Japan wants Fukushima to be major hydrogen production center

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Japan's Fukushima prefecture was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in recent years, but the Japanese government has ambitious plans for the region. Fukushima's name is now associated with the nuclear power plant suffered a major malfunction as a result of damage from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan. Japan hydrogen energy policy nuclear power hydrogen fuel cell nuclear energy

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Japan's Olympic Hydrogen Push Faces Challenges, Questions

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Japan Infrastructure hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell OlympicsCertain Japanese carmakers are among the most ardent proponents of hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles, and the Japanese government plans to use the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to promote hydrogen technology in a wide variety of applications. Officials hope fuel cells can not only power vehicles but replace other power sources in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear.

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Japan's Ambitious Hydrogen-Vehicle Plans Stumble, With Bureaucracy To Blame

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Japan hydrogen energy policy hydrogen fuel cell transportation policyJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's ambitious plans for hydrogen fuel-cell infrastructure are stumbling, thanks to bureaucratic red tape. Abe is a serious supporter of hydrogen fuel-cell cars. He's pushed through measures to cut taxes on them, and encouraged construction of a network of fueling stations. He envisions fuel-cell cars as part of a.

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Toyota, Honda, Nissan, other Japan firms to fund hydrogen fueling

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Japan hydrogen hydrogen fuel cellEarlier this year in Europe, 13 companies joined forces to create the Hydrogen Council, a global initiative to discuss and promote the use of hydrogen as a renewable source of energy. In the United States, GM and Honda have partnered up to build a production plant in Michigan that will roll out next-generation propulsion systems for fuel-cell.

Toyota, Honda, Nissan Set Details Of Hydrogen Network In Japan

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Green Japan hydrogen hydrogen fuel cellIf hydrogen fuel-cell cars are to succeed, region by region, they will need an adequate number of public fueling stations in each area where they're sold. Carmakers have undertaken campaigns to build up electric-car charging infrastructure in multiple countries, but the much higher cost of hydrogen fueling stations makes similar efforts more.

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Honda Accord Hybrid Production Relocates From Ohio To Japan

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Japan Ohio hybrid sales assembly plants The topic of the press release issued late last Wednesday was not the sort of thing to set green-car fans'' hearts racing: "Statement.Re: North American Production Portfolio". But buried in several paragraphs of detail from John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda, was one interesting detail: Assembly of the Honda Accord Hybrid.

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Bosch beginning autonomous driving testing in Japan; 3rd engineering location after Germany and the US

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Bosch has begun on-road testing of autonomous driving in Japan, its third location for the development work after Germany and the US. Like their colleagues in Germany and the US, the team in Japan is already conducting tests with automated test vehicles on public roads.

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Dual-Carbon Battery: Same Energy Density, Safer, Longer Life Than Lithium-Ion, Says Power Japan Plus

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Today, a company called Power Japan Plus came out of stealth mode to unveil a new battery chemistry, with both electrodes--anode and cathode--made of carbon. In the search for better electric-car batteries, lots of lab research has to happen before anything can be announced.

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Honda Hybrid Minivan On Sale In Japan, Using Accord Hybrid System

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Green JDM Japan forbidden fruitIn the U.S., Honda hybrids have essentially gone on hiatus this year. For the 2016 model year, the only hybrid it sells is the aging CR-Z two-seater, which uses the carmaker's old Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild-hybrid system. The Accord Hybrid--and its more sophisticated full-hybrid powertrain--is taking the year off, but will return in an.

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Nissan introduces series-hybrid powertrain with Note e-POWER in Japan; small pack, small engine, LEAF motor, low price

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In Japan, Nissan Motor introduced its new series-hybrid drive system called e-POWER along with its application in the Note. This marks the first availability of e-POWER technology for consumers, marking a milestone in the electrification strategy under Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

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Toyota, Nissan and Honda agree on details of H2 station support in Japan

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have agreed on key details of their joint support project for the development of hydrogen station infrastructure in Japan. Fuel Cells Hydrogen Infrastructure JapanToyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Co., and Honda Motor Co.,

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Japan To Spend $385 Million On Hydrogen For 2020 Olympics Deadline

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Japan is also using the Games as an opportunity to promote hydrogen fuel-cell cars. ALSO SEE: Japan Eases Laws, Boosts Incentives For Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars Tokyo plans to spend 42.5 Tokyo will host the 2020 Summer Olympics, and officials there are already preparing the city to host an influx of athletes--and bask in the global spotlight. billion

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Japan's Automakers & Government Move To Dominate Fuel-Cell Vehicles

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Battery-electric, or fuel-cell? Japanese automakers are divided on the subject--Nissan and Mitsubishi brought electric cars to the market early, but Toyota and Honda have dragged their feet, concentrating instead on developing fuel-cell vehicles. The Japanese government is now on their side, as the country announces plans to become the global

Why Havelaar founder wanted an electric pickup truck: Japan's disaster

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A Canadian company by the name of Havelaar has tossed its hat into the electric pickup-truck ring with the reveal of its purpose-built Bison pickup. The launch underscores the potential many companies are trying to tap as the market for electric vehicles of various types continues to grow, slowly but surely. Havelaar's founder, 28-year-old Tony. plug-in cars electric truck Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Startups

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Japan researchers develop two new lithium superionic conductors for high-performance solid-state batteries

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This research is partially supported by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan (NEDO).

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Japan Post and Honda to collaborate on using electric motorcycles for postal deliveries

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Japan Post Co., During the past approximately half century, Japan Post and Honda have built a cooperative relationship through the development and operation of delivery motorcycles. Japan Post and Honda will now jointly conduct demonstration testing on the use of electric vehicles for postal delivery operation and charging stations at post offices. Electric (Battery) Japanand Honda Motor Co.

Nissan e-NV200 Electric Van On Sale In Japan Next Year

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In Japan, that is. After more than a year of testing and previews, the Nissan e-NV200 electric van is finally going on sale. The e-NV200 will hit showrooms in its home market next year, Nissan says.

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Toyota, Honda, Nissan To Support Hydrogen Fueling Sites In Japan

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DON''T MISS: Japan Electric-car adoption is being helped by manufacturers spending money to build up charging infrastructure, taking it upon themselves to install charging stations for customers to use. Given the scarcity of hydrogen fueling stations, a similar effort may be required for fuel-cell cars to carve out a permanent place in showrooms.

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Ballard and Toyota Tsusho sign distribution agreement for fuel cell products in Japan

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Under the agreement, TTC will act as a distributor of Ballard-powered fuel cell products in Japan. Ballard plans to deploy an ex-patriate sales person in Japan to work with TTC on the execution of a joint sales plan. Ballard Power Systems has signed a distribution agreement with Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC), a member of the Toyota Group. The initial term of the agreement runs to 31 December 2020.

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Tesla Sets Up Shop In Japan, Sells First Electric Cars

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The most recent addition is Japan, a notoriously closed market where only one of the three largest makers has any interest at all in electric cars. While Tesla Motors now sells electric cars in North America, parts of Europe, and--perhaps most importantly--China, it continues to expand its sales footprint. That''d be Nissan.) In mid-September

Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan: Final Design, Price Revealed For Japan

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Toyota has said for many years that it plans to build and sell a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, and now the company has trickled out some more information on that car. Specifically, it provided images of the final production version''s exterior design--little changed from the concept it showed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2013--along with

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Toyota and public and private partners in Japan to trial renewable CO2-free hydrogen supply chain

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Major corporate and public sector partners in Japan are launching an effort to test a full carbon-neutral hydrogen supply chain powered by renewable wind energy. In addition, the project will be supported by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment.

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EPA tells Mitsubishi to retest fuel economy after Japan errors

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Green EPA EPA Ratings Fuel Economy JapanThe dominos continue to fall as more and more carmakers are investigated for accuracy in their testing of emissions and fuel economy over longer periods of time. While European buyers had complained for years that EU fuel-economy ratings diverged from real-world results, nothing much happened until last year on that front. Then the Volkswagen.

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Japan extends ‘green car’ tax breaks

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Japan has extended its tax breaks for ‘green cars’ until 2015, in a effort to support its struggling domestic car industry. Green credentials break emissions green car japan low emission taxFuel-efficient and low emission cars, including many hybrid and electric cars will now benefit from the continuation of customer incentives now extended for another three years, having previously been scheduled to end next April. [.].

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Australia and Japan developing safety standards for marine transport of liquid hydrogen; KHI building carrier

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Australia and Japan recently signed a memorandum at the headquarters of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority ( AMSA ) which will allow liquid hydrogen (LH 2 ) to be shipped in bulk for the first time. Ship containment systems are being developed in Japan that will be capable of safely transporting liquid hydrogen in bulk from Australia to Japan as part of a pilot project scheduled to commence in 2020. Australia Hydrogen Japan Ports and Marine

Recession slashes emissions in Japan

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The sluggish economy worldwide has few bright spots, but Japan can take some consolation with the news that its economic troubles have at least led to some environmental positives. In separate news, the Japan Iron and Steel Federation also reported that the country’s crude steel output dropped by 29.6 Tags: Green cars Honda Latest news Mitsubishi Toyota mazda Fuji Heavy Industries global economic crisis japan Japan steelmakers Japanese carmakers recession

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2017 Nissan Leaf 'EVness,' Tesla In Japan, Triple-Turbo Volvo Engine: Today's Car News

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Designers consider whether less "EVness" will make the 2017 Nissan Leaf more appealing, Tesla Motors sets up shop in Japan, and Chinese-Swedish carmaker Volvo unveils a prototype engine that makes 450 horsepower from just 2.0 We''ve got news from all around the world today.

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Mazda begins production of Mazda CX-5 with SKYACTIV-D diesel engine; Japan and Europe first markets

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Mazda will start introducing the Mazda CX-5 this spring in Japan and Europe, followed by other markets around the world. The debut of the CX-5 with a diesel engine marks a new push on clean diesels in Japan market for Mazda. Diesel Europe JapanThe CX-5. Click to enlarge.

Japan's Fuel-Cell Vehicle Pursuit: Is It Obama's 'All Of The Above' Approach?

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There is method behind Japan''s decision Two Japanese automakers, Toyota and Honda, are putting their weight behind fuel-cell vehicles, rather than battery electric cars, as the alternative-propulsion technology of the future. Time will tell if that''s a wise decision but they do at least have one significant supporter--the Japanese government.

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Toyota’s second turbocharged gasoline engine now available in Auris in Japan; 36% thermal efficiency

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The new 8NR-FTS 1.2-liter direct-injection turbo engine is now available as an option for the partially redesigned Auris, which went on sale in Japan today.

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Honda releases new Jazz Hybrid in Japan

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Honda has released a new, third generation of its Fit model in Japan (sold as the Jazz over here) including a new hybrid version. Benefitting from a complete overhaul, the new model gets a new look, increased dimensions and improved levels of comfort and fuel economy.

Volkswagen Japan Chief: Fuel-Cell Cars May Struggle Outside Of Japan

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Most major automakers have nailed their colors to their mast when it comes to alternative powertrains for the future. For Volkswagen, that''s electric vehicles at its most extreme. Japanese automaker Toyota has taken a different path, and is hedging its bets on hydrogen fuel cells. Few share Toyota''s vision and VW has just added itself to the list

Toyota to launch its fuel cell vehicle in Japan before April 2015, priced around $68,700; reveals exterior

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Toyota’s Mitsuhisa Kato briefs the media in Japan on the timing and pricing of the FCV, and outlines the company’s view of the role of fuel cell vehicles. In 2002, Toyota began limited sales of the FCHV in the US and Japan. million miles) in the US and Japan.

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Hydrogen cars sales will struggle outside of Japan, warns VW

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According to the German carmaker, it expects that hydrogen cars will struggle to catch on much beyond Japan, where generous subsidies will make a market much more viable. Hydrogen-fuelled cars have another voice of doubt; this time from Volkswagen.

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Japan and Russia to double natural gas project

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The report highlights that Japan is the world’s number one LNG importer and took in roughly 70million tons in 2010. Green credentials Latest news Green cars japan LNG natural gas natural gas project RussiaAccording to reports in business daily The Nikkei, the Russian-Japanese liquefied natural gas project in Vladivostok will now aim to produce 10million tons of LNG every year – that’s twice the original plans.

Nissan Rogue Hybrid Launched In Japan, U.S. Sales Uncertain

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Japan forbidden fruit Infiniti JX Hybrid Pathfinder Hybrid More than four years after launching its Leaf electric car, Nissan is by far the leading maker of electric vehicles globally. In hybrids, however, it was late to the game and has struggled to package products that will prove compelling to North American buyers. Its announcement this week that it would start selling a hybrid model of the Nissan.

Fuel cell revolution sparks in Japan and South Korea

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Japan and South Korea look set to drive the market for fuel cell vehicles, starting in 2015, new analysis suggests. Carmakers from the two countries including Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Hyundai/Kia are all preparing for commercial production of fuel cell vehicles within the next three years.

Japan prepares subsidies for first fuel cell cars

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Japan is to boost its subsidies for green vehicles – including fuel cell models – in a bid to advance the market.

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Toyota to launch fuel-cell buses next year for Olympics

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Japan hydrogen hydrogen fuel cell Buses Public transport OlympicsIt appears that Toyota's hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles plans encompass more than just passenger cars. The Japanese automaker plans to begin selling fuel-cell buses in its home country next year, with an eye toward deploying them at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. In a press release announcing the buses, Toyota said the Tokyo Metropolitan Government already.

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Japan researchers proposing novel method for powering on-road EVs

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Masahiro Hanazawa at Toyota Central R&D Labs and Takashi Ohira at Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi Tech) are proposing a novel solution for powering EVs capable of running unlimited distances without being hampered by battery limitations.

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