Benchmark: lithium prices continue to rise

Green Car Congress

Lithium prices continued to rise in November, with Chinese battery-grade prices surpassing the RMB 200,000/tonne (US$31,395/tonne) mark, according to Benchmark’s Lithium Price Assessment.

Price 334

EIA expects significant increases in US wholesale electricity prices this summer

Green Car Congress

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that prices in US wholesale electricity markets this summer will significantly increase over last summer’s prices. EIA forecasts wholesale prices for one price hub in each STEO electricity supply region.

Price 381

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BloombergNEF annual battery price survey finds prices fell 6% from 2020 to 2021

Green Car Congress

Lithium-ion battery pack prices, which were above $1,200 per kilowatt-hour in 2010, have fallen 89% in real terms to $132/kWh in 2021, according to a new report from BloombergNEF (BNEF). All prices are in real 2021 $, unless stated as nominal.) This will help to ease lithium prices.

2020 378

Rivian Rolls Back Price Increase After Making Everyone Angry

The Truth About Cars

On Tuesday, Rivian announced it would be increasing vehicle pricing by roughly 20 percent to account for higher inflationary pressures and higher component costs. The post Rivian Rolls Back Price Increase After Making Everyone Angry appeared first on The Truth About Cars.

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Benchmark: lithium's price rally accelerates

Green Car Congress

Lithium price rises accelerated in the first half of September as surging demand and raw material supply concerns combined to push Chinese domestic prices up to their highest levels since mid-2018 according to data from Benchmark’s Lithium Price Assessment.

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LME copper prices hit 7-year high

Green Car Congress

On 4 December 2020, the LME cash price hit its highest level since March 2013, closing at US$7,742/t. (By Copper prices since 1 Jan 2020. Copper prices since 1 Jan 2000. By 10 December, that dropped back to $7,712/t.)

2020 426

Greta launches 4 electric scooters in India with affordable price 

Electric Vehicles India

Greta launches 4 electric scooters in India with affordable price . It has launched four electric scooters models with come with a price tag between Rs 60,000 and Rs 92,000. Greta Electric Scooters a Gujarat based electric scooter has entered the EV electric two-wheeler market.

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Benchmark launches Li-ion Battery Raw Material Price Index

Green Car Congress

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence has launched a Lithium-ion Battery Raw Material Price Index. Benchmark assembles the index using its market-leading price assessments including the IOSCO-accredited lithium, nickel, and cobalt prices.

Li-ion 288

Chevy Bolt EV price cut, wireless charging demand, E15 and gas prices: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

The Bolt EV gets a price drop. Chevrolet has announced a big price drop for the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV. The Biden administration may be letting more ethanol out to fuel pumps. Volvo EV interfaces will get snappier.

Price 162

Chevrolet lowers price on 2023 Bolt EV by $5,900, on Bolt EUV by $6,300

Green Car Congress

Chevrolet, which resumed production of the Bolt electric vehicles in April, has announced that the upcoming 2023 Bolt models will be priced significantly lower than their predecessors.

LME copper prices at 9-year high

Green Car Congress

On 19 February, LME cash prices for copper hit a nine-year peak of US$8,806.50/t. The true direction of prices in 2021 will only be revealed once Chinese traders return and assess their appetite for the metal in March, Roskill said.

Price 331

News: 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV/EUV Get Big Price Drop

Clean Fleet Report

Significant Price Reduction Repositions Entry-Level EV. Chevrolet announced this week that its 2023 Bolt EV and Bolt EUV are going to get major drops in price. The new 2023 pricing (2022 pricing in parenthesis) includes the mandatory $995 destination fee.

EIA forecasts crude oil prices will decline through 2023

Green Car Congress

Global oil consumption outpaced oil production for the six consecutive quarters ending with the fourth quarter of 2021 (4Q21), which has led to persistent withdrawals from global oil inventories and significant increases in crude oil prices. While the inventory draws from 3Q20 to 4Q21 put upward pressure on crude oil prices, the forecast inventory builds from 2Q22 to 4Q23, conversely, will put downward pressure on crude oil prices, the EIA said.

Recent trends in gasoline prices

Green Car Congress

This brief note analyzes the changes in the price of gasoline during the first 13 weeks of 2020 and compares them with the changes during the first 13 weeks of 2019. The raw data (the average retail price of regular gasoline) came from the U.S. by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research.

2020 256

DOE: Adjusted for inflation, the price of gasoline in 2019 was similar to the price in 1929

Green Car Congress

The average annual price of gasoline has fluctuated greatly over the past several decades, but when adjusted for inflation (constant dollars), the price of gasoline in 2019 was only nine cents higher than in 1929, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE).

2020 344

EIA: US ammonia prices rise in response to higher international natural gas prices; up by a factor of 6 in two years

Green Car Congress

The US price of ammonia, the primary source of nitrogen fertilizer, has risen by a factor of six in the past two years, and most of these increases have occurred since March 2021, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Electrify America introduces new pricing structure featuring kWh pricing in 23 states and DC; reduced rates for states with minute-based pricing

Green Car Congress

Electrify America introduced a new pricing structure designed to provide electric vehicle (EV) owners with consistent and transparent rates across its public brand-neutral fast-charging network.

2020 355

Benchhmark report: cobalt’s price rises highlight shift to battery-driven pricing dynamics

Green Car Congress

Cobalt metal prices (cobalt battery metal, min 99.8%, EXW Europe, USD/lb) have risen 15% from the July 2020 issue of Benchmark’s Cobalt Price Assessment to the most recent data published at the end of October 2020.

2020 320

Benchmark: Lithium carbonate prices reach record high

Green Car Congress

Prices of lithium carbonate assessed by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence have reached new highs on the back of limited supply and sustained lithium-ion battery demand in China.

Carbon 227

Benchmark: lithium-ion battery prices rise for first time in gigafactory era; lithium carbonate major driver

Green Car Congress

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence reports that battery producers have begun to increase lithium-ion cell prices following a period of consistent raw material price rises throughout 2021, particularly for lithium. The price has continued to move upward.

Copper prices rise to 10-year high, near record

Green Car Congress

The price of copper on the London Metal Exchange (LME) rose to $9,990/t on 29 April, marking a ten-year high and closing in on the record high LME price of $10,147.50/t on 14 February 2011.

Price 344

How crude-oil prices influence gasoline prices

Green Car Congress

Thus, the price of crude oil should have a strong influence on the price of gasoline. However, the retail price of gasoline includes other costs as well. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that in the United States from 2008 to 2017, crude oil represented only 61% of the retail price of gasoline. Gasoline prices are also influenced by gasoline demand relative to gasoline supply. by Michael Sivak.

2018 197

E2Ws price after restructured FAME-II Scheme & key market drivers 

Electric Vehicles India

E2Ws price after restructured FAME-II Scheme & key market drivers . We have been talking about electric vehicles high prices, FAME II scheme modified & extended, revised EV prices, for few days. Let us now first look at E2Ws price FAME-II Scheme. .

Price 87

Chinese lithium prices hit records as EV sales take off; nickel at 7-year high

Green Car Congress

Chinese lithium carbonate prices soared in 2021, due to a surge in demand for lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries in the country, according to the end-of-year analysis by Benchmark Minerals Intelligence. Transacted prices in China began to breach the RMB 200,000/tonne mark in November—a historical milestone for lithium pricing. Battery-grade lithium carbonate ended the year at an average price of RMB 250,000/tonne ($39,250), well above any previous records.

EIA expects increased US crude oil production, with continued high petroleum prices in 2022

Green Car Congress

Despite the increases in production, EIA expects the Brent crude oil price to remain above $100 per barrel this year, according to the agency’s May 2022 Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO). A high level of uncertainty remains in our outlooks, but we have consistently forecast that elevated crude oil prices would help drive record-level annual US oil production levels in 2023. The Henry Hub natural gas price will average $8.59

Oil 279

EIA expects summer US real gasoline and diesel prices to be the highest since 2014

Green Car Congress

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that retail gasoline prices will average $3.84 per gallon this summer driving season—April through September—compared with last summer’s average price of $3.06/gal.

2014 238

Roskill: graphite prices still rising on high Chinese electricity costs

Green Car Congress

Roskill reports that prices for Chinese graphite continue to rise as producers contend with increasing electricity costs and supply disruption caused by limits on energy consumption. For raw material flake from China, this was the fifth month of price rises for many grades, with FastMarkets IM reporting 94% C grades to have increased by 12% and 11% between May and October for fine and large flake sizes respectively.

Ola Electric begins deliveries of its electric scooter, wait is over! 

Electric Vehicles India

The ex-showroom price of S1 is Rs 99,999, while the S1 Pro can be purchased for Rs 1,29,999. Ola Electric begins deliveries of its electric scooter, wait is over! .

Price 87

Corolla Cross Hybrid, Lexus RX plug-in, Chevy Bolt EV price cut, EV price war: The Week in Reverse

Green Car Reports

Will more ethanol help ease gas prices? Which brand will apply the name Electra to upcoming EVs? This is our look back to the future, with the Week In Reverse—right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending June 3, 2022.

Lexus 157

Decarbonization Will Require Pricing Reform

Energy Institute at HAAS

When it comes to electrification, all energy prices matter. While a lot of behavior that harms the environment is due to misguided libertarianism or selfishness, much of it also comes … Continue Reading Decarbonization Will Require Pricing Reform.

Energy 110

Trailing price hikes on new Teslas, prices on used Tesla models have soared

Green Car Reports

Prices of used Tesla electric cars have soared according to a new report from battery analysis firm Recurrent. Average prices

Price 127

Electric car price war is coming, says Ford CEO


Ford CEO Jim Farley believes that the electric car market is going to soon enter a price war with upcoming $25,000 models. The post Electric car price war is coming, says Ford CEO appeared first on Electrek.

Price 114

EIA: Crude oil demand returns faster than supply, increasing prices and reducing inventories

Green Car Congress

The price of US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil is near its highest level since 2014, increasing rapidly from low prices in mid-2020 as demand returns faster than supply, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Oil 343

Benchmark Mineral: China’s zero-COVID policies weigh on lithium and cobalt prices

Green Car Congress

Chinese lithium and cobalt sulfate prices fell this month as strict COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai and elsewhere limit demand in the world’s largest electric vehicle market. Chinese battery-grade lithium prices fell by 5% this month to a mid-point of RMB 478,000 (US$72,600) per tonne, according to Benchmark Mineral Intelligences’s Lithium Price Assessment—the first fall since June 2021. There has been a little bit of softness in pricing.

China 236

Cox Automotive: Wholesale used vehicle prices in US rise halfway through November compared to October

Green Car Congress

Wholesale used vehicle prices (on a mix-, mileage-, and seasonally adjusted basis) increased 4.9% As was the case in October, some of the monthly increase is a result of the seasonal adjustment, as November typically sees above-average vehicle depreciation and therefore used price declines.

Price 327

IEF, IHS Markit: deepening underinvestment in hydrocarbons raises specter of continued price shocks and volatility

Green Car Congress

Underinvestment in oil and gas development extended into a second year in 2021 even as global energy demand rebounded, raising the prospect of price shocks, scarcity and growing energy poverty, according to a new report by the International Energy Forum (IEF) and IHS Markit.

Price 342

BYD to raise 20% battery prices by 1st November 

Electric Vehicles India

BYD to raise 20% battery prices by 1st November . BYD a major battery supplier to increase the prices of its lithium battery cells by at least 20 per cent from next month i.e., from November 1. Read further to know about BYD to raise battery prices by 1st November. .

BYD 87

Kia 2022 EV6 has starting price of $40,900

Green Car Congress

Kia America announced that pricing for the 2022 EV6, the brand’s first dedicated all-electric model, will start at $40,900, with a net price of $33,400 after the $7,500 federal electric vehicle tax credit. These prices exclude destination charge.

Kia 195

Average price of new light trucks in 2019 was 43% higher than average price of new cars

Green Car Congress

Prices for new light trucks—pickups, vans, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs)— averaged 43% more than new cars in 2019. From 1990 to 1995, cars had a higher average price than light trucks. Price data are adjusted for inflation (constant 2019 dollars).

2019 227

Tesla Model Y base price breaks $60,000, tops original price of Model S

Green Car Reports

The base price of the Tesla Model Y now tops $60,000, which is more than the original base price of the Model S from 2012. A recent perusal of Tesla's website showed the base Model Y Long Range now starting at $60,190.

Price 155

EIA: US retail diesel prices increase to >$6 per gallon in the Northeast; nearly equal to California

Green Car Congress

On 16 May 2022, the average US on-highway retail diesel fuel price was $5.61 Although retail diesel prices have increased across the entire United States, prices in the Northeast have increased the most and are now among the highest in the country.

Diesel 238

Polestar 2 Priced to Impress as Premium EV

EV Obssesion

The post Polestar 2 Priced to Impress as Premium EV appeared first on EV Obsession. 100% Electric Vehicles Electric Car Costs / Prices Electric Cars Electric Vehicles Polestar 2

Price 88

Tesla prices rise by thousands, again: Model Y now starts at $67,190

Green Car Reports

Tesla has again raised prices of its vehicles in its U.S. home market—this time amounting to price hikes of $2,000 to $6,000, but sparing some models.

Price 125