VW CrossBlue Plugin Diesel

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VW CrossBlue Plugin Diesel The post VW CrossBlue Plugin Diesel appeared first on. Aiming at the lucrative U.S. market, Volkswagen used the recent Detroit Auto Show to unveil the VW CrossBlue, a mid-sized plug-in diesel hybrid-electric sport utility. The CrossBlue concept SUV has three rows of seats and gets an impressive estimated 85 MPGe fuel efficiency and it can run on electricity alone for 14 miles.

Mitsubishi’s PlugIn ElectricSUV

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Many hybrid cars and SUVs are developed for sale in a specific country or perhaps two. Mitsubishi is looking to change this pattern with a new hybrid SUV slated for availability in 2013. The plug-in hybrid SUV is, to this point, unnamed. However, the company says it will carry the MiEV brand name. According to the company, the vehicle is part of a new Mitsubishi strategy to build cars that can be sold globally rather than for specific markets.


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The controversy in fast charging for electric vehicles (PlugIn 2010)

National Green Transportation

. At PlugIn 2010 the agenda included a benign sounding panel session entitled "The Near Future of Charging." Electric vehicle charging is rife with geeky details about battery management systems, charge rates, communication

2010 46

Plugin Hybrids to save Big Three, Lee Iacocca

Plugs and Cars

From a new interview in Fortune and his new upcoming book, " Where Have all the Leaders Gone ?": What can the auto industry do? Plug-in hybrids. I think they're virtually here now." Full Interview here : I don't think I could have said it better myself. I think we are going to be hearing lots on Lee and his book. Particularly the parts where he blasts detroit lack of leadership and also particularly the Bush administration

2007 100

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say. Our PRIUS+ Project Photos PHEV Resources Global Warming Take Action News and Events Contact Us Latest from CalCars-News: [ see all latest ] All About Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs) On this highly popular but long page we address five fundamental topics: Also see: - Frequently Asked Questions - How to Get a Plug-In Hybrid - What Car-Makers Are Saying - Where Plug-in Hybrids Are 1 What are plug-in hybrids?

2019 Kia Niro GDi HEV ‘4’ 6-speed DCT review

Discover EV

A fully loaded crossover, the Kia Niro GDi HEV is a good choice if you’re looking for a non-plugin hybrid

2019 52

Why electric vehicle adoption isn't partying like it's 1999 (PlugIn 2010)

National Green Transportation

The question in the back of our minds must be, will we spend a bunch of money building EV charging infrastructure, manufacturing plants, building vehicles, and end up having to crush them. Again? This year there is a lot of exciting

2010 48

Sweden December 2020

EV Sales

had 6.592 registrations, with the plugin split in this year sales ending at 30% for BEVs and 70% PHEVs, with pure electrics dropping 9% regarding 2019, when they had 39% share. With plugin hybrids representing over 20% of the total market, maybe now's the time to reduce incentives for PHEVs?

Netherlands December 2020

EV Sales

December had an amazing 30,860 plugin registrations, a 34% increase over the previous all-time record, set at the same month of last year, which itself was beating a 4 year old record. VW ID.3 shines in record month (72% Share!)

Netherlands March 2021

EV Sales

shine The Dutch PEV market dropped 4% in March, to 4,834 plugin registrations, but that result wasn't all that bad, considering that the overall market fell even more (-18% YoY), placing last month PEV Share at 20% (9% BEV), pushing the year to date PEV share to 15% (5.6%

Europe February 2021

EV Sales

Tesla Model 3 wins in February Despite a depressing overall market (-20% YoY in February), the European passenger plugin market continues on the rise, having registered over 115,000 units in February (+66% YoY), placing last month plugin share at 14% share (5.9%

Netherlands January 2021

EV Sales

Volvo XC40 PHEV wins January in reshuffled market After the usual sales rush in the last days of 2020 , one would imagine January would bring a big hangover for the local plugin market.But turns out, it hasn't, because it grew 40% YoY!

Germany December 2020

EV Sales

Open the Plugin Gates! BEV), so expect 2021 to continue with the current disruption, with plugin share above 20% for plugins and BEVs hovering above 10%. Expect this rule to happen in more countries with high plugin shares. 27% share!

Global Top 20 November 2020

EV Sales

With plugin registrations going up 133%, the highest monthly growth rate in over 8 years, with both technologies running hot, with BEVs jumping 125%, to 289.000 units, while PHEVs jumped 155%, to a 125.000 units. BEV) , pulling the 2020 plugin share to 3.8% (2.6%

2020 83

Germany February 2021

EV Sales

Volkswagen leads the way The German plugin market scored 40,000 units, with both technologies rising fast (+124% for BEVs and +162% YoY for PHEVs) , with last month plugin share ending at 21% (9.4%

Colombia February 2021

EV Sales

Global Top 20 - December 2020

EV Sales

With plugin registrations jumping 105% last month, it was the first time since 1411 2011 that we had 3 consecutive months (October, November & December) of doubling sales, with is a great sign for what 2021 could be. BEV) , pulling the final 2020 plugin share to 4% (2.8%

2020 78

Europe January 2021

EV Sales

Last month positive result, added to a crashing overall market (-26% YoY), allowed the 2021 plugin share to start at 14% (5.6% the BMW plugin hybrid managed to pull off this good result, although one wonders for how long with BMW's model manage to keep this status.

Norway December 2020

EV Sales

Looking at the fuels breakdown, if plugins were up in December, the rest is falling quickly: HEVs had just 6% share of the market, petrol vehicles were down to just 3% share (it had 15% a year ago), while diesel had only 5%, while in the same month last year, the black fuel had 22% share.At

France December 2020

EV Sales

These disruptive numbers are also reflecting on the plugin share, as last month it reached a record 19% (11% BEV), pulling the final 2020 share to 11% (6,7% BEV), a far cry from the 3% of 2019. A future star lands in a record market (19% share!)

Photo Gallery Of Pictures From Inaugural Parade

Revenge of the Electric Car

This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. These were all taken by our production photographer, Todd Westphal, during last month’s Plug-In America Inagural Parade.

2009 116

Netherlands February 2021

EV Sales

Volvo XC40 siblings shine The Dutch PEV market dropped 20% in February, to 2,952 plugin registrations, but that result wasn't all that bad, considering that the overall market fell even more (-26% YoY), placing last month PEV Share at 14% (5.6%

BMW Group and PG&E launching ChargeForward Phase 3 pilot; V2G testing

Green Car Congress

A smart-charging plugin hybrid can integrate more renewable energy than a normal-charging all-battery electric vehicle, despite the smaller battery size. The BMW Group and Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced an expanded partnership that further leverages renewable energy to sustainably power electric vehicles (EVs).

Grid 199

Tesla Model S Launch

Revenge of the Electric Car

This SlideShowPro photo gallery requires the Flash Player plugin and a web browser with JavaScript enabled. The ‘Revenge’ team was out in strength recently to film the launch of Tesla’s Model S in Los Angeles. Check out the photos below to see the Model S — and our team in action.

Plugin 100

DOE’s Manufacturing Institute to award $35M to support R&D in recycling, reuse and remanufacturing

Green Car Congress

The second objective is the creation of a software plugin for mainstream CAD software to enable design for remanufacturing consideration of high-value components. The third and final objective disseminate the results of this project by developing training videos on the application of DfReman rules and the software plugin and creating a website to disseminate the plugin and training materials.

2020 184

France February 2021

EV Sales

Regarding the plugin share, last month it reached 13% (6.3% Tesla Model 3 beats Renault Zoe! And Peugeot 208 EV beats both of them.)

Global Top 20 - February 2021

EV Sales

The future will depend much on the development of the pandemic and the seriousness of the economic crisis, but whatever happens, expect plugins to weather the storm better than the overall market, increasing its PEV share on the way.

Europe December 2020

EV Sales

While the overall automotive market is still in red (-4% YoY), in December, Europe's passenger plugin market had an historic month, having registered a record 281,000 registrations (+264% YoY!), Open the Gates! (23% 23% share!)

2020 80

China February 2021

EV Sales

Last month plugin share reached 9% (7.5% BEV), and considering January and February are China's weakest months, we can now safely assume that the local plugin market will cross North of the two-digits mark this year, maybe even during the first half of the year!

China 72

France January 2021

EV Sales

Peugeot beats Renault!

Audi Toys With New Electric Car, Pedals Future in Nuremburg

All Cars Electric

After initially appearing skeptical about the electric car, Audi has been busy over the past few years with a selection of plugin hybrid and fully electric-powered concepts, showing them off at prestigious events such as the Le Mans 24 hour race. But unlike the R8 e-tron, R4 e-tron spyder and A1 e-tron projects, Audi’s latest offering can

China December 2020

EV Sales

Last month, plugin share reached a record 9.4% (7% BEV), pulling the 2020 share to 6.3% (5.1%

2020 75

Markets Roundup December 2020

EV Sales

106.000 units - With plugin sales already being the largest volume of the overall market (54% BEVs, 20% PHEVs), one can't expect surging sales, but still, sales were up 33% in 2020, so expect them to continue taking share from the remaining powertrains, albeit more slowly from now on.

2020 52

Toyota announces priority registration website for Prius Plug-In Hybrid

Green Car Congress

Customers who are interested in being one of the first to own a Prius Plug-in can log on to www.toyota.com/plugin and complete their registration on the site. Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc., announced the introduction of a new Online Order System that will launch later this year for the all-new Prius Plug-in Hybrid. The first phase of the Online Order System, called Priority Registration, will launch on 22 April 2011.

2011 185

Advocating electric in the heartland

Electric Auto Association

Clyde Schwanke’s backyard in Topeka, complete with his Nissan LEAF and Ford C=max Plugin. Kansas City EAA chapter members challenge government regulation as part of their efforts to support clean energy. Members of the Mid-America EAA show-off different types of EVs, including a lawn mower.

Washington to create first EV charging corridor on a scenic byway

Green Car Congress

Plugin Center. The Department of Commerce and the Washington State Department of Transportation plan to make the Stevens Pass Greenway the first electric vehicle-friendly National. Scenic Byway route. With Federal Recovery Act funding through the State Energy Program, the state will install two to three electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging stations along US Highway 2.

Germany January 2021

EV Sales

While BEVs jumped significantly (+118% YoY), PHEVs did even better (+138%), allowing plugin hybrids to continue ahead of full electrics (44% of registrations were BEV and 56% PHEV). 22% Share!

Nissan LEAF test drive and first impressions

National Green Transportation

Today, just prior to this weeks PlugIn 2010 conference in San Jose, CA, Nissan brought a production test LEAF to the Santana RowIt is T-minus 4 months until the expected date for when the Nissan LEAF will be available in the U.S.

Volvo plug-in hybrid bus with B?sbaar rapid charging to begin field testing in Gothenburg; 75-80% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2

Green Car Congress

7900 Volvo Plugin Hybrid Charging at Redbergsplatsen in Gothenburg. Click to enlarge. Volvo Buses’ new plug-in hybrid buses will begin field tests in Gothenburg, Sweden this month. Volvo Buses has already sold more than 1,000 of its conventional hybrid units; the plug-in version will facilitate the reduction of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide by 75 to 80%, compared with current diesel buses, the company said.

2013 233

NREL publishes online collection of case studies in EV deployment

Green Car Congress

The newly compiled information is housed on Clean Cities’ Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) at www.afdc.energy.gov/plugin_case_studies. The US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has released an online collection of case studies in electric vehicle deployment. The case studies detail the early experiences of four US locations on the leading edge of home-charging implementation.

2011 170

2011 Nissan Leaf Matches Volt: 8 Year, 100,000 Mile Warranty

All Cars Electric

At the Plugin 2010 Conference in San Jose, California, Carlos Tavares, Nissan's executive vice president and head of operations in America, told a packed audience A few hours after Chevrolet announced its pricing structure for the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, Nissan have responded with details of the warranty it will offer on its 2011 all-electric Leaf.

Welcome to Revenge of the Electric Car!

Revenge of the Electric Car

Once again there is incredible momentum and talent around the renaissance with electric cars, plugin hybrids, and electric transportation in general. Welcome to our blog and Chris Paine’s new film, “Revenge of the Electric Car.&# (slated for Spring, 2010)! Every week, we’ll be posting production stories, insider information, and late breaking news from the world of plug-in vehicles.

2008 109

Official: Fisker to Buy Former GM Plant in Delaware to Build Affordable Plug-in Cars

All Cars Electric

The plant will be used to support project NINA, the company's effort to build an affordable family oriented plugin car that will have a Fisker CEO and founder Henrik Fisker was joined by US Vice-President Joe Biden in a dormant former GM assembly plant in Wilmington Delaware to announce that the plant will be purchased by Fisker.