Available EV Charging Station Rebates in California

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There are many, many EV charging station rebates available in California. These rebates help bring down the capital expenditure making installing charging stations a very interesting project for many hotels, workplaces, or apartment complexes.

WiTricity plans aftermarket wireless EV charging solution

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WiTricity, a leader and pioneer in wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs), plans to offer an aftermarket wireless charging upgrade package for owners of select EV models, starting with a limited beta in 2022. Tesla Model 3 oufitted with WiTricity Wireless Charging.


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2020 EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test: Rating the DC fast charging user experience


If EVs are to replace fossil-fuel vehicles, they need to be able to make long highway trips, which means that DC fast charging needs to be reliable, convenient, affordable and ubiquitous. How intuitive and convenient is the charging process? Both use the CCS Type 1 charging standard.

2020 112

6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging

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Car shoppers are beginning to make the shift to electric as there are more choices than … 6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging Read More » Charging EV charging consultant Level 2 Charging Office Charging Workplace Charging

Seattle is installing curbside EV charging by request, for those without off-street parking

Green Car Reports

Seattle is the latest city to experiment with curbside EV charging. A utility-run program will install chargers by request, giving drivers without off-street parking a way to charge. charging

How Much Does it Cost to Install EV Charging Stations?

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There are many benefits to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at hotels, offices, apartments, or condos. For many business owners, providing charging for customers, residents, or employees is well worth the initial expense.

Are Installing EV Charging Stations at Hotels a Good Idea?

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If you are a hotel owner, you may be wondering if EV charging stations at hotels are a good idea. Read More » Charging EV Consultant EV Charging EV Charging Stations EVCS Hotels

GM patent: Electric trucks could charge other EVs during fast-charging, with dual ports

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chargingElectric vehicles have the potential to become mobile power banks for our houses and worksites. But as more scenarios become viable, would two ports be better than one?

3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb

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In fact, some hosts go as far as providing a personalized note and bottle of … 3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb Read More » Charging Airbnb Charging Station EV Charging EV Charging Stations Level 2 Charging

California utility expands bidirectional EV charging pilots

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California utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) is expanding public testing of bidirectional EV charging with three new pilot programs encompassing up to 1,000 residential electricity customers and hundreds of commercial customers. charging synd-nexstar

Charging Incentives for Condos and Apartments

EV Club of CT

Blog Electric Vehicles EV Charging Stations Policy Condo and Apartment EV Charging subsidies EV Rate Design Multi Unit Dwelling EV Charging subsidies PURA EV Charging subsidies Utility EV charging subsidiesMUD It stands for multi-unit dwellings.

RMI report finds substantial emissions reductions possible with smart EV charging

Green Car Congress

A new report from RMI has found that optimized charging of electric vehicles, which involves automatically and strategically shifting when an EV charges, could significantly reduce transportation sector emissions, and could potentially result in an average of 800 pounds of CO? The new report, More EVs, Fewer Emissions: How to Maximize Emissions Reductions by Smart Charging Electric Vehicles was published today by RMI in partnership with environmental tech nonprofit WattTime.

3 Commercial EV Charging Station Trends to Continue Into 2022

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These early EVs were expensive, had minimal range, and had slow charging speeds. Today, there are well … 3 Commercial EV Charging Station Trends to Continue Into 2022 Read More » Charging Airbnb Charging Station Hotels Workplace Charging

ABB charges into the future with Formula E


Charged attended the New York City E-Prix in July, and spoke with several execs from EV infrastructure powerhouse ABB. The Gen3 charging system will supercharge not only the race cars, but also the promotional value of the racing series. It charges when it’s asleep.

Electreon to supply Israel’s 4th largest bus operator with wireless charging infrastructure; simultaneous charging of 30 buses

Green Car Congress

Electreon, a provider of wireless and in-road electric vehicle (EV) charging technology, signed an agreement of cooperation with Israel public transportation company Electra Afikim.

Israel 302

6 Important Considerations When Hiring an EV Charging Station Installer

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Hiring an EV charging station installer can be hard work. What Is the Process for Getting EV Charging Stations? There are many out there, however, not all have the proper electric vehicle (EV) expertise to make the best recommendations.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning First Drive: Ford’s most valued model is now electric


There are asterisks, of course: Powering your house requires the larger-battery version of the Lightning, along with the PowerStation Pro home charging station, which delivers up to 19.2 There’s also the challenge of on-road charging while towing.

Utility Charging Incentive Follow Up

EV Club of CT

Blog Electric Vehicles EV Charging Stations Incentives Policy EV Charging Incentives Eversource PURA EV Charging subsidies PURA incentives United IlluminatingWe have been following up with the utilities on some of the outstanding questions.

Required EV Charging Stations Proposed in the 2021 California Building Code

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One notable proposed change is in regards to the requirement of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in new, non-residential developments. Every three years the California Building Code receives updates.

Protected: 2021 EV fast charging benchmark: Electrify America top digital platform, Tesla Superchargers top location experience


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StoreDot achieves 1250 cycles on silicon-dominant fast-charging cell

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StoreDot, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, reports being the first company to test silicon-dominant cells for more than 1000 cycles. StoreDot’s target is to deliver 100 miles of range after just two minutes of charge within a decade.

Most Popular Public Level 2 EV Charging Networks in 2021

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations come in two varieties: networked and non-networked. Networked stations allow site hosts to control various aspects of the charger such as pricing, access, hours of operation, charging session limits, and more.

EV Charging Station Regulations in California

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There are several EV charging station regulations in California. Each of these was implemented by various government agencies in effort to better facilitate the installation of charging stations for all persons.

Single Family Residential Charging Incentives

EV Club of CT

Charging Incentives Via The Utilities The incentives drafted by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority that will be made available through Eversource and United Illuminating have been mostly finalized.

Opinion: A Plug-In Perk: Free Charging

Clean Fleet Report

I’m not sure why, but my news feed seems to be full of stories about how it’s often more expensive to charge an EV than one thinks, often times costing more than the gas equivalent vehicle. Charging places are proliferating in California–and elsewhere.

Fleet 74

Study: Four of five new-car buyers can charge EVs at home


A recent survey of new-car buyers suggests 4 of 5 will be able to charge an EV at home—making it even more critical that they understand how charging is actually done. Power 2021 EV Home Charging Study. Americans who can afford new cars can charge at home.

Presentation for Utility Commercial Incentives for EV Charging and Installation

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Blog Electric Vehicles EV Charging Stations Events Policy Commercial EV Charging Incentives Eversource PURA EV Rate Design United Illuminating

Amprius Technologies announces extreme fast charge capability of 80% charge in 6 minutes

Green Car Congress

Amprius Technologies, a developer of silicon anode Li-ion battery cells, announced a charging rate of six minutes to 80% from 0% state of charge. The very low tortuosity of the Si-Nanowire anode structure also facilitates Extreme Fast Charge.

AMPLY Power offers EV fleets guaranteed uptime and zero charging challenges


AMPLY Power says its charging as a service model provides 99.9% Fleet charging management may not be the most glamorous segment of the EV industry, but it is emerging as an extremely important component of the future EV ecosystem. Charged had a chat with AMPLY CEO Vic Shao.

Fleet 83

Volkswagen Group Components previews mobile charging robot

Green Car Congress

Volkswagen Group Components provided the first glimpse of the prototypes of its mobile charging robot. This is one of the visionary charging concepts that Volkswagen hopes will expand the charging infrastructure over the next few years.

2020 365

How to Choose the Right EV Charging Network

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging networks are just like cell phone networks. While you can operate some EV charging stations without a network, you will need a network in order to require payment, control access, limit charging session durations, and much more.

PG&E and Ford collaborate on bidirectional electric vehicle charging technology in customers’ homes

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Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and Ford Motor Company announced a collaboration exploring how Ford’s new F-150 Lightning electric vehicle (EV)—the first commercially available light-duty truck with bidirectional charging technology ( earlier post )—can interact with the electric grid and provide electric reliability benefits to PG&E customers. Electric (Battery) Infrastructure Smart charging Smart Grid V2X Vehicle Manufacturers

Mercedes-Benz simplifies charging rates for Mercedes me Charge in Europe

Green Car Congress

From June 2022, there will be a new tariff system for the approximately 300,000 charging points in the Mercedes me Charge network in Europe. Mercedes me Charge will offer three new charging tariffs tailored to individual driving performance. Mercedes me Charge S.

Europe 226

A closer look at minimizing AC charging losses: From the breaker to EV (Part 1)


In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at ways to minimize charging losses that are under the control of either the manufacturer or the owner of the EV (in other words, excluding things like changing the electrical generation source from coal to nuclear or solar, as helpful as that would be).

Parts 69

UCR researchers find commercial fast-charging damages EV batteries, propose new internal-resistance-based technique

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To remedy this, the researchers have developed a method for charging at lower temperatures with less risk of catastrophic damage and loss of storage capacity. However, improper employment of fast charging can damage the battery and bring safety hazards.

2020 414

How to Ask Your Employer for EV Charging

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The best place to charge an electric vehicle (EV) is overnight at home. Similar to charging your cell phone, charging an EV overnight at home is simple as you wake up with 100% charge. This is because it is both the cheapest way but also the most convenient way.

Volvo Cars testing Momentum Dynamics wireless charging in Gothenburg

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Volvo Cars is integrating and testing wireless charging technology in a live city environment together with selected partners, evaluating its potential for future electric cars. The charging station sends energy through the charging pad, which is picked up by a receiver unit in the car.

Volvo 310

Could wind-and-solar towers charge EVs, stabilize the grid?

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Wind and solar-powered charging could further lower the environmental impact of electric cars; but one New York-based company wants to combine them in one electricity-generating device that could be used for EV charging stations or wherever grid-buffering might help keep blackouts at bay.

Wind 158

Electrify America taps into connected home charging

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Electrify America is expanding its focus from public charging to the place most EV drivers charge the most—at home. charging

Researchers from Korea’s IBS suggest quantum charging could cut EV charge time to 3 minutes at home

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In a new study published in Physical Review Letters , researchers from Korea’s Institute for Basic Science ( IBS ) suggest that quantum charging of EV batteries will cut the charging time from ten hours to three minutes at home.

IDTechEx: we need fast, reliable and ubiquitous public charging stations

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Charging speeds for electric vehicles (EVs) vary widely, from as little as 15 minutes using an ultra-rapid 350 kW charger, to as much as 24 hours when relying on a domestic wall outlet. IDTechEx forecasts that most of the new DC charging installations will be in the 100+ kW power classes.

Electrify America claims more than five times the charging sessions in 2021 vs. 2020

Green Car Reports

Electrify America on Monday released a few tidbits of network-usage data from 2021, showing a major uptick in charging sessions over 2020. million charging sessions in 2021, which is more than five times the 268,000 charging sessions reported for 2020. charging

2020 144

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ to start at $62,990; 312 miles of range; charging deal with EVgo

Green Car Congress

Cadillac also announced a special charging offer, designed to simplify the charging experience for LYRIQ customers. The LYRIQ RWD model offers an EPA-estimated 312 miles of range on a full charge and has a starting MSRP of $62,990. kW wall-mounted charging stations.