All-electric personal watercraft launch for quieter lake journeys

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Free Form Factory is partnering with Zero Motorcycles to use the motorcycle company's electric-powertrain components in a "stand-up personal. Not all electric vehicles have wheels. Electric boats have actually been around for quite awhile, and now a California startup is trying to expand use of electric powertrains to another type of watercraft. California plug-in cars electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles Boats

Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Personal Touch: Secret To His Success?

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How does a car-company CEO get to be a rock star? It helps, of course, if your company makes a five-passenger luxury sedan that outdrags a Porsche 911, uses half the energy of a Prius, and has the highest crash-safety rating ever recorded. But Elon Musk has done something else to separate himself from the grey-flannel pack: He listens to his

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Startup Byton: electric cars aren't the innovation; connectivity, personal tech features are

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Electric-car startup Byton understands that the road to success is littered with plenty of broken-down dreams. The new EV company's executives, though, figure things are different now, to the point that arriving a bit late to the party is actually a good thing. Whether you're looking at Faraday Future or Lucid or Nio or Tesla, the co-founders of. China CES plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Silicon Valley Consumer Electronics Show Startups Byton

2017 24

New Honda personal mobility device is as free as walking

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Yes, Honda has unveiled an all-new battery electric personal mobility device known as UNI-CUB – and, according to Honda, it gives its user all [.]. Green cars Honda Latest news green cars Honda U3-X Honda UNI-CUB personal mobility device walkingTake a look at the pictures and you might think this is something we’d usually reserve for an April Fool’s Day story – but no, this is definitely the real deal.

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Smartphones and sensors as personal, real-time pollution monitors

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The aims of this study were to examine (1) the variability in personal air pollution levels during the day and (2) the relationship between modeled home and school estimates and continuously measured personal air pollution exposure levels in different microenvironments (e.g.,

Honda Refines Uni-Cub Electric Personal Mobility Device

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Honda''s electric Uni-Cub has done none of those things but its ethos is the same--personal mobility for all. Honda''s Super Cub motorcycle is one of the most important motor vehicles ever made. With more than 60 million produced since 1958 it''s done more to get people moving than any other motorized vehicle in history. And strange though it looks

Ford developing a strategy to address urban personal mobility globally; a mobility company, not just an auto company

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Ford Motor Company is mapping out a strategy to address the requirements for personal mobility in the context of the megatrend of increasing global urbanization, both in mature economies as well as in emerging markets. Rough map of Ford’s Blueprint for Mobility. Click to enlarge.

2012 19

LeasePlan profits up 6% for 2016 as personal leasing boosts growth

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Global fleet giant LeasePlan has seen a 6% increase in net profit for the first half of 2016 thanks to a rise in vehicle numbers, with small business. Fleet news Fleet Leaseplan

New car sales slide in September, personal leasing enquiries continue to climb and Qashqai crowned top car

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UK new car registrations fell for the sixth consecutive month in September, declining 9.2% year-on-year according to the latest figures from the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT

2017 16

IBM automotive study sees consumer co-creation, greater personalized driving, but not widespread fully autonomous driving by 2025

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The study forecasts that while the automotive industry will offer a greater personalized driving experience by 2025, fully autonomous vehicles or fully automated driving will not be as commonplace as some think. Personal mobility.

2015 19

Would Stressing Personal Risk Of Air Pollution Sell More Electric Cars?

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When it comes to electric cars, buyers are often interested in two types of green. The lower environmental impact of a zero-emission vehicle, and the potential to save cash by eliminating gasoline use are both typically factors that motivate the purchase of an electric car, to varying degrees in different individuals. DON''T MISS: FINAL UPDATE

2015 23

MIT analysis finds current EVs could replace ~90% of personal vehicles now on the road based on driver’s energy consumption

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A study by a team at MIT has concluded that roughly 90% of the personal vehicles on the road in the US could be replaced by an electric vehicle available on the market today, even if the cars can only charge overnight. MIT Associate Professor Jessika Trancik, corresponding author of the paper published in Nature Climate , noted that this would more than meet near-term US climate targets for personal vehicle travel.

2016 16

Personalize Your GE Electric-Car Charging Station? Custom Skins Now Available

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If you''re going to put an electric-car charging station in your house, why not decorate it to suit your tastes? General Electric WattStation owners will soon be able to do that, thanks to a collaboration between GE and Gelaskins. Gelaskins--best known for its iPhone, iPad, and laptop cases--will make customizable skins for the WattStation home

Ford and Intel demonstrate in-car personalization with perceptual computing; Project Mobii

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The in-car experience is then personalized to display information specific to that driver, such as calendar, music and contacts.

Nissan announces new strategy for customer ownership experience; leveraging connected car, big data, and personalization

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The company anticipates that, as a result, connected car services and greater choice in accessories and personalization will increasingly drive growth in its aftersales business, anticipated to contribute 25% of aftersales revenue by 2022. The ultimate goal is hyper-personalization.”

Ricardo’s low-cost, fuel-efficient automatic transmission concept for motorcycles

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Fuel Efficiency Personal Transit TransmissionsRicardo has developed and demonstrated an advanced and cost-effective motorcycle Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) concept that offers the comfort and convenience of automatic and semi-automatic operation with better-than-manual fuel efficiency.

City of LA, Xerox introduce multi-modal transportation app for commuters

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As the app learns more about its user’s individual travel preferences, it will eventually recommend and highlight personalized commuting options. Behavior Personal Transit Urban mobility

Schaeffler shows micro-mobility bio-hybrid concept; 4-wheel pedelec with roof

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Electric (Battery) Hybrids Mobility Personal Transit Urban mobilityAutomotive supplier Schaeffler introduced a new micro-mobility concept during the “auto motor und sport” conference. This study shows how the company envisages a solution for urban individual forms of mobility.

Fisker Issues Recall And Personal Apology For Software Glitch

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As cars become increasingly complex, with more and more systems controlling their operation, recalls for first-year models are all but inevitable. Such is the case with the Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid, which is the second extended-range electric vehicle to come to market, following on the heels of the Chevy Volt. Utilizing both an electric-drive

Honda unveils UNI-CUB electric personal mobility device; evolution of the UX-3

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unveiled the new battery-electric UNI-CUB personal mobility device. Featuring a compact design and comfortable saddle, UNI-CUB is designed to offer the same freedom of movement in all directions that a person enjoys while walking. Electric (Battery) Personal Transit

California ARB study finds commuters’ exposures to air pollution greatly depends on mode of travel; light rail, personal vehicles the lowest

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The researchers found that electricity-powered light rail trains offer the least polluted travel environment followed by personal vehicles, while commute trips by older technology diesel-powered trains experienced the highest average air pollution levels in Sacramento.

Ford launches app developer challenge to improve consumer understanding of personal fuel efficiency

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Ford launched a $50,000 challenge for software developers to write innovative apps to help consumers better understand and improve their personal fuel efficiency. Participants will have access to Ford’s OpenXC connectivity research platform as a sandbox to create and test their ideas for the Personalized Fuel Efficiency Apps Challenge. Many elements factor into personal fuel efficiency including weather, terrain, traffic conditions and individual driving styles.

EU-Live project unveils electrified 3-wheeler; designed by Groupe PSA

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Hybrids Personal TransitOn 30 November, the European EU-LIVE consortium unveiled a new L5e-category (3-wheeled vehicles one can use at a speed above 50 km/h and on any road) electrified mobility solution.

2017 17

Up close and personal with Volkswagen’s e-Golf carbon offset project: Garcia River Forest

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TCF, the manager of the Garcia River Forest Project, would like to enable its increasing number of redwood trees to reach the 1,000-year-old status of some of their neighbors, like this one. Click to enlarge.

ExxonMobil Outlook projects hybrids and advanced vehicles to account for nearly 50% of cars globally by 2040; fuel demand for for personal vehicles to peak and decline, while commercial transportation demand rises 70%

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Additionally, to achieve proposed fuel-economy targets, personal vehicles will need to be smaller and lighter than they are today. As a result, by 2030, the world will use more fuel for trucks and other heavy duty vehicles than for all personal vehicles combined.

2011 23

Toyota begins public road trials of i-Road 3-wheeled electric personal mobility vehicle

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Toyota’s i-Road 3-wheeled electronic personal mobility vehicle (PMV) ( earlier post ) has begun public road trials in Toyota City, Japan as part of “Ha:mo”, Toyota’s optimized urban transport system.

How to Develop a Website Strategy to Meet Your Goals

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Five website strategy tips to gain real results from your personal site

Honda Reveals New Personal Mobility Device: Err. No Thanks

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If you've seen the animated Pixar film WALL-E, you'll remember a scene where humanity, after generations of being on a space ship where everything is done for them, are hugely overweight and never get out of their hovering chairs to interact with the world. That was the scene that came to mind when viewing the Honda UNI-CUB, an electric-powered

Toyota and partners launching Cité lib by Ha:mo EV car sharing in Grenoble; ultracompact EVs complementing public transport

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The Toyota i-ROAD is an innovative, fun-to-drive three-wheel personal mobility vehicle equipped with Active Lean technology that emulates the movements of a skier. Car Sharing City car Electric (Battery) Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Personal Transit Trials Urban mobility

2014 30

One Tonne Life family reduces emissions down to level of 1.5 tonnes CO2 per person per year

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tonnes per person, per year, to just one tonne. tonnes per person, per year—a reduction level of 80%. In January 2011, one Swedish family undertook to take part in the “One Tonne Life” project—a six-month experiment to find out if they could reduce their carbon emissions from the national average of 7.3 Earlier post.) Six months later, the Lindell family reduced their carbon emissions to the level of 1.5

Guest post: Honda Introduces the EV-Cub; two-wheel-drive electric motorcycle

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Electric (Battery) Personal Transitby Alex Vanover. Honda isn’t a car company… it never really has been. When asked to define what kind of company Honda is, company representatives bill the multinational firm as an engineering company.

GM enters commercial agreement with and invests in Powermat, a personal device inductive charging company

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General Motors and Powermat, a provider of wireless charging technology for mobile personal devices, announced a commercial agreement that will eliminate the need for charging cords for personal electronic devices in many future Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac products beginning mid-2012. Chevy Volt Powermat. Click to enlarge.

BASF and Floatility partner on ultra-lightweight solar-powered electric scooter: 12kg e-floater

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Electric (Battery) Materials Personal Transit Solar Urban mobility Weight reduction BASF and Floatility have partnered for the development of an ultra-lightweight and solar-powered electric scooter. Weighing less than 12 kilograms (26.5

2015 20

Ford announces Smart Mobility plan; 25 initial projects

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The 25 experiments address four global megatrends—explosive population growth; an expanding middle class; air quality and public health concerns; and changing customer attitudes and priorities—challenging today’s transportation model and limiting personal mobility, especially in urban areas. Ford engineers are working with HP to track the driving habits of 100 vehicles used nationwide by HP employees for work and personal commuting.

2015 20

BMW Motorrad’s electric C evolution

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Electric (Battery) Personal Transit The C evolution. Click to enlarge. BMW Motorrad is launching its battery-electric C evolution maxi scooter. Earlier post.)

2014 23

NTSB recommends nationwide ban on personal electronic devices while driving; also calls for modifications to the equipment and the completion of a NHTSA rulemaking on collision warning systems

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Following a Board meeting on a 2010 multi-vehicle highway accident in Gray Summit, Missouri, the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) called for the first-ever nationwide ban on driver use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) while operating a motor vehicle.

Study shows two-stroke scooters dominant source of air pollution in many cities; asymmetric polluters

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Emissions Health Personal Transit

2014 20

Honda Develops New Experimental Personal Mobility Device

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Honda has unveiled the U3-X, a compact Li-ion-powered experimental personal mobility device that fits between the rider’s legs and provides free movement in all directions just as in human walking: forward, backward, side-to-side, and diagonally. Tags: Personal Transit The U3-X.

Seeing the Nissan Leaf in Person

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Things have been nuts this week, but I did get a chance to see the Nissan Leaf come to Portland today. It arrived at OMSI this morning and the OEVA got a private session with the Leaf this afternoon. Here's Nissan's spokesperson who graciously answered all our geeky questions about the car.

Low deposit leasing: is it the future for the new car market?

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Whether it’s Personal Contract Hire (PCH), Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Hire Purchase (HP), all forms of car finance usually require some form of upfront deposit before you can get behind the wheel

2017 18