First electric Volvo trucks delivered to customers

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Volvo Trucks delivered its first all-electric vehicles on 19 February: a refuse truck to waste and recycling company Renova, and a distribution truck to the logistics company DB Schenker and partner haulier TGM, operating in Sweden. —Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks.

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Electric Volvo Crash Test

Electric Cars are for Girls

Looks like the Electric Volvo C30 comes out great in the offset 40 mph crash test. Good thing, since it's packing 440 volts. Watch

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Volvo Cars launches Volvo XC40 Recharge EV as first of new Recharge line; new climate plan

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Volvo Cars introduced the XC40 Recharge, the company’s first fully electric car and the first model to appear in its brand new Recharge car line concept. The XC40 Recharge, based on the multi-award-winning and best-selling XC40 small SUV, is the first of a family of fully electric Volvos.

2019 78

Volvo Trucks to demonstrate Volvo VNR electric trucks in California in 2019; commercialize in NA in 2020

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Volvo Trucks will introduce all-electric Volvo VNR regional-haul demonstrators in California next year, operating in distribution, regional-haul and drayage operations. Sister company Volvo Buses has sold more than 4,000 electrified buses since 2010.

2018 112

Volvo Buses demonstrates autonomous electric bus in bus depot

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Volvo Buses recently demonstrated the potential of a 12-meter electric and autonomous bus at a bus depot. —Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses. The demonstration, held together with bus operator Keolis, took place at Keolis’ bus depot just outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2019 95

Volvo Buses launches new electric articulated bus

Green Car Congress

Volvo Buses is launching a new electrically-powered articulated bus that can carry up to 150 passengers and with 80% lower energy consumption compared to a corresponding diesel bus. With the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated, Volvo Buses is making it attractive to electrify even high-frequency bus routes with large numbers of passengers. The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated is available in two lengths, 18 and 18.7

2019 60

Volvo PHEV in 2012

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The web is filled with news of Volvo's partnership with Swedish energy company Vattenfall to bring a plug-in hybrid to market in 2012. Tags: volvo vattenfall plug-in hybrid

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Volvo Trucks presents second electric truck model in three weeks: Volvo FE Electric

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Just three weeks after the unveiling of Volvo Trucks’ first all-electric truck, the Volvo FL Electric ( earlier post ), the company is expanding its product range with a second electric truck. power) with a Volvo 2-speed transmission. Volvo FE Electric drivetrain.

2018 113

Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors intend to form strategic alliance; Volvo to transfer UD Trucks to Isuzu

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The Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors signed a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles in order to capture the opportunities in the ongoing transformation of the industry. This will entail transferring ownership of the complete UD Trucks business globally from the Volvo Group to Isuzu Motors in order to accelerate growth by leveraging greater volumes and complementary capabilities.

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Volvo Cars preparing to introduce all-electric XC40 SUV; focus on safety

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Volvo Cars will introduce the fully electric XC40 SUV to the public on 16 October. The company says that, in true Volvo tradition, it is also introducing one of the safest cars on the road, despite a fresh set of challenges presented by the absence of an internal combustion engine.

2019 101

Volvo XC40 EV will be first equipped with next-gen active-safety sensors

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The upcoming XC40 EV will roll off the assembly line equipped with the next generation of active-safety sensors, Volvo outlined Wednesday, as it prepares to launch its very first all-electric vehicle.

2019 90

Volvo Trucks launches sales of electric FL and FE trucks for urban transport

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Volvo Trucks announced the start of sales of its Volvo FL and Volvo FE electric trucks ( earlier post ) in selected markets within Europe, meeting the increasing demand for sustainable transport solutions in city environments.

2019 78

Electric Volvo XC40 will have a frunk, new driver interface

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The new XC40 EV will be more than just an electric powertrain dropped into the company's small crossover, Volvo announced Wednesday, backing up that claim with design sketches and some fresh insights into its approach to electrification.

2019 65

Mercedes' carbon-neutral future, Volvo's battery suppliers, Honda's EV: Today's Car News

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And Volvo names its battery suppliers. Volvo took an unusual step in naming its official battery suppliers for its upcoming electric vehicles, like the Polestar 2 and the upcoming all-electric version. Mercedes-Benz plans to go all-renewable—globally.

2019 106

Volvo Cars and Geely intend to merge their combustion engine operations

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Volvo Cars and Geely intend to merge their existing combustion engine operations into a stand-alone business in order to establish a new global supplier that will seek to develop next generation combustion engines and hybrid powertrains.

2019 97

Volvo extends S60 range with plug-in hybrid powertrain and new trim levels

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Volvo has extended its S60 range—the third generation of the premium mid-size sedan—to incorporate further powertrain choices and equipment grades, including an all­wheel­drive gasoline-electric hybrid and a trim level that focuses on luxury and craftsmanship.

2019 119

Volvo reuses bus batteries for solar storage

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Volvo, which builds trucks. As solar installations ramp up and electric vehicles have been on the market for a few years, automakers are starting to look for ways to get more life out of old electric-car batteries, repurposing them for stationary storage. And if you're going to use vehicle old batteries for storage, you might as well use big ones. battery pack Buses

2019 78

Volvo Trucks using 3D printing at New River Valley Plant for tools and fixtures

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks North America is utilizing 3D printing technology to produce tools and fixtures used in the manufacturing process at its New River Valley (NRV) plant in Dublin, Virginia, where all trucks for the North American market are built.

2019 116

Volvo announces battery suppliers for upcoming EV lineup, including Polestar

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Volvo, one of the first automakers to announce it would add electric power to its whole lineup, on Wednesday took the unusual step of formally announcing who will supply the batteries for all those electric cars.

2019 89

Volvo to boost plug-in hybrid production to 25 percent of fleet

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While other automakers are moving away from plug-in hybrids to electric powertrains, Volvo is finding unexpected success with its lineup of plug-in hybrids. At a recent roundtable with journalists in Sweden, Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said the company is disappointed that it underestimated demand for its plug-in hybrids. DON'T MISS: Volvo XC90.

2019 86

Volvo Cars and China Unicom collaborate on 5G communication technology development in China

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars and leading telecom provider China Unicom are joining forces on using 5G next generation mobile network technology for communication between cars and infrastructure in China. Volvo Cars and China Unicom are investigating a range of different applications of 5G technology in the communication between cars and infrastructure in China, identifying potential improvements in areas such as safety, sustainability, customer convenience and autonomous driving.

2020 60

Volvo Trucks to introduce next iteration of Volvo Active Driver Assist in VNR, VNL & VNX models

Green Car Congress

Volvo Active Driver Assist (VADA) 2.0, a comprehensive collision mitigation system, will be made standard in the new Volvo VNR and VNL models, and available on VNX models, later this year. The Volvo Active Driver Assist technology we first introduced with Bendix Wingman Fusion in 2017 was a groundbreaking achievement for increased efficiency and safety through automation. —Johan Agebrand, product marketing director, Volvo Trucks North America.

2019 75

All-electric 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge crossover debuts: More than 200 miles of range, one year of charging free

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The first all-electric Volvo is also the first Volvo that will continue to improve, the automaker said Wednesday.

2019 72

Volvo receives Europe’s largest order yet for electric buses; 157 electric artics to Transdev

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Volvo Buses has received the largest single order yet for electric buses in Europe. Volvo Buses will deliver 157 electric articulated buses to Transdev starting in 2020. —Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses.

2019 78

Volvo and Geely merging development for engines, still needed in hybrids

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Volvo will offload its development of internal combustion engines to a new joint project with parent company Geely, the two companies announced Monday, allowing Volvo's in-house propulsion engineers to concentrate exclusively on electric powertrains.

2019 62

Electric Volvo XC40 features new infotainment system powered by Android with Google technologies built-in

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Volvo Cars is fundamentally rethinking its approach to infotainment in the forthcoming fully electric Volvo XC40. The electric XC40 is also the first Volvo that will receive software and operating system updates over the air.

2019 92

Volvo Cars and Varjo launch mixed reality application for car development

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars and Varjo , the Finnish maker of high-end augmented reality headsets, have created a mixed reality approach to evaluating prototypes, designs and active safety technologies. The collaboration will be further strengthened by the Volvo Cars Tech Fund’s decision to invest in Varjo.

2019 103

Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in Apex.AI; software for autonomous mobility

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Volvo Group Venture Capital AB has invested in Apex.AI , a a Palo Alto, California-based software company in the field of autonomous mobility. The transaction has no significant impact on the Volvo Group’s earnings or financial position.

2019 78

Volvo Trucks introduces its first electric truck for commercial use; sales and production start next year

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Volvo Trucks introduced its first battery-electric truck for commercial use: the Volvo FL Electric for urban distribution and refuse operations, among other applications. Electric drive unit for Volvo FL Electric.

2018 129

Video review: Volvo XC40

Green Cars News

If there’s a company that’s found its mojo, it’s Volvo

2018 45

Volvo Cars and Uber present production vehicle ready for self-driving

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Volvo Cars and Uber presented a jointly developed production car capable of driving by itself, the next step in the strategic collaboration between both companies. —Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo Cars.

2019 103

Volkswagen buys wireless car service from Volvo

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In automotive electronics news that doesn't come from this week's CES, Volkswagen announced late last month that it is buying wireless automotive technology from Volvo. The technology is expected to enable VW's upcoming We car sharing program as well as to allow drivers to control some vehicle functions remotely, which could impact things such as

2019 66

Volvo V40 boosts economy to 88mpg

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A new, updated Volvo V40 will emit as little as 88g/km CO2 and achieve fuel economy as strong as 88mpg combined, according to preliminary figures. Available from May, manual version of the standard Volvo V40 [.]. Volvo CO2 emissions fuel economy Volvo V40

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Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40 Recharge: Two electric vehicles, different and the same

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The reveal of the 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge on Wednesday did more than mark the introduction of Volvo’s first electric vehicle in its history; it at last served to show how close Volvo and Polestar might coexist at their closest points.

2019 52

Volvo Cars and NVIDIA to develop AI-capable core computer for next-generation Volvo cars; looking toward autonomy

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Volvo Cars and NVIDIA are partnering on the development of a highly advanced, AI-capable core computer for the next generation of Volvo cars. The core computer is based on NVIDIA’s DRIVE AGX Xavier technology and will allow Volvo Cars to implement an advanced computing platform for its new cars on the forthcoming Scalable Product Architecture 2 (SPA 2) vehicle platform. The agreement will deepen the existing collaboration and partnership between Volvo Cars and NVIDIA.

2018 75

Heliox to fast charge Volvo electric buses in Luxembourg

Green Car Congress

Sales-Lentz, one of the public transport operators in Luxembourg, has ordered three Heliox Fast Charge Systems with OppCharge open interface to provide fast charging services for its four Volvo 7900 electric buses.

Volvo Group and Samsung SDI enter strategic alliance to develop battery packs for trucks

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Volvo Group and Samsung SDI have entered into a strategic alliance to develop battery packs for Volvo Group’s electric trucks. Working together with Samsung SDI, Volvo Group aims to accelerate the speed of development and strengthen the long-term capabilities and assets within electromobility, to the benefit of customers in different truck segments and markets. Samsung SDI intends to provide battery cells and modules to meet the demand for the Volvo Group’s electric trucks.

2019 69

Volvo Trucks presents heavy-duty electric concept trucks for construction operations and regional transport

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks, having recently started sales of electric trucks for urban transport, believes that electrification can become a competitive alternative also for heavier trucks. —Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks.

2019 78

Volvo enhances plug-in hybrid app

Green Cars News

Take for example Volvo On Call, which now features a new design and extra features: it allows users to connect to the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid (pictured). Green Fuels Ltd Hybrid cars Latest news Volvo App green cars plug-in hybrid Volvo on Call Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid

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Volvo S60 range expands with potent plug-in

Green Cars News

Volvo has extended its S60 range with the addition of a potent plug-in hybrid powertrain and extra trim levels

2019 59

Volvo Trucks presents Vera autonomous electric vehicle for future transport solutions

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks unveiled Vera : an autonomous, electric vehicle that can operate with significantly less exhaust emissions and low noise levels. The driveline and battery pack are of the same type that are used in Volvo Trucks’ electric trucks. —Claes Nilsson, President Volvo Trucks.

2018 137

Review: Volvo XC60

Green Cars News

Review: Volvo XC60

2017 32

Volvo Cars launches new S60 sports sedan; first Volvo car made in US; two PHEV models coming

Green Car Congress

Volvo Cars revealed the new S60 mid-size premium sports sedan at the company’s new—and first—US manufacturing plant in Charleston, South Carolina. The new S60 is the first Volvo car made in the US. Volvo’s proven T5 and T6 gasoline engines will be available at launch.

2018 85