Wyoming leads in vehicle miles traveled per person

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Because total VMT depends, in part, on the size of the population, of interest in this study was the variation among the states in vehicle miles traveled per person (VMT per person). The state with the highest total VMT (California) is the 41 st in terms of VMT per person.

Number of vehicles per person is still down from its maximum in 2006

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The focus in this series is on vehicles per person, as opposed to total number of vehicles (which depends, in part, on the continuously increasing size of the U.S. The main findings (summarized in the table below) are as follows: Vehicles per person increased by 18.2%

2006 255

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Study demonstrates association between personal exposure to air pollution and vascular damage

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Furthermore, most of those studies used data on the air pollution levels measured in the area around the participants’ homes and did not monitor personal exposure, a method that provides more accurate information.

2020 292

Distance driven per person is still down from its maximum in 2004

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The focus here is on distance driven per person as opposed to total distance driven (which depends, in part, on the continuously increasing size of the U.S. The main findings concerning distance driven per person (summarized in the table below) are as follows: An increase of 40.9%

2004 279

Stellantis, Foxconn to form JV to develop breakthrough digital cockpits and personalized connected services

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Stellantis NV and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Foxconn), together with its subsidiary FIH Mobile Ltd., (FIH) FIH) signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding to form Mobile Drive, a 50/50 voting rights joint venture aimed at accelerating development timelines to bring innovative in-vehicle user experiences enabled by advanced consumer electronics, HMI interfaces and services.

Younger persons are still less likely to have a driver’s license than in the 1980s

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Since 2011 , I have periodically examined changes in the proportion of persons with a driver’s license as a function of age. The results showed that between 1983 and 2014 there was a substantial decrease in the licensing of younger persons, with an increase in the licensing of older persons.

2020 260

BMWs to feature in-car intelligent personal assistant

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The BMW Group is introducing the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant—a new proprietary in-car AI assistant intended to enhance the BMW driving experience. The BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant will debut in 2019 and mark the start of a new era in which drivers will increasingly be able to operate their car and access its functions and information through voice control. BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant combines with the new BMW Operating System 7.0

2018 183

CapGemini: 87% of global consumers prefer personal vehicle to ensure safe travel, up from 57% in April 2020

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This reflects a continuous shift in consumer preference towards personal mobility, fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, as car ownership today is seen as a safeguard against the risk and spread of infection. Without a clear end to the pandemic in sight, 87% of global consumers stated their safety and physical well-being, alongside that of their families, is best served through a personal vehicle.

Stratasys responds to COVID-19 pandemic by ramping up production of 3D-printed personal protection equipment

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Stratasys Ltd. announced a global mobilization of the company’s 3D printing resources and expertise to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, spanning its Stratasys, GrabCAD, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and partner network with donated printing capacity across all regions.

2020 209

More people in the vehicle means less fuel use per person: Comparing SUVs and cars

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persons, and assuming the weight of 100 pounds for an average occupant (including men, women, and children), the calculations were rerun assuming a reduction of the average fuel economy of SUVs by 0.29% (from 23.3 by Michael Sivak. Compared with cars, SUVs consume more energy per vehicle mile. Consequently, SUVs emit more carbon dioxide per vehicle mile than do cars. However, in the United States, the typical occupancy is higher for SUVs than for cars.

2019 224

Honda Develops New Experimental Personal Mobility Device

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Honda has unveiled the U3-X, a compact Li-ion-powered experimental personal mobility device that fits between the rider’s legs and provides free movement in all directions just as in human walking: forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally. This new personal mobility device makes it possible to adjust speed and move, turn and stop in all directions when the rider leans the upper body to shift body weight. Tags: Personal Transit The U3-X.

Study explores mechanisms of effects of personal ozone exposure on blood pressure and vascular endothelial function

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A research team in China conducted a longitudinal panel study among 43 non-smoking college students in Shanghai to explore the effects of personal ozone exposure on blood pressure (BP), vascular endothelial function, and the potential molecular mechanisms.

2018 201

MKBHD Checks Out GMC Hummer EVs In Person


See the only two working electric GMC Hummer EVs in the world

How the IBM PC Won, Then Lost, the Personal Computer Market

Cars That Think

On 12 August 1981, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in midtown Manhattan, IBM unveiled the company's entrant into the nascent personal computer market: the IBM PC. The personal computer vastly expanded the number of people and organizations that used computers.

Smartphones and sensors as personal, real-time pollution monitors

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The aims of this study were to examine (1) the variability in personal air pollution levels during the day and (2) the relationship between modeled home and school estimates and continuously measured personal air pollution exposure levels in different microenvironments (e.g., Air pollution varies widely over the course of a day and by location, even within the same city.

2015 199

UC Davis researcher finds ride-hailing EVs offer triple the emissions benefits of a personally owned EV

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Replacing a gasoline-powered ride-hailing vehicle with an electric vehicle can deliver three times the carbon benefits of a personally owned electric vehicle, according to a study by a University of California, Davis, researcher of Uber and Lyft data. Ride-hailing vehicles travel more miles than personal vehicles, making them more efficient.

2020 175

Toyota unveils i-ROAD 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle concept at Geneva

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Toyota unveiled the new i-ROAD three-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle (PMV) concept at the Geneva motor show. Electric (Battery) Personal Transit Urban mobilityi-ROAD concept showing Active Lean in action. Click to enlarge. Seating two in tandem and under cover, i-ROAD has a range of up to 30 miles (50km) on a single charge. Using “Active Lean” technology, it is safe, intuitive and enjoyable to drive, with no need for driver or passenger to wear a helmet.

Tesla Plaid Helps Shmee Break Personal 1/4 Mile Record, Amazes Him


UK car vlogger is genuinely impressed with the performance and all-round capability of the Tesla Model S Plaid

Honda unveils UNI-CUB electric personal mobility device; evolution of the UX-3

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unveiled the new battery-electric UNI-CUB personal mobility device. Featuring a compact design and comfortable saddle, UNI-CUB is designed to offer the same freedom of movement in all directions that a person enjoys while walking. Electric (Battery) Personal Transitthe new UNI-CUB. Click to enlarge. Honda Motor Co.,

Ford developing a strategy to address urban personal mobility globally; a mobility company, not just an auto company

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Ford Motor Company is mapping out a strategy to address the requirements for personal mobility in the context of the megatrend of increasing global urbanization, both in mature economies as well as in emerging markets. The Ford chairman had already begun talking about the future of urban personal mobility in the context of ever-increasing congestion at the TED2011 conference in Long Beach. Rough map of Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility. Click to enlarge.

Honda unveils new UNI-CUB ? personal mobility device

Green Car Congress

a new personal mobility device which was made usable for a wider range of people by enhancing the device’s compatibility. The UNI-CUB was first introduced in May 2012 as a personal mobility device featuring balance control technology and an omni-directional driving wheel system (Honda Omni Traction Drive System), derivative of Honda’s research into humanoid robots. Honda Motor Co., unveiled the UNI-CUB ?,

Elon Musk’s SNL gig resulted in ‘seismic shift’ to CEO’s personal brand, says expert


According to Eric Schiffer , a Mensa member and leading expert in media and branding, Elon Musk was able to initiate a notable shift in his personal brand with his hosting gig. Elon Musk’s hosting gig at Saturday Night Live was, in a lot of ways, better than expected.

Nissan announces new strategy for customer ownership experience; leveraging connected car, big data, and personalization

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The company anticipates that, as a result, connected car services and greater choice in accessories and personalization will increasingly drive growth in its aftersales business, anticipated to contribute 25% of aftersales revenue by 2022. It will also help us expand our connected car, big data and personalization innovations to improve the customer experience and open up new revenue streams for the company. The ultimate goal is hyper-personalization.”

2016 196

Where to learn about electric cars? Radio, online, in-person & more

Green Energy Consumers

Electric vehicles are already a smart and practical choice for many drivers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. However, the conventional wisdom is that electric cars aren't ready for primetime yet. For this reason, in addition to offering discounts on electric vehicle purchases, our Drive Green program spreads awareness about the benefits of EVs, including cleaner air , a safer climate , better driving experience , and lower cost of ownership. Electric vehicles/Transportation

Fans Suggest Tesla Hire A PR Person, Elon Musk Isn't Interested


Some think a PR person might help Tesla owners and fans often complain about what they call FUD from the media.

Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

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TCF, the manager of the Garcia River Forest Project, would like to enable its increasing number of redwood trees to reach the 1,000-year-old status of some of their neighbors, like this one. Click to enlarge.

2015 268

Tesla schedules first Model S deliveries; personalization updates

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In addition, the company announced several personalization updates to Model S: Adjustable regen. Tesla Motors announced that the Tesla Factory will begin customer deliveries of the Model S on 22 June. Owners will be able to adjust brake regen to suit their driving styles.

Bill Ford outlines “Blueprint for Mobility”, calls for automotive and telecommunications industries to collaborate to address coming personal mobility crisis

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Public and personal transportation will be fully integrated to save time, conserve resources and lower emissions. Bill Ford began talking about the future of personal mobility in the context of ever-increasing congestion last year at the TED2011 conference in Long Beach. We need a system that uses real-time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale, without trade-offs or compromises for individual travelers.

Toyota begins public road trials of i-Road 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle

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Toyota’s i-Road 3-wheeled electronic personal mobility vehicle (PMV) ( earlier post ) has begun public road trials in Toyota City, Japan as part of “Ha:mo”, Toyota’s optimized urban transport system. i-Roads on the road. Click to enlarge. More i-Roads in Toyota City will be made available to residents at vehicle-sharing stations. Later this year, i-Road vehicles will be part of a vehicle-sharing project in Grenoble, France, that will last until 2017.

2014 241

RMIT researchers develop low-cost, reliable method to detect NO2; personal monitoring systems

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Project leader Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, from RMIT’s Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors, said the negative impact of nitrogen dioxide could be prevented by access to personalized, highly selective, sensitive and reliable monitoring systems that could detect harmful levels of the gas early.

2015 184

Study: EVs put to use in ride-hailing deliver more carbon benefits than in personal use

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Electric cars could deliver even greater environmental benefits if they were to be used by ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft than if they were to go to private use, according to a new study from the University of California, Davis.

2020 92

GM And Segway Partner on Urban Personal Mobility Electric Vehicle

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and Segway are unveiling a new type of personal mobility vehicle targeted for city use. Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility), GM and Segway are developing an electrically powered, two-seat prototype urban vehicle that has only two wheels. Since the introduction of the Segway Personal Transporter (PT), Segway has established itself as the leader in the small electric vehicle space, and delivered more than 60,000 lithium-ion batteries to the market. The Project P.U.M.A

Ford and Intel demonstrate in-car personalization with perceptual computing; Project Mobii

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The joint research project, called Mobile Interior Imaging, or Project Mobii, explores how interior-facing cameras could be integrated with sensor technology and data already generated within and around the vehicle to create a more personalized and seamless interaction between driver and vehicle that transforms the driving experience. The in-car experience is then personalized to display information specific to that driver, such as calendar, music and contacts.

2014 200

All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys

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Free Form Factory is partnering with Zero Motorcycles to use the motorcycle company's electric-powertrain components in a "stand-up personal. Not all electric vehicles have wheels. Electric boats have actually been around for quite awhile, and now a California startup is trying to expand use of electric powertrains to another type of watercraft. California plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Boats

Juniper: smart cities to ease traffic congestion, save 4.2B person-hours per year by 2021

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billion person-hours annually by 2021—equivalent to each city driver saving nearly an entire working day per year. Juniper Research forecasts that smart traffic management and smart parking initiatives will save some 4.2 Juniper found that while the smart city remains a relatively young concept, many cities are beginning to recognize the need to improve in terms of competitiveness and quality of life.

2016 150

Ford launches app developer challenge to improve consumer understanding of personal fuel efficiency

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Ford launched a $50,000 challenge for software developers to write innovative apps to help consumers better understand and improve their personal fuel efficiency. Participants will have access to Ford’s OpenXC connectivity research platform as a sandbox to create and test their ideas for the Personalized Fuel Efficiency Apps Challenge. Many elements factor into personal fuel efficiency including weather, terrain, traffic conditions and individual driving styles.

2013 204

Lux Research: “The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong”

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In a note following the 2014 Automated Vehicle Symposium, Lux Research said : “ The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong. ” Lux participated in two separate sessions at the conference: the first around regional planning implications, and the second on personal vehicle automation commercialization. The rush to proclaim driverless cars as the near future for personal transport is, simply, wrong.

2014 215

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Personal Touch: Secret To His Success?

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How does a car-company CEO get to be a rock star? It helps, of course, if your company makes a five-passenger luxury sedan that outdrags a Porsche 911, uses half the energy of a Prius, and has the highest crash-safety rating ever recorded. But Elon Musk has done something else to separate himself from the grey-flannel pack: He listens to his

UK Department for Transport Launches Consultations on Use of Small Personal Electric Vehicles and Electric-Assist Bikes

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The UK Department for Transport (DfT) launched a consultation on the use of small electric personal vehicles. The consultation seeks views on the principle of changing the law to permit the use of small electric personal vehicles (EPVs)—e.g., the Segway Personal Transporter or the Toyota Winglet Transporter—on public roads and cycle tracks. Tags: Europe Personal Transit Policy

IBM automotive study sees consumer co-creation, greater personalized driving, but not widespread fully autonomous driving by 2025

Green Car Congress

The study forecasts that while the automotive industry will offer a greater personalized driving experience by 2025, fully autonomous vehicles or fully automated driving will not be as commonplace as some think. Personal mobility. During the Automotive News World Congress this week, IBM released results of its new Automotive 2025 Global Study , outlining an industry ripe for disruptive changes that are breaking down borders of the automotive ecosystem.

2015 210

EPA, NIEHS and HHS launch challenge to develop personal air pollution and health sensors

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The MAMH challenge offers awards for the development of a personal, portable, near-real-time, location-specific system to monitor and report air pollutants and a person’s physiological response to pollution.

2012 200

Public sidewalk trials of Toyota personal mobility robot to start in Japan

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The City of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan and Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) are to begin public sidewalk demonstration trials tomorrow of the “Winglet”, a TMC-developed personal transport assistance robot ridden in a standing position. The trials, to be conducted in the Tsukuba Mobility Robot Experimental Zone, are the first for the Winglet on a public thoroughfare.

2013 185

GM enters commercial agreement with and invests in Powermat, a personal device inductive charging company

Green Car Congress

General Motors and Powermat, a provider of wireless charging technology for mobile personal devices, announced a commercial agreement that will eliminate the need for charging cords for personal electronic devices in many future Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac products beginning mid-2012. Chevy Volt Powermat. Click to enlarge.