HydroWing, Tocardo partner on production of hydrogen from tidal power

Green Car Congress

HydroWing, in partnership with Tocardo, introduced the THyPSO (Tidal Hydrogen production, Storage and Offtake), a concept that creates green hydrogen from the sea, contributing to the wider global decarbonization of energy systems.

2020 143

Evonik develops novel anion exchange membrane for electrolytic production of hydrogen; CHANNEL project

Green Car Congress

Evonik has now developed a novel anion exchange membrane (AEM), which should contribute to the breakthrough of electrolytic production of hydrogen. CHANNEL stands for Cost-efficient Hydrogen production unit based on ANionN exchange membrane Electrolysis.

2020 113

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SGH2 building largest green hydrogen production facility in California; gasification of waste into H2

Green Car Congress

Energy company SGH2 is bringing the world’s biggest green hydrogen production facility to Lancaster, California. The City of Lancaster will host and co-own the green hydrogen production facility, according to a recent memorandum of understanding.

2020 142

Researchers team up algae and bacteria to boost hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

A team from the University of Cordoba in Spain and the University of Tehran in Iran has been searching for ways to increase hydrogen production by using microorganisms, specifically microalgae and bacteria. Algal Fuels Biotech Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2019 153

Chinese researchers develop new alloy for on-board hydrogen production for fuel cells

Green Car Congress

In their study, the Ga-In-Sn-Bi alloy-activated Al-H 2 O reaction was demonstrated to be rate-stable with a hydrogen productivity of 92% and therefore superior to similar reactions activated by Ga-In and Ga-In-Sn alloys, the authors said. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2020 151

Integrating nanomaterial with light-absorbing molecule powers hydrogen production from water and sunlight

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Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuelsScientists at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) have developed a hybrid material constructed from a metal oxide nanosheet and a light-absorbing molecule for splitting water molecules (H 2 O) to obtain hydrogen (H 2 ) under sunlight.

2020 110

thyssenkrupp’s water electrolysis technology qualified as primary control reserve in Germany; hydrogen production for the electricity market

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thyssenkrupp’s proprietary water electrolysis technology for the production of. It was shown that thyssenkrupp’s electrolyzers can increase and decrease their production at the speed required to participate in the premium primary reserve market. Water electrolysis produces green hydrogen that can be stored for hours, days or months, converted back into electricity or used as a clean, CO 2 -free starting material in the mobility sector or for the production of sustainable chemicals.

2020 79

Duke researchers boost electrolyzer productivity with microfibrous flow-through electrode; 12.5- to 50-times greater than conventional

Green Car Congress

Ben Wiley, a professor of chemistry at Duke University and his team are investigating how nano- and microstructured porous electrodes can improve the productivity of hydrogen generation in a zero-gap, flow-through alkaline water electrolyzer. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2020 103

UK awards £28M for 5 demonstration-phase low-carbon hydrogen production projects

Green Car Congress

million) to five demonstration phase projects for low-carbon hydrogen production. The project concerns the production of hydrogen at scale from offshore floating wind in deep water locations. The company will also develop further plans for large scale production of electrolyzers.

2020 126

Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field (FH2R) completed in Japan; aiming for low-cost green hydrogen production; P2G

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Renewable energy output is subject to large fluctuations, so FH2R will adjust to supply and demand in the power grid in order to maximize utilization of this energy while establishing low-cost, Green hydrogen production technology.

2020 144

Kobe team develops method for highly efficient hydrogen production using sunlight, water and hematite

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Gas production from the anode. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2020 113

SunHydrogen extends research agreement with University of Iowa; development of Gen 2 multi-junction nanoparticles for hydrogen production

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The current extension will allow the company to increase focus on its more efficient GEN 2 hydrogen production technology which is intended to reduce the cost of producing renewable hydrogen significantly. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2020 83

Researchers design nanoparticles for cost-effective hydrogen production process

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Catalysts Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2019 143

Ontario researchers develop new water plasmolysis method for production of hydrogen

Green Car Congress

A) An experimental setup for full microwave hydrogen production and (b) Schematic of the plasma reactor placed inside the microwave. Hydrogen production has become the center of attention for carbon-free solution, and more attention has been given to clean methods of hydrogen production.

2020 124

Graz researchers develop cost-effective chemical looping process for decentralized production of high-purity hydrogen

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Hydrogen researchers at Graz University of Technology (Austria), together with the Graz-based start-up Rouge H2 Engineering , have developed a cost-effective process for the decentralized production of high-purity hydrogen using chemical looping.

2020 91

Japan team evaluates battery-assisted low-cost hydrogen production from solar energy

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Japan’s NIMS (National Institute for Materials Science), the University of Tokyo and Hiroshima University have jointly conducted a techno-economic analysis for hydrogen production from photovoltaic power generation (PV) utilizing a battery-assisted electrolyzer.

2019 164

New low-cost and high-performance multinary intermetallic compound as active electrocatalyst for hydrogen production

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The new electrocatalyst can be produced at large scale and low cost, providing a new paradigm in a wide application of hydrogen production by electrochemical reaction in future. Their high costs and scarcity hinder the development and applications of this hydrogen production method.

2020 83

NTNU researchers use reverse electrodialysis and waste heat for hydrogen production: Heat to H2

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This work presents an integrated hydrogen production system using reverse electrodialysis (RED) and waste heat, termed Heat to H 2. The modelled hydrogen production per cross-section area from RED using concentrations relevant for the precipitation process is 0.014 ± 0.009 m 3 h -1 (1.1 ± 0.7

2019 127

UNIST team develops novel hydrogen production process using biomass oxidation instead of water oxidation as electron source

Green Car Congress

Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have developed a novel process for the production of hydrogen using various types of biomass, including lignin, as an efficient alternative to water oxidation as an electron source. Biomass Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2020 123

Israeli team develops decoupled PEC water-splitting system for centralized production of H2

Green Car Congress

Researchers in Israel have designed a separate-cell photoelectrochemical (PEC) water-splitting system with decoupled hydrogen and oxygen cells for centralized hydrogen production. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Solar Solar fuels

2020 120

UN report highlights urgent need to tackle impact of EV battery production boom

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For example, two-thirds of all cobalt production happens in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

2020 171

Ways2H partners with Ford, Bacon & Davis to build waste-to-H2 production facilities for clean fuel in US markets

Green Car Congress

The two companies plan to build the first US modular thermochemical waste-to-hydrogen production facility in California in the fourth quarter of 2020, with a pipeline of additional projects to follow in 2021. The first California waste-to-hydrogen production unit will be transportable, sized to fit in three 20-foot containers, process 1 ton of waste per day and produce 40 to 50 kilograms of hydrogen per day. Gasification Hydrogen Hydrogen Production RecyclingWays2H Inc.,

2020 74

TU Dresden chemists develop noble metal aerogels for electrochemical hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

These findings largely span the application territory of NMAs for fuel cells, green hydrogen production and many more. Catalysts Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2020 93

Baker Institute team explores hydrogen production via methane pyrolysis with co-generation and sale of carbon products

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Hydrogen as a zero-carbon energy carrier has the potential to transform fundamentally the global energy landscape—but the production must benefit the environment, according to experts at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy. Hydrogen can be produced from several diverse and geographically dispersed resources, and its utility cuts across multiple sectors including metals refining, fuels upgrading, and ammonia production.

2020 64

Danish team electrifies steam-methane reforming for greener approach to hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

we don’t have to increase the production prices. Preliminary estimates indicate that a resistance-heated reformer would be on par with current fired reformers in regions with a high production of renewable electricity. Emissions Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2019 129

Nikola Badger electric pickup: Arriving in 2022, production partner TBA

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The production-bound Nikola Badger fuel-cell-supplemented electric pickup truck hasn't yet been shown, and there's been no production plan yet announced.

2020 97

HyPER project using sorbent-enhanced steam reforming for low-carbon production of H2 from natural gas

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An international collaboration led by Cranfield University will examine the potential for the low-carbon production of hydrogen from natural gas. The HyPER project (Bulk Hydrogen Production by Sorbent Enhanced Steam Reforming) will construct a 1.5

2020 83

Mathematically-designed graphene has improved electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

Graphene Hydrogen ProductionAn international research group has improved graphene’s ability to catalyze the hydrogen evolution reaction, which releases hydrogen as a result of passing an electronic current through water. They designed a mathematically-predicted graphene electrocatalyst, and confirmed its performance using high resolution electrochemical microscopy and computational modelling. The findings were published in an open access paper in the journal Advanced Science.

2019 96

GM boosting face mask production; sharing mask manufacturing plans

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Based on the number of requests for face masks for frontline workers, GM is increasing its production capacity for face masks at its Warren, Michigan facility. For GM’s face-mask production, the company built a mask line that automatically folds, welds, and cuts face masks.

2020 130

KIT and Wintershall Dea collaborating to develop industrial-scale methane pyrolysis for CO2-free production of hydrogen

Green Car Congress

Wetzel (2016) “Hydrogen production via methane pyrolysis in a liquid metal bubble column reactor with a packed bed,” Chemical Engineering Journal , Volume 299, Pages 192-200 doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2016.04.066. Emissions Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Natural Gas

2019 98

Mercedes-Benz gradually increasing battery production in Kamenz plant

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Local battery production is an important success factor for Mercedes-Benz AG’s electric offensive and the key element to meet the global demand for electrified vehicles flexibly and efficiently. Battery production at Mercedes-Benz subsidiary Accumotive in Kamenz.

2020 106

Polestar taking production orders for Polestar 2 electric fastback

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Polestar, the electric performance car brand jointly owned by Volvo Car Group and its parent Zhejiang Geely Holding, is open to take production orders for the Polestar 2 electric fastback.

2020 106

Hyosung and Linde Group to build world’s largest liquid hydrogen production facility in Korea

Green Car Congress

Hyosung and the Linde Group, a leading global provider of industrial gases, will invest 300 billion won (US$246 million) until 2022 in a joint enterprise of creating a value chain that covers everything about the setup and operation of liquid hydrogen production, transport and recharging facilities. Its annual capacity of production is 13,000 tons of liquid hydrogen—enough to fuel 100,000 sedans. Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Market Background

2020 69

ARPA-E awarding ~$14.4M to four projects for production of hydrogen and carbon products from methane

Green Car Congress

The team will convert natural gas into carbon nanotubes with concurrent production of hydrogen, spin them into fibers, and evaluate the fiber performance and properties with the target of displacing metals. The proposed technology could significantly reduce energy consumption and CO 2 emissions associated with metal production, while producing hydrogen. High Value, Energy Saving Carbon Products and Clean Hydrogen Gas from Methane, $3,479,624.

2018 77

Lehigh team uses single-enzyme biomineralization process to create photocatalyst for H2 production

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The generated hydrogen could serve as both a transportation fuel and a critical chemical feedstock for fertilizer and chemical production. Our water-based process represents a scalable green route for the production of this promising photocatalyst technology.

2019 101

Korea Gas Corporation to invest $4B in hydrogen production and distribution by 2030

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Hydrogen Hydrogen Production Other AsiaKorea Gas Corp. KOGAS), the state-run natural gas supplier and a major global importer of LNG, plans to spend 4.7 trillion won (US$4.01 billion) to build hydrogen-producing facilities by 2030. Under the plan, KOGAS will construct 25 hydrogen-producing facilities and pipelines totaling 700 kilometers to transport the gas. By 2030, KOGAS expects to supply 1.73 million tons of hydrogen annually. KOGAS said demand for hydrogen in South Korea will reach 1.94

2019 109

BMW Group opens Competence Center for E-Drive Production in Dingolfing and expands manufacturing capacity

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has opened the Competence Center for E-Drive Production at its largest European manufacturing location in Dingolfing. Production of the highly integrated BMW e-drive—final assembly. The BMW Group has a highly flexible production network for electric drivetrains.

2020 101

Largest pilot plant for CO2-neutral production of hydrogen begins operation at voestalpine site in Linz

Green Car Congress

What is currently the world’s largest pilot plant for the CO 2 -neutral production of hydrogen has successfully commenced operation at the voestalpine site in Linz, simultaneously setting an international milestone in the advancement of new energy supply options.

2019 83

New system for more efficient CO2 electrolysis to hydrocarbon products

Green Car Congress

The electrode architecture enables production of two-carbon products such as ethylene and ethanol at current densities just over an ampere per square centimeter. 2020) “CO2 electrolysis to multicarbon products at activities greater than 1 A cm -2.”

2020 133

Daimler Truck AG pushing forward with series production of fuel cells

Green Car Congress

Daimler Truck AG is pushing forward with series production of fuel cells with Daimler Truck Fuel Cell GmbH & Co. Over the past ten years, experts from Daimler have built up extensive know-how in this field and have developed production methods and processes.

2020 105

Coral-inspired 3D-printed biomaterials could support efficient algae biofuel production

Green Car Congress

Scientists have found that coral-inspired biomaterials could lead to efficient biofuel production. Our goal here was to use corals as inspiration to develop more productive techniques for growing microalgae as a form of sustainable energy.

2020 119

Semcon developing new robotic cell with vision technology to streamline fuel cell production

Green Car Congress

International technology company Semcon is currently deepening its collaboration with fuel cell manufacturer PowerCell ( earlier post ) through a new framework agreement and by developing and deploying an entirely new robotic cell for testing new fuel cell production technology with the aim of making the fuel cells more efficient. This new robotic cell will fully automate part of the production flow, which requires high precision.

2020 84

UCSC team develops novel ruthenium catalyst that outperforms platinum in alkaline hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

A novel ruthenium-based catalyst developed by researchers at UC Santa Cruz (UCSC) has shown markedly better performance than commercial platinum catalysts in alkaline water electrolysis for hydrogen production. Catalysts Hydrogen Hydrogen Production

2019 109