DOT to award up to $60M for advanced transportation and congestion management projects; V2X, ITS and mobility services

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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Highway Administration will award ( 693JJ317NF0001 ) up to $60 million to projects to develop model deployment sites for large scale installation and operation of advanced transportation technologies to improve safety, efficiency, system performance, and infrastructure return on investment. Advanced transportation management technologies. Advanced public transportation systems.

Final Transportation Bill: Electric-Car Fans Get Reasons To Rejoice

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Electric-car advocates can end the year on a high note, thanks to several provisions in the final Federal transportation bill approved earlier this month. The Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act (FAST Act) was signed by President Barack Obama on December 4. congress natural gas plug-in cars transportation policyIt authorizes funds for highway construction and maintenance and public.

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Kapsch TrafficCom acquires Schneider Electric Transportation Business

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Kapsch TrafficCom AG has acquired Schneider Electric’s Transportation Business. The company, formerly operating under Telvent Tráfico y Transporte, is a provider of real-time IT solutions and intelligent transportation systems complementary to those provided by Kapsch.

DOE: US petroleum production exceeding transportation consumption and will continue to do so through 2050

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According to the US Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2015 total petroleum production exceeded all US transportation sector petroleum consumption. The EIA expects petroleum production to be greater than transportation consumption through 2040.

TUM, partners to present electric aCar prototype at IAA; transport for sub-Saharan Africa

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The aCar is designed for passenger and cargo transportation and is also of interest for the European automotive market. The vehicle is primarily intended for transporting passengers and cargo, with a total load capacity of one ton.

Natural-Gas Vehicles To Get Electric-Car Tax Credit In Transportation Bill?

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As another Congressional session winds down, the two houses are working to pass a long-overdue transportation funding bill. And the natural-gas industry hopes certain provisions in the House's long-term transportation bill will survive the reconciliation process. Congress passed an interim funding bill last week, to keep transportation funding. Green NGV congress incentives natural gas natural gas vehicle transportation policy

ITF launches global initiative to decarbonize transport

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The International Transport Forum (ITF) at the OECD has launched a major global initiative towards carbon-free transport. Transport activity currently contributes 23% of global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels, with the share expected to rise. The long-term objective of the project is to define a commonly-acceptable pathway to achieve zero transport emissions by around 2050. It is now up to the transport sector to demonstrate how carbon-free mobility can be achieved.

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City of LA, Xerox introduce multi-modal transportation app for commuters

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Unlike other efforts to improve the daily commute, the Go LA app captures the full range of transportation options and computes the shortest, cheapest, and most sustainable way to get to your destination. Fewer people using public transport in LA despite increasing investment.

Technical brief: transportation overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO2 emissions

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A technical brief by Dr. John DeCicco at the University of Michigan Energy Institute shows that transportation is overtaking electricity generation as the largest source of US CO 2. CO 2 emissions from the transportation sector increased at an average rate of 1.8%

Volvo Group delivers recommendations on sustainable transport to UN Secretary-General

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Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt, in his role as co-chair of the High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport, submitted a report to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon containing ten recommendations on how sustainable transport can advance sustainable development. The report calls for increased international development funding, supportive legislation and incentives to promote new transport technologies.

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President Obama proposes 50% increase in spending on clean transportation, funded by $10/barrel tax on oil

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President Obama has laid out a plan for building a “21st Century Clean Transportation System”, the investment for which would be funded by a new $10 per barrel fee on oil paid by oil companies, which would be gradually phased in over five years. The President’s plan would increase US investments in clean transportation infrastructure by roughly 50%. a Resilient Transportation program to spur investments that bolster resilience to climate impacts.

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Transport for London launches first all-electric, long-range double-decker BYD buses into service

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Transport for London (TfL) has introduced the first long-range, battery-electric BYD Double-Decker buses into revenue service routes. BYD, the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, designed and developed the vehicles to Transport of London’s specifications.

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Port of Rotterdam exploring use of bio LNG in the transport sector

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The Port of Rotterdam Authority and the National LNG Platform will be starting a joint study that focuses on opportunities to develop LNG from renewable sources as a transport fuel in the port of Rotterdam—Europe’s largest sea port. Electric transport options are expected to form a major means to cut back CO₂ emissions in passenger transport in coming years. Business cases for the production, transport and transhipment of bio LNG in Rotterdam’s port area.

Emirates Transport to launch the first electric school bus in the UAE; air conditioner efficiency a point of focus

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Emirates Transport (ET), the UAE government owned public transport provider, recently launched the final phase of testing for the first electric-powered school bus in the region.

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Toyota and partners launching Cité lib by Ha:mo EV car sharing in Grenoble; ultracompact EVs complementing public transport

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Offering a new type of mobility based on ultra-compact electric vehicles, the service aims to complement Grenoble’s public transport network with a solution for short-trips—including one-way trips—that can be planned as part of overall city journeys.

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Welsh motorists facing ‘transport poverty’ debt

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A lack of public transport facilities in Wales is forcing half the country’s population into so-called ‘transport poverty’. According to sustainable transport charity, Sustrans, more than a million people in Wales would struggle to afford the cost of running a car, but a lack of alternatives is forcing many people to choose between getting into [.]. Green credentials Charity Sustrans transport UK Wales

Kawasaki Heavy and Shell to partner on technologies for transporting liquefied hydrogen by sea

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The Nikkei reports that Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Royal Dutch Shell will partner to develop technologies for transporting large volumes of liquefied hydrogen by sea. Kawasaki is also currently developing a small test vessel for the marine transportation of liquefied hydrogen.

US Senator introduces legislation to allow employers to provide pre-tax transportation benefits for EV drivers

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US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has introduced new legislation ( S.3450 ) to allow employers to give workers with electric cars access to the same pre-tax transportation benefits many workers receive for traditional forms of transportation like public transportation allowances, parking fees, and public transit passes. The bill has been endorsed by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA).

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APTA makes public transport use prediction

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The American Public Transportation Association is predicting that as petrol prices increase, Americans will turn to public transport in record numbers. APTA wants to see long term investment in public transportation as its analysis finds that if regular petrol prices reach $4 a gallon across the nation, an additional 670million passenger trips could be expected. [.].

Lux Research: transportation and stationary energy storage passing consumer electronics as largest energy storage markets by next year

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Although consumer electronics—devices such as smartphones and laptops—have traditionally driven the most demand for energy storage devices, transportation and stationary applications will soon become the largest energy storage markets, according to Lux Research.

Study finds autonomous vehicles may plausibly nearly double, or nearly halve, road transport GHGs depending on the scenario

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A study by a team from the University of Leeds (UK), University of Washington (USA) and Oak Ridge National Laboratory has found that vehicle automation might plausibly reduce road transport GHG emissions and energy use by nearly half—or nearly double them—depending on the scenario.

BMW will commission 400 i3 EVs in Copenhagen for DriveNow; collaboration with Arriva for public transport

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The all-electric car sharing fleet here will also interconnect with public transport via a collaboration with Arriva. The BMW i3 is the first automobile offering integrated “intermodal routing”—the incorporation of public transport services into the navigation system’s route guidance in the car. Following the successful introduction of the BMW i3 to the DriveNow car-sharing fleets in Germany, the UK and the USA, BMW will commission 400 BMW i3s in Copenhagen on 3 September.

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Volkswagen adds BlueMotion tech to Transporter range

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It is not just cars that are cutting emissions this morning, good ol’ vans are getting in on the action too, as Volkswagen extends its BlueMotion technology to the Transporter panel van, kombi and people carrier ranges. Volkswagen TransporterThe carmaker’s proven BlueMotion efficient diesel technology as featured on the Golf, Passat and other passenger cars, now [.].

US aiming to push intelligent transportation

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The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration wants to boost intelligent transportation systems – and is willing to back new concepts with significant funding. A Broad Agency Announcement has been issued with the aim of identifying contractors for ongoing innovative research on Intelligent Transport Systems applications that will improve environmental performance.

Transport is now biggest part of U.S. carbon emissions, first time in 40 years

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Transportation is a major contributor to carbon emissions, but historically it has not been the largest source. Transportation-related sources now account for the largest share of U.S. However, that has apparently changed. carbon emissions. DON'T MISS: How much do electric cars really pollute, even without tailpipes? Earlier this year. emissions Fuel Economy

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Fiat calls for your future transport ideas

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Fiat is calling on motoring enthusiasts to share their ideas for the future of sustainable transport as part of the ‘Our Future Mobility’ project created by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).


London transport operator Go-Ahead adds two Irizar electric i2e buses to fleet after successful operating results

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Based on the success of two Irizar 100% i2e electric buses that have been operating in London since June 2015, London’s largest transport operator, Go-Ahead, is incorporating the buses into its fleet and has signed an agreement with Irizar that includes service and maintenance.

Government adds £900,000 fund to support sustainable transport schemes

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An extra 900,000 will help support sustainable transport schemes across seven local authorities in England.

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Hawaii, utility offer $10,000 electric-car rebates; hope for carbon-free transport

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Islands can be excellent places to promote clean energy. Because they are typically disconnected from both mainland grid infrastructure and sources of fossil fuels, it is easier for alternative sources of energy to gain a foothold. In fact, the cost of importing coal or oil to fuel power plants or vehicles can make fossil fuels vastly more. incentives electric utilities plug-in cars Hawaii renewable energy

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Obama Proposes $10 Per Barrel Tax On Oil To Fund U.S. Transportation Needs

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Green Barack Obama Politics climate change congress highway funding obama transportation policyYou have to give the man credit for vision. president Barack Obama will propose a tax of $10 per barrel on oil in the 2017 budget he will submit to Congress next week. According to the White House, its goal is to create "a clear incentive for private-sector innovation to reduce our reliance on oil, and at the same time invests in clean energy.

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DOT issues final rule on transportation of flammable liquids by rail

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The US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued a final rule for the safe transportation of flammable liquids by rail. Provides new sampling and testing requirements to improve classification of energy products placed into transport.

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Are Electric Bicycles Catching Cars As Europe's Favored Transport?

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As far as methods of transport go, they''re second only to walking for inexpense. It shouldn''t come as a surprise to discover that there are more bicycles around than there are cars. They''re vastly cheaper for a start, and require no pesky tax, parking fees or indeed, fuel. More newsworthy is that the electrically-assisted bicycle, or e-bike, is

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GM employees take to bicycles for cleaner transport

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General Motors (GM) might be best know for its production of four-wheeled mode of transport, but it seems the car giant is also switched-on to pedal-power too.

Next clean-energy transport: a solar-powered electric railcar?

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electric solar Public transport TrainsTourist railroads are one of the unexpected pleasures of travel. Usually operating on trackage that railroads no longer need, they offer low-speed rides through scenic vistas, including locations that tourists often can't reach by car. But along with historic railcars on many lines come older engines, usually powered by diesel engines decades old.

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PwC: by 2030, the transport sector will require 138M fewer cars in Europe and US; vehicle stock in China to climb ~50%; traffic to be heavier

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Five trends are transforming the automotive industry, according to PWC: electrification, autonomy, sharing, connecting and yearly updating, a combination the consultancy is now labeling “eascy”.

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Transportation emissions slashed in USA

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per cent in 2008 with transportation related emissions decreasing by around 5.2 This represents the largest yearly decline in the transportation sector since 1990 - the next largest yearly decline since 1990 was in 1991 when the drop was 1.3 Transportation however, remains the largest emitter of the end-use sectors with motor gasoline accounting for 58.7 Global warming Green cars Latest news greenhouse gas emissions transportation emissions U.S.A

NEESC releases 2015 hydrogen & fuel cell development plans for eight Northeastern states; power generation and transportation

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The state-specific plans focus on hydrogen and fuel cell applications that are both technically and economically viable, and recommend specific goals for stationary and transportation hydrogen fuel cell deployment to meet economic, environmental, and energy needs. The Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster ( NEESC ), administered by Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc.

Study suggests policymakers need to move beyond alt fuels hype to decarbonize transport successfully

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They then make recommendations that governments can follow to move past hype to support significant AFV adoption and displace fossil fuel use in the transportation sector. Fossil fuels still account for 95% of US transport energy use.

2016 24

Navigant Research Leaderboard puts LG Chem as leader for Li-ion batteries for transportation

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—“Navigant Research Leaderboard Report: Lithium Ion Batteries for Transportation”.

2015 26

Study finds transport, residential heating main sources of black carbon in Russian Arctic

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According to a new international study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 38% of black carbon in the Russian Arctic originates from transport and 35% from residential heating sources, while open fires, power plants, and gas flaring are responsible for only 12%, 9%, and 6% respectively. This improved attribution highlights the more important role of residential heating and transport sources while lesser relevance of gas flaring at this far-East Siberian site.

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