January, 2022

Moscow deploys its 1,000th electric bus; targeting 2,200 by end of 2023

Green Car Congress

Moscow has deployed its 1000 th electric bus. This electric bus has become the 400 th vehicle purchased with the funds from the green bonds.

Russia 423

EVs are the least reliable vehicle type: Consumer Reports points to some problem areas

Green Car Reports

In a reliability survey published last November, Consumer Reports named electric SUVs the least-reliable vehicle type. Now CR has followed that up with a report shedding light on specific problem areas.

2019 170

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Tesla aims for a few Model Y deliveries from Gigafactory Texas by the end of the quarter


Sources familiar with the matter told Electrek that Tesla aims to deliver a few Model Y vehicles from Gigafactory Texas by the end of the quarter. It would be an important milestone for the automaker and its new factory in Austin.

Austin 114

Tesla Insurance goes live in Arizona and Ohio


Tesla Insurance has officially gone live in Arizona and Ohio, becoming the fourth and fifth states to have access to the company’s in-house coverage program.

California’s Misguided Rooftop Solar Debate

Energy Institute at HAAS

The goal should be equitably saving the planet, not growing one industry. California’s residential solar policy may be on the cusp of major change. In mid-December, the California Public Utilities … Continue Reading California’s Misguided Rooftop Solar Debate. Uncategorized featured

Solar 101

ReGenEV — Bringing Charging to Apartment Dwellers in Australia

EV Obssesion

By Arran Blomfield ReGenEV has been operating for around a year now, we starting knocking doors down, ringing, emailing, and a slight bit of advertising in the early days. We rang all the established EV companies to build relationships, with not much success.

GILLIG and RR.AI to partner on next generation automated vehicle technology for transit buses

Green Car Congress

GILLIG and RR.AI, a developer of autonomous mobility solutions, have entered into a development agreement for next-generation advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicle (AV) technology for GILLIG transit buses in North America. This partnership will combine RR.AI’s

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GM threatens action against any dealerships attempting markups on upcoming EVs


General Motors is looking to nip the any dealership issues in the bud before its influx of EVs hit the market. In a recent letter to its dealerships, GM has warned against markups above MSRPs and reservation amounts, threatening to redirect vehicles away from offenders.

SpaceX Falcon 9 booster becomes fourth to launch and land ten times


For the fourth time, a SpaceX Falcon 9 booster has successfully completed ten orbital-class launches and landings. A day later than planned, Falcon 9 booster B1060 lifted off from Kennedy Space Center’s Pad 39A at 9:02 pm EST (02:02 UTC) on Tuesday, January 18th.

Togg: The Turkish Tech Start-Up Entering the EV World

Drive Electric

Concept EV Revealed at CES 2022. The Turkish start-up Togg unveiled its first foray into the EV market at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas, presenting their car as an “advanced smart mobility ecosystem” set to arrive in late-2022.

Love Your Gas Car But Hate Emissions? Time for an EV Conversion

EV Club of CT

By Analiese Mione But I love my car. I have heard that refrain so many times when speaking to everyday people about driving electric. Now you can keep the car you love and nix the. Read more.

China Yuchai launches China’s first operating hydrogen engine for commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

China 410

Study: Two-thirds of Americans don't want an EV yet, and half won't pay extra for electrified

Green Car Reports

Most Americans still aren't ready to buy an EV, according to the Deloitte 2022 Global Automotive Study, which examines consumer perceptions of electrification and other technology movements in the auto industry.

Watch Tesla Model X Plaid do 0-60 mph launch in 2.3 seconds – faster than advertised


Tesla has started deliveries of the Model X Plaid with tri-motor powertrain, and the first reviews are coming in. They show the electric vehicle, which is now the fastest SUV in the world, doing a 0-60 mph launch in 2.3 seconds – faster than advertised by Tesla.

MPH 113

Tesla announces Solar Roof 20-year loans with lower monthly payments


Tesla recently announced that it had launched a 20-year Solar Roof loan option that allows customers to have lower monthly payments. The update enables Tesla to offer its flagship residential solar product at a price point that’s more affordable than before.

Solar 111

Five Areas of Energy and Climate Progress to Watch for in 2022

Energy Institute at HAAS

2021 felt a bit like “The Empire Strikes Back” towards the end there. The Energy policy revolution is still frozen in carbon(ite), largely thanks to Joe “Lando Calrissian” Manchin. Combine … Continue Reading Five Areas of Energy and Climate Progress to Watch for in 2022

Researchers find annealing significantly reduces interface resistance in all-solid-state-batteries

Green Car Congress

All-solid-state lithium batteries could address a number of the shortcomings of conventional lithium-ion batteries in advanced applications such as in electric vehicles, which demand high energy densities, fast charging, and long cycle lives.

Battery Resourcers to open North America’s largest Li-ion battery recycling facility by August

Green Car Congress

Battery Resourcers, a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery recycling and engineered materials company, plans to open a commercial-scale, lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Covington, Ga.

EV tech is the choice of politicians, not industry, claims European CEO: True for US?

Green Car Reports

Ahead of a new strategic plan to be announced March 1, the CEO of Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge parent company Stellantis isn’t sounding at all bullish on electric vehicles.

Dodge 139

Tesla applies for a new trademark to sell its own audio equipment, like headphones and more


Tesla has applied to expand its trademark in order to be able to sell audio equipment under its own brand. Does this mean Tesla has new audio products coming? more… The post Tesla applies for a new trademark to sell its own audio equipment, like headphones and more appeared first on Electrek.

Hundreds of Teslas reported in Auckland port, hinting at even more growth in NZ


Recent reports from the Port of Auckland have indicated that hundreds of Tesla vehicles are likely waiting for delivery in New Zealand. Demand for Tesla vehicles grew in 2021, particularly in the third quarter. It seems Tesla will continue to grow in New Zealand this year.

Major companies with large fleets release new EV roadmap for car & truck manufacturers

Green Car Congress

Members of the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance presented top vehicle manufacturers, including Volvo, GM, Daimler and Toyota, with a roadmap for developing the types of electric vehicles that companies plan to acquire in the US over the next five years.

Fleet 356

Kia unveils next-generation Niro; hybrid first, PHEV and BEV to follow

Green Car Congress

Kia has revealed the all-new next-generation Niro. Based on the third generation platform, the new Niro benefits from a larger body that realizes class-leading interior space and storage capacity.

Kia 369

Blue Biofuels achieves full conversion (99%+) of cellulosic material to sugars on repeatable basis

Green Car Congress

Blue Biofuels, Inc. reports that it has achieved full conversion ( 99% + ) of king grass cellulosic material to water soluble sugars on a repeatable basis. This conversion occurs with a reaction time of less than one minute.

Battery swapping goes big, America's lithium restart, EVs pass diesels in Europe: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

CATL has a battery swapping solution that it claims will work on most electric cars. EVs pass diesel sales in Europe. And how did the U.S. end up so short on lithium? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. Lithium is essential for modern EVs, and the U.S. has large reserves of it.

Honda CEO says Toyota’s strategy to pursue hydrogen cars ‘doesn’t seem feasible’


Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe recently spoke to proposals of hydrogen combustion cars by rivals like Toyota, stating his company studied hydrogen’s potential ten years ago. Mibe went on to say that unlike Toyota, Honda doesn’t see hydrogen combustion as feasible for cars.

Honda 114

Elon Musk says tracking his travel plans has become ‘a security issue’


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that tracking his travel plans has become “a security issue” after rumors that he would fly to Germany to visit Gigafactory Berlin this past weekend surfaced. The rumors were untrue.

Toyota Motor Europe delivers 6 fuel cell modules for FCH2Rail project

Green Car Congress

The FCH2RAIL project, already launched in January 2021, is developing emission-free bi-modal trains, which combine normal track use and emission-free rail travel without overhead lines.

Europe 353

Yamaha Motor supplying electric motors for Subaru Tecnica International; to be mounted on STI E-RA EV

Green Car Congress

Yamaha Motor will supply Subaru Tecnica International Inc. STI) with hyper-EV electric motor units ( earlier post ) for the STI E-RA EV the company is developing for future motorsport.

Motor 352

Modeling study suggests 1.8M excess deaths attributable to urban air pollution in 2019

Green Car Congress

A new modeling study led by researchers from George Washington Universit (GWU) finds that 86% of people living in cities worldwide (~2.5 billion people) are exposed to annual average levels of fine particulate matter exceeding the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline from 2005, leading to 1.8

2019 372

Research could help extend EV battery life by 30%, slow degradation

Green Car Reports

Researchers at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University claim to have found a method to "revitalize" lithium-ion batteries, potentially extending their useful lifespan by nearly 30%. The research points to a novel way to slow battery degradation.

Tesla launches new financing option for Solar Roof with lower monthly payments


Tesla has launched a new financing option for its Solar Roof with lower monthly payments as the company tries to make the product more affordable. more… The post Tesla launches new financing option for Solar Roof with lower monthly payments appeared first on Electrek.

Tesla Cybertruck production to start Q1 2023: Report


Tesla Cybertruck production will start on the first quarter of 2023, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. .

Texas 114

GM expanding into new commercial applications for its HYDROTEC fuel cell systems

Green Car Congress

GM announced new commercial applications of its HYDROTEC fuel cell technology. HYDROTEC projects, which are currently in development, from heavy-duty trucks to aerospace and locomotives, are being planned for use beyond vehicles for power generation.

Goodyear develops 70% sustainable-material tire; NPT on delivery robots

Green Car Congress

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company has released a demonstration tire with 70% sustainable-material content.

Waste 372

U Mich team develops 1,000-cycle lithium-sulfur battery

Green Car Congress

A University of Michigan team has shown that a network of aramid nanofibers, recycled from Kevlar, can enable lithium-sulfur batteries to overcome their Achilles heel of cycle life, delivering an estimated 1,000 real-world cycles. A paper on their work is published in Nature Communications.

2024 Chevy Silverado EV: Electric Avalanche heir claims 400 miles, eventual $39,900 base price

Green Car Reports

GM’s first fully electric Chevy pickup will offer an estimated 400-mile range when it’s delivered next year, with a base model arriving later at $39,900, the company confirmed with a reveal of the truck at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Wednesday.