Sandia innovation eliminates reliance on rare-earth magnets for large-scale wind turbines

Green Car Congress

Motivated by the need to eliminate expensive rare-earth magnets in utility-scale direct-drive wind turbines, Sandia National Laboratories researchers have developed a fundamentally new type of rotary electrical contact. This had the potential to block growth of the wind industry.

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California Energy Commission adopts offshore wind goals: 5GW by 2030, 25 GW by 2045

Green Car Congress

The California Energy Commission (CEC) adopted a report establishing offshore wind goals and moving the state one step closer to development of the clean energy resource off California’s coast. 2022) “Potential Impacts of Floating Wind Turbine Technology for Marine Species and Habitats.”

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First Very Large Crude Carrier with wind-assisted propulsion delivered in China

Green Car Congress

DSIC) has delivered the wind-assisted Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) New Aden to China Merchant Energy Shipping Co., Market Background Ports and Marine WindDalian Shipbuilding Industry Co.

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Mercedes-Benz plans wind farm at Papenburg test track to cover more than 15% of Group’s electricity needs in Germany

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz plans to build a wind farm at its test track in Papenburg, northern Germany, with an output of more than 100 MW to cover up to more than 15% of the annual electricity demand of Mercedes-Benz Group AG in Germany.

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German Agency for Disruptive Innovation supporting development of high-altitude on-shore wind turbines

Green Car Congress

Among the projects being funded by the German Agency for Disruptive Innovation ( SPRIND ) is an effort by Horst Bendix to develop a high-altitude, on-shore wind turbine. Market Background Power Generation Wind

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Nacero awards 20-year wind power purchase agreement to NextEra for natural gas-to-gasoline plant in Texas

Green Car Congress

The agreement calls for NextEra Energy Resources’ Texas wind power operations to provide Nacero with nearly 20 billion kilowatt-hours of green electricity over 20 years starting in 2025. Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Fuels Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Wind

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Liquid Wind to partner with Sundsvall Energi on second electrofuel facility; eMethanol for shipping

Green Car Congress

Sundsvall Energi will partner with Liquid Wind to be the host and provide carbon dioxide for the second commercial-scale—100,000 t—electrofuel facility in Sweden. —Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind.

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Honda opens new $124M wind tunnel in Ohio

Green Car Congress

Honda opened its new $124-million wind tunnel facility in Ohio, ushering in a new era of development testing capabilities for Honda and Acura products, as well as the company’s race vehicles. HALO Wind Tunnel Main Fan. Wind Tunnel Fact Sheet. Max Wind Speed.

Ohio 304

Canada and Germany strike green hydrogen wind farm deal

Innovation News Network

Canada and Germany will sign a deal on August 23 that will see the nations collaborate on a green hydrogen wind farm project led by World Energy GH2. The post Canada and Germany strike green hydrogen wind farm deal appeared first on Innovation News Network.

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Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy investing €120M over 5 years to develop fully integrated offshore wind-to-hydrogen system

Green Car Congress

Siemens Gamesa and Siemens Energy are joining forces to develop an innovative solution that fully integrates an electrolyzer into an offshore wind turbine as a single synchronized system to produce green hydrogen directly. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Power Generation Power-to-Gas Wind

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Klimatklivet awards Liquid Wind €15M toward production of eMethanol

Green Car Congress

Swedish Climate Leap, “Klimatklivet”, is investing €15 million in power-to-fuel Liquid Wind’s facility, FlagshipONE, producing eMethanol. Earlier post.).

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W2Power: Achieving successful offshore wind power deployment worldwide

Innovation News Network

Findd out more about Enerocean’s W2Power floating wind power solution, which is set to be deployed across the globe by 2030. The post W2Power: Achieving successful offshore wind power deployment worldwide appeared first on Innovation News Network.

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bp and EnBW successful in ScotWind offshore wind bid; potential generating capacity of 2.9GW, up to £10B of investment

Green Car Congress

bp and EnBW have been awarded a lease option off the east coast of Scotland to develop a major offshore wind project to be known as Morven. The E1 lease is in an advantaged area, allowing the partners to develop it as a fixed-bottom offshore wind project with a total generating capacity of around 2.9 Along with the offshore wind development, these investments include significant expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Scotland and green hydrogen production.

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bp & Ørsted to produce green H2 at Lingen refinery; industrial-scale electrolyzer powered by offshore wind

Green Car Congress

wind farm in the North Sea and the hydrogen produced will be used in the refinery.?. —Martin Neubert, executive vice president and CEO of offshore wind, Ørsted. ??. Fuels Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Power Generation Wind

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Siemens Gamesa launches recyclable onshore wind turbine blades


After getting the world’s first offshore wind turbine with recyclable blades up and spinning in August , Siemens Gamesa has just launched its RecyclableBlade for onshore wind power projects.

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RWE and ArcelorMittal intend to build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities for low-emissions steelmaking

Green Car Congress

Energy company RWE and steel producer ArcelorMittal have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to develop, build and operate offshore wind farms and hydrogen facilities that will supply the renewable energy and green hydrogen required to produce low-emissions steel in Germany.

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Gigastack renewable hydrogen from offshore wind project advances to next phase; 100MW electrolyzer system

Green Car Congress

The Gigastack project, led by ITM Power, Ørsted, Phillips 66 Limited and Element Energy, will show how renewable hydrogen derived from offshore wind can support the UK’s 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emission target. We’ve seen this happen in offshore wind. The UK has awarded £7.5

2020 318

Shearwater Energy developing SMR wind-hybrid energy project; selects NuScale Power

Green Car Congress

a United Kingdom-based hybrid clean energy company, is developing a wind-SMR (Small Modular Reactor) and hydrogen production hybrid energy project in North Wales. Under the MOU, Shearwater and NuScale will generally explore opportunities for the combined generation of nuclear power based on NuScale’s SMR technology, offshore wind energy and hydrogen production at sites in the UK, with a flagship opportunity being explored at Wylfa on Anglesey. Shearwater Energy Ltd.,

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MOL joins “Wind Hunter Project” for combination of sails and fuel cells on ships

Green Car Congress

MOL) has joined a wide-ranging corporate-academic partnership in a zero-emission initiative called the “Wind Hunter Project,” seeking new applications for hydrogen fuel and wind power. MOL is currently working on the “Wind Challenger Project” to develop sailing technology.

2020 228

Jumbo completes transportation part of its largest job: T&I for Yunlin offshore wind

Green Car Congress

Representing a significant milestone in the largest job in its history, Jumbo has completed the transportation element of its Transport & Installation contract for the Yunlin offshore wind farm in Taiwan. The transport of the offshore wind substructures is now completed.

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Japan’s first offshore wind farm installs its first turbine


Danish wind turbine maker Vestas has installed the first wind turbine at Japan’s Akita Noshiro offshore wind farm. megawatt (MW) wind turbines. The post Japan’s first offshore wind farm installs its first turbine appeared first on Electrek.

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Lightyear 0 is the most aerodynamic production car in the world, wind-tunnel testing verifies

Green Car Reports

Wind-tunnel testing has proven that the Lightyear 0 is the most aerodynamic production car in the world, Lightyear claims.

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Could wind-and-solar towers charge EVs, stabilize the grid?

Green Car Reports

Wind and solar-powered charging could further lower the environmental impact of electric cars; but one New York-based company wants to combine them in one electricity-generating device that could be used for EV charging stations or wherever grid-buffering might help keep blackouts at bay.

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Cargill and BAR Technologies bringing wind propulsion to bulk cargo ships

Green Car Congress

Cargill and BAR Technologies have embarked on a strategic project with naval architect Deltamarin to bring cutting edge wind propulsion technology to commercial shipping. The project will see BAR Technology’s WindWings—large, solid wing sails that measure up to 45 meters in height—fitted to the deck of bulk cargo ships to harness the power of the wind and reduce CO 2 emissions by as much as 30%. Emissions Fuel Efficiency Ports and Marine Wind

2020 253

France’s first offshore wind farm now has its first wind turbine


GE Renewable Energy announced yesterday on Twitter that the first GE Haliade 150-6 megawatt (MW) wind turbine has now been installed at St. Nazaire, France’s first offshore wind farm.

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EDP, TechnipFMC and partners to develop a concept study for green hydrogen production from offshore wind: BEHYOND

Green Car Congress

coordinator and the entity responsible for the implementation of several phases: the strategic evaluation of the offshore wind-to-hydrogen market; the definition of viable business cases; and the technology roadmap to reach commercial maturity. Emissions Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Wind

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Could offshore wind sites host edible seaweed farms? The Swedes think so


Stockholm-headquartered renewable energy developer OX2 has signed letters of intent with Swedish edible seaweed companies Nordic SeaFarm and KOBB to explore the possibility of seaweed farming at one of OX2’s offshore wind farms. The post Could offshore wind sites host edible seaweed farms?

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This two-bladed offshore wind turbine can withstand hurricanes


Eleven US East Coast states have already committed to procuring nearly 40 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind power. But increasingly powerful Atlantic hurricanes will be a threat to those future offshore wind farms.

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Two large-scale offshore wind farms to be constructed in Finland

Innovation News Network

The Finnish Government has granted permits to lease its seabed to develop two large-scale offshore wind farms. Finland intends to be carbon neutral by 2035 and has built a considerable amount of onshore wind in the past ten years. Wind power is now […].

Liquid Wind selects Worley to design first eMethanol plant

Green Car Congress

The Liquid Wind consortium in Sweden has selected Worley to provide basic engineering services for one of the world’s first commercial-scale eMethanol facilities.

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Construction officially starts on the largest wind farm in Australia


Construction has started on the 1,026-megawatt (MW) MacIntyre Wind Precinct , the largest wind farm to ever be built in Australia. It’s also one of the largest wind farms in the southern hemisphere.

Mercedes-Benz to source CO2-free electricity in Germany from solar, wind and hydropower from 2022 onwards

Green Car Congress

The CO 2 -free electricity from solar, wind and hydro sources is generated in various power plants, most of which are located in Germany. These include a part of a solar park with the size of 60 football pitches near Ingolstadt and 24 wind farms with a total of more than 200 wind turbines.

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Successful demonstration of FlexMethanol conversion of wind power to methanol

Green Car Congress

In Germany, BSE Engineering and the Institute for Renewable Energy Systems at Stralsund University of Applied Sciences (IRES) have demonstrated the conversion of wind power into renewable methanol.

2020 304

BASF and RWE proposing 2GW offshore wind farm for green electricity and hydrogen for chemical industry

Green Car Congress

The 2GW wind farm will produce around 7,500 GWh of green electricity per year This would be in addition to the planned 20 GW by 2030 in existing legislation. RWE will develop, build and operate the wind park. No public subsidies would be needed for the construction of the wind farm.

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Powering Municipal Aggregation with Offshore Wind

Green Energy Consumers

Last week, with a resounding vote of 144-12, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed the Offshore Wind and Clean Ener g y bill. We are especially thrilled because we worked hard to get provisions introduced that would help municipal aggregations access offshore wind.

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Harvard team finds large-scale US wind power would cause warming that would take roughly a century to offset

Green Car Congress

Extracting energy from the wind causes climatic impacts that are small compared to current projections of 21 st century warming, but large compared to the effect of reducing US electricity emissions to zero with solar. In the journal Joule , Harvard researchers report the most accurate modelling yet of how increasing wind power would affect climate. They find that large-scale wind power generation would warm the Continental United States 0.24 Lifecycle analysis Wind

2018 261

Shine, A Portable Wind Turbine For Adventurers, Launches On Kickstarter

EV Obssesion

Courtesy of Aurea Technologies Recharge your electronics with the turbine that puts wind power in your backpack. The post Shine, A Portable Wind Turbine For Adventurers, Launches On Kickstarter appeared first on EV Obsession.

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Enviva and MOL to develop sail-powered bulk carrier to cut GHG emissions in biomass supply chain; Wind Challenger hard sail

Green Car Congress

This will include the “Wind Challenger”, a cargo ship design with a hard sail, which would reduce emissions by harnessing wind energy. MOL has been jointly studying the wind technology with cross-industrial partners. The first Wind Challenger is scheduled to be released in 2022.

Wind 213

Tesla Solar Roof withstands 155 mph winds, Powerwall survives hours-long underwater ordeal


As shared by the roofing company on its Twitter account, Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles managed to stand up to Hurricane Ian’s 155 mph winds and 10-foot storm surge. TeslaSolar roof stood up to #HurricaneIan with 155mph winds and a 10’ storm surge!

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Mercedes-Benz Cars plants to source electricity from German wind farms

Green Car Congress

Mercedes-Benz Cars has entered into a power purchase agreement with Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy, enabling Mercedes-Benz Cars to source electricity directly from wind farms in Germany, whose subsidies from the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) expire after 2020. Norwegian energy provider Statkraft supplies the renewable energy from six community-owned wind farms. Thus far, the EEG guaranteed the wind farm operators a fixed subsidized rate for the electricity.

2018 241

Fraunhofer researchers develop technique to produce aluminum windings for motors

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Fraunhofer IFAM have developed a casting technique that can be used to produce lightweight aluminum windings with a higher groove fill factor to replace copper windings in electric motors. In one study, they found that the aluminum coils increase the continuous output of the electrical machines compared to the copper windings, reduce the operating temperature and at the same time save weight and raw material costs.

2019 280

Maryland’s Skipjack Wind 1 offshore wind farm leaps forward with a $20M facility


Ørsted’s Skipjack Wind 1 will be a 120-megawatt (MW) offshore wind farm in Maryland that will power 40,000 homes once it goes live in the second half of 2026.

Liquid Wind raises €4M in equity to produce eFuel

Green Car Congress

Liquid Wind has closed its Series A funding round, securing €4M in equity investment. The investment will be used for the development of Liquid Wind’s first eMethanol production facility, and support plans for further facilities. A Power-to-Fuel company, Liquid Wind will develop and finance facilities to produce carbon-neutral liquid fuel, eMethanol. Liquid Wind is currently developing its first eMethanol facility, which will be located in Örnsköldsvik, in north-east Sweden.

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