GM unveils digital vehicle platform; 4.5 TB/h; installed on new Cadillac CT5, rollout to most GM vehicles globally by 2023

Green Car Congress

General Motors President Mark Reuss unveiled the company’s all-new electronic platform necessary for its next-generation of vehicles, EVs, active safety, infotainment and connectivity features, and the evolution of the Super Cruise driver assistance feature.

2019 125

Electric Vehicle Insurance

Electric Cars are for Girls

Please let me know which companies are willing to provide insurance for an EV converted car, in the greater Toronto area. Thank you, Doru Hi, Doru

2018 127

New Hyundai Sonata based on third-generation vehicle platform

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor announced that the new generation Sonata, scheduled to go on sale later this month, is based on the new third-generation vehicle platform. Such technology inhibits vehicle from spinning and prevents possible secondary collisions.

2019 122

Electric Vehicle - Buyers Guide

DIY Electric Car

The Electric Vehicle market is full of new terminology and concepts. Different types of Electric Vehicles. Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles. - - - - - - - -. Electric Vehicles |

2014 141

Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Historic Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum in Kingman, Arizona adds to its collection

Why Norway leads the world in electric vehicle adoption

Green Car Reports

million people—about half the size of Los Angeles County in population, and with only about 35 percent of LA's vehicles on its roads. Norway has only 5.26

2019 105

Army's Electric Vehicle

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I guess the Army's electric vehicle won't be needing the fake noisy gas engine sound track shown in the video, then? More about the Army's stealth EV after the jump

2011 237

Toyota providing nearly 24,000 licenses for vehicle electrification technologies royalty-free

Green Car Congress

Toyota announced that it will grant royalty-free licenses on nearly 24,000 patents it holds (including some pending applications) for vehicle electrification-related technologies. Electric (Battery) Fuel Cells Hybrids Motors Power Electronics Vehicle Manufacturers

2019 117

Historical Electric Vehicle Foundation Gets 12 New EVs

Electric Cars are for Girls

The Historical Electric Vehicle Foundation ( and our Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum are proud to announce the gift of twelve electric vehicles of historic significance from the prestigious collection of the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California. The last vehicle was delivered today on December 21th

2018 89

Audi testing second-life EV batteries in factory vehicles

Green Car Congress

Audi is testing factory vehicles powered by used lithium-ion batteries at its main plant in Ingolstadt. Factory vehicles in Audi’s production plants such as fork-lift trucks and tow tractors have so far been powered by lead-acid batteries.

2019 158

Ricardo developing software to avoid motion sickness in autonomous vehicles

Green Car Congress

With the public expecting that autonomous vehicles will offer comfort levels approaching those of a living room environment, Ricardo is developing new software to minimize the risks of motion sickness; the development also promises benefits for conventionally-driven vehicles. This effect can be compounded by the peripheral vision flicker experienced as a result of the vehicle’s motion by those reading, watching screens or engaged in direct, face-to-face conversations.

2019 88

Kia and Hyundai to introduce solar roof charging on selected vehicles: HEV, BEV and ICE

Green Car Congress

Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor plan to introduce solar roof charging technology on selected Hyundai Motor Group vehicles. The solar charging technology is being developed to support the vehicle’s main power source, improving mileage and reducing CO 2 emissions.

2018 144

MTU researchers develop optimization model to fill in the gaps in connected vehicle data

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Michigan Technological University (MTU) have developed a data-driven optimization modeling framework to reconstruct the location-duration-path choices for the missing observations from incomplete data from connected vehicles. For example, connected vehicles provide high-frequency (e.g., The proposed models reconstruct the missing location-duration-path choices for individual connected vehicles. In the future, we’re going to have more connected vehicles.

2019 100

Nissan and DOCOMO test I2V technology using 5G in moving vehicle

Green Car Congress

are putting Nissan’s Invisible-to-Visible technology through its field test in a moving vehicle, using DOCOMO’s fifth-generation mobile communications connectivity. The test vehicle is based on Nissan’s NV350 Caravan. 5G Connected vehicles HMINissan and NTT DOCOMO, INC.

2019 116

USDOT requesting public comment on Vehicle-to-Everything communications

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT) is seeking public comment on the use and integration of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications technologies into the transportation environment, which have the potential to improve motor vehicle safety and efficiency as well as support cooperative vehicle automation concepts. There are more than 70 active deployments of V2X communications with thousands of vehicles already on the road. Connected vehicles V2X

2018 96

DARPA GXV-T demos showcase radical vehicle technologies

Green Car Congress

DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies ( GXV-T ) program ( earlier post ) aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. The team found autonomy improved either vehicle speed or risk posture, and sometimes both.

2018 90

FedEx acquiring 1,000 Chanje electric delivery vehicles

Green Car Congress

will add 1,000 Chanje V8100 electric delivery vehicles to its fleet. FedEx is purchasing 100 of the vehicles from Chanje Energy Inc and leasing 900 from Ryder System, Inc. The vehicles are manufactured by FDG in Hangzhou, China, and purchased through Chanje Energy Inc.,

2018 121

DOE: in 2018, 27% of new light-duty vehicles in US had fuel economies > 30 mpg

Green Car Congress

In 2018, 27% of new light-duty vehicles sold in the US had fuel economies of more than 30 miles per gallon (783 l/100 km), according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). By contrast, none of the light-duty vehicles produced in 1975 had fuel economy greater than 30 miles per gallon (mpg).

2019 101

DOE: US plug-in vehicles consumed nearly 3 TWh of electricity in 2018

Green Car Congress

The amount of electricity consumed by plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) in the United States has nearly doubled in the last two years—from 1.44 Includes only light-duty vehicles.

2019 142

NVIDIA introduces DRIVE AP2X; complete Level 2+ autonomous vehicle platform

Green Car Congress

ClearSightNet allows the vehicle to detect camera blindness, as when the sun shines directly into the sensor, or when mud or snow limits its vision. It takes in sensor data and determines a set of actions to protect the vehicle and other road users.

2019 140

Panasonic working with with Tropos Motors to advance electric compact utility vehicles

Green Car Congress

Panasonic will partner with Tropos Motors to advance hyper-efficient electric compact utility vehicles—the second largest class of fleet vehicles. Tropos ABLE vehicles vary in applications, ranging from emergency services to facilities, agriculture, and last-mile cargo delivery.

2019 100

Ford spins-out autonomous vehicles organization

Green Car Congress

Ford Motor Company has created Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC, a new organization charged with accelerating Ford’s autonomous vehicles (AV) business to capitalize on market opportunities. Autonomous driving Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

2018 85

Hyundai Mobis, KT collaborating to develop connected vehicle systems using 5G and C-V2X

Green Car Congress

have launched 5G communication in the Hyundai Mobis proving ground in Seosan, Chungcheongnam-do, and have begun to collaborate to develop connected vehicle technology by actively utilizing this network. 5G Autonomous driving Connected vehicles CV2XHyundai Mobis and KT Corp.

2019 110

Allison Transmission acquires Vantage Power and AxleTech’s electric vehicle systems division

Green Car Congress

the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, has purchased Vantage Power and AxleTech’s electric vehicle (EV) systems division. Both of these acquisitions align with Allison’s leading innovator position in propulsion technology, and will complement its existing capabilities to advance electrification adoption in commercial vehicles. Electric (Battery) Heavy-duty Vehicle SystemsAllison Transmission Holdings Inc.,

2019 81

Ford and Baidu announce joint autonomous vehicle testing in Beijing with SAE L4 vehicles; Apollo system

Green Car Congress

have begun a two-year joint autonomous vehicle test project, under which the two companies will further advance the development and on-road testing of autonomous vehicles in China. —Sherif Marakby, president and CEO of Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC.

2018 125

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles unveils 5 battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles; I.D. BUZZ CARGO

Green Car Congress

At the 69 th IAA Commercial Vehicles show, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is unveiling five new zero-emission vehicles:the I.D. The electric campaign is now gaining momentum at the 2018 IAA Commercial Vehicles show. The vehicle could be launched as soon as 2021.

2018 137

Wyoming Connected Vehicle Pilot determines appropriate tractor-trailer antenna placement and equipment configuration; avoiding DSRC shadow

Green Car Congress

The WYDOT (Wyoming Department of Transportation) Connected Vehicle (CV) Pilot is focusing on improving safety and mobility by creating new ways to communicate road and travel information to commercial truck drivers and fleet managers along the 402 miles of Interstate 80 (I-80) in the State.

2019 96

DOE: plug-in vehicles in US displaced 323M gallons of gasoline in 2018; ~0.25%

Green Car Congress

In 2018, plug-in light-duty vehicles on the road displaced 323 million gallons of gasoline—about one quarter of a percent of all gasoline used in the United States, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2019 122

BMW Group introduces Alibaba voice assistant introduced into BMW vehicles in China; Tmall Genie

Green Car Congress

Labs will be fully and seamlessly integrated in BMW vehicles in China by the end of 2019. It allows BMW customers who have a Tmall Genie-compatible device at home to operate vehicle functions easily and conveniently, and to call up appointments saved in the BMW Connected mobility agenda.

2019 112

Texas DOT to form connected and automated vehicle task force

Green Car Congress

The Texas Department of Transportation is going to create a Connected and Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) Task Force to become a central point for CAV advancement in Texas. We look forward to furthering these important efforts as connected and autonomous vehicles become reality. TxDOT has had a keen interest in the progress of autonomous vehicles as they have the potential to greatly reduce crashes and improve roadway safety over time. Autonomous driving Connected vehicles

2019 79

Ford, Autonomic, and Amazon Web Services collaborate to advance vehicle connectivity and mobility experiences

Green Car Congress

Through this collaboration, Autonomic’s Transportation Mobility Cloud (TMC) will be powered by AWS to become the standard connected car solution for Ford vehicles. TMC, already connected to millions of vehicles, provides secure, bi-directional connectivity to the cloud from vehicles. TMC is vehicle-brand-agnostic and provides the API-centric, cloud-based software development experience that developers of mobile applications prefer. Connected vehicles

2019 74

Toyota Research Institute constructing automated vehicle test facility in Michigan

Green Car Congress

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is constructing a closed-course test facility to develop automated vehicle technology. Site of the future automated vehicle test facility (inside the MITRP oval track). Autonomous driving Vehicle Manufacturers

2018 106

eMotorWerks lays groundwork for vehicle-to-grid charging

Green Car Reports

vehicle-to-grid-v2g Charging NetworksAt first blanch, a new business agreement between home charger manufacturer eMotorWerks and utility software provider LO3 Energy sounds strictly like the stuff of dull business contract lawyers. Dig a little deeper, though, and it could be the kernel of the next generation electrical system, long discussed, but never-quite-practical.

2019 77

ORNL study finds connected and automated vehicles can reduce fuel use by more than 40%

Green Car Congress

In a study published in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles , they reported that an increased number of CAVs communicating and coordinating driving activity stabilize traffic flow and, depending on the traffic volume, can reduce fuel use by more than 40%.

2018 122

DOE announces $59M to accelerate advanced vehicle technologies research

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced up to $59 million for new and innovative advanced vehicle technologies research. natural gas, propane, electricity, hydrogen) proof-of-concept demonstrations in new communities and fleets, and electric vehicle data collection.

2019 111

Best Electric Vehicle Motor Yet

Electric Cars are for Girls

This AC electric vehicle motor really IS as good as you've heard, and it's changing the electric car conversion game

2011 151

EU researchers develop innovative energy-efficient climate control system for electric vehicles; XERIC

Green Car Congress

EU-funded researchers have developed an innovative climate control system (CCS) that extends the range of electric vehicles while enhancing passenger comfort. Electric (Battery) Vehicle Systems

2018 118

ORNL demonstrates 120 kW wireless charging for vehicles; 97% efficiency

Green Car Congress

Once the energy is transferred to the secondary coil, it is converted back to direct current and stored in a vehicle’s batteries. The research was funded by DOE’s Vehicle Technologies Office (VTO) and performed at the National Transportation Research Center, a DOE user facility at ORNL.

2018 150

Volkswagen Group of America launches Inclusive Mobility initiative; focus on autonomous and electric vehicles

Green Car Congress

VWGoA) launched the Inclusive Mobility initiative, an industry-first effort to engage directly with disability groups early in the design of vehicle technologies, user experience and mobility services. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.

2019 128

Renault introduces EZ-ULTIMO robo-vehicle concept

Green Car Congress

At the Paris Motor Show, Groupe Renault unveiled EZ-ULTIMO, its robo-vehicle concept, an autonomous, electric, connected, and shared mobility service solution offering a premium travel experience.

2018 106

Number of vehicles in the United States: Did we reach the peak in 2006?

Green Car Congress

The present study analyzes corresponding changes in the number of vehicles during the same period. The focus is on vehicles per person, as opposed to the absolute number (which depends, in part, on the continuously increasing size of the U.S. by 2017 (to 0.769 vehicles).

2019 120

Toyota premieres Toyota-brand battery electric vehicles ahead of 2020 China launch

Green Car Congress

Toyota premiered its C-HR and IZOA battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as part of its activities on the opening day of Auto Shanghai 2019. The C-HR and IZOA will be the first battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) to launch in China under the Toyota brand.

2019 133

Custom Electric Vehicles: Venus Motors

Electric Cars are for Girls

Venus Motors builds new custom electric vehicles using fiberglass kits, electric drive trains, and lithium batteries

Kits 140