Jump-Charging Dead Golf Cart Batteries

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Yamaha 48V charger won’t charge. Have automotive 6 & 12V charger—How might I bring up the 6 pack chargeLeft golf cart over winter inside heated area.

As more people plug in, is smart charging more important than fast charging?

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Electric-car converts (or shoppers) tend to boast about how fast their EV might be able to charge—in miles (of range) per hour. smart grid charging

2019 102

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Northvolt & Mälarenergi partner to deploy battery energy storage for EV charging

Green Car Congress

Northvolt and Mälarenergi are partnering to establish a battery energy storage system at an electric vehicle charging station in Västerås, Sweden. Batteries Smart charging Smart Grid

2019 130

GM plans its own nationwide charging network with Bechtel

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General Motors Fast Charging Charging NetworksGeneral Motors, the nation's biggest automaker, is teaming up with construction giant Bechtel to build thousands of chargers around the U.S. with the aim of promoting adoption of electric cars.

2019 110

Charging stations now outnumber gas stations in Britain

Green Car Reports

It’s not unusual to hear people wave off the change to fully electric to when EV chargers are as plentiful as gas stations, and when vehicle charging can be done, in a pinch, in nearly the same time. According to Nissan UK, there are about 9,300 public charging stations, as.

2019 114

BMW 5-Series plug-in hybrid gets wireless home charging deal

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Americans soon will have a fully automaker-supported car that supports inductive wireless charging. BMW announced Friday that it will soon offer inductive charging in the 2019 BMW 530e iPerformance. Wireless charging Inductive Charging

2019 84

Electric Car Charging: We Can Do This!

Electric Cars are for Girls

Welcome to the world of electric car charging So you've got a new (or new to you) electric car. What are you going to do when your battery runs low?

2018 153

Bidirectional Charging Management (BCM) research project gets green light; tying in renewables

Green Car Congress

Testing of the first 50 BMW i3 cars equipped with bidirectional charging technology is expected to start under real-world everyday conditions in early 2021. The BMW Group has already succeeded in implementing methods of intelligent charging control in pilot projects.

2019 125

Reality check: CHAdeMO fast-charging stations still outnumber CCS ones

Green Car Reports

Five years ago, a frequent matter of debate here at Green Car Reports was whether CCS or ChAdeMO would become the electric-car DC fast-charging standard of choice in the U.S. Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger Green Life

2019 103

EVgo fast-charge network commits to 100 percent renewable power

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If electric cars are supposed to clean up the environment and reduce global warming—and they are—EV drivers would like to rely on 100 percent renewable energy to do charge. And charging networks are striving to provide it. renewable energy Charging Networks

2019 99

Fastest charging for Porsche Taycan will be exclusive to CCS standard

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Porsche last month rolled out the Taycan electric car in Japan for the first time, with a charging demonstration in cooperation with the charging-hardware provider ABB. charging

2019 78

EVgo fast charging network will offer Tesla connectors nationally next year

Green Car Reports

It’s about time for one of the charging networks to welcome Tesla drivers with open arms. chargingAnd that’s exactly what EVgo is doing, with an announcement made Thursday.

Want to charge up? EVgo builds chargers at Chevron gas stations

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If electric cars need more public places to charge, maybe they could just go to gas stations. The company, which bills itself as the largest operator of DC fast charging stations in the U.S. charging eVgo charging network

2019 92

Beverly Hills bans plug-in hybrids from public charging stations

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The city of Beverly Hills, California, has issued new regulations for parking and electric-car charging. As of Monday, April 2, only battery-electric cars will be allowed to park and plug in at any of the city's 35 public charging stations—plug-in hybrids will not. DON'T MISS: Charging etiquette for electric-car. Plug-In Hybrids California plug-in cars charging Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) charging infrastructure Charging stationsWell, that's.

2018 87

Home station from Clipper Creek will charge two EVs

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Update: This story has been udpated to correct the typical range calculation from overnight 16-amp charging. Every new electric car needs a charge point. Charging station

2019 92

The most powerful DC charging station in Europe (for cars) can deliver 400 kw

Green Car Reports

The energy company Repsol has opened what it says is the most powerful electric-vehicle charging station in Europe—and it happens to be in Spain, a part of Europe that’s so far been largely skipped over by the fastest charging. charging

2019 89

Wireless electric-car charging: perfect for automated parking?

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Wireless electric-car charging seems to offer a somewhat more convenient experience. Instead of plugging in a charge cord, drivers simply park their electric cars over a pad, usually on the floor of a garage.

2016 111

Gas station shuts down pumps, goes all-in on electric-vehicle charging

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charging Green LifeThe owner of a 60-year-old fueling station in Maryland disconnected from the legacy of Big Oil and went all-electric, partnering with the Electric Vehicle Institute and the state energy administration to rip out the gas pumps and install chargers.

2019 112

Project examines how to automate charging for self-driving fleets

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Within the next decade, companies and fleet operators face a serious logistics dilemma: If the future is autonomous and electric, as some major automakers now argue, the only way this works smoothly is if the charging is as well-automated as the driving itself.

2019 89

Tesla Model 3 could charge faster in Europe, charging network results suggest

Green Car Reports

So too have some accounts of the most significant difference included in European-market versions of the electric sedan: their CCS Combo DC fast charging port. One of those first accounts has come from the European charging network Fastned, which already operates many stations with. Europe charging Fast Charging Combo ConnectorDeliveries of the Tesla Model 3 in Europe have just started.

2019 69

Downtown Detroit, a charging desert, finally gets DC fast chargers

Green Car Reports

chargingThe home base for the U.S. auto industry has long been downtown Detroit. And as much as that industry has wanted to talk the talk about electrification the past several year, it hasn’t walked the walk in its home turf.

2019 69

Electric Car Charging: The Basics You Need To Know

Green Car Reports

Each new electric-car driver will have a few things to learn, so we've rounded up some tips on how, where, and when how to charge up that new plug-in vehicle. Green ChaDeMo quick-charge standard Charging station Combined Charging Standard (CCS) Home charging PlugShare Tesla Supercharger charging at work charging cord charging infrastructure plug-in cars workplace charging

2015 87

Buying An Electric Car: Why Charging Rate, DC Quick-Charging Matter

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But when it comes to buying your first electric car, there are a few things you need to know about charging. Like the better-known measurements, the rate at which a plug-in car can charge its battery is a specification you. plug-in cars charging Charging station ChaDeMo quick-charge standard Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS We all know how to compare horsepower, acceleration, and gas mileage.

2015 86

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo high-speed charging hands-on: The next step for EVs

Green Car Reports

When it was announced, the Porsche Taycan’s 800-volt infrastructure and up to 350-kw charging capacity was far ahead of competitors. Since then, automakers such as Tesla have announced similar charging rates for their cars and Porsche dealers—plus. charging youtube

2019 92

EVgo simplifies, cuts electric-car fast charging prices nationwide

Green Car Reports

Those new owners will learn the DC fast charging along highways to enable longer road trips. plug-in cars charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging Charging stations Charging Networks eVgo charging networkOver the next three years, numerous long-range electric cars will come to market at prices below $40,000.

2018 61

Electrify America charging is coming to some Bank of America locations

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But soon the charging network will look to a new venue: the bank. By the end of 2020, Electrify America will make available about 40 DC fast-charging stations (locations), with a. charging

2019 70

ChargePoint and Electrify America simplify charging access with roaming agreement

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While public charging sessions are few and far between for most electric car owners, who typically charge at home the vast majority of the time, they can present a disproportionately high level of frustration. charging Fast Charging Electrify America ChargePoint

2019 67

Google Maps adds electric-car charging locations

Green Car Reports

In a banner day for electric-car drivers, Google announced on Wednesday that it will add electric-car charging stations to Google Maps. Charging NetworksThe app will now show Tesla Supercharging stations as well as ChargePoint, EVgo, Blink, and SemaConnect networks in the U.S. as well as networks in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. It will not include.

Tesla, ChargePoint pushing cities to upgrade permitting, encourage charging readiness

Green Car Reports

chargingIt costs four to six times as much to install EV spaces into a building as a stand-alone retrofit as it does to just build the spaces as part of new building construction or major alterations.

2019 73

Porsche's 800-Volt fast charging for electric cars: why it matters

Green Car Reports

The future of electric cars for practical transportation relies to some degree on the future of DC fast charging, and how it develops over the next decade. As in other spheres of electrifying transport, Tesla Motors has pointed the way to one vision of the future with its expanding network of Supercharger fast-charging sites. ChaDeMo quick-charge standard charging infrastructure Fast Charging Tesla Supercharger Combined Charging Standard (CCS) Porsche Mission E

Nio is providing a fully charged battery in 3 minutes for free, in China

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Fast Charging Battery Swapping NioThe Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio, in a bid to win over new customers, is waiving the fees for something that could be a real selling point in the increasingly tight Chinese EV market: battery swapping.

2019 109

US has more than 68,800 electric vehicle charging units

Green Car Congress

As of May 2019, there were more than 68,800 Level 2 and DC fast charging units throughout the United States. A DC fast charger adds 60 to 80 miles of range per 20 minutes of charging, while a Level 2 charger adds 10 to 20 miles of range per one hour of charging.

2019 138

Colorado bill aims to fine ICEholes who block charging spots

Green Car Reports

As one of the top states in the nation for electric-car sales, Colorado hopes to do something about charging problems. In the state's General Assembly, the House passed a bill on Friday to fine drivers who park non-electric cars in any electric-car charging space $150, statewide. chargingThe bill is now headed to the state Senate. As electric cars, and.

2019 82

EVgo breaks ground on DC fast-charging station prepared for up to 350 kW

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Longer-range electric cars will add flexibility for drivers, but they will also require changes to charging infrastructure. More powerful DC fast-charging stations will be needed in order to charge cars with larger-capacity battery packs in a reasonable amount of time. The EVgo charging network is taking a step in that direction with a new. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging eVgo charging network

DC 83

AAA Mobile Charging Stations!

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Triple A is planning to add mobile charging units in California, Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Tennessee and Washington.including some with 500V charging capability New treatment for range anxiety: AAA.

2011 182

Company claims to harness AI for quicker electric-car DC fast charging

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At CES earlier this month, GBatteries demonstrated that it could charge a 60-kwh battery pack, made up of off-the-shelf lithium-ion automotive cells, to half capacity in just 5 minutes, or to a full charge in 10 minutes. CES youtube Fast Charging

2019 105

Ubitricity street lamp socket provides electric-car charging

Green Car Reports

A German company has brought forth its idea of how to provide convenient, cost-effective electric-car charging and now it has made its way to the United Kingdom. In a recent video, the Fully Charged Show takes a. UK plug-in cars London Charging station charging infrastructure

2017 98

DC fast charging for electric cars: what's here, what's coming, what's hype?

Green Car Reports

Drivers who want to use their electric cars for trips beyond a radius from their home charging site rely on DC fast-charging sites. Now Charged magazine has written a comprehensive guide to the current state and future of DC charging. ChaDeMo quick-charge standard charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging eVgo charging network Combined Charging Standard (CCS

DC 68

Chevy eCOPO Camaro hints at 800-volt charging

Green Car Reports

drag racing Fast ChargingChevrolet can't let Teslas win all the electric drag races. Monday night at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers' Association gathering in Las Vegas, Chevrolet revealed an electric concept version of its drag-race focused COPO Camaro. The company says the eCOPO Camaro should be able to cover the standing quarter mile in about 9 seconds with more.

EVgo, Chargepoint annual reports show growth in electric-car charging

Green Car Reports

Seven years and almost 800,000 cars after the first modern electric cars went on sale, there's still a lot wrong with the national charging infrastructure in the U.S. plug-in cars charging infrastructure Charging stations Charging Networks ChargePoint Network eVgo charging networkThere's little central planning, little standardized signage or public signposting, virtually no awareness among non-EV drivers, and roaming among networks with a single membership.

2018 66

In-road wireless charging project breaks ground in Sweden

Green Car Reports

Sweden is playing host to a prototype in-road wireless charging network designed to power electric commercial and public transit vehicles as they drive. The project, dubbed "Smartroad Gotland," is a testbed for future large-scale inductive charging networks.

Sweden 107

Charging network EVgo goes tagless, tests battery buffers at stations

Green Car Reports

EVgo announced earlier this week that it will be the first charging network—other than the Tesla Supercharger network, of course—to enable a feature for its DC fast chargers that doesn't rely on RFID tags or even credit cards to be activated. The charging network will roll out the ISO Plug&Charge standard on its CCS chargers used. Fast Charging Charging Networks battery reuse

2019 60

Much faster electric-car charging: on a fast track

Green Car Reports

Relatively short ranges and long charging times are two of the main factors restraining more widespread electric-car adoption. plug-in cars charging charging infrastructure Fast Charging DC Rapid Charging ChargePoint NetworkTo address the range issue, automakers are expected to launch a batch of more-affordable long-range electric cars over the next few years, a shift heralded by the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV and the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

2017 78