GM adding Plug and Charge

Green Car Congress

GM is expanding its existing collaboration with EVgo to add a new Plug and Charge service to the Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem. Plug and Charge streamlines the EV charging process for customers. GM is also continuing its efforts to expand charging access.

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Driving Fairness Among EV Charging

Blink Charging

As more consumers purchase an EV, an open and fair charging network is needed to ensure fairness in the market for current and future EV drivers. Billion to EV charging equipment. Recently, there have been fierce debates regarding the ownership of EV charging equipment.


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LEED Certification and EV Charging Stations: What you need to know

Blink Charging

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station comes with all sorts of advantages, one of the most prominent being that it goes a long way toward helping you achieve LEED certification. LEED and EV Charging Stations.

EV Charging Required at New Developments per 2022 California Building Code

Charged Future

This update to Part 11 Green Building Standards of the code goes hand-in-hand with other … EV Charging Required at New Developments per 2022 California Building Code Read More » Charging California Building Code EV Charging Code Requirements EV Charging Requirements

Available EV Charging Station Rebates in California

Charged Future

There are many, many EV charging station rebates available in California. These rebates help bring down the capital expenditure making installing charging stations a very interesting project for many hotels, workplaces, or apartment complexes.

Emporia’s energy management system prepares for the bidirectional EV charging future


Bidirectional charging promises to completely transform the vehicle ownership experience. The second thing we really became firm believers in was that bidirectional EV charging is a huge gain in technology that we think will accelerate the transition.

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6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging

Charged Future

Car shoppers are beginning to make the shift to electric as there are more choices than … 6 Steps to Getting Workplace EV Charging Read More » Charging EV charging consultant Level 2 Charging Office Charging Workplace Charging

2020 EV Charging Infrastructure Best-in-Test: Rating the DC fast charging user experience


If EVs are to replace fossil-fuel vehicles, they need to be able to make long highway trips, which means that DC fast charging needs to be reliable, convenient, affordable and ubiquitous. How intuitive and convenient is the charging process? Both use the CCS Type 1 charging standard.

How Can We Fix EV Charging Stations?

Clean Fleet Report

Electric vehicles represent less than 10% of all passenger car sales, but a growing market means a higher demand for charging stations. How Available Are EV Charging Stations? Home charging is still the most popular option. What’s Wrong with EV Charging Stations?

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Charging EV Fleets: What are the best chargers to use?

Blink Charging

Most likely, you will want a mixture of direct current fast chargers (DCFCs), Level 2 chargers, and possibly a mobile charging unit that you can take to stranded fleet vehicles, if necessary. Unlike ICE vehicles, which you can fill up in a matter of seconds, EVs take time to charge.

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How Much Does it Cost to Install EV Charging Stations?

Charged Future

There are many benefits to installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at hotels, offices, apartments, or condos. For many business owners, providing charging for customers, residents, or employees is well worth the initial expense.

The promise of wireless charging: smaller batteries, longer battery life, fewer charging stations


Wireless charging is nothing new— Charged has covered wireless EV charging since at least 2011—but it may be that its true value is only coming into focus now, as more and more commercial and transit fleets are electrifying. Charged : Can you give us a brief company history?

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CESL about to set 800 charging stations.

Electric Vehicles India

CESL is about to set up 800 charging stations on highways. CESL (Convergence Energy Service Ltd) is going to set up 800 charging station across 16 highways across the country, charging stations are going to cover around 10,000 Km of road.

Are Installing EV Charging Stations at Hotels a Good Idea?

Charged Future

If you are a hotel owner, you may be wondering if EV charging stations at hotels are a good idea. Read More » Charging EV Consultant EV Charging EV Charging Stations EVCS Hotels

ConnectDER and Siemens Partner to offer a simple and clever solution for Level 2 charging installations  


ConnectDER’s meter collar working together with Siemens’s charging station could save up to 80 percent of installation costs. Getting set up to charge an EV at home is easy and affordable—except when it isn’t. Charged : You need to get local utility approval to install it, right?


Oil giant BP will help keep Hertz EVs charged

Green Car Reports

That’s a lot of EVs—tens of thousands of them, and once in place they would quickly overwhelm existing public fast-charging stations around airports. charging

Oil 129

Robot charging station could help disabled drivers, charge robotaxi fleets in the future

Green Car Reports

Ford has developed a prototype robotic charging station, which the automaker is initially pitching as an aid to disabled drivers. charging

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Charge-bot could turn any parking spot into an EV charging space

Green Car Reports

EV Safe Charge recently previewed a mobile charging robot called Ziggy that drivers will be able to summon using a smartphone app or their car's infotainment system. charging youtubeFinding space for fixed EV chargers can be difficult, so one startup aims to make chargers mobile.

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Charged and umlaut continue partnership on 2021 EV Charging Infrastructure Benchmark


For the second year in a row, Charged has partnered with the global engineering and consulting firm umlaut to test and compare the user experience at the top DC fast charging networks and bring you the 2021 EV Charging Infrastructure Benchmark.

WattEV aims to operate 12,000 electric trucks-as-a-service and a charging network to support them by 2030


Now that phase is over, and companies are starting to place substantial orders, but they’re running into another hurdle—charging infrastructure needs to be built out, and managing it is a complex affair. These megawatt charging sites will be open to all fleet operators.


3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb

Charged Future

In fact, some hosts go as far as providing a personalized note and bottle of … 3 Great Benefits of Installing EV Charging at Your Airbnb Read More » Charging Airbnb Charging Station EV Charging EV Charging Stations Level 2 Charging

Freedom Charging Offer from RELUX

Electric Vehicles India

Relux Electric Private Limited had announced “FREE charging to all Users on August 15th of 2022 , As a part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, Relux has taken steps to give FREE charging to EV users to enjoy their freedom in an Environment-Friendly way.

Fisker partners with Wallbox for home-charging ecosystem

Green Car Reports

Fisker on Tuesday announced Wallbox as its official partner for home charging equipment. charging

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The Easiest Way to Become Part of the EV Charging Network

Blink Charging

Joining the EV Charging Network. Among the many decisions, the public and private sectors must make is choosing the business model they plan to use when providing EV charging stations. The income from the charging stations provides a consistent revenue stream to the site host.

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ABB charges into the future with Formula E


Charged attended the New York City E-Prix in July, and spoke with several execs from EV infrastructure powerhouse ABB. The Gen3 charging system will supercharge not only the race cars, but also the promotional value of the racing series. It charges when it’s asleep.

6 Important Considerations When Hiring an EV Charging Station Installer

Charged Future

Hiring an EV charging station installer can be hard work. What Is the Process for Getting EV Charging Stations? There are many out there, however, not all have the proper electric vehicle (EV) expertise to make the best recommendations.

7 Ways to Reduce EV Charging Costs

Clean Fleet Report

But did you know, it’s relatively easy to reduce EV charging costs even further? Many EV drivers are unaware there’s a reasonable number of public places to charge your car for free. there’s a number of free public charging options available. Join EV Charging Memberships.

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Required EV Charging Stations Proposed in the 2021 California Building Code

Charged Future

One notable proposed change is in regards to the requirement of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in new, non-residential developments. Every three years the California Building Code receives updates.

EV Charging Station Regulations in California

Charged Future

There are several EV charging station regulations in California. Each of these was implemented by various government agencies in effort to better facilitate the installation of charging stations for all persons.

Study: Four of five new-car buyers can charge EVs at home


A recent survey of new-car buyers suggests 4 of 5 will be able to charge an EV at home—making it even more critical that they understand how charging is actually done. Power 2021 EV Home Charging Study. Americans who can afford new cars can charge at home.

Charge Cars debuts all-new Charge ’67 EV at Petersen Automotive Museum and Los Angeles Auto Show

Electric Cars Report

Charge Cars is on a roll. Electric Car News Charge 67 Charge 67 EV Charge Cars Charge Cars Mustang Electric Mustang by Charge LA Auto Show los angeles auto show

Jeep unveils its first three battery-electric SUVs


Design aside, the salient features of the Wagoneer S will be its range—400 miles on a single charge, Jeep promised—and its power. The Jeep Recon is square, the ‘Wagoneer S’ is a sleek, luxurious midsize SUV, and the tiny Avenger will only be sold in Europe. The legendary U.S.

Most Popular Public Level 2 EV Charging Networks in 2021

Charged Future

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations come in two varieties: networked and non-networked. Networked stations allow site hosts to control various aspects of the charger such as pricing, access, hours of operation, charging session limits, and more.

GenCell launches grid-independent hydrogen EV charging solution EVOX

Green Car Congress

Israel-based GenCell Energy, a provider of hydrogen and ammonia to power fuel cell solutions, launched GenCell EVOX, a new off-grid EV charging solution that leverages alkaline fuel cells, hydrogen and ammonia to power technologies. Motors Pure Energy the EV charging subsidiary of E.V.

Grid 332

WiTricity plans aftermarket wireless EV charging solution

Green Car Congress

WiTricity, a leader and pioneer in wireless charging for electric vehicles (EVs), plans to offer an aftermarket wireless charging upgrade package for owners of select EV models, starting with a limited beta in 2022. Tesla Model 3 oufitted with WiTricity Wireless Charging.

3 Commercial EV Charging Station Trends to Continue Into 2022

Charged Future

These early EVs were expensive, had minimal range, and had slow charging speeds. Today, there are well … 3 Commercial EV Charging Station Trends to Continue Into 2022 Read More » Charging Airbnb Charging Station Hotels Workplace Charging

Analysis of charging mode of charging station

Setec Powerr

The new energy vehicle charging station is similar to the car gas station, which is a kind of “power-up” device. It is a high-efficiency charger that can quickly charge mobile phones, electric vehicles, and electric vehicles. Regular charging. Fast charging.

California rule will make EV charging more affordable, reduce load on grid

Green Car Reports

A new California rule could pave the way for more affordable—and more efficient—EV charging. charging

A closer look at minimizing AC charging losses: From the breaker to EV (Part 1)


In this article we’ll be taking a closer look at ways to minimize charging losses that are under the control of either the manufacturer or the owner of the EV (in other words, excluding things like changing the electrical generation source from coal to nuclear or solar, as helpful as that would be).

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How to Choose the Right EV Charging Network

Charged Future

Electric vehicle (EV) charging networks are just like cell phone networks. While you can operate some EV charging stations without a network, you will need a network in order to require payment, control access, limit charging session durations, and much more.

charging stations business in India.

Electric Vehicles India

As we all can see how Electric vehicles were growing day by day and there is a lot of opportunity in the automobile industry at moment there are fewer charging stations in India but in the future, it will become a game-changer in Indian business in other. Need for charging stations.

35 states get the green light for $7.5 billion national EV charging network

Green Car Reports

President Biden, in a speech at the Detroit Auto Show Wednesday, confirmed that the federal government is releasing a first round of funding to 35 states to start installing EV charging hardware on the way to a 500,000-charger U.S. charging

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Electrify America taps into connected home charging

Green Car Reports

Electrify America is expanding its focus from public charging to the place most EV drivers charge the most—at home. charging