EPA wants to limit the studies behind environmental regulations

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In a move ostensibly aimed at increasing regulatory transparency, the EPA has proposed new rules that would require extensive disclosure of the data gathered in the research behind public health regulation—including confidential health records.

2019 99

Automakers rebuff EPA mpg rollbacks, cut side deal with California

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have banded together with California—to set an example for the EPA and its long-stalled emissions and fuel economy revamp. emissions EPA Fuel EconomySome of the largest automakers in the U.S.

2019 111

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Report: EPA to reveal MPG plan, remove California emissions authority

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The EPA is expected to formally announce Wednesday how it plans to revoke the waiver that permits California to set its own greenhouse-gas standards under the federal Clean Air Act, according to media reports. EPA CARB

2019 102

Architect of clean-air rollbacks resigns at EPA

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EPA Office of Air and Radiation Administrator Bill Wehrum, an attorney who formerly represented power companies in their effort to roll back clean-air regulations, has resigned. emissions EPA air pollution

2019 107

EPA panel says air pollution not harmful

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It isn't just global warming emissions that the EPA plans to deregulate. EPA air pollution Andrew WheelerAt a meeting last Thursday, a key air quality standards board at the agency cast doubt on longstanding findings that particulate matter—the microscopic particles spewing from diesel tailpipes—can cause health problems leading to premature deaths. In the absence of.

23 states now oppose EPA fuel economy freeze

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EPA Corporate Average Fuel EconomyThe number of states that oppose President Trump's efforts to freeze emissions and fuel economy standards is growing. In June last year, 16 states and Washington, DC, sued the federal government over the proposal before it was even released.

EPA reportedly plans to eliminate science office

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Science looks to no longer be a high priority at the EPA. The New York Times reported Thursday that the EPA plans to eliminate the powerful Office of the Science Advisor, merging it with another office under the Deputy Administrator for Science. The move represents a significant demotion of the science advisory role. Previously the Office of the.

2018 87

EPA adds climate skeptic to science board

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Science at the EPA has been a topic of much debate, and a lot of turmoil since President Trump took office. EPA air pollutionIn that way, the addition of eight new members to the agency's much discussed Science Advisory Board isn't surprising. What may more surprising to some is the makeup of the new members announced Thursday. Most of the new members are.

2019 82

EPA dissolves boards of pollution scientists

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The EPA has dismissed two panels of outside scientists that advised the agency on particulate matter and ground-level ozone, which have been linked to smog and respiratory problems. Under acting administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal-industry lobbyist, analyzing those pollutants will be left to the EPA's internal Clean Air Scientific Advisory. emissions EPA air pollution

2018 78

Report: EPA model will count fewer deaths to help favor coal plants

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The EPA is following through on plans to reduce the number of deaths it counts as attributable to air pollution, reportedly in an effort to support the Trump Administration's plans to shore up the coal industry. EPA air pollution

2019 105

Report: EPA delays proposed fuel economy plan until September—or later

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The EPA's plans to freeze fuel economy and emissions standards have been put on hold until at least Labor Day, sources familiar with the plans told Bloomberg earlier this week. emissions EPA global warming Corporate Average Fuel Economy

2019 97

EPA lifts smog-related ban, allows more ethanol in summer gasoline

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Today, the EPA acted on a proposed change to expand the amount of ethanol that can be mixed into pump gasoline from June 1 to September 1. The EPA said that it “delivers on President Trump’s promise,” EPA ethanol e15 air pollution Andrew Wheeler

2019 95

Trump nominates coal-lobbyist Wheeler to head EPA

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In the midst of a government shutdown, President Donald Trump formally nominated Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to head the agency on Wednesday. Wheeler is a former lobbyist for coal mining company Murray Energy when the Obama administration was working to pass new restrictions on power plants that burn coal. Wheeler was confirmed as.

2019 87

2019 Audi e-tron EPA range revealed: Nothing to brag about, but aiming for the real world?

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The official EPA-rated range results are in for the 2019 Audi e-tron electric SUV—at least according to Audi, as they’re not yet posted by the federal agency—and they’re a fair amount lower than what was widely anticipated. Audi of America said Thursday that the EPA rating for the 2019 e-tron will be just 204 miles. EPA EPA Ratings

2019 84

EPA cuts off fuel-economy talks with California

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In August, the EPA, led by Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler, released a proposal to freeze emissions and associated fuel. emissions EPA California Corporate Average Fuel EconomyThe Trump administration has ended talks with California aimed at settling their differences over increasing fuel economy and tightening emissions regulations, Reuters reported Thursday, citing an unnamed government official.

2019 82

EPA rolls back emissions standards on coal plants

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On Thursday, EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced a new rule that will allow coal-fired power plants to emit more than 35 percent more global warming pollution than the current law allows. EPA global warmingThe proposal came on the eve of a climate summit in Poland that started over the weekend where world leaders were set to codify the next steps in.

2018 87

Deadline for comments on EPA fuel-economy rollback is Tuesday

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Readers who want to make their voices heard in objection to (or support of) the EPA proposal to freeze fuel economy standards have until tomorrow to get their comments in. The EPA proposed in early August to undo Obama-era rules requiring cars to reach increasingly stringent fuel-economy targets through 2025. EPA Corporate Average Fuel Economy

2018 82

EPA proposes more smog-contributing ethanol in summer gasoline

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EPA ethanol smog air pollutionEthanol is known as an alternative fuel, and is even renewable. But that doesn't always make it clean. The Environmental Protection Agency, after proposing watered down emissions and fuel economy standards for cars, has now released a proposal to increase the amount of ethanol blended into pump gas year-round, including selling E15 in the summer.

2019 86

EPA announces tighter smog regulations on heavy trucks

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The EPA has loosened or eliminated a lot of regulations since President Trump took office, but last week the agency announced it would tighten regulations on emissions of nitrogen oxides from heavy trucks such as semis. The EPA notes that smog-forming NOx emissions from heavy trucks fell 40 percent between 2007 and 2017 after the agency last. emissions Trucks EPA air pollution

2018 76

California girds for battle with EPA over fuel economy

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The report comes in response to the EPA and NHTSA's proposed Safer Affordable Fuel Efficient Vehicles Rule, which would undo fuel-economy. EPA NHTSA CARB Corporate Average Fuel EconomyLast Friday, California released a 400-page repudiation of the Trump administration's plan to freeze fuel economy standards and revoke California's statutory right to set its own limits on vehicle emissions.

2018 81

Trump EPA lowers gas mileage targets, increases vehicle emissions

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The Trump administration Wednesday morning released a Final Rule for new U.S. standards that will relax emissions and fuel economy requirements through the middle of the decade.

2020 98

EPA chief softens stance on fuel-economy rollback

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) chief Andrew Wheeler is sending signals that the Trump administration's plans to roll back Obama-era fuel-efficiency standards may not go forward as originally outlined. EPA Andrew WheelerAccording to Wheeler, "key aspects" of the strategy are still under review. Wheeler told Bloomberg that while the administration remains.

2019 58

EPA enforcement efforts slide 85 percent under Trump administration

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emissions EPA air pollutionNot only do polluters have lower standards to meet under the Trump administration, they may not really have to meet those standards at all. That's the conclusion of a new study, published by the Washington Post, that shows enforcement activity has fallen drastically in the past two years since President Trump took office. The study, conducted by a.

2019 80

EPA grants 31 small refinery exemptions for RFS

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EPA is granting 31 small refinery RFS exemptions for the 2018 compliance year, as well as 6 denials. The Clean Air Act (CAA) exempted small refineries from the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program through compliance year 2010; the CAA also authorized EPA to extend the exemption for two years.

2019 134

Analysis: Wheeler says electric cars "not grounds for concern" at the EPA. Really?

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The EPA may publish window stickers for all new cars that list their fuel efficiency, but it's not clear the agency's acting administrator has read them. At BloombergNEF's Future Mobility summit in San Francisco, on Monday, Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler told Bloomberg, "It is not the EPA’s role to promote a particular type of fuel. EPA California

2019 77

Shutdown has held up EPA certification, new vehicle introductions

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Now that the government has reopened after a 35-day shutdown, EPA employees are going back to work facing a backlog. emissions EPA Fuel EconomyToward the end of the shutdown last week, executives at all three major Detroit automakers expressed concern about certification delays that could affect new models they plan to bring to market. It can now begin addressing that.

2019 67

EPA's 'Top Fuel Sippers' Don't Use Fuel: They're Electric Cars

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a list of top "fuel sippers," compiled from its fuel-economy ratings. Published on the EPA's Fueleconomy.gov website, the list includes. Green EPA EPA Ratings MPGe plug-in carsThe U.S. But none of them actually use any fuel at all. That's because they're all electric cars. DON'T MISS: What Is MPGe Anyway? What Is Efficiency For Electric Cars?

2015 86

EPA plans to roll back emissions standards on power plants

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After wiping out plans to continue boosting fuel economy standards earlier this month, the EPA on Tuesday proposed rolling back emissions standards on electric power plants. The new proposed rule, which the EPA calls the "Affordable Clean Energy" rule, would eliminate Obama-era standards that would have required power plants to reduce carbon. EPA air pollution power grid

2018 68

Honda joins GM, others in heated opposition to Trump's EPA fuel-economy freeze

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Honda joined General Motors on Friday and called on the EPA to abandon its proposed fuel-economy rollback, asking federal officials to negotiate with states like California to offer a single, comprehensive update to federal fuel-economy standards. EPA CARB Donald Trump

2018 87

As EPA chief, Wheeler could prove a bigger foe to clean-air advocates

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President Trump's new pick as EPA Administrator may be more effective at rolling back environmental progress than his scandal-plagued predecessor. On Friday, Trump announced that he plans to formally nominate Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator to replace Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general, who was known for.

2018 78

EPA says fuel economy rose in 2017, but it may be falling again

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An EPA report released Wednesday shows that cars are getting better gas mileage in response to rising fuel economy standards. Yet a roaring economy and low gas prices have put Americans on a truck-buying spree, and the EPA is working to undermine those standards. emissions EPA Fuel EconomyAccording to its annual automotive trends report, the average new car reached a.

2019 71

Trump's EPA head Pruitt: climate-science denier who sued the EPA many times

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Yesterday, he named Oklahoma attorney general Scott Pruitt, a 48-year-old Republican, as his nominee for EPA. Environmental Politics EPA climate change carbon dioxide regulation fossil fuels Donald TrumpIf there were any doubt that president-elect Donald Trump supports fossil fuels and does not believe in the scientific consensus of climate change, his pick to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should put it to rest.

2016 87

EPA Will Add On-Road Testing For Emissions Compliance

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will expand on-road emissions testing to all diesel vehicles. emissions EPA Fuel Economy EPA RatingsIn the wake of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, the U.S. The agency currently conducts only a handful of on-road tests of new vehicles each year, to confirm laboratory results. But Volkswagen's cheating and recent fuel-economy.

2015 85

EPA proposes renewable fuel volume obligations for 2020

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EPA is proposing an advanced biofuel volume requirement for 2020 of 5.04 billion ethanol-equivalent gallons for 2020 is based on EPA’s production projection—0.12 Finally, EPA is proposing to maintain the biomass-based diesel (BBD) volume for 2021 at 2.43

2019 96

Tesla drops 75Ds, Nissan Leaf Plus, EPA head, peak internal-combustion: Today's Car News

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President Trump nominates Andrew Wheeler as EPA chief. We look at what sets the Nissan Leaf Plus apart. And analysts report that the world may already have reached peak sales for internal combustion engines. All this and more on Green Car Reports. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company will drop short-range versions of the Model S and.

2019 76

EPA eases several gasoline-related regulations in response to COVID-19 pandemic

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is easing several gasoline-related regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. First, EPA intends to provide additional flexibility to the marketplace to transition from winter-grade, high volatility gasoline to summer-grade low vapor pressure gasoline. EPA will temporarily waive the summer low volatility requirements and blending limitations for gasoline.

2020 64

EPA reports show automakers meeting fuel-economy, carbon emission rules

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But a new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows that so far, carmakers are doing just fine. The EPA's annual CO2 and Fuel Economy Trends Report compares. emissions EPA Fuel EconomyLow gas prices and high sales of crossovers and SUVs have led critics of current U.S. emissions standards to question whether automakers can continue meeting those standards.

2016 84

EPA loses 10 percent of enforcement staff under Trump

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If the EPA wants to reduce federal involvement in environmental protection, it may not need to roll back emissions requirements or cancel California's environmental waiver. It could just quit enforcing the law. That is already happening to a degree, according to new data from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, as reported in The.

2018 66

Automakers seek deal to delay EPA's 2022-2025 emission rules

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Despite some alarmist reporting, President Donald Trump hasn't abolished the EPA's vehicle emission limits. So far, he's done two things: signed an executive order reopening the comment period for 2022-2025 EPA emission limits, and proposed a budget that would slash EPA. emissions Politics EPA Fuel EconomyNor has he wiped out corporate average fuel-economy rules, set by the NHTSA.

2017 71

Mazda tops EPA fuel-efficiency rankings for fifth year in a row

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EPA Fuel Economy EPA RatingsPick-ups and SUVs are rapidly taking over the American automotive landscape, but there's at least one measure in which it benefits an automaker to sell fewer of those vehicles. In the Environmental Protection Agency's latest "Light-Duty Automotive Technology, Carbon Dioxide Emissions, and Fuel Economy Trends" report, Mazda was named as the.

2018 73

Pruitt's EPA emission rollback reasoning may well fail in court

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Despite the sturm und drang around the announcement by embattled EPA chief Scott Pruitt that he will relax emission limits for 2022 through 2025 vehicles, not much will happen immediately. emissions EPA global warming California Air Resources Board CARB greenhouse gas climate change carbon dioxide regulation Donald Trump

2018 71

California overrules EPA emissions freeze for cars sold in the state

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EPA NHTSA California Air Resources Board Donald TrumpAt its meeting on Friday, the California Air Resources Board officially confirmed that it will stick with planned increases in emissions and fuel economy standards for cars sold in the state. The move was expected after CARB said in August that it would not follow the Trump Administration's move to freeze federal emissions and fuel economy.

2018 86

Report: EPA backs off plans to freeze fuel economy rules–slightly

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EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler announced Thursday that the agency will delay and revise its plan to freeze emissions and fuel-economy rules, which was expected to be released early this month. emissions EPA Andrew WheelerThe proposed rule, the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles Rule, would freeze fuel-economy standards at 2020 levels through 2026 and reverse.

2019 65