How much do electric cars really pollute, even without tailpipes?

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But there's no escaping that manufacturing these vehicles, driving them for 10 years or more, and then disposing of them creates pollution that has a wide range of negative impacts. Carbon Footprint emissions EPA Argonne National Laboratory carbon dioxide plug-in cars air pollution Union of Concerned ScientistsPersonal automobiles have given hundreds of millions of people the great luxury of a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation.

Photos reveal how polluted the U.S. was before EPA was founded

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emissions government EPA History climate change regulation air pollutionIt can be argued that the current presidential administration appears to lack interest in the traditional mission of the Environmental Protection Agency. As a candidate, Donald Trump advocated wholesale repeal of environmental regulations and increased production of fossil fuels. He has also called climate science a "hoax" created by China to hurt.

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University of Surrey launches global research center on air pollution

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The University of Surrey is launching a new multi-disciplinary research center next week to tackle air pollution. The Air Quality Lab (AQL) is housed with advanced pollution monitoring instruments, and is part of GCARE. This aims to develop a methodology for integration of local urban scale pollution data into global/regional scale models for identifying pollution hotspots, and assessing health impacts.

Cruise ships start to come under scrutiny as massive pollution machines

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Cruise ships regularly depart major ports with thousands of passengers onboard, and they are now being called out as major sources of pollution. emissions air pollution BoatsWhile increased pressure on carmakers to improve emissions continues, regulators and environmental groups are also scrutinizing over forms of transportation-related emissions.

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Study links PM2.5 pollution to heart damage

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pollution to heart damage. People who were highly educated were less likely to have harmful effects on the heart from pollution. This could be due to a number of factors including better housing and workplace conditions, which reduce pollution exposure. Regarding how pollution might have these negative effects on the heart, Dr Aung said PM 2.5

Researchers use Google Street View cars for high-resolution air pollution mapping

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demonstrated a measurement approach to for urban air pollution mapping at 4–5 orders of magnitude greater spatial precision than possible with current central-site ambient monitoring. Using our approach and analysis techniques, we can now visualize air pollution with incredible detail.

Forget climate change, it’s air pollution that really matters. The Green Piece

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Electric cars Renault The Green Piece air pollution electric car Renault ZoeTuesday 2 April, 2013. The Green Piece Column.

Tesla Gigafactory Seeks North American Raw Materials To Cut Pollution

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To mitigate such pollution issues and increase supply chain transparency, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has announced it will source There is no such thing as a truly green car. All cars require raw materials and energy to produce, use energy during their time as transport, and require energy to recycle--the components that can be recycled, at least.

California Governor signs new super-pollutants legislation into law; black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane

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signed SB 1383 , establishing the nation’s toughest restrictions on super pollutants including black carbon, fluorinated gases and methane. SB 1383 reduces the emission of super pollutants (also known as short-lived climate pollutants) and promotes renewable gas by requiring a 50% reduction in black carbon and 40% reduction in methane and hydrofluorocarbon from 2013 levels by 2030. Reducing these pollutants can have a more immediate beneficial impact on climate change.

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Fund LPG vehicles to counter diesel pollution, says Autogas

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Leading LPG firm, Autogas is calling on the Government to consider LPG as an alternative to diesel fuel, in the wake of controversy over the UK’s air pollution levels.

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Diesel drivers could be targeted by new pollution charges

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Diesel car drivers could soon face paying additional charges and taxes as part of measures to cut urban air pollution.

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What Are The 10 Most Polluted U.S. Cities?

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California may be a haven for plug-in electric cars, but it''s also home to many of the most-polluted cities in the U.S. Of the 10 most polluted U.S. cities in the American Lung Association''s State of the Air report (via Mashable), seven are in the Golden State. Topping the lists if the combined Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan area, followed

Study shows two-stroke scooters dominant source of air pollution in many cities; asymmetric polluters

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A study by European researchers has found that two-stroke (2S) scooters, although constituting a small fraction of the fleet, can dominate urban vehicular pollution through organic aerosol and aromatic emission factors up to thousands of times higher than from other vehicle classes.

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Smartphones and sensors as personal, real-time pollution monitors

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Air pollution varies widely over the course of a day and by location, even within the same city. Now scientists, reporting in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology , have used smartphone and sensing technology better to pinpoint where and when pollution is at its worst.

Maersk Line, Ports of LA & Long Beach in 3-year project to measure air pollution benefits from $125M eco-upgrade; real-time tracking 24x7

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This advances our ability to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants on a global scale. Ships generate the lion’s share of air pollution associated with port activity. The Retrofits and TAP demonstration project with the San Pedro Bay ports will help Maersk Line reach its goal of a 60% reduction of CO 2 and other pollutants by 2020.

Study: more stringent O3 and PM2.5 air pollution standards could save thousands of lives, greatly improve public health

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Nationwide health impacts attributable to air pollution exceeding ATS recommendations for O 3 and PM 2.5. Annual excess health impacts are estimated as a function of outdoor pollution concentrations, size of the exposed population, and baseline health risks.

Imaging study: air pollution impairs function of blood vessels in lungs

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Air pollution impairs the function of blood vessels in the lungs, according to a study of more than 16,000 patients presented at EuroEcho-Imaging 2016. The study examined the effect of air pollution on pulmonary haemodynamics (blood flow) in a population and in individuals. The authors examined whether any patient subgroups were more susceptible to the effects of air pollution. (A This suggests that pollution is more harmful to the lung circulation during exercise.

EU to take legal action against UK for air pollution

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The European Commission has begun legal proceedings against the UK over its breach of air pollution laws, caused mainly by emissions from road transport.

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High air pollution warning for England and Wales

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Government health and environmental ministers have issued warnings of very high pollution levels across parts of England and Wales today, after levels began to spike on Tuesday.

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Honda Film: Controlling Air Pollution A 'Never-Ending Race'

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The fight to improve air quality may not sound like fodder for a typical Hollywood blockbuster, but Honda has done its best to make the topic exciting.

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Electric cars could save $13 billion in health costs by 2030 in 10 states: study

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Exhaust from gasoline and diesel cars contributes to air pollution that can lead to deleterious health effects after long exposure. emissions health Study plug-in cars air pollutionIt's entirely obvious that internal-combustion cars pose a threat not only to the environment, but also to human health. Now a new study from the American Lung Association in California aims to quantify the health.

New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 - but no scrappage scheme or pollution charges announced

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The sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans is to be banned in the UK from 2040 in a bid to tackle air pollution, the government has confirmed.

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Nissan LEAF powers London artwork to highlight city pollution

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Nissan has used its LEAF to graffiti a part of London, in a depiction of the city’s battle with air pollution. Don’t worry, it is not as bad as its sounds; instead of using nasty chemical sprays, the carmaker has partnered with a UK artist to essentially clean a piece of the capital.

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China To Ban 6 Million Gross Polluters From Roads In Smog Fight

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More-efficient new vehicles and stricter emissions standards can help reduce air pollution, but the effect is limited if older, dirtier cars remain on the road in large numbers. Now, the Chinese government plans to take 6 million of the country''s worst-polluting vehicles off the road this year, the Associated Press reports.

WHO more than doubles air pollution death estimate to 7 million

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Air pollution was responsible for no less than seven million deaths around the world in 2012 – representing one in eight of all global deaths – according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Electric-Car Batteries, Graphite, And Pollution In China

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The whole industry, pushed hard by legislation, has drastically reduced exhaust pollutants. The modern car is just about unrecognizable against its counterpart of a few decades ago. Not in terms of shape or performance, but emissions.

Paris lifts car ban as air pollution eases

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Paris has lifted its ban on half the city’s cars after just one day, as a change in weather conditions helped to reduce the French capital’s air pollution problem.

Paris bans half of cars as air pollution soars

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Half of all the cars in Paris are banned from the city’s streets today, after French ministers decided to take drastic action against the city’s air pollution problem.

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New particulate filter cuts in-car pollution by 93%

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Scientists have developed a new filter which may reduce in-car pollution by as much as 93 per cent when the car’s vents are open, to effectively improve the health and welfare of car occupants.

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California ARB releases three studies showing fine particle pollution a threat to cardiovascular health

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The California Air Resources Board commissioned the studies to further investigate the connection between fine particulate pollution and public health impacts in California. We’ve long known particulate matter is a major component of California’s air pollution problem.

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LNG-powered cruise ships to enter service in 2019

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The massive ships that ply the world's oceans are major sources of pollution as well, but generally receive less attention from regulators. emissions natural gas air pollution LNG BoatsCars and trucks aren't the only source of transportation-related carbon emissions. But one cruise line is now taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of its fleet. DON'T MISS: Cruise ships start to.

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Carcinogenic air pollutants from oil sands ‘greatly underestimated’

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A study of an oil sands field in Alberta, Canada has revealed that officially reported emissions of certain hazardous air pollutants have been greatly underestimated by as much as two or three times.

U Toronto studies find traffic emissions spread farther than thought; 25% of cars causing 90% of pollution

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A trio of recently published studies from a team of University of Toronto engineers has found that air pollution could be spreading up to three times farther than thought, contributing to varying levels of air quality across cities. 25% of cars causing 90% of pollution.

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Does The Tesla Model S Electric Car Pollute More Than An SUV?

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Does the supposedly clean, green Tesla Model S really pollute more than a gas-guzzling Jeep Grand Cherokee sport-utility vehicle? That''s what one analyst has claimed. In an exhaustive 6,500-word article on the financial website Seeking Alpha, analyst Nathan Weiss lays out a case that the Model S actually has higher effective emissions than most

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China Pollution Restrictions On New-Car Registrations Spur Scramble

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Anticipating further restrictions to cut car use--in the midst of choking pollution in many of China''s cities--car sales rose a full 13 percent last month. If China''s plans to limit license plate availability were designed to cut car buying, they''re not exactly working so far. According to Bloomberg, retail deliveries of cars, multi-purpose and

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Confirmed: Traffic Pollution Can Cause Asthma In Kids (Not Just Trigger It)

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Previously, it was thought that pollution from traffic might only be a trigger for the condition, but the Los Angeles Times reports on a European study that it can also be a cause. It's long been suspected, but a new European survey confirms it: Children living near areas of heavy traffic are more at risk of asthma.

Researchers find magnetite nanoparticles similar to those from traffic pollution in brain; possible link with Alzheimer’s

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The particles we found are strikingly similar to the magnetite nanospheres that are abundant in the airborne pollution found in urban settings, especially next to busy roads, and which are formed by combustion or frictional heating from vehicle engines or brakes. Particles smaller than 200 nm are small enough to enter the brain directly through the olfactory nerve after breathing air pollution through the nose.

Air pollution may cause 35,000 premature deaths a year

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Air pollution may be responsible for more than 35,000 premature deaths a year, a government minister admitted, more than 50 per cent more than the official estimate. Tags: Green credentials air pollution airborne EAC Jim Fitzpatrick ozone premature deaths soot sulphur Environment Minister Jim Fitzpatrick quoted the figure when giving evidence to the Commons environment audit committee (EAC), the Guardian reports. Government estimates of premature deaths from long-term exposure [.].

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VW Diesel Pollution, Toyota Mirai Variants, Mazda Rotary Range Extenders: Today's Car News

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Today, a report estimates how much the added pollution from Volkswagen's "cheater" diesels has affected air quality, another speculates on possible Toyota Mirai variants, and Mazda teases a concept car that could hint at a new range extenders for plug-in cars. How much does the added pollution from.

PM2.5 pollution linked to blood vessel damage in healthy young non-smoking adults

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Fine particulate matter air pollution (PM 2.5 ) may be associated with blood vessel damage and inflammation among young, healthy adults, according to new research in Circulation Research , an American Heart Association journal. Air pollution is known to contribute to cardiovascular disease and related deaths. What remained unclear, however, was how air pollution actually affects the blood vessels to increase the risk of disease.