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Samsung lithium-ion cell to recharge to 80 percent in 20 minutes

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The limitations of current lithium-ion battery-cell technology pose a hindrance to more widespread adoption of plug-in electric cars. Relatively short ranges and long charging times accorded by current lithium-ion cells still limit the appeal of electric cars in the minds of many new-car buyers. Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars Samsung

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Now Toyota can make electric cars: it's tamed lithium-ion batteries, it says

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lithium-ion battery pack plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV Toyota is one of the world's three largest carmakers, along with General Motors and Volkswagen Group. Having placed its bets for the future of zero-emission transport on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, it's by far the most resistant of the three to the notion of battery-electric cars. But a recent news story might possibly indicate a crack in the.

Self-Heating Lithium-Ion Battery Could Cut Winter Range Woes

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Batteries lithium-ion winter driving research plug-in cars Winter WeatherFor some electric-car drivers--and potential buyers--range loss in cold winter weather is a significant concern. Range anxiety" is already an issue for many consumers, and the potential for a loss of up to one-third of the total rated range in cold weather compounds the problem. To tackle that problem, Penn State researchers are working on a.

Why lithium-ion cells with hollow cores matter (Apple Car or not)

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Batteries lithium-ion Apple plug-in carsOne of the biggest news stories in the automotive industry has been a car that still isn't officially confirmed to exist. It's "Project Titan," Apple's much-discussed project to allegedly develop an electric car. Now, reports out of South Korea indicate that the most unusual feature of this rumored electric car—if it exists—could very.

Saint Jean Carbon building a high performance lithium-ion battery with recycled/upcycled material

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a carbon science company engaged in the design and build of energy storage carbon materials, and a battery manufacturing partner will build a high-powered full-scale lithium-ion battery with recycled/upcycled material from an electric car power pack and upcycled anode material from Saint Jean Carbon. Saint Jean Carbon Inc.,

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Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Degrade With Repeated Charging

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As anyone with a smartphone, laptop or indeed a whole electric car will know, lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. Each time you charge and discharge the batteries, they lose a little capacity. Day to day you don''t really notice, but over a year, or two, it means being able to use your phone (or car) a little less. Now, research scientists

Lucid Motors and Samsung SDI in strategic partnership on next-gen lithium-ion cells

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Samsung SDI will be a major supplier of lithium-ion cells for Lucid’s first vehicle, an electric executive sedan scheduled to begin production in late 2018. Samsung SDI and luxury EV startup Lucid Motors have entered a strategic partnership for battery cell supply.

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How Lithium-Ion Batteries Age: Scientists Offer Insight

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Aging is a part of life, even for lithium-ion batteries. And battery life is an important consideration for electric-car owners, especially in these early days before there''s sufficient real-world data on actual life of electric-car battery packs over the 10- or 15-year lifespan of a typical vehicle. Just like any other car part, batteries degrade

New Lithium-Ion Battery Uses Peroxide To Boost Energy Density By 7 Times: Report

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All electric vehicles currently in production use some form of lithium-ion chemistry in their battery packs. Finding ways of improving that chemistry is therefore very important--the aim being to make future electric car batteries cheaper, more stable and more energy-dense for longer range. Researchers from the School of Engineering at the

Used electric-car batteries should be recycled, not reused: report

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Even after they have degraded too much for continued automotive use, the lithium-ion battery packs in electric cars still have significant useful storage capacity. Batteries lithium-ion Recycling plug-in cars energy storageThat's led several automakers to experiment with alternative uses for these "second-life" batteries in stationary energy storage. Battery packs can store energy generated by renewable.

Tesla's Lithium-Ion Battery Gigafactory: What You Need To Know

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This afternoon, Tesla Motors released details on its proposed "Gigafactory" to build lithium-ion cells for its future electric cars. To provide enough cell capacity to build a projected 500,000 electric vehicles in the year 2020, Tesla would require more cells than last year''s entire global production. Hence, as CEO Elon Musk has said several

Electric-car batteries: $100 per kwh before 2020, $80 soon after?

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Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion battery pack plug-in carsModern electric cars have developed to the point where range itself may become less of an issue than the cost of providing it. Automakers can create longer-range electric cars simply by installing larger battery packs, but that adds significant cost tot he car's single priciest component. Just ask Tesla, which sells multiple versions of its Model.

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Tesla Model S battery life: what the data show so far

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lithium-ion battery pack Tesla Motors plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Battery LifePerhaps the biggest question in buyers' minds over electric cars is how long the batteries will last. Most new-car buyers have mobile phones whose batteries have only lasted a couple of years, perhaps less. Even as electric-car battery packs are warranted against outright failure for eight or 10 years, how much degradation should owners.

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Lithium-Ion Batteries For Lighter, Compact Jump-Starting Pack

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Lithium-ion batteries are the hearts of modern electric cars, but could this battery chemistry have other automotive uses? Juno Power has applied lithium-ion technology to a different type of car battery. The Jumpr is a jump-starting pack that Juno Power says is the world''s "most portable." With a weight of just 7 ounces, it''s hard to argue with

Tesla battery gigafactory opens as pace ramps up to ludicrous

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Batteries lithium-ion Elon Musk Tesla Motors plug-in cars Panasonic gigafactoryIf it's built out to the full size in the original plans, the Tesla gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada, will cover 10 million square feet. That's the equivalent of more than 260 U.S.

Electric car battery warranties compared

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With 15 years of experience in mobile phones and more than that with laptop computers, most buyers know that lithium-ion batteries lose capacity over time. lithium-ion battery pack Warranty plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Capacity Loss battery capacityIt's one of the most frequently asked questions by anyone hearing about a modern electric car: do I have to replace the battery?

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Battery legend Goodenough not done yet: new solid-state chemistry introduced

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Lithium-ion battery-cell chemistry is currently dominant in electric cars, not to mention consumer electronics and other fields. That includes one of the people who helped create lithium-ion batteries in the first place. Batteries lithium-ion research plug-in cars solid-state cellBut what seems to be an army of researchers thinks it can be improved. CHECK OUT: Tesla granted patent on metal-air battery.

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Dual-Carbon Battery: Same Energy Density, Safer, Longer Life Than Lithium-Ion, Says Power Japan Plus

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In the search for better electric-car batteries, lots of lab research has to happen before anything can be announced. Today, a company called Power Japan Plus came out of stealth mode to unveil a new battery chemistry, with both electrodes--anode and cathode--made of carbon.

Tesla Adds Nevada Land; Will Gigafactory Be Planet's Biggest Building?

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Tesla claims that its lithium-ion cell "Gigafactory"--currently under construction just outside Reno, Nevada--will be the largest of its kind in the world. Manufacturing lithium-ion Tesla Motors plug-in cars youtube nevada gigafactory

Safety standards created for lithium-ion batteries

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Lithium-ion batteries may soon be subject to safety performance standards after SAE International Battery Standards Committee looked into base standards for the systems. Its document, entitled “J2929 – Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Battery System Safety Standard – Lithium-based Rechargeable Cells” provides a foundation from which all battery and vehicle manufacturers can create safe battery [.].

Hyundai finds lithium-ion battery partner

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Hyundai Heavy Industries is to team up with Magna E-Car Systems on a brand new lithium-ion battery joint venture. Green cars Hyundai Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Magna Magna E-CarMagna E-Car (logo, pictured) is a global supplier of components and systems for both electric and hybrid vehicles and has supplied powertrains to Ford, among others. Now the two companies will form a $200million joint venture [.].

CODA abandons lithium-ion battery plant plans

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Despite enjoying some early success with the CODA Sedan (pictured), CODA Automotive has decided to abandon its plans to build a lithium-ion battery plant. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Coda Automotive electric cars green carsAccording to a report in the Columbus Dispatch, the company had been waiting for confirmation of a $500million loan from the US Department of Energy to help with its construction. However, [.].

Lithium-Ion Batteries: Soon, Woven From 'Yarn' That Carries Energy?

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Could your car seats become large, comfortable batteries? If experiments by scientists at Fudan University in Shanghai, China become reality, perhaps they could--as the group has developed battery technology that can be woven into fabrics. According to, researcher Wei Weng and his colleagues have designed and fabricated carbon nanotube

Toyota battery R&D will allow all-electric car in 'a few years,' likely 2020

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Batteries lithium-ion Future Cars research and development plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV The signals are now unmistakable: Toyota will offer a battery-electric car for sale in 2020. After a decade of condemning electric cars as suitable only for the smallest vehicles in around-town use, the world's largest car company is changing its tune. Yet another news story out of Japan has company executives suggesting that it has finally.

LG Chem To Become World's Biggest Electric-Car Battery Supplier? Could Be, Report Says

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Three major companies compete today to supply the lithium-ion cells that make up the bulk of today's electric-car battery market. Then there's LG Chem, which sells lithium-ion batteries to quite a number of different car manufacturers. Manufacturing Batteries parts suppliers lithium-ion battery pack plug-in cars lg-chemPanasonic sells primarily to Tesla Motors, while AESC is a joint venture half owned by Nissan.

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12-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery For Advanced Start-Stop Coming In 2018

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As fuel-economy rules get stricter, lithium-ion batteries may no longer be limited to electric cars. An increasing number of new cars are now being fitted with engine start-stop systems to reduce fuel consumption, and the most advanced of those systems require a stouter battery. DON''T MISS: Conventional Gasoline Engines A Minority In 2 Years?

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Electric-car battery costs not too sensitive to lithium prices

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Relatively low lithium-ion battery-cell prices are crucial to keeping the prices of electric cars reasonable. But how much does the volatility of the price of lithium itself affect the prices of those cells? Global lithium prices have doubled over the last six months, leading to a scramble for new supplies of the metal. Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars

Fueled By Battery Boom: A Lithium Rush For Australia's Outback?

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Lithium-ion is currently the dominant chemistry for battery cells in electrified cars, and that's creating a lithium-mining boom. Batteries lithium-ion Australia plug-in carsIf electric-car sales continue to rise, then demand for battery cells will rise along with them. That, in turn, will lead to increase demand for the raw materials that make up those cells.

Electric-car battery costs: Tesla $190 per kwh for pack, GM $145 for cells

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Lithium-ion cells and the battery packs that hold them are the single most costly part of modern electric cars. Batteries lithium-ion GM battery pack costs Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model 3And how fast their costs will fall remains the defining factor in making those cars affordable for the mass market. GM made waves last fall when product chief Mark Reuss said the company will pay $145 per kilowatt-hour for the cells in.

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Study finds rapid charging and draining doesn’t damage lithium-ion electrode as much as thought

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A new study has found that rapid-charging a lithium-ion battery and using it to do high-power, rapidly draining work may not be as damaging as researchers had thought, and that the benefits of slow draining and charging may have been overestimated. The results, Chueh said, can be directly applied to many oxide and graphite electrodes used in today’s commercial lithium ion batteries and in about half of those under development.

Is Next Battery Advance Not In Chemistry But Fabrication?

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Legions of researchers are trying to improve on the currently-dominant lithium-ion chemistry, hoping to increase energy density and lower cost. Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars StartupsElectric cars today are hampered by relatively short ranges, long charging times, and higher costs than comparable internal-combustion models--all problems that stem from their battery packs.

Samsung wants to be major battery player, just like LG Chem

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The market for lithium-ion battery cells for electric cars is currently dominated by a handful of companies. Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars SamsungKorean electronics giant Samsung hopes to become one of those companies. Its Samsung SDI battery division already supplies cells to BMW, but the company is planning a major expansion of its battery business in order to challenge fellow.

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Panasonic Commits $1.6 Billion For Tesla Battery Gigafactory

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Green Batteries Manufacturing Panasonic gigafactory lithium-ion plug-in carsThroughout its project to build a massive battery "Gigafactory" near Reno, Nevada, Tesla has had assistance from its current battery supplier, Panasonic. The Japanese electronics company has agreed to help fund the project, and will use its technical resources to help set up and run the factory. Panasonic hasn't previously disclosed the amount it.

Tesla gigafactory grand opening event to be held July 29

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Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars gigafactoryTesla will open the doors to its massive battery "gigafactory" to the general public July 29. The company will host a grand opening event attended by, among others, owners who won tickets by participating in its most recent referral program. Those owners are also helping spread the word in the absence of an official public announcement from Tesla.

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Tesla starts cell production at Gigafactory, shows it off to investors

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Slightly less than three years after it was first announced, Tesla is now producing lithium-ion battery cells at its massive "Gigafactory." Manufacturing Batteries lithium-ion Tesla Motors plug-in cars gigafactoryBilled as the largest factory of its kind in the world, the Gigafactory was conceived to provide the volume and economies of scale necessary for Tesla to produce electric cars in truly large quantities. It has.

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Why one Finnish city thinks it's ideal for next Tesla Gigafactory

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The Tesla "gigafactory" near Reno, Nevada, is already billed as the largest lithium-ion battery cell plant in the world. Europe Batteries lithium-ion Finland Tesla Motors plug-in cars gigafactoryBut Tesla has discussed plans for at least one additional gigafactory, presumably to meet demand for battery cells related to large-scale electric-car production outside the U.S. One Finnish city is now making an official bid.

Daimler to ramp up lithium-ion battery production

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Lithium-ion battery production could increase by 10x its original target number if Daimler and Evonik get their way. According to a report in Germany’s Handelsblatt, the companies want to invest an additional €200million in their joint lithium-ion manufacturing venture Deutsche Accumotive GmbH & Co. KG Evonik Lithium-ion batteries lithium-ion battery production Mercedes-Benz

Have battery makers become more important for electric cars than carmakers?

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Batteries lithium-ion plug-in cars LG Chem Panasonic SamsungWhen it comes to electric cars, range and cost are still two of the biggest obstacles barring the way to mass adoption. Carmakers strive to put battery packs with the most capacity at the lowest price in their vehicles to make them more attractive to consumers. That makes the companies that manufacture the cells that go into those packs more.

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Nissan lithium-ion battery factory breaks ground

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Nissan has taken an important step towards its electric vehicle future by breaking ground on its lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Smyrna, Tennessee. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Lithium-ion batteries Nissan Nissan batteries Nissan electric car batteries Nissan electric cars Nissan LEAF Smyrna plant Smyrna Tennessee US Department of Energy

Tesla and Panasonic reach lithium-ion battery agreement

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Electric super car maker Tesla Motors has reached an agreement with the Panasonic Corporation for the supply of lithium-ion battery cells. Electric cars Green cars Latest news Tesla Motors Lithium-ion batteries Panasonic Tesla Tesla Model SUnder the terms of the agreement, Panasonic will supply enough cells to meet Tesla’s plans for an aggressive production ramp-up. This includes meeting 6,000 orders for existing Model S reservations and will actually be [.].