Schaeffler and IBM sign Watson IoT partnership; Industry 4.0

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Schaeffler manufactures millions of precision-engineered products that help to keep the world’s machines moving—from those that go into automotive clutch systems, to those in hybrid engines and the huge industrial bearings used in wind turbines. Industry 4.0 Big Data Industry 4.0

3D printed car: The future of the automotive industry

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When it comes to the automotive industry, additive manu […]. The post 3D printed car: The future of the automotive industry appeared first on 3D Printing Blog: Tutorials, News, Trends and Resources | Sculpteo.

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RoMulus project: developing intelligent multi-sensor systems for Industry 4.0

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The RoMulus (Robust multi-sensor technology for status monitoring in Industry 4.0 applications) research project project sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is focused on simplifying and accelerating the development and use of intelligent multi-sensor systems for Industry 4.0——the Multi-sensor systems are key components for the success of Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0

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Infineon launches €106M “Productive4.0” research project; largest European research effort to date in Industry 4.0

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“ Productive4.0 ”, the largest European research initiative to date in the field of Industry 4.0, Coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG, more than 100 partners from 19 European countries will work on digitizing and networking industry. The aim is to create a user platform across value chains and industries that especially promotes the digital networking of manufacturing companies, production machines and products. Europe Industry 4.0

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NuScale Power submits industry-first certification application for small modular reactor to NRC

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This is the first SMR DCA to be submitted to the NRC and marks a significant milestone for NuScale and the power generation industry.

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Maxwell Technologies to acquire Nesscap Energy for $23M; strengthens position in automotive, industrial, wind

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Key benefits of the transaction include: Expanded and solidified opportunity in Wind, Automotive, and Industrial Markets. Moreover, small cell-based product solutions also broaden opportunities in the rapidly growing industrials market. Maxwell Technologies and Nesscap Energy Inc.,

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MIT, Novogy team engineers microbes for competitive advantage in industrial fermentation; the ROBUST strategy

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Metabolic pathways enabling macronutrient assimilation are engineered in the desired biocatalyst (blue cells), establishing them as the dominant microorganism over nonutilizing contaminants (brown and red cells) inside the industrial bioreactor environment.

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The oil industry doesn't care about electric cars: here's why

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It crops up in comments from electric-car advocates and clean-energy users fairly regularly. And it goes something like this: "Big Oil and Gas are on the verge of collapse, as clean energy and electric cars make them obsolete." Occasionally the sentiment is followed by an approving emoji. DON'T MISS: Electric cars pose little threat to oil demand. Gasoline emissions oil plug-in cars fossil fuels

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Finally, auto industry starts to admit: electric vehicles are better

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Electric cars are often touted for their financial and environmental benefits, but there's another major perk they offer to consumers. They're very nice to drive. Many drivers have been won over by electric cars' near-silent operation and instant torque delivery. DON'T MISS: Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive (Apr 2012). Advertising sales plug-in cars Car Advertising Car Sales

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GM and Honda to establish industry-first $85M joint fuel cell system manufacturing operation in Michigan

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General Motors and Honda are establishing the auto industry’s first manufacturing joint venture—Fuel Cell System Manufacturing, LLC, FCSM)—to mass-produce an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system that will be used in future products from each company.

Early Mercedes fuel-cell driver's 'sobering assessment' to industry

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As the old saying goes, you can identify the pioneers by the arrows in their backs. Being an early adopter of new technologies can be exciting, but it can also require adaptations to fit into its limitations. Just ask David Wenger, one German proponent and driver of a Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell, the small Mercedes hatchback powered by a hydrogen. Infrastructure hydrogen Germany hydrogen fuel cell alternative fuel vehicles Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell F-Cell

Industry should standardize electric-car trip data, Ford says

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As in other industries, "big data" is an increasingly common buzzword these days in discussions of electric cars. Last November, several research entities presented relevant data sets and advocated for their use at an electric-car "datathon" hosted by the White House. Putting theory into practice, Ford has now analyzed customer data to analyze how. Plug-In Hybrids plug-in cars

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Tesla Model S Owner Loyalty Probably Unparalleled In Industry

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There are many enthusiastic owner groups in the car world, but it's safe to say that few can rival the passion of Tesla electric-car owners. Many Tesla owners are quite vocal about their love for their cars, to the point of rallying against efforts by car dealers to block Tesla's direct-sales business in certain states. Enthusiasm like that can be. Study loyalty Brand loyalty

Kalmar to introduce industry first fast charging solution for electric powered shuttle and straddle carriers

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Kalmar, part of Cargotec, will introduce the first fast charging solution for electric powered shuttle and straddle carriers. The Kalmar FastCharge solution is locally emission free and can be applied to both automated and manual operation.

Big Oil To 'Lose Control Of Auto Industry': Energy Conference

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It's not uncommon for media commenters to look at electric-car sales numbers, only to conclude that the segment is teetering on the brink of death. Electric cars will never become mainstream, they argue, because of fickle consumers who base their-car purchases on what the price of gas happens to be the moment they walk into a dealership. Yet while. oil energy policy plug-in cars energy

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ORNL joins Power Electronics Industry Collaborative

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has joined the Power Electronics Industry Collaborative ( PEIC ); PEIC works to accelerate innovation and advocates for investment in new power electronics technologies. PEIC is open to any industry-related organization interested in participating.

2016 16

UK car industry booms as its cleans up its act

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The UK automotive industry is stronger than ever and is performing to its highest ever environmental standard, according to a new report. The country’s car industry reported record turnover for last year, up more than 12 per cent to £55 billion. What’s more, exports reached record levels as the industry saw increased investment across all [.]. Green credentials car industry environment smmt UK

Ford opens portfolio of patented technologies to competitors to accelerate industry-wide electrified vehicle development

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Ford Motor Company is offering competitors access to its electrified vehicle technology patents in a move to help accelerate industry-wide research and development of electrified vehicles. As an industry, we need to collaborate while we continue to challenge each other. By sharing ideas, companies can solve bigger challenges and help improve the industry.

Schaeffler Group sees e-mobility and digitalization as key opportunities

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The Schaeffler Group, a global integrated automotive and industrial supplier, sees e-mobility, Industry 4.0 Adding sensors to automobiles or industrial equipment generates volumes of data which have to be interpreted and converted into added value.

Auto industry split over halting, changing fuel-economy rules

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Just days after the presidential election, automaker lobbyists urged Donald Trump to loosen pending emissions and fuel-economy standards. Shortly after the election, a lobbying group wrote Trump asking him to change or delay an EPA decision that kept planned emissions standards for 2022 to 2025 in place. Last week, executives of 18 automakers sent. emissions government CAFE Fuel Economy transportation policy Corporate Average Fuel Economy

German electric-car industry centers in 'Silicon Saxony'

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Silicon Valley seems to grab many of the tech headlines in the United States, especially when it comes to autonomous vehicles, cars that plug in, and the future of transportation. Electric-car maker Tesla has undeniably contributed to Silicon Valley's automotive chops, but other makers are working to ensure they aren't left behind as software. Mercedes-Benz Daimler Electric Car plug-in cars

2017 23

Volvo Cars CEO urges government & industry to share safety-related traffic data; will skip Level 3 autonomy

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Volvo Cars is urging governments and car makers to share traffic data in order to improve global traffic safety, Håkan Samuelsson, president and chief executive, told a conference at the European Commission in Brussels on Monday. Sharing anonymized data related to traffic safety in real-time can provide a strong boost to overall traffic safety while safeguarding the privacy of individual road users, Samuelsson said.

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Opinion: Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

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This will eventually improve the industry cash flow break even points, based on improved cost and scale and, as a result, cast doubt over the long term viability of the OPEC strategy. The revival of the US oil industry will occur after the upcoming consolidation and will reduce the number of cost inefficient players as well as the short selling in group while ultimately, self-healing the industry by improving cash flows, given the likelihood of oil remaining below $100.

2015 23

CCM: China Li-ion industry booming; domestic outputs triples in 2015 to 15.7 GWh

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The rapid development of alternative energy vehicles in China has driven the development of the power Li-ion battery and its upstream industry. The power Li-ion battery industry and related industries have become cash cows. Major global battery suppliers have been keeping pace and speeding up bolstering their investments in China’s Li-ion industry. billion) in the Li-ion battery industry.

FANUC to build factory of the future using NVIDIA AI platform; self-teaching robots in the FIELD system

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FANUC collaborated on the development of FIELD with Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT-enabled digitization; Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information solutions; and Preferred Networks, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Maybe Apple and Google won't take over the car industry after all?

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car industry lies not in Detroit, but in Silicon Valley. Over the past few years, a common refrain among analysts and pundits has been that the future of the U.S. With their nimbleness and more aggressive attitudes, as well as expertise with emerging technologies related to autonomous driving and connectivity, tech companies will soon give. Apple Autonomous cars Google plug-in cars Silicon Valley self-driving cars

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Infineon and imec cooperate on 79 GHz CMOS radar sensor chips for the automotive industry

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Nanoelectronics research center imec and semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies are cooperating in CMOS sensor chip development. Infineon and imec are working on highly integrated CMOS-based 79 GHz sensor chips for automotive radar applications. Imec contributes its advanced expertise in high-frequency system, circuit and antenna design for radar applications thus complementing Infineon’s radar sensor chip knowledge. “We

Car industry enters ‘golden age of innovation’

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The global car industry is entering a global age of innovation according to The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), making leaps and bounds in four key technology areas; powertrain, lightweight materials, connectivity and active safety (or assisted driving).

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Fossil fuel divestment campaigns stigmatising industry

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A campaign against the fossil fuel industry is one of the fastest growing in history, persuading more investors to remove funding from fossil fuel companies than any other divestment campaign.

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EIA: India’s steel industry dominated by electric-based processes; intensive coal use for DRI

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Two unique features of the steel industry in India are the large-scale use of electric induction furnaces for electric-based steelmaking rather than electric arc furnaces and the reliance on coal, rather than natural gas, to produce DRI.

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EPA science advisers axed; execs from regulated industries to replace them

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While much of the nation's capital is preoccupied with the unpredictable Trump administration and its possible ties to Russia, the fate of the Environmental Protection Agency generates less news coverage. That's not to say there hasn't been news. Administrator Scott Pruitt is proceeding swiftly with a radical plan to restructure—critics. emissions Politics government EPA regulation air pollution science Donald Trump

2017 30

Chinese maker BYD plans U.S. expansion into other electric industrial vehicles

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It's been several years since Chinese electric-car maker BYD retreated from plans to sell cars in the United States, but now it may be ready to get more serious about the market. BYD has found success in building and selling electric buses for public transportation agencies, but it has not yet launched a vehicle for private consumers. The company. China BYD Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Public transport

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155 businesses and industry groups send letter of support for California LCFS in current and possibly more stringent future forms

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As California policymakers consider options to extend the state’s landmark climate change laws to 2030 and beyond, 155 businesses and industry groups sent a letter to California Governor Jerry Brown, Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León, and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon in support of the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)—in its current form and also in its potentially more stringent future state.

2017 25

36% growth in PCH highlights resilience of car leasing industry

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The resilience of Personal Contract Hire (PCH) has been highlighted yet again, as the sector grew by 36% year-on-year during Q2, according to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (BVRLA) latest survey

2017 15

Even The Oil Industry Asks: Does Tesla Mean The End Of Hydrocarbon Fuels?

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It's not just the cars made by electric-car startup Tesla Motors, or the fact that it's the first new automaker in decades that appears to have a serious chance of long-term success. The Silicon Valley company is also viewed as a potential disruptor of established players. In just three years, the Tesla Model S has emerged to become a legitimate. oil Tesla Motors plug-in cars fossil fuels

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Algenol signs MOU with ZYNE to produce renewable fuels in China using industrial CO2 emissions

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Algenol’s patented Direct to Ethanol technology process utilizes industrial CO 2 emissions directly from power plants as a feedstock for proprietary cyanobacteria (blue green algae) to produce the four most important renewable transportation fuels (ethanol, gas, diesel and jet). US-based algal fuels company based Algenol will partner with South China’s Fujian Zhongyuan New Energy Company, Ltd.

2015 27

BMW Group leveraging digitalization in production plants; Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0”, earlier post ). Industry 4.0: In November 2014, BMW described its introduction of an intelligent energy management data system (iEMDS) at its production sites as another example of Industry 4.0 The intelligent energy management data system is part of the BMW Group’s production concept on Industry 4.0; Industry 4.0 Some of the approaches currently under wider discussion as part of ‘Industry 4.0’ For the BMW Group, Industry 4.0

2015 18

Porsche opens new plant for eight-cylinder engines; digitalization and data management; V8s for all VW Group brands

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For example, Porsche implemented industrial transport vehicles that are user-programmable. Engines Fuel Efficiency Industry 4.0 Porsche has officially dedicated a new engine plant for eight-cylinder engines.

Oil Industry Will Begin To Vanish By 2030, Says New Book

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What if electric cars and renewable energy became such common parts of our society that they made the oil industry obsolete? It''s an environmentalist''s dream, and it''s also the thesis of a new book, which claims the oil industry will effectively vanish in large part within the next two decades. DON''T MISS: Will California Pioneer A World Beyond

2015 35

CAR report quantifies automotive’s position as a leading high-tech industry

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Percentage of Global R&D Spending by Industry, 2013. A newly-released report by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) concludes that the automotive industry is not only “high-tech,” it is frequently a leader in technological developments and applications.

2014 29