2018 electric motorcycle buyers guide

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The variety of electric motorcycles on the market has increased dramatically in 2018, and we've seen some significant price drops by two competitive brands. Zero Motorcycles continues to. Harley-Davidson KTM electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Energica Alta MotorsBoth Alta Motors and Energica cut the prices of their bikes significantly, bringing them closer to being cost-competitive with their gas-powered counterparts.

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Autotalks joins Connected Motorcycle Consortium

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Autotalks , an Israel-based fabless semiconductor company devoted to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications ( earlier post ), has joined the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC). Some solutions will just transmit the location of motorcycles to warn the drivers—i.e.,

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Super Charger for Electric Motorcycles!

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charging for electric motorcycles like the Zero, using the j-plug we're all so familiar with. Oh, this is brilliant. Level 2.5 You can charge your Zero in about an hour! I *want* this for my LEAF, sigh

Zero Electric Motorcycle

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Interview with Brandon Nozaki Miller about his light, fast, Zero electric motorcycle

2017 electric motorcycle buyers guide

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Electric motorcycles have seen a year of growth and challenges, both reflected in the offerings for 2017. The demise of Victory motorcycles, however, seems to be the end of the. Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Polaris Energica EgoZero continues to push for its lineup to have more power, greater range, and lower prices, while new entries from Alta Motors and Energica expand available offerings.

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Electric Motorcycle Racing Fundraiser

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You can support the Electric Cowboy in his quest for a new landspeed record on his electric motorcycle! And get a handwritten thank you note, too:

2016 Electric Motorcycle Buyers Guide

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The electric motorcycle industry continues to mature as Zero Motorcycles leads the way with the highest sales and most models. Several established manufacturers gave us a glimpse of their plans for electric motorcycles, and an array of. Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles Brammo Empulse Zero Motorcycles Polaris Energica Ego YamahaZero added two new bikes to its lineup for 2016, and its prices have come down while performance has gone up.

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Alta Motors electric motorcycle: racing victories, test ride video

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Alta Motors has jumped out of the starting gate with an electric motorcycle designed for the race track. DON'T MISS: Is end of Victory Motorcycles the. youtube electric motorcycles

How I rode 4,000 miles on an electric motorcycle for $10

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Each summer I ride my electric motorcycle over 4,000 miles to show how easy it is. MORE: The 2017 Zero Electric Motorcycles lineup Of course it was easy in 2013 to ride 4,500 miles in 44 days, only going about. motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesExcept it wasn’t actually easy—until this year. What I mean by that is that it wasn’t easy and practical until this year.

Electric motorcycle news: Tacita Electric Cruiser, Energica, KTM, Alta, DigiNow fast charging

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New electric motorcycles have recently come onto the market, powered by new technologies in batteries, motors, and charging that make them more capable than their predecessors on a variety of fronts. Italian company Tacita sells several models of electric motorcycle, including street and off-road bikes, like many other electric motorcycle. charging electric motorcycles

Budget deal restores tax credits for EV charging stations, electric motorcycles, fuel-cell cars

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incentives tax credit plug-in cars hydrogen fuel cell electric motorcyclesFears that Congress would kill the federal tax credit for purchase of a plug-in electric car were laid to rest in December when that incentive survived the $1.5 billion tax-cut bill. Now Congress has added back a handful of other tax credits related to electric cars and greener transportation in the $400 billion budget bill it passed in the wee.

Harley Davidson to offer electric motorcycle within 18 months, says CEO

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Harley Davidson president and CEO Matt Levatitch said Tuesday an electric motorcycle “is an active project we’re preparing to bring to market in 18 months.” Harley-Davidson electric motorcycles” Clearly the its Livewire Project, shown in the U.S. in 2014 and Europe in 2015, gave Harley the positive feedback it needed to dedicate resources to developing an electric.

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Touring the four corners of the US on an electric motorcycle: trip report, lessons learned

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Riding long distances on an electric motorcycle has gotten significantly easier over the past three years. Each summer over that time, I've traveled 4,500 miles or more on a Zero electric motorcycle. road trips electric motorcyclesAnd in that short time, the available charging systems have gotten faster to such a degree that we are getting close to parity with our.

Harley-Davidson invests in Alta Motors; companies will collaborate on future electric motorcycle product development

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has made an equity investment in Alta Motors , a leader and innovator in lightweight electric vehicles; the two companies will collaborate on electric motorcycle technology and new product development. That motorcycle is on track for release in 2019. Harley-Davidson, Inc.

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End of Victory Motorcycles is end of Empulse electric bike too

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The Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle has long been the “other” mainstream electric motorcycle—but its days now appear to be officially numbered. Polaris Industries bought the electric motorcycle business assets of Brammo in January 2015, and added the Empulse to its Victory lineup. brammo electric motorcycles Brammo Empulse Polaris

Why motorcycles may not be greener than cars: missing emission gear

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Motorcycles weigh significantly less than cars, and generally have smaller engines. DON'T MISS: Electric motorcycles return to Pikes Peak to race. emissions motorcycles Fuel Economy electric motorcyclesWhen looking for green transportation, does it make sense to opt for two wheels instead of four? That means they use less fuel than the typical car, and they also require fewer raw materials to make.

San Francisco to LA on one charge? Lightning Motorcycles to give it a go

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Lightning Motorcycles is known for pushing the boundaries of electric motorcycles. In 2013, it set the record for the fastest production electric motorcycle, at an adrenaline-pumping 218 mph. road trips electric motorcyclesNow Lightning CEO Richard Hatfield has plans to make a prototype bike that can travel 400 miles on a single charge, which would be a remarkable feat for an.

Electric Motorcycle Ride From Mexico To Canada: My Summer Road Trip

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As electric cars and motorcycles gain popularity, more and more people can venture farther afield thanks to expanded recharging options. motorcycles road trips plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesSummertime is upon us: barbecues, beaches. and electric-vehicle road trips! Cross-country road trips in Tesla Model S sedans are now commonplace, courtesy of Tesla's Supercharger network. DON'T MISS: Electric.

Electric Motorcycle Tour: Three Countries, 6,800 Miles, 22 Days

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Every summer since 2013, I have taken a long-distance road trip on an electric motorcycle, each time traveling a greater distance. DON'T MISS: Electric Motorcycle Ride From. road trips electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesTraveling by electric vehicles has come a long way in the past three years. This summer I set my sights on riding a Zero SR from my home in New Jersey to Mexico and Canada.

Zero Electric Motorcycles Cuts Prices, Sells To Police, Gets Big Grant Too

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While its competitor Brammo sold itself to Polaris, the electric-motorcycle maker Zero continues to follow its own path. Each year it has significantly improved the performance of its line of motorcycles. And, Zero Motorcycles has attracted high-level executives from within the motorcycle and automotive industries. police California electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles

2016 Victory Empulse: Electric Motorcycle Returns With New Name (Video)

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Fresh off a strong showing at the Isle of Man TT electric motorcycle race, Victory Motorcycles has announced the 2016 Victory Empulse TT. This is the first foray into electric bikes by an established motorcycle manufacturer, which is exciting--and demonstrates the company is serious about producing electric motorcycles. Green Brammo Empulse Polaris brammo electric motorcycles

Long-distance rides on electric motorcycles: here's how they do it

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Lately there have been more and more stories of people riding electric motorcycles long distances. As one of the few people who have gone on a 1,000-plus-mile ride on an electric motorcycle, I wanted to find out who else had joined this select group of adventurers. electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesIt turns out that more than a handful of people have taken on this challenge and.

2016 Zero Electric Motorcycles: 2 New Bikes, Faster Charging, New Motor Design

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The 2016 lineup of electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles features two new models, faster charging, extended range on all models and a new motor that won’t overheat. electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesWith continual effort form its R&D department, the entire lineup goes farther, and the company's sportiest bikes go faster for longer without the overheating issues.

To the four corners of the USA on an electric motorcycle

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Those points are where I intend to ride my 2014 Zero SR electric motorcycle this summer. road trips electric motorcycles Zero MotorcyclesSeattle, Los Angeles, Florida, and Maine: the four corners of the continental U.S. The summer road trip is a great tradition, and every year, electric vehicles shape up to be more road-trip-worthy than before. DON'T MISS: 'Kick Gas' Movie: Driving Across U.S.

Energica Electric Motorcycle Vies For Wave Trophy, Makes Waves

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Italian electric motorcycle company Energica appears to be ready to deliver its electric superbike in the coming months. The company just announced that its bikes have now entered production, and that it expects to make the first deliveries of the electric motorcycle by the end of this month. DON'T MISS: Electric Motorcycle Ride From Mexico To. electric motorcycles Energica Ego

Autotalks launches bike-to-vehicle (B2V) technology to prevent motorcycle accidents

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Israel-based Autotalks, a provider of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, is launching its bike-to-vehicle (B2V) solution, a technology for the prevention of motorcycle accidents. Light-weight and small size are critical for motorcycle integration.

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KillaJoule: Electric Motorcycle Racing

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KillaJoule is the Killacycle racing team's salute to pure speed at 218 mph.! Interview with Eva Hakannson

Energica Electric Motorcycle road trip uses only DC fast-charging

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Italian superbike company Energica has come out with a second model, the Eva, and shown that electric motorcycle road trips are possible—even easy—with DC fast charging. Fast Charging electric motorcycles DC Rapid Charging EnergicaOn May 16th, actor and U.S. Air Force veteran Bill Levasseur rode an Energica Eva from Los Angeles to San Francisco, recharging only at CCS fast-charging stations.

BMW Gives a Glimpse of Its Electric Supersport Motorcycle

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BMW just demonstrated its commitment to electric-powered vehicles by announcing an experimental Supersport electric motorcycle based on its S1000RR. electric motorcyclesThe experimental vehicle is called the BMW eRR for electric racing replica and it was made in conjunction with the Technical University of Munich. The eRR shares the body styling of the aggressive.

Electric Motorcycle Conversion

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How do you convert a motorcycle to electric? I'm looking to build an electric street cruiser. Not a moped, I mean a real tire smoking

Energica Eva: test ride of electric motorcycle with DC fast charging (video)

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The evolving electric motorcycle industry continues to expand and impress, including the latest addition to the Energica lineup, the company's Eva model. plug-in cars Fast Charging electric motorcycles DC Rapid ChargingThe Italian company first impressed me with a test ride on the Energica Ego, and now I've had a chance to sling a leg over the Eva and see how they compare. My test ride of the Ego involved a.

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Honda reaches 300-million mark in cumulative global motorcycle production

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Honda Motor’s cumulative worldwide motorcycle production reached the 300 million-unit milestone in September 2014. The 300 million-unit milestone was reached in the 66 th year since Honda began motorcycle production in 1949 with the Dream Type D.

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Airbus APWorks unveils 3D-printed electric motorcycle; 35kg total, 6kg bionic structure frame

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APWorks, a 100% subsidiary of Airbus Group, has unveiled the first 3D-printed motorcycle. Dubbed the Light Rider, the motorcycle is made using APWorks’ Scalmalloy material, and weighs only 35 kg (77 lbs).

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Electric Motorcycle Maker Mission Motors Runs Out Of Juice

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Mission Motors, a small company that generated a lot of excitement for its incredible electric motorcycle prototype, has just filed for bankruptcy. Green Mission Motors electric motorcyclesThe company developed an electric superbike that could go up to 150 mph and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3 seconds, but it never managed to put the bike into production. DON'T MISS: 2016 Zero.

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AC Motors and Electric Motorcycles

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Where is the best place to buy the parts to build an AC electric motorcycle? and I do mean a motorcycle - a street cruiser type not a scooter. Hi, Rick

Solar powered Lightning Motorcycles sets electric motorcycle land speed record

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El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, California (November 16, 2012) - Lightning Motorcycles has set another electric motorcycle land speed record. The 189 miles/hr record on the 1.3 mile course at El Mirage is enough to let Lightning claim

Guest post: Honda Introduces the EV-Cub; two-wheel-drive electric motorcycle

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And that’s exactly what the company has been focusing on lately in the world of motorcycles. Honda has been making and selling a motorcycle called the Cub for decades. While technically a motorcycle, it kind of resembles a cross between a motorcycle and a scooter.

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2016 Isle of Man TT Zero Race: Electric Motorcycles Pushing the Boundaries

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The Isle of Man TT Zero race is one of the annual highlights of electric motorcycle racing, conducted on a 37.7-mile loop on the public roads on the Isle of Man, in Britain's Channel Islands. Mugen electric motorcyclesThis is where companies test their latest technology on one of the toughest race courses in the world. Over the past few years, some major manufacturers as.

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Harley Davidson Reveals LiveWire Electric Motorcycle: Video

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Harley Davidson, the brand behind those often obnoxiously loud V-twin motorcycles favored by bikers, has built an electric motorcycle. No, the sky is not falling.

Electric Motorcycle Crash Fundraiser - Nikki's Video!

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It's been a few weeks since Nathan Abbot crashed his electric motorcycle during a cross country ride - you can read all about it in this Wired magazine article. Nathan is now in a Portland hospital recovering from his (severe) injuries, and he and his family need our help this holiday season! Please click on the link below and donate whatever you can until Dec. 31; I know they will really appreciate it