Kanazawa University-led researchers recycle rare-earth elements from spent fluorescent lamps by chemical/mechanical treatment

Green Car Congress

A team led by Kanazawa University in Japan has developed a cleaner method for the recycling of several rare earths (REs) such as yttrium (Y) and europium (Eu) used as phosphors in fluorescent lamps (FLs). Credit: Kanazawa University.

2018 110

Steel industry unveils design tool for material comparison in automotive applications

Green Car Congress

The Design Advisor software was developed by Dr. Don Malen of the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering to assist automotive decision makers in evaluating and selecting the material that best fits the requirements of a given application.

2013 78

Honda joins vehicle-to-grid technology demonstration project in partnership with University of Delaware and NRG Energy

Green Car Congress

The Honda technology builds off of the research conducted by the University of Delaware and now supported by NRG Energy, Inc. Honda is supplying an Accord Plug-In Hybrid with added V2G capabilities to the University’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus jointly to investigate the potential of this technology to benefit the electrical grid, vehicle owners and society.

Team from Coskata, GM and Auburn University lays out a case for cellulosic ethanol

Green Car Congress

Comparison of yields of ethanol vs other reduced products.

2011 110

Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle charging systems installed With Hertz, Clemson University, and other Apollo partners

Green Car Congress

Evatran has successfully completed the first three installations of its Plugless Power wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology with Apollo Launch partners The Hertz Corporation, Duke Energy, and the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). Driver feedback for the program ranges from system utilization to user interface to plug-in charging comparisons.

2012 80

Rice University engineers reverse ubiquitous metabolic pathway to enable speedy microbial production of fuels, chemicals

Green Car Congress

Comparison of n-alcohols synthesis via the fatty acid biosynthesis pathway (top) and the engineered reversal of the ?-oxidation oxidation cycle (bottom). Dellomonaco et al. Click to enlarge.

2011 96

Rice University, Lockheed Martin researchers developing silicon thin films for cost-effective high-performance Li-ion battery anodes

Green Car Congress

Comparison of discharge capacity and coulombic efficiency vs. cycle number for the freestanding MPSF and MPSF with pyrolyzed PAN composite during galvanostatic charge/discharge tested between 0.07-1.5V

2012 104

Michigan State University Receives $2.5M ARPA-E Award to Build Wave Disc Engine/Generator for Series Hybrid Applications

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Michigan State University have been awarded $2.5 The WDG also can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 95 percent in comparison to modern internal combustion vehicle engines.

2009 132

Rice University researchers develop inexpensive silicon-based anode for Li-ion batteries with good capacity and cycle life

Green Car Congress

Comparison of the discharge capacity and coulombic efficiency of MPSPs/PPAN anodes at various ratios versus cycle number. Researchers at Rice University have created an inexpensive silicon-based anode material for Li-ion batteries consisting of macroporous silicon particulates (MPSPs) created by crushing porous silicon films they had earlier developed. Thakur et al. Click to enlarge.

2012 83

Argonne and Hanyang University Develop New High-Energy Cathode Material With Improved Thermal Stability; Good Fit for PHEV Applications

Green Car Congress

Comparison of cycling performance of half cell based on bulk Li[Ni 0.64 The material has also demonstrated a very high-power capability, said Yank-Kook Sun, co-principle investigator and a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Hanyang University. SEM of Li[Ni 0.64

2009 83

Tsinghua University provincial-level lifecycle study finds fuel-cycle criteria pollutants of EVs in China could be up to 5x those of natural gas vehicles due to China’s coal-dominant power mix

Green Car Congress

Until then, however, these NO x and SO 2 emissions are a disadvantage of EVs in comparison with CNGVs. Consumption-based power mixes and NG transmission distances by Chinese province in 2010. Credit: ACS, Huo et al. Click to enlarge.

2013 104

University of Wisconsin Researchers Investigating Dual-Fuel (Gasoline and Diesel) Partially Premixed Combustion for High-Efficiency, Ultra-Low Emission Combustion; 53% Thermal Efficiency

Green Car Congress

The University of Wisconsin concept proposes the use of dual fuel tanks, with port fuel injection of gasoline and direct injection of diesel, with the in-cylinder mixing of the fuels. The dual-fuel PCCI strategy showed thermal efficiency of 53%. Source: Rolf Reitz. Click to enlarge.

2009 102

University of Wisconsin Team Develops High-Yielding Chemical Hydrolysis Process to Release Sugars from Biomass for Cellulosic Fuels and Chemicals

Green Car Congress

A University of Wisconsin-Madison research team has developed a chemical process for the hydrolysis of biomass into sugars for subsequent processing into fuels and chemicals that delivers sugar yields approaching those of enzymatic hydrolysis. comparison to extant enzymatic and chemical processes to biomass hydrolysis, ours has several attractive features.

Waterloo researchers use MgB2 as Li-S battery cathode host to improve performance

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Waterloo have now shown that the lightweight superconductor MgB 2 (magnesium diboride)—the average mass/atom of which is comparable with carbon—as a metallic sulfur host fulfills both electron conduction and polysulfide immobilization properties.

2018 128

Traffic volume on rural and urban roads in the United States: 1991-2016

Green Car Congress

In comparison, the average daily number of vehicles per lane on urban roads increased from 2,098 in 1991 to 2,373 in 2000, for an increase of 13%. by Michael Sivak.

2018 103

Carnegie study finds climate impact of particulates varies greatly depending on where the pollution originated

Green Car Congress

However, aerosols have a much shorter lifespan in the atmosphere than the gases responsible for global warming, resulting in an atmospheric distribution that varies by region, especially in comparison to carbon dioxide.

2018 83

Ecolectro secures $1.7M ARPA-E award for development of alkaline exchange membranes and ionomers for fuel cells and electrolyzers

Green Car Congress

Alkaline fuel cells (AFCs) that are assembled with alkaline anion exchange membranes (AAEMs) have several significant advantages in comparison to state-of-the-art proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs). (1) Ecolectro Inc.,

2018 114

EPIC index finds air pollution reduces global life expectancy by 1.8 years; single greatest threat to human health

Green Car Congress

years per person, according to a new pollution index and accompanying report produced by the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC). By comparison, first-hand cigarette smoke leads to a reduction in global average life expectancy of about 1.6

2018 130

Iranian team proposes intelligent control strategy for hybrids using fuzzy driving cycle identification agent

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the University of Tehran (Iran), with colleagues at Isfahan University of Technology and Iran University of Science and Technology, are proposing a new intelligent control strategy for the energy management of hybrid powertrains based on the driving cycle type. The weights, which are between zero and one, are determined using a fuzzy driving cycle identification agent based on the comparison of preselected driving features.

2015 83

Wall Street Report

Plug In Partners

In the 1990s, as a mechanical-engineering professor at the University of California here, Dr. Frank produced another shocker. By comparison, conventional hybrids must rely on gasoline-powered engines to recharge their batteries and get between 40 and 60 mpg.

2006 130

Chicken feathers plucked for hydrogen storage?

Green Cars News

No, this isn’t April Fool’s Day - scientists at the University of Delaware are developing a new low-cost material for hydrogen storage in the form of carbonised chicken feathers. According to the University, the chicken feathers could meet the Department of Energy’s (DOE) requirements for hydrogen storage and are competitive with carbon nanotubes and metal hydrates but cost only a tiny fraction by comparison.

2009 34

Workers’ earnings and how they commute to work

Green Car Congress

In comparison to those earning the most, those earning the least are about 1.2 Michael Sivak is the managing director of Sivak Applied Research and the former director of Sustainable Worldwide Transportation at the University of Michigan. by Michael Sivak.

2018 83

TU/e students win Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Cruiser Class with solar-powered family car

Green Car Congress

The student team from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) has won the Cruiser Class (for practical solar-powered cars) for the third time at this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. By comparison, a modern electric car requires about 8.5

2017 83

Study finds car dealerships pose significant barrier to EV adoption

Green Car Congress

A new study by a team from Aarhus University in Denmark has found that car dealerships pose a significant barrier to electric vehicle adoption at the point of sale due to a perceived lack of business case viability in relation to gasoline and diesel vehicles. However, these studies feature small sample sizes, lack cross-country comparisons or focus on early EV adopters.

2018 80

Ioxus introduces high-temperature ultracapacitors with Titan technology; targeting automotive and transport

Green Car Congress

Ioxus draws a direct comparison to Maxwell’s DuraBlue technology, which cannot survive under the same conditions, Ioxus claims. Ioxus vs. Maxwell, comparison endurance testing 2.7V In 2013, a team from Rice University reported designing supercapacitor reliable at temperatures of up to 200 ?C

2014 97

Idaho National Laboratory low-energy electrochemical process could eliminate need for steam cracking of hydrocarbons

Green Car Congress

Comparison of process energies and carbon footprint in NDP and steam cracking. (a) a) A comparison of the process energies for ethylene production from ethane. (b) b) A comparison of the carbon footprint for ethylene production from ethane.

Idaho 99

Single Pt atom catalysts show enhanced catalytic activity for water-splitting; potential to drive down electrolysis cost

Green Car Congress

In an open-access paper published in Nature Communications , the researchers reported that the single Pt atom catalysts exhibit significantly enhanced catalytic activity (up to 37 times) and high stability in comparison to the state-of-the-art commercial platinum/carbon (Pt/C) catalysts.

2016 115

Japanese carmakers still ‘most sustainable’

Green Cars News

Professor Figge from Queen’s University Management School said: “Economic crisis, energy crisis, climate crisis and recent global developments have affected the automobile industry like few other sectors. billion, in comparison with BMW, which having used all the resources considered necessary to create value doubled its sustainable value to €2.8 Tags: Green credentials car production Queen's University study sustainble

Plug-In Hybrids (or Plugin Hybrids)

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

The comparison keeps being raised, though studies are conclusive: The "well-to-wheel" emissions of electric vehicles are lower than those from gasoline internal combustion vehicles. About CalCars Plug-In Hybrids FAQ How to Get a PHEV Where PHEVs are Car-Makers Say.

NUS-led research team develops cost-effective technique for mass production of high-quality graphene; 50x less solvent

Green Car Congress

A research team led by the National University of Singapore (NUS) has developed an economical and industrially viable strategy to produce graphene.

2018 88

Beijing researchers engineer K. pneumoniae to produce 1-butanol

Green Car Congress

Researchers at Beijing University of Chemical Technology have engineered Klebsiella pneumoniae —a pathogen—to produce 1-butanol. In comparison to the wild-type strain, the NADH/NAD+ ratio in the reengineered strains was increased by 78–135%, and the transcript levels of target genes have been obviously interfered. Moreover, the resultant 1-butanol titer was increased by 83–114% in comparison to KLA.

2015 74

New study finds gasoline stations vent up to 10x more benzene fumes than previously thought

Green Car Congress

A study led by environmental health scientists at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health examined the release of vapors from gasoline station vent pipes, and found benzene emissions were 10 times higher than estimates used in setback regulations that determine how close schools, playgrounds, and parks can be to the facilities. By comparison, the California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA) used an estimate of 0.11

2018 115

Rice study finds using natural gas for electricity and heating, not transportation, more effective in reducing GHGs

Green Car Congress

Rice University researchers have determined a more effective way to use natural gas to reduce climate-warming emissions would be in the replacement of existing coal-fired power plants and fuel-oil furnaces rather than burning it in cars and buses. Graphic by Tanyia Johnson/Rice University.

2016 83

Steel LCA study: lightweighting with advanced high-strength steel produces lower GHG emissions than with aluminum

Green Car Congress

Comparison of life cycle GHG emissions based on the range of methodologies studied.

2018 94

New study provides overview of challenges, requirements for large-scale production of all-solid-state Li-ion and Li-metal batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), with colleagues from the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU), have evaluated the current challenges and requirements for the large-scale production of all-solid-state lithium-ion and lithium metal batteries.

2018 93

UMTRI study finds US diesel vehicles generally have lower total cost of ownership than gasoline vehicles

Green Car Congress

Diesel vehicles generally saved owners between $2,000 to $6,000 in total ownership costs during a three to five year period when compared to similar gasoline vehicles, according to data compiled by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI).

2013 113

TU München researchers test behavior of OME synthetic fuels in engines, develop optimized combustion process

Green Car Congress

Now, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) as part of a separate project—the xME-Diesel project—have tested how OMEs behave in engines and have developed an optimized combustion process. The TUM team investigated the behavior of OMEs in engines, the adjustments required to improve combustion efficiency and the degree to which harmful emissions can be reduced in comparison to fossil fuels.

2018 68

NC State team develops new Si/C inverter; 12.1 kW/L & greater efficiency in a smaller, lighter package

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Future Renewable Electric Energy Distribution and Management (FREEDM) Systems Center at North Carolina State University have developed an inverter for hybrid and electric vehicles using off-the-shelf components made of the wide-bandgap semiconductor material silicon carbide (SiC).

2016 130

HEI: 95%+ of world’s population live in areas of unhealthy air

Green Car Congress

Comparison of 2016 annual average PM 2.5 Seven billion people, more than 95% of the world’s population, lived in areas exceeding the WHO Guideline for healthy air in 2016, according to a new global study. Fifty-eight percent lived in areas with PM 2.5

2018 99

Study of 7 years of production data supports billion-ton biofuels feedstock estimate

Green Car Congress

South Dakota State University was the lead institution for the more than $20-million project which began in 2007. In the future, the researchers would like to do side-by-side comparisons of different species across multiple environments to better understand their yield potential.

2018 93

CalCars and PHEVs Frequently Asked Questions

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

For more on plug-in hybrids and V2G, see CalCars Resources , University of Delaware V2G Research Center , and papers from a June 2005 conference in Seattle. We probably wont have a universal name for them until an automaker spends millions of dollars on focus groups and marketing studies.

2009 44

Greenlings: Benefits of charging stations vs. battery swaps vs. home charging

Tony Karrer Delicious EVdriven

Hit the jump for a comparison that includes plenty of pics and video. ↓ ↑ report 16 Vlad 10:25AM (4/10/2009) I dont think that home-charging is even a question and that it will be universally available soon.

2009 45

CMU team details impact of regional and drive-cycle variations on degradation of a PHEV battery pack

Green Car Congress

A team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) led by Dr. Jeremy Michalek has investigated the implications of regional and drive cycle variations on the degradation of a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) battery.

2016 112