Rolls-Royce supports power-to-x initiative in Brandenburg; synthetic fuels and chemicals from renewable power

Green Car Congress

Power Systems business unit signs letter of intent for the construction of a demonstration plant for the production of synthetic fuels Schell: “We will be electrifying the entire system, including the fuel” Important step towards sector coupling and decarbonising propulsion systems and power generation. As a former coal and chemical region, the Lausitz region has an abundance of expertise available that can be used to set up a power-to-x competence center.

2019 93

@LATimes Thanks For Hiring @Sammy_Roth To Cover Energy & Community Choice Power! Now Tell Us Why The Majority Of Eligible Cities Said NO To Choice & Cleaner Power #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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carbon producers climate change Community Activists energy efficiency environment Environmental Politics fossil fuels greenwashing News politics renewable energy sea-level rise solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality CCA Clean Power Alliance Los Angeles Times Sammy Roth

2019 130

Los Angeles Community Choice Power Launches Without Community Involvement & Lacking Professional Branding & Marketing #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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citizen volunteer climate change Community Activists environmental legislation fossil fuels green jobs News politics renewable energy Saving Energy solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality Clean Power Alliance Community Choice Aggregation

Kopernikus Project P2X integrated container-scale test facility produces first fuels from air-captured CO2 and green power

Green Car Congress

World’s first integrated Power-to-Liquid (PtL) test facility to synthesize fuels from the air-captured carbon dioxide. —Professor Roland Dittmeyer, KIT, coordinator of the “Hydrocarbons and Long-chain Alcohols” research cluster of the Power-to-X (P2X) Kopernikus project.

2019 124

Why Does @LATimes Have No Clue What’s Happening With LA’s Clean Power Alliance? Maybe Cause They Farm Out The Reporting To San Diego Trib #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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Community Activists energy efficiency environment environmental legislation Environmental Politics News News Media politics renewable energy solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality CCA Clean Power Alliance Gary Gero Sheila Kuehl

Let Us Now Murder AB 2145 Before It Kills Community Choice Power

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We told the bill’s author, Assemblyman Stephen Bradford that we wanted to bring Community Choice Power to the South Bay, especially cities like Inglewood and Gardena, where lowering electricity bills will have a big impact on homeowners and business owners.

2014 224

@MayorOfLA Is Ready! Garcetti Comes Out Gunning For Gas – Scattergood, Haynes & Harbor Power Plants To Stop Shoving Pollution Down Citizens Throats, Calls For Shutdown Of Aliso Canyon. #MerchantsOfDoubt In Fossil Fuel Industry Argue For More Climate Destruction

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City Council, board members of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commission and long term colleagues from the climate justice action community to be part of a historic announcement. Garcetti was ready for clean power NOW.

2019 198

Bloom Energy announces hydrogen-powered energy servers to make always-on renewable electricity a reality

Green Car Congress

Bloom Energy, a developer of solid oxide fuel cell power generators, announced the ability of its Energy Servers to operate on renewable hydrogen. At peak times, some US states and countries already have more renewable power than their grids can handle.

2019 130

EIA: CO2 emissions from US power sector have declined 28% since 2005

Green Car Congress

US electric power sector CO 2 emissions have declined 28% since 2005 because of slower electricity demand growth and changes in the mix of fuels used to generate electricity, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Climate Change Emissions Power Generation

2018 169

@LATimes Fails To Connect The Climate Crisis Dots Or Mention Dire Climate Warnings In Story On Dirty Coal-Powered LADWP #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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carbon producers climate change environment environmental justice, environmental racism fossil fuels Health Killer Coal News News Media renewable energy solar power Sustainability toxic chemicals Truth & Reality Aura Vasquez LADWP Los Angeles Times Sammy Roth

2018 130

IEA: steep decline in nuclear power would threaten energy security and climate goals

Green Car Congress

With nuclear power facing an uncertain future in many countries, the world risks a steep decline in its use in advanced economies that could result in billions of tonnes of additional carbon emissions, according to a new report by the International Energy Agency.

2019 109

@LATimes What Part Of “We Have 10 Years To Stop Burning Fossil Fuels To Survive” Don’t You And #HotMess Metro Not Comprehend? The Actual Plan Will Ban All Petroleum Powered Vehicles #JoeTakesOnTheNews

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climate change electric cars environment environmental legislation fossil fuels greenwashing News News Media plug-in cars renewable energy sea-level rise solar power Sustainability Truth & Reality LA Metro Los Angeles Times

2019 130

The Greatest Solar Powered Music Festival in World History! SUNSTOCK JUNE 18 Los Angeles

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Grandma Power

Electric Cars are for Girls

Grandma power is saving the planet

2012 98

Report: EV sales will surpass gas-powered models in 2037

Green Car Reports

The report, "Electric Vehicle Outlook 2019," anticipates that 30 percent of vehicles in the world will be powered by electric motors by 2040.

2019 105

Big yellow school buses go green with electric power

Green Car Reports

School buses may be the perfect application for electric vehicles. They run short delivery routes, sit for hours in between, and deliver the most environmentally precious cargo of all. School districts who want to get on board don’t have to wait.

2019 109

Lamborghini uses supercapacitors in its most powerful car ever

Green Car Reports

Lamborghini, which has the virtue of being able to command high prices for its ultra-exclusive performance cars, is doing what cost-conscious mainstream brands couldn't pull off at this point: The 800-plus-horsepower Sián is a mild-hybrid supercar without a battery pack.

2019 97

Continental providing next-generation power electronics for Jaguar’s I-PACE

Green Car Congress

To handle these large currents and the resulting extreme load changes, Continental developed a next-generation power electronics system for Jaguar Land Rover that is specifically adapted to the requirements of sporty, performance-oriented powertrains. Electric (Battery) Power Electronics

2018 101

States, Cities sue EPA over Clean Power Plan rollback

Green Car Reports

The power grid that electric vehicles plug into will get cleaner over time. But depending on where you are, the rate at which it cleans up could have a lot to do with something that’s headed to the courts.

2019 94

Nissan e-Power series hybrid builds on electric-car expertise

Green Car Reports

The company's new e-Power hybrid system, demonstrated in a Nissan Note hatchback, contains a gasoline engine and an electric traction motor. But unlike the power-split hybrids used by Toyota and others, Nissan's system propels the wheels solely. series hybrid youtube e-Power

2016 109

Student-built hydrogen Le Mans style prototype beats gasoline-powered cars in Supercar Challenge race

Green Car Congress

The “Forze VIII”, a hydrogen fuel cell Le-Mans-style prototype, became the first hydrogen-electric vehicle to beat gasoline-powered cars in an official race. In a field of 43 gasoline-powered race cars, the hydrogen race car started the last race of the weekend from the fourth position.

2019 139

Fraunhofer IAF GaN power ICs with integrated sensors for more compact and efficient on-board EV charging

Green Car Congress

A team of Fraunhofer researchers has significantly enhanced the functionality of GaN power ICs for voltage converters: the researchers at Fraunhofer IAF integrated current and temperature sensors onto a GaN-based semiconductor chip, along with power transistors, freewheeling diodes and gate drivers.

2019 91

Michigan schools select Proterra powered electric school buses and charging systems for 5y pilot

Green Car Congress

DTE Energy evaluated several electric vehicle technologies and selected the Proterra Powered electric school bus and Proterra charging system. The Saf-T-Liner C2 Jouley powered by Proterra electric vehicle technology is the first electric school bus from Thomas Built Buses.

2019 110

German power-to-gas facility opens green methanation plant; €28M STORE&GO project

Green Car Congress

A methanation plant expansion to the existing power-to-gas (PtG) facility in Falkenhagen, Germany has officially opened as part of the international €28-million (US$33.5-million) STORE&GO research project. Hydrogen Production Natural Gas Power-to-Gas Wind

2018 115

The Power of Electric

Revenge of the Electric Car

A brief film depicted an electric car owner driving off with a beautiful woman to the strains of “The Power of Love&# while her original companion struggles to pay for gasoline. This May 31st marks the 1 year anniversary of the fun “Power of Electric&# videoshoot. . The Power of Electric. Alexandra Paul’s “Power of Electric&#. Stefano Paris’s “Power of Electric&# video-photoshoot archive.

2009 157

New Ricardo 48V electric motor aims to boost power and cut costs of hybrids; up to 50% increase in power density; ECOCHAMPS

Green Car Congress

48V Hybrids Motors Power Electronics

2018 104

Electric Powered Cars: Coal or ICE

Electric Cars are for Girls

How are electric powered cars fueled with electricity from coal power plants better than the gas-guzzler I'm already driving

Coal 171

Audi introduces new lightweight, efficient, powerful turbo engine for DTM

Green Car Congress

The two-liter four-cylinder power-plant of the Audi RS 5 DTM delivers more than 610 horsepower—100 hp more than its naturally aspirated V8 predecessor. By means of the “push-to-pass” function, the drivers can also access a short-term 30-hp power boost.

2019 135

Nissan unveils IMQ concept with next-gen e-Power system

Green Car Congress

At the heart of the IMQ is the next generation of e-POWER, a 100% electric motor drive system that delivers instant, linear acceleration. e-POWER, introduced in 2016 in the Note, is a non-plug-in series-hybrid drive system. e-POWER borrows from the EV technology in the Nissan LEAF.

2019 125

Polar vortex tests viability of renewable power

Green Car Reports

There's nothing like a good polar vortex to put the power system to the test—unless maybe it's a summer heat wave. Energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie used the opportunity of this event as a chance to measure demand on the power grid. In a detailed study of power demand during the severest week of this 2019 Polar Vortex, from Jan. 27 to. global warming renewable energy

2019 80

Eaton introducing new power-dense inverter technology to help reduce weight, extend range of EVs

Green Car Congress

Eaton’s eMobility business has developed compact power-dense automotive inverters capable of increasing the range of electric vehicles. The inverters, which draw electricity from the battery and control how it is applied to the motor to manage power and torque, will be tested by a global automaker in first quarter 2019. Leveraging Eaton’s expertise managing high-voltage power, eMobility developed the vehicle inverters with a power density of 35 kw/L and 98% operating efficiency.

2019 81

Power-To-X: Sunfire reports successful test run of co-electrolysis system of >500 hours; e-Crude demo targeted

Green Car Congress

Co-electrolysis reduces H 2 O and CO 2 simultaneously; this significantly reduces the investment and operating costs for Power-to-X projects such as e-Crude and e-fuels. Sunfire achieved the technological breakthrough within the framework of the Kopernikus project Power-to-X (03SFK2Q0), funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), in conjunction with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Fuels Power-to-Gas Power-to-Liquids Solar fuels

2019 74

EPA plans to roll back emissions standards on power plants

Green Car Reports

After wiping out plans to continue boosting fuel economy standards earlier this month, the EPA on Tuesday proposed rolling back emissions standards on electric power plants. The new proposed rule, which the EPA calls the "Affordable Clean Energy" rule, would eliminate Obama-era standards that would have required power plants to reduce carbon. EPA air pollution power grid

2018 64

Scenario study suggests increased vehicle electrification in Europe increases demand for gas in power sector; limited ability for power-to-gas

Green Car Congress

Among the main conclusions of the report is that increasing electrification in the transport and heating sectors reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in these sectors but because the demand for power increases significantly, the use of gas as energy resource of last resort gains weight in the generation mix. Electrification of the residential and road transport sectors will shift CO 2 emissions from these sectors to the power sector, with an increased price on carbon as a result.

2018 76

C2CNT process converts flue gas from natural gas power plant into carbon nanotubes

Green Car Congress

On 26 July, the first flue gas from the natural gas power plant, the Shepard Energy Center in Calgary, Canada, was directly transformed by the C2CNT process ( earlier post ) into carbon nanotubes.

2019 147

FCA US Toledo Machining Plant to build power electronics module for first plug-in hybrid Jeep

Green Car Congress

FCA US has awarded the production of the power electronics module for the Jeep Wrangler PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) to its Toledo Machining Plant. The Power Electronics module is packaged in a protective structure under the vehicle between the exhaust and the prop shaft.

2018 90

Nissan e-Power hybrids for the US will aim for performance, not just mpg

Green Car Reports

Nissan finally remedied that in 2016, with the introduction of its e-Power hybrid system, on the. e-PowerConsidering how much of a commitment Nissan has made to electric vehicles over nearly a decade—mass-producing them on three continents—the lack of any parallel commitment to plug-in hybrid models, or even hybrids, has been baffling.

2019 73

Freudenberg developing new generation of conductive seals for high power density in electric powertrains

Green Car Congress

Power densities continue to grow in upcoming electric powertrains, increasing current, voltage and disruptive electromagnetic fields.

2019 83

Nissan launches Note e-POWER NISMO S in Japan

Green Car Congress

The Nissan Note e-POWER NISMO S has gone on sale in Japan, offering buyers of the country’s best-selling car more power and sportiness. The Nissan e-POWER powertrain is driven by an electric motor that’s powered by a gasoline engine—i.e,

2018 123

NREL team shows wafer cost of gallium oxide can be >3× lower compared to SiC; 2x lower cost for power electronics

Green Car Congress

This lower cost of the Ga 2 O 3 wafers should lead to less-expensive high-performance power electronic devices in the future. Power electronics are essential across advanced electrical energy applications including generation, transmission, storage, and utilization of electrical energy. …

2019 101

Blue World Technologies takes 15% stake in Danish Power Systems; methanol fuel cell vehicles

Green Car Congress

Blue World Technologies has acquired 15% of Danish Power Systems , a developer and manufacturer of membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) for high-temperature PEM fuel cells. Blue World Technologies will use the Danish Power Systems technology in their methanol fuel cell systems.

2019 112

MAN propane-fueled ME-LGIP to power Chinese VLGC

Green Car Congress

With a viable, convenient and comparatively cheap fuel already onboard, it makes sense to use a fraction of the cargo to power the vessel with an important, side-benefit being its positive, environmental performance.

2019 134

Navigant forecasts transportation demand for hydrogen to accelerate Power-to-Gas growth

Green Car Congress

Navigant Research forecasts that the transportation segment, with hydrogen demand as a catalyst, will jump-start power-to-gas (P2G) demand and further drive down electrolyzer and other infrastructure costs. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Power Generation Power-to-Gas

2017 85