Achates showcases 2.7L, 3-cylinder opposed piston gasoline compression ignition engine in F-150; estimated 37 mpg combined

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Fabien Redon, Vice President, Technology Development at Achates, said they estimate that the OPGCI pickup will achieve 37 mpg (6.35 l/100 km) on the combined cycle—nearly five MPG better than the proposed CAFE 2025 requirements for a vehicle of a similar size.

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Yes, Roof Boxes And Ski Racks Really Do Cut MPG—More Than You Might Think

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Fuel Economy aerodynamics mpg If you follow our coverage on fuel efficiency, you know that real-world mileage numbers don''t always measure up to the official EPA ratings. But if you think failing to meet those EPA numbers by five or ten percent is already a letdown, be very careful about your cargo-carrying expectations in your next sedan, hatchback, or crossover. Adding any.

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Why a freezing morning plays havoc with your MPG

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Weekly Column ICE mpg weekly columnAnyone heading off to work early in the morning at this time of year will more often than not be greeted by a dawn chorus – of windscreens being scraped as cars sit ticking over.

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Audi introduces Q7 e-tron quattro diesel PHEV SUV at Geneva; 138 mpg US

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US mpg) and has a CO 2 emission level of less than 50 grams per kilometer (80.5 Audi introduced the Q7 e-tron quattro plug-in hybrid ( earlier post ) at the Geneva show. The Q7 e?tron tron quattro is Audi’s second vehicle featuring a plug?in

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MPG Marathon nears 100mpg real-world economy

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The annual ALD Automotive / Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon saw competitors achieve staggering fuel economy, with the winning entry coming close to breaking the 100mpg milestone-as yet never reached in the event’s eleven year history. Green credentials ALD Automotive MPG Marathon Shell FuelSave

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Audi introduces new high-efficiency 2.0L TFSI based on Miller cycle; 190 hp, 47 mpg

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mpg US) in the NEDC, clearly undercutting both its predecessor and comparable competitors. Audi introduced its new series-production 2.0 TFSI gasoline turbocharged direct injection engine for the first time at the Vienna Motor Symposium this week.

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I Can’t Drive 55 (MPG)

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Automakers were already under pressure to meet the previous standard, which called for a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) of 29 miles per gallon (mpg) now, gradually increasing to 35.5 mpg by 2016. mpg by the 2025 model year. A newly announced aggressive U.S.

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Volkswagen introduces new 1L, 3-cylinder gasoline Golf; 54.7 mpg

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mpg US) (99 g/km CO 2 )—more efficient than any previous Golf with a gasoline engine. l/100 km (52 mpg). l/100 km (51 mpg). In Europe, Volkswagen has introduced the new Golf TSI BlueMotion featuring a new 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder with low fuel consumption of 4.3 l/100 km (54.7

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MPG Marathon winner nears 100mpg milestone

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This year’s MPG Marathon saw eco-drivers once again proving the possibilities of considerate driving to achieve staggering fuel savings. This year’s winner of the annual celebration of frugal footwork achieved an amazing 96 mpg! The 37 ‘green’ drivers taking part in the 2009 ALD Automotive/Total ECO 10 MPG Marathon last week were an eclectic mix as too, were the vehicles. mpg, an impressive 25.09 MPS with a manufacturer’s combined mpg of 29.1,

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MPG Marathon returns and opens for entries

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The annual MPG Marathon is to return for its fourteenth year this October as it tours the Breacon Beacons in the hope of bettering last year’s impressive fuel economy record of 88.69mpg.

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Ford Fiesta claims MPG Marathon win

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A Ford Fiesta Econetic, driven by Leicestershire County Council Nick Chapman and Rosemary Homer, has won the 2013 MPG Marathon-an annual event which test what’s possible using eco-driving techniques.

Toyota Improves Semiconductor Tech In Hybrids, 10 Percent MPG Gains

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Toyota has revealed it''s developing a new design of semiconductor that could improve the fuel efficiency of its hybrid vehicles by up to ten percent. Developed with in-house technology partner Denso, it plans to test the semiconductor''s real-world gains in road trials within the year.

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Urban Drive Cycle Testing shows a 26% mpg improvement on Ford Transits with XL Hybrids drive system

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XL Hybrids announced vehicle testing results showing a 26% improvement in miles per gallon on the EPA UDDS (Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule) drive cycle for Ford Transit vans upfitted with XL3 Hybrid Electric Drive Systems.

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EPA: 2025 target of 54.5 mpg may not be met; SUVs, trucks, cheap gas to blame

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Rather than hitting the projected 54.5-mpg Corporate Average Fuel Economy—which translates to about 38 mpg on new-car window. A pair of U.S. federal agencies said yesterday that while automakers had complied with the first five years of stricter fuel-efficiency laws, the industry seemed unlikely to meet 2025 targets for improving gas mileage. emissions EPA NHTSA CARB CAFE Fuel Economy Corporate Average Fuel Economy

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Why Can't We Buy Cars That Do 60, 70, Or 80 MPG?

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The first-generation Honda Insight hybrid, sold from 2000 through 2006, is renowned even today for its ultra-high gas mileage: 52 mpg combined (48 mpg city, 58 mpg highway). Those ratings remain unmatched today by anything today that doesn''t include a plug and a large battery pack. So why, 15 years after the Insight went on sale--considering

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2014 Mercedes-Benz E 250 BlueTEC Diesel Sedan Rated At 34 MPG

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According to the EPA''s site, the rear-wheel drive E 250 was rated at 34 mpg combined (28 mpg city, 34 mpg highway). The all-wheel drive E 250 4MATIC was rated at 32 mpg combined (27 mpg city, 42 mpg The ratings are in for the newly revamped 2014 Mercedes-Benz E 250 BlueTEC diesel sedan--and they should get diesel fans very excited.

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2016 Mazda Miata: At 30 MPG Combined, Gas Mileage 25 Percent Higher

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The Miata will achieve 30 mpg combined (27 mpg city, 34 mpg highway) when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and gets an extra 2 mpg highway with the six-speed automatic. Nearly eight months after the car was first unveiled, we now have fuel-economy figures for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car.

How do manufacturers calculate mpg?

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If it’s high on your list of priorities when it comes to choosing your next car, then you’ll be looking closely at the mpg (miles per. Fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency

2016 Honda Pilot Seven-Seat SUV Rated At 22 Or 23 MPG Combined

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The new Pilot was unveiled back in February at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, and we now know that it will achieve an EPA-rated 23 mpg combined (20 mpg city, 27 mpg highway) with front-wheel drive and the optional nine-speed automatic transmission. The 2016 Honda Pilot gets a slight bump in fuel efficiency as part of a ground-up redesign.

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2014 BMW 328d Diesel Gas Mileage Revealed: 37 MPG Combined

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BMW''s last diesel 3-Series model achieved a respectable 36 mpg on the highway and an unimpressive 23 mpg city, for a combined 27 mpg figure. Want an indication of just how quickly gas mileage is improving? Consider the 2011 BMW 335d. The 2014 BMW 328d''s gas mileage figures have just been revealed on the EPA''s website (via

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2016 Mazda Miata: Gas Mileage 25 Percent Higher, At 30 MPG Combined

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The Miata will achieve 30 mpg combined (27 mpg city, 34 mpg highway) when equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and gets an extra 2 mpg highway with the six-speed automatic. Nearly eight months after the car was first unveiled, we now have fuel-economy figures for the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata sports car.

2016 Honda HR-V Subcompact SUV Rated At 31 MPG Combined

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With the sole option of a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, Honda''s smallest-ever crossover is rated at 31 mpg combined (28 mpg city, 35 mpg highway) when ordered with front-wheel drive and the CVT automatic transmission. We now have EPA fuel-economy for the 2016 Honda HR-V crossover, which is based on the Fit subcompact.

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BMW reveals 3 Series Plug-in hybrid prototype with 117.5 mpg; next-gen Power eDrive: 2x current capacity, electric AWD

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mpg US) and 50 g/km respectively. BMW 3 Series Plug-in hybrid prototype. Click to enlarge. BMW has unveiled a 3 Series plug-in hybrid prototype.

Ford C-Max Hybrid Sales Hurt By Cut From 47 MPG To 43 MPG, Exec Says

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The C-Max Hybrid was launched to great fanfare in 2012, touting EPA combined mileage of 47 mpg. They say that honesty is the best policy. It''s also said that the truth can hurt. Ford is experiencing both of these with its C-Max Hybrid--with lower sales since the company dropped its official EPA-rated mileage figures. That matched Ford''s larger

2014 20

2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Pickup Fuel Economy: 23 MPG Combined

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The 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel achieved an EPA fuel-economy rating of 23 mpg combined for rear-wheel drive models. That represents a city rating of 20 mpg How do you make a full-size pickup truck more fuel-efficient? Fitting in a smaller diesel engine seems to be working for Ram. MORE: 2014 Pickup Truck Gas Mileage: Ford Vs Chevy Vs Ram, Who''s Best?

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage: $12,995 For 40 MPG Minicar

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A five-door, light weight and aerodynamically efficient hatchback, the Mirage straddles the minicar and subcompact markets, but its 38-40 mpg combined figure is better than vehicles The specification list and gas mileage for the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage read more like a car from the 1980s--but it''s coming to market with a distinctly 2013 price tag.

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Next-Gen Cylinder Deactivation: V-8s Using Two Cylinders, 20 Percent MPG Boost?

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Cylinder deactivation has become an important tool for squeezing better fuel economy out of larger-displacement engines. It allows engines to shut off fuel supply to some of their cylinders under light loads, effectively cutting displacement when extra power is not needed. That's typically accomplished by deactivating no more than half of an. General Motors V8 Fuel Economy Delphi Cylinder Deactivation

Small turbo engines get good MPG ratings; real-world use may be a different story

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turbocharged mpg Fuel Economy TurbochargingAutomakers may gradually be putting more emphasis on plug-in electric cars and conventional hybrids, but they are far from done with plain old internal combustion. Over the past few years, automakers have applied more technology to a wider array of cars in order to boost their efficiency to meet stricter fuel-economy standards. The most popular.

2016 Mazda CX-3 Gas Mileage: Subcompact SUV Rated At 31 MPG Combined

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The 2016 Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover utility is rated at 31 mpg combined with front-wheel drive, and 29 mpg combined with optional all-wheel drive. Mazda has taken its own road toward boosting the fuel economy of its vehicles, and its latest small SUV manages to break the critical 30-mpg combined rating barrier. DON'T MISS: 2016 Mazda CX-3. subcompact Fuel Economy

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2016 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Take Truck Fuel-Efficiency Crown At 25 MPG

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EPA fuel-economy ratings are in, and rear-wheel-drive versions of the General Motors trucks are rated at 25 mpg combined (22 mpg city, 31 mpg highway). The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-size pickup twins, fitted with the newly-available Duramax four-cylinder diesel engine, are now the most fuel-efficient pickup trucks sold in the U.S.

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid EPA-rated at 50 mpg city

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Honda has begun US production of the 2014 Accord Hybrid ( earlier post ), which will carry an EPA fuel economy rating of 50 mpg (4.7 The EPA rating is 1 mpg higher than Honda had originally anticipated for the hybrid (49 mpg). 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. Click to enlarge.

EPA 17

Achates engine in Ford F-150 pickup targets 37 mpg, with Saudi oil company backing

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One year ago at the Detroit auto show, a company called Achates Power unveiled models of a new kind of internal-combustion engine. With opposed pistons in the middle and crankshafts at either end, it was sufficiently different to startle most visitors who paid attention. That engine came with some audacious claims, too: How about an EPA combined. emissions Detroit Auto Show EPA Engines Fuel Economy carbon dioxide Achates Power

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2015 Toyota Prius: Next Hybrid Aims For 55 MPG, More Room, Better Handling

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With the current Prius Liftback rated at 50 mpg combined, that would take the 2015 Toyota today released a few more nuggets of information about the next, all-new generation of its Prius hybrid car. The all-new Prius, to be released in 2015, is likely to continue each generation''s 10-percent improvement on the fuel economy of its predecessor.

2013 33

2013 Ford Taurus EPA-certified at 32 mpg highway with new 2.0L EcoBoost engine

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The EPA has certified the 2013 Ford Taurus with the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine at 32 mpg (7.35 The 2.0-liter EcoBoost helps Taurus deliver a 26 mpg (9.05 All three engine options for the 2013 model have now been certified at 25 mpg (9.41 L/100km) highway. L/100km) combined EPA rating. L/100km) or higher in EPA highway estimates.

2012 26

Renault To Show 117 MPG Concept At Paris Auto Show To Hit French Target

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There are stricter targets on the horizon however, and Renault is the latest to accept a challenge set by the French government to produce a 117 mpg car by 2020. According to Autocar, the French automaker will show off a 117 mpg Europe''s CO2-based taxation system means consumers already have access to a wide range of highly efficient vehicles.

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Corvette Stingray Gets 29 MPG (Highway), But Only With A Clutch Pedal

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With the seven-speed manual transmission, the Stingray is rated at 21 mpg combined (17 mpg city, 29 mpg highway). Who knew choosing a manual transmission could still give you better gas mileage? The 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray gets decent EPA gas mileage ratings for a V-8 sports car--but only if you do the shifting yourself. in general

2013 23

Which 40-MPG Small Car Outsells Prius V And Ford C-Max Some Months?

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Green 40 mpg minicar When it comes to getting the highest fuel efficiency, there''s something to be said about buying the smallest car possible, and driving it with care. That alone can yield impressive savings when trading down from a bigger car--and without making the jump to a hybrid. It can also lead to greater overall savings, because it means avoiding a hybrid''s.

2015 25

Pickup Truck Gas Mileage, 2015 And Beyond: 30 MPG Highway Is Next Hurdle

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For 2015, the bar has been raised: The next race is to see which full-size pickup can attain a rating of 30 mpg on the highway portion of the EPA test cycle. This year, the big hurdle for pickup-truck gas mileage was 20 miles per gallon combined--and two trucks made it. MORE: Diesel Pickup Trucks From Chevy, Ford, Nissan, Ram: Ultimate Guide

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2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel Rated At 46 MPG Highway

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The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel will be something of a highway star when it goes on sale, with an EPA-estimated rating of 46 mpg highway. That''s better than previous estimates of around 42 mpg, and if other diesels on the market today are anything to go by, some owners may find themselves beating even those figures.

MPG 20

2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost Priced, 45 MPG Highway Too

Green Car Reports

Ever since Mitsubishi revealed its gas-sipping Mirage was capable of 40 mpg combined, we''ve awaited the figures for Ford''s 1.0-liter EcoBoost Fiesta with interest. That wait is now at an end, with Ford''s customer website and the EPA''s website both confirming the three-cylinder unit''s true efficiency. Spotted by Autoblog, those

2013 22