Ingevity enters EV battery market with $60M investment in lithium-ion anode materials producer Nexeon

Green Car Congress

UK-based Nexeon is a desiger of silicon-based anode materials that improve performance of lithium-ion batteries for EVs and consumer electronics.

Northvolt assembles first lithium-ion battery cell at Swedish gigafactory

Green Car Congress

Northvolt has assembled the first battery cell at the newly commissioned Ett gigafactory in northern Sweden. The cell is the first to have been fully designed, developed and assembled at a gigafactory by a homegrown European battery company.


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DOE: cobalt is the most expensive material used in lithium-ion battery cathodes

Green Car Congress

Aside from the lithium needed to produce modern lithium-ion batteries, much attention is focused on the cost of the materials used for EV battery cathode production.

High-performance fluoropolymers for lithium-ion batteries

Innovation News Network

Gujarat Fluorochemicals will now supply high-quality fluoropolymers and electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries. The post High-performance fluoropolymers for lithium-ion batteries appeared first on Innovation News Network.

Novel copolymer binder extends the life of lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

One of the major causes for the drop in capacity over time in Li-ion batteries is the degradation of the widely used graphite anodes. One of the major challenges for graphite anodes is the exfoliation of the graphite framework on deep cycling at a fast current rate.

MIT, Brookhaven team develops simple method for stabilizing interfaces in solid-state lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Solid-state batteries could potentially not only deliver twice as much energy for their size, they also could virtually eliminate the fire hazard associated with today’s lithium-ion batteries.

Benchmark: lithium-ion battery prices rise for first time in gigafactory era; lithium carbonate major driver

Green Car Congress

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence reports that battery producers have begun to increase lithium-ion cell prices following a period of consistent raw material price rises throughout 2021, particularly for lithium.

Climate impact of lithium-ion batteries & how to measure it 

Electric Vehicles India

Climate impact of lithium-ion batteries & how to measure it . Lithium-ion batteries are something which everyone prefers over lead-acid batteries, since the last ten years its been seen used mostly mobiles to every electronic appliance. Lithium-ion battery production.

Improving safety and performance of a lithium-ion battery

Innovation News Network

The post Improving safety and performance of a lithium-ion battery appeared first on Innovation News Network. Researchers from KIST are driving battery innovation through a self-designed battery analysis platform.

Enovix raises $45M; working to develop its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion technology for EV market

Green Car Congress

Enovix Corporation has secured $45 million in new funds to produce and commercialize its 3D Silicon Lithium-ion Battery. The funding sources include a major new strategic investor, current investors (including T.

2020 343

Toshiba, Sojitz & CBMM Partner to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries

EV Obssesion

The post Toshiba, Sojitz & CBMM Partner to Commercialize Next-Generation Lithium-ion Batteries appeared first on EV Obsession. Batteries Specific Technologies lithium ion batteries

Li-Cycle commercial lithium-ion battery recycling plant now operational in Rochester, NY

Green Car Congress

North America’s largest capacity lithium-ion battery recycling company, announced that its Spoke 2 facility at Eastman Business Park (EBP) in Rochester, New York is now fully operational. The new Rochester facility has the capacity to process up to 5,000 tonnes of spent lithium-ion batteries per year, which brings Li-Cycle’s total recycling capacity to 10,000 tonnes/year through its two North American Spokes. Li-Cycle Corp.,

2020 281

Ascend wins lithium-ion battery additive patent case against Samsung SDI

Green Car Congress

Ascend Performance Materials has successfully challenged a lithium-ion battery technology patent held by Samsung SDI. The board’s decision broadly enables manufacturers to use Ascend’s Trinohex Ultra in the United States for their lithium-ion battery electrolyte formulations.

$500,000 grant to optimise solid-state lithium-ion batteries

Innovation News Network

University of Missouri researchers have received $500,000 to improve the safety and performance of solid-state lithium-ion batteries. The post $500,000 grant to optimise solid-state lithium-ion batteries appeared first on Innovation News Network.

Silicon microparticles innovation enhances performance of lithium-ion batteries

Innovation News Network

A research team at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) has made a significant breakthrough toward increasing the performance of lithium-ion batteries.

Stanford scientists identify new Li-B-S solid electrolyte materials that boost lithium-ion battery performance

Green Car Congress

Stanford University scientists have identified a new solid-state Li-ion electrolyte predicted to exhibit simultaneously fast ionic conductivity, wide electrochemical stability, low cost, and low mass density. Most lithium-ion batteries have a negatively charged electrode made of graphite.

2020 330

IHS Markit: average cost of lithium-ion battery cell to fall below $100/kWh in 2023

Green Car Congress

The average cost of a Li-ion battery cell—used to power electric vehicles and to provide flexibility in the power grid as more renewables, such as solar and wind, are added will fall below $100 per kilowatt hour (kWh) in the next three years, according to a new analysis by IHS Markit. The average cost of a li-ion cell is expected to decline further through the end of the decade, to as low as $73/kWh in 2030.

2020 290

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies offers material testing for lithium-ion battery electrolytes

Green Car Congress

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies (FST) has expanded its material testing capabilities to include performance and compatibility evaluations of the rubber, elastomers and thermoplastics used to seal and safely maintain lithium-ion batteries.

KULR Technology Group to provide lithium-ion battery transportation solution to Heritage Battery Recycling

Green Car Congress

KULR Technology Group, a developer of lithium-ion battery safety and thermal management technologies, will provide its KULR-Tech Safe Case to lithium-ion battery recycler Heritage Battery Recycling (HBR), a new platform company of The Heritage Group, for the safe transportation logistics of HBR’s battery collection operations across North America. The market size for lithium-ion batteries is forecasted to exceed $116 billion by 2030 with a projected CAGR of 12.3%

3D Printed Solid-State Battery Rivals Lithium-Ion

Cars That Think

Lithium-ion batteries are everywhere: in smartphones, laptops, electric vehicles, and even in your wristwatch. Recently, 3D-printing startup Sakuu (formerly KeraCel) developed a solid-state battery that it claims " equals or betters " the performance of current lithium-ion batteries.

Enhanced performance for TNOx/HRGO hybrid anode for lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Chengdu Development Center of Science and Technology have significantly enhanced the performance of titanium niobium oxides for lithium-ion batteries.

2020 248

NFI expands partnership with Li-Cycle on heavy-duty lithium-ion battery recycling for transit buses

Green Car Congress

NFI Group, a leading independent bus and coach manufacturer and a leader in electric mass mobility solutions, has expanded its partnership with North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycler, Li-Cycle Corp., Li-Cycle offers a proprietary, closed loop lithium-ion battery resource recovery service producing minimal solid waste, and zero liquid and air emissions that can sustainably produce battery-grade lithium, nickel, and cobalt products.

Research suggests solid-state EV battery cells aren't always safer than conventional lithium-ion

Green Car Reports

Solid-state batteries get their name from their solid electrolyte, which proponents claim is less prone to damage and overheating than the liquid electrolyte used in conventional lithium-ion.

U Texas team develops cobalt-free high-energy lithium-ion battery

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have developed a cobalt-free high-energy lithium-ion battery, eliminating the cobalt and opening the door to reducing the costs of producing batteries while boosting performance in some ways. energy lithium?ion ion batteries. ion batteries. By keeping the ions evenly distributed, the researchers were able to avoid performance loss. Ion Batteries.”

2020 255

New Flyer and Li-Cycle complete heavy-duty lithium-ion battery recycling pilot; 3,200 lbs of Li-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, announced the successful completion of a battery recycling pilot with North America’s largest lithium-ion battery recycler, Li- Cycle Corporation. Li-Cycle offers a proprietary, closed-loop lithium-ion battery resource recovery service producing minimal solid waste, and zero liquid and air emissions that can sustainably produce battery grade lithium, cobalt, and nickel products.

Komaki launches new lithium-ion battery pack with 220km of range

Electric Vehicles India

Komaki launches new lithium-ion battery pack with 220km of range. Komaki has made an announcement that it is launching a new lithium-ion battery pack with the capacity of giving 220km of range on a single charge. Lithium-ion.

South 8 Technologies raises $12M in Series A to commercialize liquefied gas electrolytes for high-performance Lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

South 8 Technologies, a developer of electrolyte formulations for next-generation lithium batteries, has raised $12 million in Series A financing, led by Anzu Partners with participation from LG Technology Ventures, Shell Ventures, Foothill Ventures, and Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC). Wide Operating Temperature: The low freezing points of the LiGas electrolyte enable lithium batteries to perform in the most extreme climates at temperatures as low -60 °C and up to +60°C.

Dürr and Techno Smart partner on manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries for e-cars

Green Car Congress

Dürr is positioning itself in the growing Li-ion battery market as a supplier of production technology and is expanding its market access to battery manufacturers through a cooperation with Techno Smart, a leading Japanese manufacturer of coating systems.

2020 228

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Get Electric Vehicle

In the previous few years, India has doubled its imports of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and more than tripled its import cost. Lithium-ion batteries are imported into India from China, Japan, and South Korea. TDS Lithium-ion Battery Pvt.

ICL model predicts lithium-ion batteries most competitive for storage applications by 2030

Green Car Congress

The model predicts lithium-ion batteries to be the cheapest technology in the coming decades. We have found that lithium-ion batteries are following in the footsteps of crystalline silicon solar panels. Lithium-ion batteries were once expensive and suited only to niche applications, but they are now being manufactured in such volumes, their costs are coming down much faster than the competing storage technologies.

2019 251

MIT team develops data-driven safety envelope for lithium-ion batteries for EVs

Green Car Congress

Researchers at MIT, with a colleague from Tsinghua University, have developed a safety envelope for Li-ion batteries in electric vehicles by using a high accuracy finite element model of a pouch cell to produce more than 2,500 simulations and subsequently analyzing the data with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. 2019) “Data-Driven Safety Envelope of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric Vehicles,” Joule doi: 10.1016/j.joule.2019.07.026.

2019 271

UCSD team develops new disordered rock salt anode for fast-charging, safer lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at UC San Diego, with their colleagues at other institutions, have developed a new anode material that enables lithium-ion batteries to be safely recharged within minutes for thousands of cycles.

2020 213

Scientists develop a less-flammable lithium-ion battery that uses water


Researchers have developed a prototype lithium-ion battery that uses water as an electrolytic solution. more… The post Scientists develop a less-flammable lithium-ion battery that uses water appeared first on Electrek.

BASF & Porsche Partner to Develop High-Performing Lithium-Ion Batteries for Electric vehicles

EV Obssesion

BASF has been selected by Cellforce Group (CFG), a joint venture between Porsche and Customcells, as the exclusive cell development partner for its next generation lithium-ion battery.

Nouryon introduces CMC polymers to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries

Green Car Congress

Nouryon has begun the first deliveries of AkuPure, a carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) polymer targeted specifically at lithium-ion batteries, a market that is growing quickly due to increased demand for electric vehicles. Secondary Lithium-ion batteries made using CMC show high capacity retention in general, but also at high C-rates.

2020 204

Leclanché develops 65 Ah high-energy lithium-ion pouch cell for electric and hybrid bus and truck applications

Green Car Congress

Leclanché SA has developed a new, high-energy 65 Ah lithium-ion pouch cell to meet the demands of bus and truck manufacturers seeking increased range and operating time for fully electric and hybrid-electric vehicles.

American Manganese begins testing of lithium-ion battery materials recycling pilot plant

Green Car Congress

AMY) announced that its processing partner, Kemetco Research, has commenced the processing of a select sample of Li-ion cathode scrap material through Stages 1 and 2 of a pilot recycling plant. Lithium recovery and water recycle. AMY is a critical metal company with a patent-approved process for the recovery of metals from lithium-ion batteries such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, manganese, and aluminum. Canada-based American Manganese Inc.

2019 253

Nano One & Euro Manganese to co-develop applications for high-purity manganese in lithium-ion battery cathode materials

Green Car Congress

The manganese will be evaluated by Nano One in the formation of its innovative cathode materials including LNMO (lithium nickel manganese oxide) and nickel rich NMC (lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide). Nano One and Euro Manganese have entered into a Joint Development Agreement.

Lithium-ion vs. nickel-metal hydride: Toyota still likes both for its hybrids

Green Car Reports

Toyota continues to stay the course with nickel-metal hydride battery cells for many of its hybrid vehicles, even though most other hybrid vehicles from other brands have moved on to using lithium-ion cells exclusively. Los Angeles Auto Show lithium-ion nickel-metal-hydride battery

Wireless Charging, Price Drops in Lithium-Ion Batteries, EV Fetch Car Sharing

EV Obssesion

The post Wireless Charging, Price Drops in Lithium-Ion Batteries, EV Fetch Car Sharing appeared first on EV Obsession.

2021 Lexus ES 300h: Lithium-ion battery adds trunk space to 44-mpg hybrid sedan

Green Car Reports

The 2021 Lexus ES 300h hybrid sedan gets a handful of changes for the new model year, including a new, more compact, lithium-ion battery pack.

2020 130

Lithium-ion battery capacity for new BEVs sold in US reached a record high in 2019

Green Car Congress

With a 1% increase in sales and increasing battery pack size, all-electric vehicles (EVs) captured a record amount of total plug-in vehicle battery capacity sold in 2019, 17.4 gigawatt-hours, according to analysis by Argonne National Laboratory.

2020 228

KORE to build 12 GWh lithium-ion battery factory in Arizona


KORE Power is now ready to build the first lithium-ion battery factory wholly owned by a US company. The post KORE to build 12 GWh lithium-ion battery factory in Arizona appeared first on Electrek.