IONETIC launches EV battery pack design platform

Green Car Congress

IONETIC , a UK start-up specializing in electric vehicle (EV) battery pack technology, launched its EV battery pack design platform, which the company says can cut the development cost and time for automotive manufacturers bringing a new electric vehicle to market.

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IDTechEx: Nio spearheading battery swapping expansion beyond China

Green Car Congress

Battery swap stations are Nio’s signature replenishment facility, and it is currently the only company offering such models to the general consumer. There are also other companies in China that offer models with battery swap support, but for the taxi market.

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Cummins debuting electrified Meritor powertrains with Cummins LFP battery system

Green Car Congress

For the first time since finalizing the acquisition of Meritor last month ( earlier post ), Cummins will showcase Meritor’s 17Xe ePowertrain assembled with a Cummins battery system during the IAA Transportation tradeshow in Hannover, Germany.

Toyota introduces home storage battery system based on EV battery technology

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor is introducing the O-Uchi Kyuden System, a home storage battery system based on its electrified vehicle battery technology. The O-Uchi Kyuden System uses electrified vehicle battery technology such as Toyota’s battery control to provide a rated capacity of 8.7

FreeWire Technologies to make available ultrafast, battery-integrated EV charging for Chevron and Texaco stations

Green Car Congress

FreeWire’s program will provide an integrated approach by coupling battery-integrated chargers supported by energy management software with custom branding/design and analytics. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure

Nissan unveils prototype production facility for all-solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

Nissan unveiled its prototype production facility for laminated all-solid-state battery (ASSB) cells, which the company aims to bring to market in 2028. All-solid-state batteries are expected to be a game-changing technology for accelerating the popularity of electric vehicles.

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FREYR Battery in strategic partnership with Hana Technology for battery automation production equipment

Green Car Congress

FREYR Battery has awarded a strategic alliance frame agreement to South Korea-based Hana Technology. Hana Technology develops precision automation solutions for battery facilities and other industrial operations. We selected Hana Technology due to their proven track record with major Korean battery manufacturers. We also experienced, as part of our tender process, that they have the best technical solution to meet our needs for clean battery cell production.

Battery Resourcers to open North America’s largest Li-ion battery recycling facility by August

Green Car Congress

Battery Resourcers, a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery recycling and engineered materials company, plans to open a commercial-scale, lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Covington, Ga. We all win when we prevent batteries from going to landfill.

NGK to provide Sakuu with ceramic battery materials for 3D-printed solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

Sakuu, developer of the first 3D printed solid-state battery ( earlier post ), entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Japan’s NGK Spark Plugs CO., Under the MOU, NGK will co-develop and provide ceramic materials for Sakuu’s solid-state battery production, ranging from ongoing battery material needs at its California pilot-line facility, to at-scale commercialization for its additive manufactured solid-state battery line—anticipated to go to market in 2023.

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GM invests in battery recycling company Lithion

Green Car Congress

GM Ventures, the automaker’s investment arm, has made a strategic investment in Lithion Recycling’s Series A financing round, supporting a new GM-Lithion strategic partnership agreement to pursue a circular battery ecosystem using Lithion’s advanced battery recycling technology. This collaboration between GM and Lithion will focus on: Validation of Lithion’s recovered battery materials for use in the production of new batteries, and potential to acquire battery materials.

Cummins invests $24M in flow battery leader VoltStorage

Green Car Congress

Cummins has invested $24 million in Germany-based VoltStorage, a developer of stationary flow batteries. The company says that it has the largest fleet of operating flow batteries in the world. Vanadium redox flow battery cell. Each battery cell is enclosed by two bipolar plates.

CATL in 5-year agreements with ZEEKR, SERES; EVs to be powered by Qilin CTP batteries

Green Car Congress

ZEEKR 009 will be the world’s first car with Qilin inside, and ZEEKR 001 will be the world’s first model equipped with Qilin batteries. Qilin batteries will power all SERES Aito models. Batteries China Electric (Battery

NIMS researchers report 500 Wh/kg+ Li-air battery

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Japan’s National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) and the NIMS-SoftBank Advanced Technologies Development Center have developed a lithium-air battery with an energy density of more than 500 Wh/kg—significantly higher than currently lithium ion batteries.

Hegelmann Group signs LoI for 50 Mercedes-Benz battery-electric long-haul trucks

Green Car Congress

On a single battery charge the eActros LongHaul will have a range of around 500 kilometers (311 miles). The eActros LongHaul uses batteries with lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cell technology, characterized by a long service life and more usable energy.

BYD launches Blade Battery to address battery safety in EVs

Green Car Congress

BYD launched the Blade Battery, a development intended to mitigate concerns about battery safety in electric vehicles. The Blade Battery has been developed by BYD over the past several years. He Long, Vice President of BYD and Chairman of FinDreams Battery Co.,

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Toyota launches battery-electric bZ4X SUV

Green Car Congress

Through this architecture, bZ4X achieves a low center of gravity and greater rigidity thanks to the high-capacity Lithium-ion battery pack placed flat under the floor. Handling is due in part to the battery cross-framing structure, which adds to overall vehicle rigidity.

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Study finds solid-state batteries could reduce the carbon footprint of an EV battery by up to 39%

Green Car Congress

Solid state technology uses solid ceramic material instead of liquid electrolytes to carry electric current, also making the batteries lighter, faster to charge and eventually cheaper. MEPs and EU governments are currently negotiating the final text of the new Battery Regulation.

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PEUGEOT estimates it will assemble up to 10,000 batteries per month for cars, 7,000 for LCVs by next year

Green Car Congress

This will require a substantial uplift in the number of batteries being produced. PEUGEOT estimates it will assemble up to 10,000 batteries a month for its car range by next year, and as many as 7,000 batteries a month for its advanced LCV range.

GM and OneD Battery Sciences collaborate on joint R&D of silicon anode technology for Ultium cells

Green Car Congress

General Motors and OneD Battery Sciences signed a joint research development agreement focused on the potential use of OneD’s silicon nanotechnology in GM’s Ultium battery cells to drive significant increases in energy density for longer range and reduced cost.

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3D solid-state battery startup LionVolt closes €4M seed round

Green Car Congress

European 3D solid-state battery start-up LionVolt successfully closed a seed round of €4 million, bringing its total funding this year to more than €5 million. The battery that LionVolt is developing is based on 3D technology and solid-state layers. 3D solid-state battery (3DSSB).

ENC next-gen battery-electric and fuel-cell buses to be delivered in 2023

Green Car Congress

and a manufacturer of heavy-duty transit buses and emission-free technology, announced that the next generation of its zero-emission products, Axess Battery Electric Bus (EVO-BE) and Axess Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Bus (EVO-FC), are now in development.

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NIO launches Battery as a Service (BaaS) in China; battery swap system

Green Car Congress

Premium EV manufacturer NIO has launched Battery as a Service (BaaS) for customers in China. In addition, BaaS also represents a systematic solution to the long-existing challenges for EV penetration, including battery degradation, battery upgradability, and lower resale value.

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KERI researchers develop high-capacity Li-metal battery with improved rate performance and stability

Green Car Congress

A research team at Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) has developed a high-capacity Li-metal battery with improved rate performance and stability using a one-dimensional Li-confinable porous hollow carbon host. Batteries Electric (Battery) Li-metal

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Umicore inaugurates CAM plant in Poland; complete battery materials value chain in Europe

Green Car Congress

This makes Umicore the first company in Europe with a complete circular and sustainable battery materials value chain. With this gigafactory, Umicore is leading the way in battery materials in Europe offering key ingredients for a responsible and sustainable value chain for electric transport.

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Mercedes-Benz expands battery supply partnership with CATL and new €7.34B battery plant in Hungary

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz is taking another step to scale up development and production of next-generation high-performance battery cells and modules by expanding its battery supply relationship with CATL through CATL’s newly announced battery plant in Debrecen, Hungary.

Battery-grade lithium carbonate forecast to trade at $74K/tonne in 12 months

Green Car Congress

Trading Economics global macro models and analysts expectations forecast battery-grade lithium carbonate to trade at 504,813 CNY (US$74,000) per tonne in 12 months time. Batteries Electric (Battery) Market Background Materials

Carbon 320

ABB unveils new battery manufacturing methodology to fast-track speed to market for greenfield plants

Green Car Congress

ABB recently unveiled its new Plant Optimization Methodology for battery manufacturing, presenting how greenfield battery sites can jumpstart global operations. ABB’s Plant Optimization Methodology for battery manufacturing. Batteries Electric (Battery) Manufacturing

SK On signs MOU with Global Lithium Resources to bolster key battery materials supply chain

Green Car Congress

South Korea-based SK On (SKO), a global EV battery manufacturer, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Australia’s Global Lithium Resources to explore future business opportunities together in regard to stable supply of lithium.

Volvo Trucks opens its first battery plant; cells and modules from Samsung SDI

Green Car Congress

Volvo Trucks is opening its first battery assembly plant. Located in Ghent, Belgium, the plant will supply ready-to-install batteries for Volvo Trucks’ full electric heavy-duty trucks. The number of batteries depends on each customer’s specific range and load capacity demands.

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Northvolt assembles first lithium-ion battery cell at Swedish gigafactory

Green Car Congress

Northvolt has assembled the first battery cell at the newly commissioned Ett gigafactory in northern Sweden. The cell is the first to have been fully designed, developed and assembled at a gigafactory by a homegrown European battery company.

New self-purifying electrolyte for high-energy Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

A research team in China has developed a new type of electrolyte for high-energy Li-ion batteries with a self-purifying feature that opens a promising approach for electrolyte engineering for next-generation high-energy Li-ion batteries. Batteries Electric (Battery

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Polestar to provide batteries to Candela for electric boats

Green Car Congress

Swedish electric car maker Polestar will provide battery and charging systems for Candela’s highly efficient flying boats. The battery deal will enable Candela to scale up production swiftly, bringing mass-market electric boats one step closer to reality.

DNV releases 4th edition of battery scorecard

Green Car Congress

DNV, an independent energy expert and assurance provider, released the fourth edition of its Battery Scorecard report. This edition of the Battery Scorecard incorporates independent testing results from 19 different battery cell types, as well as an outlook on future battery technologies and a new interactive online dashboard. DNV’s Battery Scorecard illuminates the most pressing questions around batteries, including safety, useful life, and degradation.

Project Triumph TE-1 prototype revealed; Williams Advanced Engineering battery system

Green Car Congress

Williams Advanced Engineering: final iteration of prototype WAE battery pack incorporating dedicated cell packaging for optimum centre of gravity, vehicle control unit, DCDC converter, integrated cooling, charge port, and styled carbon covers. Batteries Electric (Battery

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CATL launches EVOGO battery swap services in second city: Hefei

Green Car Congress

CATL recently officially launched its EVOGO battery swap services in Hefei, capital of east China’s Anhui Province, making it the second EVOGO city in the country. It is also one of the first batch of national pilot cities for the EV battery swapping trial.

Yamato Transport and CJPT to study standardization and commercialization of cartridge batteries for battery swapping

Green Car Congress

Yamato Transport and Commercial Japan Partnership Technologies Corporation (CJPT) will begin studying the standardization and commercialization of replaceable and rechargeable cartridge batteries. To solve these issues, Yamato Transport and CJPT will begin studying the practical application of detachable and portable cartridge batteries based on their following merits. Reduce logistics downtime: Battery replacement can reduce vehicle recharging time.

Benchmark launches Li-ion Battery Raw Material Price Index

Green Car Congress

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has launched a Lithium-ion Battery Raw Material Price Index. The index is published every month for the following lithium ion battery chemistries: NCM High-Nickel (8 and 9 series blends, e.g. NCM 811, NCM 9). Battery grade lithium carbonate (EXW China).

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German operator SFK takes delivery of all-electric ferry outfitted with EST-Floattech’s Green Orca battery system

Green Car Congress

Dutch marine battery system supplier EST-Floattech has delivered 1092 kWh of battery capacity for new, all-electric ferry Wellingdorf in a contract with system integrator Holland Ship Electric. Batteries Electric (Battery) Ports and Marine

EV battery manufacturing expert network launched:

Green Car Congress introduces a new network website for experts in the manufacturing of EV batteries based on the need for more knowledge in the related automotive industry. In the drive to supply the world with high quality and cost-effective batteries there is a need to improve worldwide production. The fast-growing market already faces the challenges of the supply of raw materials, the supply chain towards the automotive industry and flexibility towards new innovative battery types.

LG Energy Solution hosting 3rd round of international competition to identify promising battery start-ups

Green Car Congress

LG Energy Solution will host the LGES Battery Challenge 2022, an international competition to identify start-ups for potential investment and collaboration. Through the program, LGES is bringing together battery start-ups to keep pace with the fast-developing industry, as growing number of economies transition to renewable energy. Start-ups, with the specialty in battery-related technology, can take part in this year’s Battery Challenge. Batteries Electric (Battery

U Mich generic battery-cycling optimization framework could reduce EV battery testing time by about 75%

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed an optimized generic battery cycling framework that could reduce the time for both simulation and physical testing of new electric vehicle battery designs by about 75%. Batteries Electric (Battery) Testing

NEO Battery Materials to partner with A&P on mass production of silicon anode materials

Green Car Congress

NEO Battery Materials Ltd. NEO Battery Materials Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company focused on electric vehicle lithium-ion battery materials. Batteries Electric (Battery) Materials

ZSW shows E-magy silicon-dominant battery swells less than 1% after cycling

Green Car Congress

A team from the German research institute ZSW (Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-Württemberg) and advanced materials company E-magy have shown a less than 1% battery cell expansion in a silicon-dominant lithium-ion battery for the first time.