-range CNG bus service enabled by Agility Fuel Solutions

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India’s Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dharmendra Pradhan, launched India’s first long distance compressed natural gas (CNG) bus under a strategic program led by Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL), the largest CNG distribution company in India.

2020 95

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Manikaran Power Limited and Neo Metals commence joint feasibility study for lithium refinery in India

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In June 2019, Neometals entered-into a binding memorandum of understanding with Manikaran jointly to finance assessment and estimation initiatives towards developing the first lithium refinery in India. Batteries India Manufacturing Materials

2020 83

NTPC seeking global expressions of interest for supply of fuel cell buses and cars in India: 20 to start

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India’s National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) is inviting global expressions of interest for the supply of fuel cell buses and cars in India. The two target cities have very different climates: Leh, the largest town of the union territory of Ladakh in the Himalayan region of India, has a cold desert climate with long, cold winters from late November to early March, with minimum temperatures well below freezing (average -14 ?C) Bus Fuel Cells Hydrogen India

2020 64

Poor air quality to remain a problem in India despite pollution control policies

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in 2030 even if India were to comply with its existing pollution control policies and regulations. The study shows that only about 833 million citizens (about half of India’s estimated population in 2030) would be living in areas that meet India’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in 2030. concentrations that did not comply with India’s NAAQS for PM 2.5 (40 Emissions Health India Regulations

2019 90

Kia to build electric cars in India by late 2019

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Kia will spend $1 billion on a new assembly plant in southern India to build an electric car for that market by late 2019. The move comes just over a decade before India intends to ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles. India Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Just what form an Indian-market electric Kia will take remains unknown, especially since the automaker doesn't currently sell cars.

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Reliance and BP to create major world-class fuels partnership for India’s fast-growing market

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BP and Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) have agreed to form a new joint venture that will include a retail service station network and aviation fuels business across India. India is expected to be the fastest-growing fuels market in the world over the next 20 years, with the number of passenger cars in the country estimated to grow almost six-fold over the period. India is set to be the world’s largest growth market for energy by the mid-2020s.

2019 64

India, EU ratify Paris climate agreement: takes effect next month

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The tipping point was reached when India and the 28 members of the European Union ratified. Europe emissions India EU climate change air pollutionLast December, representatives form 195 countries met in Paris to negotiate an agreement to address climate change on a global scale. Almost a year later, enough countries have now formally ratified that agreement in order that it can officially take effect.

India 80

Electric cars about to be profitable, says India's Mahindra

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India Mahindra plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) revaThe market for electric cars continues to grow, but vehicles powered by fossil fuels remain dominant across the globe. Many analysts believe electric cars will reach price parity with vehicles powered by internal-combustion engines sometime within the next decade. Indian maker Mahindra, however, says its own small, limited-range electric cars are.

India 71

UMD-led study finds China’s SO2 emissions down 75% since 2007, India’s up 50%; India may now be the top SO2 emitter

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Although China and India remain the world’s largest consumers of coal, a new University of Maryland-led study found that China’s sulfur dioxide emissions fell by 75% since 2007, while India’s emissions increased by 50%. China Coal Emissions India Policy Regulations

India 85

UQM Technologies receives initial order from Ashok Leyland for 51 electric drivetrains for transit bus applications; entry into India market

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announced its first purchase order from Ashok Leyland, a major India commercial vehicle manufacturer. The purchase order is for 51 UQM PowerPhase eDT systems to be shipped during 2018 for a demonstration program for electric transit buses in India. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty India

2018 83

First China, Now India, Commit To Reducing Carbon Emission Rates

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Environmental emissions China India air pollutionClimate change is a hotly-debated political issue in the United States, but truly addressing it will require an even bigger consensus. The world's nations will meet in Paris in December to discuss a global strategy for combating climate change. That will include plans from individual countries detailing how they expected to reduce their carbon.

India 86

EIA: India’s steel industry dominated by electric-based processes; intensive coal use for DRI

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India is the third-largest steel producer in the world after China and Japan, having surpassed other large steel-making countries such as the United States, Russia, and South Korea over the previous decade, according to the World Steel Association. Coal India Manufacturing Materials

2017 78

Hyundai Motor Group invests $300M in India’s largest mobility service provider Ola

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Hyundai Motor Group and India-based Ola—one of the world’s largest ride-hailing platforms— announced a strategic partnership under which Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation will make their biggest combined investment to date, as part the Group’s continued efforts to become a Smart Mobility Solutions Provider. This partnership will help accelerate micro-entrepreneurship in India’s growing pool of aspiring driver-partners. India Mobility services

2019 68

Partnerships, incentives to get India to 2030 fossil-fuel vehicle ban

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India's decision to end fossil-fuel sales in the country comes with unique challenges. zero emissions India incentives plug-in cars Zero Emission VehicleAfter announcing it would ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles by 2030, the world's second-most populous country plans to support that goal through private and corporate partnerships and government incentives. One is a per-capita annual income of just $1,670.

2018 69

Hyundai Motor expands mobility service in India through strategic investment in Revv

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Hyundai Motor Company is partnering with - , India’s fastest growing self-drive car-sharing company, to develop an innovative car-sharing service and conduct creative marketing activities in India. India’s 15,000 car sharing vehicles are expected to grow to 50,000 by 2020, and 150,000 by 2022. Millennials—who are heavy users of car sharing services—constitute 35% of the total population of India. India is a very important market for Hyundai Motor.

2018 65

India actually beat China to all-electric new-car pledge, targets 2030

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emissions China government India climate change plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) transportation policyChina made headlines around the world on Sunday when state media reported that the country is developing a timetable to end production and sales of new vehicles with gasoline engines. While Norway, The Netherlands, France, and the U.K. have adopted different timetables for various versions of such a ban, China is both the world's most populous.

2017 79

Chempolis partners with Avantha Group on cellulosic ethanol in India

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India’s agricultural sector produces large amounts of bagasse, cane trash, rice and wheat straw the disposal of which is an environmental problem. India has had a 5% ethanol blending target which has not been met, as ethanol derived from molasses costs more than gasoline (without taxes).

India 78

Toyota and Suzuki to start discussing joint projects for technological development, vehicle production, and market development; India and Africa

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TKM) to produce models developed by Suzuki for sale in India through each of the Toyota and Suzuki brand network. Supply of models developed by Suzuki, including those to be produced by TKM (as mentioned above), from India to African and other markets by Toyota and Suzuki, employing each of the Toyota and Suzuki sales networks to sell such vehicles, and advancing cooperation in the domains of logistics and services.

India plan for converting to electric cars by 2030 may get trimmed, a lot

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Two years ago, the government of India proposed a remarkable and ambitious goal: make every new vehicle coming onto its roads electric by 2030. zero emissions India incentives plug-in cars Zero Emission Vehicle regulationThe plan was largely a response to some of the world's highest levels of hazardous air pollution in its cities, higher in many cases than the legendary foul air in Chinese cities. The world's second-most.

2018 59

India's new four-door Mahindra Reva e2o electric car to be exported

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India Mahindra neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) plug-in cars revaIndian automaker Mahindra is little known in the U.S., but it is one of the larger players in its home market. Mahindra's Indian-market lineup is mostly made up of trucks and SUVs, but it also sells the tiny Reva e2o electric car. It recently unveiled a new four-door hatchback version, called the e2o Plus, that will be sold alongside the existing.


Suzuki to partner with Proton in Malaysia; new 2-cylinder 0.8L diesel for compacts in India

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This engine will be installed on the Celerio, a compact car produced and distributed in India, for launch in India. l/100 km, 65 mpg US) in India. Diesel Engines Fuel Efficiency India

Mahindra and LG Chem collaborate on Li-ion batteries for EVs in India

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Under this collaboration, LG Chem will develop a unique cell exclusively for India application and will also supply Li-ion cells based on NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) chemistry with high energy density. Batteries Electric (Battery) IndiaMahindra & Mahindra Ltd., a part of the US$19-billion Mahindra Group, and LG Chem, Korea’s leading manufacturer of advanced batteries, are collaborating in the field of advanced Li-ion battery technology.

2018 73

Toyota to sell electric cars in China, use Suzuki EVs in India, from 2020: report

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Mostly, that shift is due to China and India—two major auto markets that call for phasing out the internal-combustion. China India Future Cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Toyota made its future battery-electric car project public this past April after an "agonizing" decision to depart from its sole focus on a future powered by hydrogen fuel cells as its sole zero-emission vehicle technology.

2017 60

Berkeley Lab study finds hybrids more fuel efficient in India, China than in US

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Improvement in fuel consumption in India of a hybrid vehicle over a conventional vehicle. They found that driving a hybrid would achieve fuel savings of about 47 to 48% over a conventional car in India and about 53 to 55% in China. India study. EVs in India.

India 111

Hyundai Mobis expands technical center in Hyderabad, India with focus on autonomous driving software

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As part of its global R&D networking in Korea, North America, Europe, China and India, Hyundai Mobis will expand its technical center in India, which develops and validates automotive software. Through this, the company aims to strengthen its R&D activities in India, particularly software development for autonomous vehicles.

2020 64

India's ambitious goal: all electric vehicles on roads by 2030

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emissions India energy policy plug-in cars transportation policySeveral countries have committed to putting more electric cars on their roads in the near future as a way to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. But what if one country—and a very large one at that—decided to make every car on its roads electric inside of 15 years? That's the incredibly ambitious goal now being proposed by.

India 63

Aemetis upgrades India biodiesel plant

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an advanced fuels and renewable chemicals company based in California, has upgraded its 50 million gallon per year capacity biodiesel and refined glycerin production facility in Kakinada, India to produce high-quality distilled biodiesel. The Aemetis plant is the only distilled biodiesel producer in India and is one of the only plants in Asia capable of producing large supplies of biodiesel that meet the European Union (ISCC) standards, Aemetis says. Aemetis, Inc.,

India 76

Suzuki, Toshiba and Denso to form JV to produce automotive Li-ion battery packs in India

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Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toshiba Corporation, and Denso Corporation have reached basic agreement on establishing a joint venture company for production of automotive lithium-ion battery packs in India, and signed the agreement. The battery pack manufacturing joint venture by the three companies will provide a stable supply of lithium-ion battery packs in India. Batteries Hybrids India Regulations

2017 70

Algenol and Reliance launch algae fuels demonstration project in India

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have successfully deployed India’s first Algenol algae production platform. India is the world’s third largest producer of CO 2 and the facility’s ethanol and renewable crude oil production could help meet demand for energy in the country as well as help to reduce green house emissions from carbon dioxide. The use of saltwater rather than freshwater is a key advantage for India, which has incurred serious droughts in the past and faces significant demand for fresh water.

India 76

China's Air Pollution Is Bad, But India's Is Far, Far Worse

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emissions China India air pollutionDiscuss countries with the worst air pollution, and China typically rises to the top of the list like smoke from a chimney. Maybe it's the high-profile coverage of Beijing's smog-choked air, or the fact that China is now the world's largest new-car market, but either way the country is a poster child for pollution. Yet China doesn't necessarily.

2015 86

VTT-led project to develop enzymes found in India’s wildfire-prone areas for biorefineries; IndZyme

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Micro-organisms found in the wildfire-prone rainforests of India are an potential resources for biochemical production, as they are accustomed to the challenging conditions following a forest fire. The unique culture collection of IndZyme partner VINSTROM (India) containing fungi isolated from fire-prone forests will be used as a source for enzyme screening. The project is part of the EU’s Inno Indigo program, which aims to increase research cooperation between Europe and India.

2017 60

Very cheap, low-range electric cars key for China, India: Nissan CEO Ghosn

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Discussing plans for India and China. China India Carlos Ghosn plug-in cars Renault-NissanCarlos Ghosn, who runs automakers Nissan and Renault, is one of the few auto executives who'll regularly take questions from a roomful of more than 100 journalists. At last week's New York Auto Show, many of the questions concerned plans by the Renault Nissan Alliance for more and higher-volume electric cars.

2016 63

GM reveals electric car production number in India

Plugs and Cars

Reva has been selling small EVs in India and England for the past few years. According to a report in the Business Standard of India, GM plans to sell 4000 electric Sparks in India in 2010.

2009 130

Polestar 2 pricing, Tata EV for India, commute times: Today’s Car News

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India has a new domestic-brand electric vehicle on the way. The Polestar 2 electric car is priced for Europe, and we have a few more details about its Performance Pack. Commute times surge.

2019 63

Mahindra and Ford to explore strategic cooperation to drive profitable growth in India and other emerging markets

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Mahindra Group and Ford Motor Company have agreed to explore a strategic alliance designed to leverage the benefits of Ford’s global reach and expertise and Mahindra’s scale in India and successful operating model. Distribution within India; improving Ford’s reach within India. Global emerging markets; improving Mahindra’s reach outside of India. Ford was among the first global automakers to enter India in 1995. India Market Background Vehicle Manufacturers

2017 60

Intelligent Energy announces US$1.8B deal for ~27K telecom towers in India; fuel cell power for ~70%; landmark in fuel cell deployment

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Essential Energy , a subsidiary of Intelligent Energy in India, will assume the power management for the towers—a figure equivalent to 50% of the UK’s telecom towers and 13% of the US’. This deal sets a significant precedent for shaping India’s energy future.

2015 101

Study: surface ozone in India in 2005 damaged 6M tonnes of crops, enough to feed 94M people in poverty

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Smog in India. New research shows that ozone pollution damaged millions of tons of wheat, rice, soybean and cotton crops in India in 2005. Surface ozone pollution in India damaged 6 million metric tons (6.7 million US tons) of India’s wheat, rice, soybean and cotton crops in 2005, according to a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters , a journal of the American Geophysical Union. India’s economic loss from ozone’s harm to crops amounted to $1.29

2005 82

Toyota and Suzuki partnering on EVs in India

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Additionally, Toyota and Suzuki intend to conduct a comprehensive study of activities for the widespread acceptance and popular use of EVs in India. Under the leadership of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is endeavoring to rapidly promote an automotive transition to EVs.

2017 60

India's Mahindra To Build Electric Two-Wheeler In Michigan

Green Car Reports

A little slice of India will soon be moving into Michigan, with the announcement that Mahindra will produce an electric two-wheeler at a factory in Ann Arbor. India''s Mahindra Group is investing in a 37,000 square-foot facility to produce the GenZe electric scooter. A small step-through scooter with a large storage box above the rear wheel, GenZe

2014 87

Recent on-road real-world emission testing in India highlights disparity between cycles, gasoline and diesel

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The International Council on Clean Transportation ( ICCT ) recently contracted with the International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) of India to conduct laboratory and on-road testing of three in-use passenger vehicles—two diesel and one gasoline—to investigate the real world emission performance of passenger vehicles in Indian roads. Emissions Engines India Regulations

2017 60

Gasoline demand rises in U.S., China, and India; more growth expected

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Green Gasoline India fuel consumption oil supply and demandGasoline prices, which fell below $2 a gallon in many parts of the United States over the winter, have been slowly rising again. And given the supply-and-demand equations in the global oil industry, that means that demand has risen as supplies have stayed steady or fallen. So even though Saudi Arabia has refused to constrain its production to.

JBM Auto to launch 9-, 12-meter electric buses at Auto Expo 2018 in India

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JBM Auto will launch its EcoLife 9- and 12-meter electric buses at the Auto Expo 2018 in February in India. JBM Auto Limited, the bus division of JBM Group, partnered with Solaris on the development of the buses.

2017 88