Electrify America taps into connected home charging

Green Car Reports

Electrify America is expanding its focus from public charging to the place most EV drivers charge the most—at home. charging

Do EV fast-charging reservations make sense? EVgo thinks so

Green Car Reports

EVgo is introducing a reservation program for its public fast-charging sites, allowing customers to reserve a charging station ahead of time, but only in certain West Coast locations. charging


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Available EV Charging Station Rebates in California

Charged Future

There are many, many EV charging station rebates available in California. These rebates help bring down the capital expenditure making installing charging stations a very interesting project for many hotels, workplaces, or apartment complexes.

GM introduces Ultium Charge 360

Green Car Congress

General Motors introduced Ultium Charge 360, a holistic charging approach that integrates charging networks, GM vehicle mobile apps, and other products and services to simplify the overall charging experience for GM electric vehicle owners. Ultium Charge 360 builds on GM’s existing charging efforts to provide GM EV owners more confidence and convenience when it comes to EV charging.

GM 200

BMW Group Launches BMW Charging & MINI Charging in the UK

EV Obssesion

New one-stop shop for UK and European public charging via BMW Charging & MINI Charging. Access to over 11,000 public charge points, needing just one RFID card. New BMW and MINI Charging websites and App to support customers.

BMW 66

UCR researchers find commercial fast-charging damages EV batteries, propose new internal-resistance-based technique

Green Car Congress

To remedy this, the researchers have developed a method for charging at lower temperatures with less risk of catastrophic damage and loss of storage capacity. However, improper employment of fast charging can damage the battery and bring safety hazards.

2020 414

Charging Forward: Creating a World-Class UK Charging Network

EV Obssesion

The post Charging Forward: Creating a World-Class UK Charging Network appeared first on EV Obsession. EV Charging Stations UK ChargingBy Eoin Bannon The shift to battery-electric cars in the UK is accelerating with more than one in 10 sales in 2020.

6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging

Charged Future

Car shoppers are beginning to make the shift to electric as there are more choices than … 6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging Read More » Charging EV charging consultant Level 2 Charging Office Charging Workplace Charging

Study: Lack of home-charging awareness is holding back EV adoption

Green Car Reports

Consumers are uneducated about home charging for electric cars, and that's holding back adoption, according to the J.D. Power 2021 EV Home Charging Study. charging

This electric truck stop won't offer gas or diesel—just 25 MW of solar-supplemented charging

Green Car Reports

The startup WattEV aims to build a 25-megawatt electric-only truck stop in Bakersfield, California, with charging powered by a solar array. The site will be open to the public, but WattEV also plans to use the charging stations for its own fleet of vehicles. charging Green Life

Solar 171

ChargeUp mobile app brings fast-charging to you for $25 a month

Green Car Reports

SparkCharge is moving ahead with plans to offer mobile charging as a more-convenient alternative to traditional charging stations. charging Green Life

GreenFlux, Eneco eMobility and Royal HaskoningDHV implement smart charging based on machine learning

Green Car Congress

Royal HaskoningDHV’s office in the city of Amersfoort, the Netherlands, is the first location in the world where electric vehicles are smart charged using machine learning. With smart charging these costs can be significantly reduced, by ensuring that not all vehicles charge at the same time.

2020 283

Audi plans to pilot charging hub concept for quick charging later this summer

Green Car Congress

Audi is working on a concept for quick charging for premium-level electromobility: the Audi charging hub. With the growing number of electric models, the requirements for the charging infrastructure will also grow. Cubes form the foundation of the Audi charging hub.

Which electric vehicles include free road-trip fast-charging?

Green Car Reports

With summer approaching, a holiday weekend upon us, and stir-crazy families looking toward post-pandemic road trips, it's as good a time as ever to survey which electric vehicles include free fast-charging. charging

California considers electric-car V2G charging tech for grid stability

Green Car Reports

The idea of using coordinated electric-car charging to stabilize the grid has been discussed for years, but is still in early stages of development. charging

Grid 170

Charging Station Infrastructure Requirements in India

Electric Vehicles India

Charging Station Infrastructure Requirements in India. In this article let’s look into the infrastructure requirements and guidelines provided by the Indian government and charging station infrastructure requirements. Adequate space for charging and entry/exit of vehicles.

India 61

3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb

Charged Future

In fact, some hosts go as far as providing a personalized note and bottle of … 3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb Read More » Charging Airbnb Charging Station EV Charging EV Charging Stations Level 2 Charging

Audi Pilots Concept for Quick Charging

EV Obssesion

The post Audi Pilots Concept for Quick Charging appeared first on EV Obsession. EV Charging Stations Specific Technologies Audi charging hub Quick Charging

Audi 60

CHAdeMO fast-charging standard shunned by France: Are emerging markets its future?

Green Car Reports

In the war over EV DC fast-charging standards, CHAdeMO has lost a major battle. France will no longer require charging stations to support CHAdeMO alongside the Combined Charging Standard (CCS), according to Electrive (via Charged EVs). charging

France 105

Germany passes fast-charging law; basis for tender for additional 1,000 fast-charging points

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Council has passed the “Law for the Provision of Comprehensive Fast Charging Infrastructure for Pure Battery Electric Vehicles”, or SchnellLG for short. With this law, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has the legal basis for the targeted expansion of a Germany-wide network of fast-charging points. Around €2 billion is planned for the construction and operation of the fast-charging infrastructure.

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries

Electric Vehicles India

StoreDot extreme fast-charging batteries charges in 5 minutes . For an electric vehicle, one of the major challenges is charging time. But a company called StoreDot from Israel successful in charging an electric scooter battery in Just 5 minutes.

Are Installing EV Charging Stations at Hotels a Good Idea?

Charged Future

If you are a hotel owner, you may be wondering if EV charging stations at hotels are a good idea. Read More » Charging EV Consultant EV Charging EV Charging Stations EVCS Hotels


EV Charging: WeaveGrid–Preparing Utilities for the Coming EV Boom

Clean Fleet Report

This transition will have a big impact on how utility companies deliver the energy needed to charge all of these new battery-powered cars. Time-of-use rates could incentivize some drivers to charge later, but it would be better if the utilities had a better way to manage this surge.

6 Important Considerations When Hiring an EV Charging Station Installer

Charged Future

Hiring an EV charging station installer can be hard work. What Is the Process for Getting EV Charging Stations? There are many out there, however, not all have the proper electric vehicle (EV) expertise to make the best recommendations.

SAE International releases updates for two major EV charging documents

Green Car Congress

The updated electrical vehicle charging documents will play a major role in advancing automotive requirements for Distributed Energy Resources (DER) projects. In July 2017, the California Public Utility Commission issued a rulemaking that, in part, asked if and how the Commission should consider issues related to the interconnection of electric vehicles and related charging infrastructure and devices. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Smart charging Standards V2X

Virtual Peaker partners with Fermata Energy to bring V2G bi-directional vehicle charging technology to utilities

Green Car Congress

Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Internet of Things Smart charging V2X

2020 286

Audi & Hager Group investigating bidirectional charging at home

Green Car Congress

Hager Group and Audi are thus bidirectional charging at home, otherwise known as Vehicle to Home (V2H). —Martin Dehm, technical project manager for bidirectional charging at Audi. An Audi e-tron with near-series charging technology was used in a research project.

2020 227

GEM E825 DeltaQ Quiq Wont Charge

DIY Electric Car

I have an electrical issue with a Delta-Q Quiq charger that won`t charge 6 GEL batteries that are used in a 2004’ GEM E825 golf cart. There are a bunch of wires that need to be connected in order to charge the batteries. 1 Green wire(Interlock to prevent driving when charging). GEM E825 DeltaQ Quiq Wont Charge. Batteries and Charging

bp takes 33.3% stake in BMW, Daimler EV charging venture

Green Car Congress

bp will join BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG in their drive to extend and improve electrification, making electric vehicle charging more convenient, simpler and seamless for drivers. partner alongside BMW Group and Daimler Mobility AG in Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS), one of Europe’s leading developers of digital charging solutions for automotive manufacturers and vehicle fleet operators.

BMW 228

PNNL study finds 2028 grid resource adequacy likely sufficient for high EV penetration; managed charging strategies can double adequacy

Green Car Congress

The corresponding electric fleet sizes for the WECC footprint are 9 million LDVs, 70,000 MDVs and 94 HDV charging stations. Unmanaged charging is predicated on arrival time at home in the evening—the time at which the PNNL team assumed charging would begin.

2020 313

Northvolt & Mälarenergi partner to deploy battery energy storage for EV charging

Green Car Congress

Northvolt and Mälarenergi are partnering to establish a battery energy storage system at an electric vehicle charging station in Västerås, Sweden. Batteries Smart charging Smart Grid

2019 325

Volkswagen’s new European charging service has 150K+ public charging points

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen is rolling out its own charging service to coincide with the market launch of the ID. With We Charge, customers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at more than 150,000 public charging points all over Europe.

2020 256

Ocean View School District selects The Mobility House for smart charging for electric bus fleet; SoCal Edison and CEC

Green Car Congress

Ocean View School District in Oxnard, California, has selected The Mobility House for its extensive fleet energy management expertise around the world to provide smart charging for the district’s new electric bus fleet project, construction for which is now complete.

Fleet 227

How Much Does it Cost to Install EV Charging Stations?

Charged Future

There are many benefits to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at hotels, offices, apartments, or condos. For many business owners, providing charging for customers, residents, or employees is well worth the initial expense.

Electrify America introduces Plug&Charge payment technology to its charging network

Green Car Congress

Electrify America’s ultra-fast charging network now offers Plug&Charge payment technology, which allows electric vehicle (EV) owners to begin a charge without reaching for their wallet, smartphone or bank card. After a brief online registration, drivers can automatically pay for charging by simply plugging in their EV. The charger communicates with the vehicle to identify, authenticate, authorize and bill the customer’s registered account for the charging session.

2020 163

Shell plans to buy streetside charging experts Ubitricity

Green Car Reports

Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell will buy charging-infrastructure Ubitricity, a German company that specializes in streetside charging for electric cars. charging

Hyundai's E-pit fast-charging template looks like a gas station

Green Car Reports

Hyundai has created a fast-charging template for electric cars with a name that evokes racing and a look that evokes current gas stations. charging

Rivian charging network will be partly proprietary, partly patchwork

Green Car Reports

Rivian has begun work on its own charging network, with a "two-tier" strategy that will include DC fast charging and slower AC charging, CEO RJ Scaringe said in an interview with TechCrunch. charging Green Life

2020 138

Required EV Charging Stations Proposed in the 2021 California Building Code

Charged Future

One notable proposed change is in regards to the requirement of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in new, non-residential developments. Every three years the California Building Code receives updates.

2019 77

Germany putting another €300M into EV charging infrastructure

Green Car Congress

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure has launched a new €300-million program for the construction of EV charging stations. We build the charging infrastructure where it is needed in everyday life and that is with the people “on site”—at supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools or sports fields. We are thus supporting a solution for all those people who cannot charge either at home or at their employer.

ViriCiti report finds that fast chargers are underutilized in 24% of opportunity charging sessions

Green Car Congress

Twenty-four percent of opportunity charging sessions start when the battery is already more than 80% charged, according to a report released by ViriCiti, a provider of electric fleet and infrastructure management solutions.

Plugin 212

EV charging networks and automakers all want you to use their apps while you drive

Green Car Reports

Between charging networks and automakers, there's currently an overload of charging apps, all trying to do variations of the same thing: Getting you to the fastest available chargers, along your route, and being functional inside and outside the car. charging

ADL unveils its first electric three-axle double-deck bus for North America: Enviro500EV CHARGE

Green Car Congress

The Enviro500EV CHARGE is the North American all-electric version of the world’s best-selling double deck bus, and is produced by NFI subsidiary Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL). These are fed through industry standard CCS1 charging points available on the left or the right side of the bus.