AYRO launches low-speed Electric Vaccine Vehicle

Green Car Congress

a designer and manufacturer of light-duty, short-haul, and last-mile delivery electric vehicles (EVs), has launched the Electric Vaccine Vehicle (EVV). Club Car will provide sales and service support for the vehicles to Element and its Clients. AYRO, Inc.,

Xiaomi Electric Vehicle Announcement

Electric Vehicles India

Xiaomi Electric Vehicle Announcement. Let’s know more about the official Xiaomi Electric Vehicle Announcement. In addition to this, China’s encouragement for Electric vehicles and the existing Chinese ecosystem may assist this production goal to be a reality in less time. .


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SANY developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles

Green Car Congress

China-based SANY, one of the largest construction equipment manufacturers in the world, is developing hydrogen fuel cell construction vehicles; two recent examples include a dump truck and a mixer truck, freshly rolled out of SANY’s intelligent flagship factory.

Electric Vehicles from Xiaomi

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Vehicles from Xiaomi. Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is planning to make Electric vehicles using the Great Wall Motors factory. . For the latest electric vehicles news, follow electricvehicles.in

Electric vehicles sales report FY2020-21

Electric Vehicles India

Electric vehicles sales report FY2020-21. Electric vehicles in India have now come to a certain stage where almost half of the population in India knows about it. Let us now discuss completely about the Electric vehicles sales report by SMEV. . Vehicle Segment.

Sale 61

What Type of Brake System is Used in Electric Vehicles?

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The Brake system is one of the most important components of a vehicle. The developments of electric vehicles bring another type of braking system into the picture. How electric car brake system differs from a conventional vehicle brake system? What is a brake system in vehicle?

ZF presents middleware for vehicle systems

Green Car Congress

In a preview to CES 2021, ZF has presented new middleware for vehicle systems. Throughout the vehicle’s lifetime functions can be updated or additionally offered on-demand. As a comprehensive software platform, the ZF middleware will be available in series vehicles from 2024.

2020 222

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India 2021

Electric Vehicles India

Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India 2021. The electric vehicles market in India is growing rapidly and all the automakers are trying to bring new electric vehicles into the market. In this article let’s look into the Top 10 Electric Vehicle Manufacturers in India. .

India 87

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles moves ahead with Autonomous Driving RD; ID. BUZZ the first AV

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, a brand within the Volkswagen Group, is consistently and rapidly advancing the development and implementation of autonomous driving. BUZZ by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Autonomous driving Electric (Battery) Vehicle Manufacturers

Groupe PSA introduces new eVMP platform (Electric Vehicle Modular Platform) for C- and D-segment vehicles

Green Car Congress

The newly introduced eVMP (Electric Vehicle Modular Platform) platform will serve as the basis for a wide range of electric vehicles for the C- and D- segments. The group will launch electric vehicles in C- and D-segments from sedan to SUV in different regions of the world from 2023.

2020 261

Volkswagen Passenger Cars lifts global deliveries of BEV vehicles by 197% and of electric vehicles overall by 158% in 2020

Green Car Congress

In 2020, Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered more than 212,000 electric cars in total (+158 percent versus 2019), including nearly 134,000 battery electric vehicles (+197 percent versus 2019). This brought the share of BEV and hybrid vehicles in Europe up to 12.4%

2020 253

REE unveils new REEcorners and EV platforms for range of vehicle and market segments

Green Car Congress

Israel-based REE Automotive (REE) revealed 5 new and improved REEcorner architecture designs and the technology behind its EV platforms designed to support a broad range of commercial electric vehicles. Batteries Electric (Battery) Motors Vehicle Systems

Market 273

Cruise and GM partner with Microsoft to commercialize autonomous vehicles; $2B in new funding, Cruise sending test vehicles to Japan

Green Car Congress

Cruise and General Motors have entered a long-term strategic relationship with Microsoft to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving vehicles. Vehicle based on GM Bolt for testing Cruise AD tech.

Japan 222

Plug Power & Gaussin collaborate on hydrogen-powered logistics vehicles

Green Car Congress

a provider of hydrogen engines and fueling solutions, and Gaussin are collaborating to bring a commercial suite of ProGen-powered Gaussin transportation vehicles to market in 2021 as a solution to decarbonize the logistics ecosystem. Plug Power Inc.,

2020 384

Volta Trucks to offer four full-electric commercial vehicle models between 7.5t and 19t by 2025

Green Car Congress

Building upon the success of the Volta Zero—a purpose-built full-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle designed for inner-city last mile deliveries ( earlier post )—Volta Trucks plans to expand its product portfolio with three additional variants within the medium- to lower end of the heavy-duty class. The 16-tonne Volta Zero will be the first vehicle delivered, with Pilot Fleet trucks built by the end of 2021, and series production starting around 12 months afterwards.

Hyundai Motor Group forms New Horizons Studio to develop Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs); “transformer-class vehicles”

Green Car Congress

Hyundai Motor Group has formed New Horizons Studio, a new unit focused on the development of Ultimate Mobility Vehicles (UMVs), including the concept Hyundai Elevate walking car introduced at CES 2019 ( earlier post ). Electric (Battery) Market Background UMV Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 209

Suzuki, Subaru, Daihatsu, Toyota and Mazda to develop joint technical specifications for next-generation vehicle communications devices

Green Car Congress

Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mazda Motor Corporation reached an agreement to develop jointly technical specifications for next-generation vehicle communications devices. Connected vehicles Japan Market Background Standards

Suzuki 222

IMS launches Vehicle Data Exchange to provide complete connectivity service for accessing vehicle data

Green Car Congress

IMS, one of the world’s top three providers of connected car data solutions to insurers, mobility operators and governments, launched the IMS Vehicle Data Exchange , a new service which provides live, real-time access to vehicle insights and mobility data from OEM-embedded hardware and any aftermarket device, including the only one-stop solution for all aftermarket connectivity options. Connected vehicles Market Background Telematics

A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans

The Truth About Cars

The post A Dozen More States Virtue Signaling Over Vehicle Bans appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

Colorado releases new electric vehicle plan

Green Car Congress

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO), a non-regulatory department within the Governor’s Office focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions by advancing clean energy, energy efficiency and zero emission vehicles, has released the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020.

SwRI-led team achieves 20% improvement in vehicle fuel efficiency with connectivity, automation; ARPA-E NEXTCAR

Green Car Congress

Working with collaborators at the University of Michigan and Toyota Motor North America, the team is sponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) as part of its Next-Generation Energy Technologies for Connected and Automated On-Road Vehicles (NEXTCAR) program.

2020 314

Sales of Nissan e-POWER electrified vehicles in Japan surpasses 500,000-unit cumulative milestone

Green Car Congress

Nissan announced that cumulative sales of vehicles with its e-POWER electrified powertrain ( earlier post ) surpassed 500,000 units at the end of March. The e-POWER system uses a highly efficient gasoline engine to generate electricity for the electric motor that propels the vehicle.

Japan 222

Magna introduces eBeam technology for electrifying pickups and light commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Magna is introducing a scalable solution enabling automakers to electrify their pickup trucks and light commercial vehicles without sacrificing utility and functionality. Electric (Battery) Hybrids Motors Vehicle Systems

Light 240

Global OEM selects Eaton’s power distribution technology for new electric commercial vehicle platform

Green Car Congress

Power management company Eaton announced its eMobility business secured a contract to supply power distribution units (PDUs) and Bussmann series fuses to a global vehicle manufacturer for use in a new battery electric (BEV) light-duty commercial vehicle—a rapidly growing segment for BEVs.

Eaton 209

BAE Systems, QinetiQ to integrate hybrid electric drive into tracked combat vehicle

Green Car Congress

BAE Systems has been awarded a $32-million prototype agreement by the US Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office (RCCTO) to integrate a Hybrid Electric Drive (HED) system onto a Bradley Fighting Vehicle —a tracked vehicle. Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

2020 321

Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles India

Hydrogen fuel cell for electric vehicles. India is a developing country in all aspects, The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is planning to test a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric vehicles to reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

Hino Motors and REE Automotive partner on electric commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Hino and REE will combine Hino’s knowledge and technologies as a commercial vehicle manufacturer closely attuned to customer needs with REE’s innovative and highly competitive proprietary REEcorner EV technologies. Hino Motors Co., Ltd.,

How to protect your electric vehicle in summer season

Electric Vehicles India

How to protect your electric vehicle in summer season. While sipping your cold drink some of you might be thinking for sure about their electric vehicles. Here in this article, we will see some of the tips on how to protect your electric vehicle in the summer season. .

Audi Neckarsulm first plant in Group using RFID for vehicle ID throughout production; on-metal tags

Green Car Congress

Audi’s Neckarsulm site is the first automotive plant in the Volkswagen Group to use RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology for vehicle identification throughout the entire production process, thereby laying another cornerstone for fully connected production.

Audi 253

Isuzu, Hino, Toyota partner to accelerate CASE technologies for commercial vehicles; new JV

Green Car Congress

Toyota, Toyota’s truck division Hino, and Isuzu are establishing a partnership in commercial vehicles to collaborate in CASE technologies: connected, autonomous, shared and electric driving technologies. The three companies intend to combine Toyota’s CASE technologies with the commercial vehicle foundations cultivated by Isuzu and Hino. And from the standpoint of carbon neutrality, commercial vehicles can especially fulfill a key function.

Isuzu 170

AXYARD, Lab1886 and Daimler Trucks automate the operation of commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

The automated snow removal by two self-driving Mercedes-Benz Arocs in Immendingen shows a successful application for automated commercial vehicles in closed areas. Depending on the snow conditions, the vehicle’s lane is determined and adhered to with centimeter-level precision.

2020 381

GM plans to invest $1 billion to manufacture electric vehicles in Mexico

Electric Vehicles India

GM plans to invest $1 billion to manufacture electric vehicles in Mexico. General Motors has announced its plans to invest $1 billion to manufacture electric vehicles in Mexico adding the 5th plant in North America with EV production capacity.

Electric Vehicle-Zero Emissions, Is this true?

Electric Vehicles India

Electric Vehicle – Zero Emissions, Is this true? Analyzing from the root of electric vehicles (Manufacturing) . All of us think that electric vehicles leave zero emissions, in this article let’s find this out. Production line of a Vehicle.

Types of Motor and use of Controller in Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles India

Types of motor and use of Controller in Electric vehicles. The Controller is the Electric Vehicle’s Carburetor, the need for a controller arises when an electric vehicle uses a BLDC motor for its working. Controller for electric vehicles.

BYD launched new e-Platform 3.0 for electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles India

for electric vehicles. for electric vehicles at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show and it has also debuted its X Dream concept car and all-new EA1. If an electric vehicle is equipped with an e-platform it will just take 2.9 Electric Vehicles News BYD BYD e-Platform 3.0

BYD 61

Ricardo report supports vehicle to infrastructure connectivity deployment

Green Car Congress

Momentum is growing for wider scale deployment of vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies in both vehicles and road infrastructure. Connected vehicles Market Background V2X

2020 222

Huawei investing $1 Billion on Electric Vehicles and Smart cars

Electric Vehicles India

Huawei investing $1 Billion on Electric Vehicles and Smart cars. Huawei, the world’s largest supplier of telecom networking is investing $1 Billion (approximately 7500 crore rupees) on manufacturing self-driving Electric cars and Electric Vehicles.

Knorr-Bremse opens new commercial vehicle e-mobility development unit: eCUBATOR

Green Car Congress

Knorr-Bremse, a leading provider of braking systems and of other systems for rail and commercial vehicles, is bundling its know-how in the field of e-mobility in a new, in-house development unit, eCUBATOR. We want to support our customers in the e-mobilization of commercial vehicles.

Toyota, 5 Chinese companies establish R&D JV for commercial vehicle fuel cell systems in China

Green Car Congress

FCRD's primary business will be the development of fuel cell systems for commercial vehicles to contribute to the realization of a clean mobility society in China. China Fuel Cells Heavy-duty Hydrogen Vehicle Manufacturers

2020 330

Groupe Renault and Faurecia to collaborate on hydrogen storage systems for light commercial vehicles

Green Car Congress

Groupe Renault and Faurecia will collaborate on hydrogen storage systems for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles. Starting at the end of 2021, Faurecia will supply hydrogen storage systems for a first fleet of light commercial vehicles. This collaboration on hydrogen storage systems is embedded in our strategy to offer market-ready H 2 solutions for light commercial vehicles and target over 30% share of this fast-growing market in Europe.

Light 215

moEVing – Bringing out a change in logistics vehicles

Electric Vehicles India

moEVing – Bringing out a change in logistics vehicles. The main objective of this start-up is to, Electrify freight and logistics vehicles. The vehicles they are currently focusing on are: Electric 2 Wheelers- 100 km range and Weight capacity up to 200 kg.

CO2 61

Buick debuts V2X technology in China; first V2X vehicle to roll out by year end

Green Car Congress

Buick’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology made its debut at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition. Later this year, Buick will become the first brand in China officially to roll out the market-ready technology on a production vehicle, a Buick GL8.

2020 254

MAHLE Powertrain developing demonstrator vehicle for Bramble Energy PCBFC fuel cell technology

Green Car Congress

MAHLE Powertrain is developing the first demonstrator vehicle for a novel new hydrogen fuel cell technology. The vehicle, which will be unveiled later this year, will showcase the reduced-cost, high performance potential of high power density liquid cooled fuel cells.

Energy 222