Volkswagen Group Components previews mobile charging robot

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Group Components provided the first glimpse of the prototypes of its mobile charging robot. This is one of the visionary charging concepts that Volkswagen hopes will expand the charging infrastructure over the next few years.

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Russian mobile rapid charger manufacturer L-Charge raises more than $1.5 M

Green Car Congress

L-Charge, a Russian manufacturer of mobile rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, has raised investment of $1.5 In July, L-Charge presented its rapid mobile charging station for electric vehicles and launched its test operation in Moscow.


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BHEL Solar EV charging station & BMC public EV charging station installation 

Electric Vehicles India

BHEL Solar EV charging station & BMC public EV charging station installation . The company inaugurated the state-of-the-art charging station at Karna Lake Resort. Three slow chargers can charge a vehicle in six hours. Charges for charging is set at Rs 15 per unit.

Electrify America taps into connected home charging

Green Car Reports

Electrify America is expanding its focus from public charging to the place most EV drivers charge the most—at home. charging

StoreDot reveals fast-charging 4680 cylindrical cell with ability to be fully-charged in 10 minutes

Green Car Congress

Israel-based StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging battery technology for electric vehicles ( earlier post ), has demonstrated a prototype 4680 form factor cell that is fully charged in just 10 minutes. StoreDot’s extreme fast charging cells have been in development for more than three years. StoreDot’s XFC batteries deliver a 50% reduction in charging time at the same cost, in both pouch and cylindrical cell forms.

All you need to know about EV charging infrastructure in India-Power ratings, standards for AC & DC charging

Electric Vehicles India

All you need to know about EV charging infrastructure in India-Power ratings, standards for AC & DC charging. Therefore it is very important to discuss the EV charging infrastructure to witness the faster growth of electric vehicles. EV charging infrastructure in India.

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UCR researchers find commercial fast-charging damages EV batteries, propose new internal-resistance-based technique

Green Car Congress

To remedy this, the researchers have developed a method for charging at lower temperatures with less risk of catastrophic damage and loss of storage capacity. However, improper employment of fast charging can damage the battery and bring safety hazards.

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Could streetlight-based charging help apartment dwellers go electric?

Green Car Reports

The Kansas City Metropolitan Energy Center (MEC) will install streetlight-based EV charging stations under a pilot program evaluating curbside charging. charging

Power Grid first-ever EV charging station in Meghalaya

Electric Vehicles India

Power Grid first-ever EV charging station in Meghalaya. The Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (POWERGRID) has announced that it has installed its first-ever Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) in the state of Meghalaya at its office complex at Lapalang, Shillong.

Available EV Charging Station Rebates in California

Charged Future

There are many, many EV charging station rebates available in California. These rebates help bring down the capital expenditure making installing charging stations a very interesting project for many hotels, workplaces, or apartment complexes.

GM introduces Ultium Charge 360

Green Car Congress

General Motors introduced Ultium Charge 360, a holistic charging approach that integrates charging networks, GM vehicle mobile apps, and other products and services to simplify the overall charging experience for GM electric vehicle owners. Ultium Charge 360 builds on GM’s existing charging efforts to provide GM EV owners more confidence and convenience when it comes to EV charging.

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EV Charging infrastructure and technology 3D virtual summit

Electric Vehicles India

EV Charging infrastructure and technology 3D virtual summit. The EV Charging infrastructure and technology 3D virtual ongoing summit is hosted by AAYERA on the 23rd & 24th of August. EV Charging infrastructure summit. EV Charging: Regulatory Compliances.

Virtual Peaker partners with Fermata Energy to bring V2G bi-directional vehicle charging technology to utilities

Green Car Congress

Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Internet of Things Smart charging V2X

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GoFuel & Ez4EV providing charging solutions in India 

Electric Vehicles India

GoFuel & Ez4EV providing charging solutions in India . GoFuel a Chennai based start-up has introduced a mobile charging service. The company plans to expand its operation to provide mobile charging and swapping stations for electric two, three and four-wheelers.

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Bosch develops flexible smart charging cable with integrated control and safety technology; no brick

Green Car Congress

Bosch is introducing a flexible smart charging cable with integrated control and safety technology also does without the usual “charging brick”—the bulky in-cable control box—when charging at a 230-volt power socket. kilowatts of charging power.

350 EV charging stations installed under FAME Scheme 

Electric Vehicles India

350 EV charging stations installed under FAME Scheme . Under the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) India Scheme 350 electric vehicle charging stations were installed. Let us know more about 350 EV charging stations. .

GreenFlux, Eneco eMobility and Royal HaskoningDHV implement smart charging based on machine learning

Green Car Congress

Royal HaskoningDHV’s office in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands, is the first location in the world where electric vehicles are smart charged using machine learning. With smart charging these costs can be significantly reduced, by ensuring that not all vehicles charge at the same time.

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6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging

Charged Future

Car shoppers are beginning to make the shift to electric as there are more choices than … 6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging Read More » Charging EV charging consultant Level 2 Charging Office Charging Workplace Charging

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

Electric Vehicles India

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries charges in 5 minutes . For an electric vehicle, one of the major challenges is charging time. But a company called StoreDot from Israel successful in charging an electric scooter battery in Just 5 minutes.

ORNL licenses high-power wireless vehicle charging technology to HEVO

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has licensed its high-power wireless charging technology for electric vehicles to HEVO. Together, we are developing the fastest and most universal wireless charging platform in the world.

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Musk: Supercharger network will charge extra for slow-charging non-Tesla EVs

Green Car Reports

One of the keys to Tesla’s continued growth and success over the years is that it understands how closely related a convenient, quick charging experience is for EV adoption. charging

BMW Group Launches BMW Charging & MINI Charging in the UK

EV Obssesion

New one-stop shop for UK and European public charging via BMW Charging & MINI Charging. Access to over 11,000 public charge points, needing just one RFID card. New BMW and MINI Charging websites and App to support customers.

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Tritium introduces scalable charging platform for EVs

Green Car Congress

Tritium, a provider of DC fast charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has unveiled its MSC (Modular Scalable Charging) hardware platform—the first platform to enable scalable electric vehicle charging networks.

2020 321

Mer Chooses Driivz to Power Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure


Mer Chooses Driivz to Power Transnational EV Charging Infrastructure. This decision follows a successful deployment of the Driivz platform for transnational EV charging operations management in the UK and Germany. News Mer EV charging management energy management EV Charging

How to Ask Your Employer for EV Charging

Charged Future

The best place to charge an electric vehicle (EV) is overnight at home. Similar to charging your cell phone, charging an EV overnight at home is simple as you wake up with 100% charge. This is because it is both the cheapest way but also the most convenient way.

GM bringing Charge 360 to fleets

Green Car Congress

General Motors and BrightDrop, a new business created and wholly owned by GM focused on electric commercial delivery and logistics, announced the Ultium Charge 360 fleet charging service, a comprehensive approach designed to help make the switch to electric seamless for fleet customers by connecting them with services, features and resources. The Ultium Charge 360 fleet service will offer: Fleet and facility management tools.

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Do EV fast-charging reservations make sense? EVgo thinks so

Green Car Reports

EVgo is introducing a reservation program for its public fast-charging sites, allowing customers to reserve a charging station ahead of time, but only in certain West Coast locations. charging

Opinion: EV Charging Solutions for Commercial Parking Sites

Clean Fleet Report

That’s a pretty good incentive to invest in an EV charging station, but it’s not the only reason: Competitive Car Parking. EV charging can bring customers. You’ll have noticed that many places offer free charging for an hour; this is to entice the customer in.

Wireless EV charging via highway pavement to be tested in Indiana

Green Car Reports

Indiana will test wireless EV charging equipment embedded in highway pavement, allowing vehicles to charge as they drive. charging

Which electric vehicles include free road-trip fast-charging?

Green Car Reports

With summer approaching, a holiday weekend upon us, and stir-crazy families looking toward post-pandemic road trips, it's as good a time as ever to survey which electric vehicles include free fast-charging. charging

Charging Forward: Creating a World-Class UK Charging Network

EV Obssesion

The post Charging Forward: Creating a World-Class UK Charging Network appeared first on EV Obsession. EV Charging Stations UK ChargingBy Eoin Bannon The shift to battery-electric cars in the UK is accelerating with more than one in 10 sales in 2020.

Study: Public charging leaves much to be desired, although Tesla has the best experience

Green Car Reports

Although electric vehicle drivers charge at home the vast majority of the time, public charging and charging networks play an outsized role. charging

California considers electric-car V2G charging tech for grid stability

Green Car Reports

The idea of using coordinated electric-car charging to stabilize the grid has been discussed for years, but is still in early stages of development. charging

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What is EV Smart Charging?


According to recent research , the growth in EV sales worldwide is expected to boost demand for charging points, with up to 30 million installed by 2025. EV smart charging ensures the safe delivery of power to EVs without compromising on delivering electricity to offices, campuses and homes.

Exclusive: Genesis GV60 will be first EV to include wireless battery charging

Green Car Reports

The Genesis GV60—the Hyundai luxury brand's first dedicated electric vehicle, due next year—is shaping up to offer a technology first: It will be one of the first global-market EVs with original-equipment wireless charging. charging

Volkswagen significantly expanding charging infrastructure at German sites; first High Power Charging stations with up to 300 kW

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen brand is significantly expanding the charging infrastructure at its German sites. Some 750 new charging points are planned for next year, including the first High Power Charging stations with up to 300 kW power. at a charging station.

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How to Improve Charging in Buildings

EV Obssesion

The post How to Improve Charging in Buildings appeared first on EV Obsession. Electric Vehicles EV Charging Stations EV Policy & Politics Research Specific Technologies Europe UK

bp takes 33.3% stake in BMW, Daimler EV charging venture

Green Car Congress

bp will join BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG in their drive to extend and improve electrification, making electric vehicle charging more convenient, simpler and seamless for drivers. partner alongside BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG in Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS), one of Europe’s leading developers of digital charging solutions for automotive manufacturers and vehicle fleet operators.

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This electric truck stop won't offer gas or diesel—just 25 MW of solar-supplemented charging

Green Car Reports

The startup WattEV aims to build a 25-megawatt electric-only truck stop in Bakersfield, California, with charging powered by a solar array. The site will be open to the public, but WattEV also plans to use the charging stations for its own fleet of vehicles. charging Green Life

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How Much Does it Cost to Install EV Charging Stations?

Charged Future

There are many benefits to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at hotels, offices, apartments, or condos. For many business owners, providing charging for customers, residents, or employees is well worth the initial expense.

iSun, Inc. Selected to Provide Its Solar Powered EV Charging Solutions Across America

EV Obssesion

Trailhead and urban locations to provide solar powered EV charging at multiple National Forest trailheads and municipal fleet-charging sites across America. Selected to Provide Its Solar Powered EV Charging Solutions Across America appeared first on EV Obsession.

Tritium partners Solcon Industries to provide EV charging infrastructure in Israel & Palestine

Electric Vehicles India

Tritium partners Solcon Industries to provide EV charging infrastructure in Israel & Palestine. Read further to know more about Tritium partners Solcon Industries for EV charging infrastructure. .

Siemens’ Russelectric adds EV charging to Massachusetts renewable microgrid

Green Car Congress

Russelectric, a manufacturer of distributed energy and microgrid control systems for mission-critical commercial facilities that was acquired by Siemens in 2018, has added electrical vehicle charging capabilities at its Hingham, Massachusetts, facility.