Austria’s biggest carrier orders first 5 Solaris hydrogen buses under framework agreement; option for up to 40

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ÖBB Postbus in Austria has ordered five hydrogen buses from Solaris. The hydrogen-fueled vehicles will be deployed in the picturesque city of Villach in south-east Austria. The participants include the largest carriers in Austria, city authorities and energy firms.

Volta Trucks Confirms the Full-Electric Volta Zero will be Manufactured in Steyr, Austria

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Steyr Automotive and Volta Trucks sign a manufacturing agreement which will see Volta Zero production commence in Austria on time, at the end of 2022. The post Volta Trucks Confirms the Full-Electric Volta Zero will be Manufactured in Steyr, Austria appeared first on EV Obsession.


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Austria to let drivers of electric cars go faster

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Austria is offering would-be electric-car owners (and current ones) a tempting incentive to go tailpipe-emissions-free: permission to drive faster than those with gasoline, diesel, or hybrid vehicles. incentives speeding Austria SpeedUnder a recently approved amendment to the country’s speed limits, aimed at rewarding those who choose electric vehicles, they will be given a.

Kreisel brothers: Austria's secret electric-car weapon?

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Europe Austria plug-in cars StartupsThere's no shortage of companies trying to replicate the success of Tesla Motors. Startups such as Faraday Future, Lucid Motors, and NextEV have all announced plans to build long-range electric cars aimed pretty much directly at the Silicon Valley automaker's electric cars. But rather than take on Tesla itself, a small Austrian firm plans to equip.

Report: Magna might build Fisker Ocean electric SUV in Austria

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entered a memorandum of understanding with Canada-based Magna International to build its Ocean electric SUV—in Graz, Austria. On Friday, Fisker Inc.

Germany, Austria electric-car charging networks improve, fast

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Initiatives in Germany and Austria should see major improvements to charging networks in a short period of time, as both countries aggressively promote electric cars in an effort to reduce emissions. Austria hopes to unify what is. Europe Germany Austria plug-in cars charging charging infrastructureTwo adjacent European countries are stepping up efforts to improve their public electric-car charging infrastructure.

Electric Vehicle Arteries (EVA+) fast charging: Enel, Verbund, Renault, Nissan, BMW & Volkswagen partner in Italy & Austria

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Enel, as coordinator, and Austria’s main utility Verbund are collaborating on a fast-recharging network project in Italy and Austria, alongside some of the world’s largest EV carmakers including Renault, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen Group Italia (represented by Volkswagen and Audi). Electric Vehicle Arteries (EVA+) aims to create a fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on key roads and motorways in Italy and Austria.

Toyota Mirai receives the ARBÖ 2015 Environmental Award in Austria

Green Car Congress

The Austrian automobile club ARBÖ (Auto-Motor und Radfahrerverbund Österreiche) has awarded the Toyota Mirai with the “2015 Environmental Award”. The jury consisted of ARBÖ automotive experts. If we want to secure the future of the automobile as flexible, personal and clean transport for the next 100 years, we need to consider which energy can power our cars tomorrow.

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Benteler-SGL inaugurates new composites production facility in Austria

Green Car Congress

Benteler-SGL GmbH, a joint venture between Benteler Automobiltechnik GmbH and SGL Group, has inaugurated its new production facility in Ort im Innkreis, Austria. 2009, the joint venture company additionally took over the automobile business unit of Composite Technology GmbH in Ried im Innkreis, Austria, from the Fischer Group.

ABB deploys Austria’s first EV fast-charging network

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ABB has delivered and installed Austria’s first network of direct current (DC) fast-charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG (VKW), a unit of Austrian utility illwerke vkw, will operate the charging network as part of its VLOTTE project. ABB recently installed the first three Terra 51 charge stations in Schruns-Rodund in the Montafon Valley, at the site of the Austrian Automobile Association (ÖAMTC) in Rankweil and in front of VKW’s main office in Bregenz.

MAN and Austria’s CNL partnering on medium- and heavy-duty electric trucks; trials this year, production 2018

Green Car Congress

As part of its partnership with CNL—a group of fifteen of Austria’s largest companies in the retail, logistics and production sectors—MAN will be making test vehicles available to nine CNL member companies for practical trials from the end of 2017. Further, MAN intends to begin producing electric versions of the MAN TGM series—manufactured at its Steyr, Austria site—from the end of 2018.

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Austria-Germany Research Collaboration Developing Process to Store Renewable Electricity as Synthetic Natural Gas

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Researchers in Austria and Germany are developing a process to store renewable electricity as synthetic natural through a combination of electrolysis to produce hydrogen combined with methanation using CO 2. Solar Fuel Technology , the Austria-based partner company, is setting up the industrial implementation of the process.

Car club scheme launches in Austria

Green Cars News

The arrival of the Car2Go scheme in Austria marks the next stage in the European roll-out of the project. Europcar’s joint car club venture with car giant Daimler has today started operations in Vienna. Beginning in December, 500 smart fortwo ‘car2go’ edition models will be distributed throughout the Austrian capital. Similar Car2Go schemes are already [.]. Green credentials car club car sharing Car2go Vienna

Magna Steyr To Build New Compact Infiniti In Austria

Green Car Reports

Magna Steyr may be one of the most significant automakers you’ve (likely) never heard of. There are no Magna Steyr dealers, and it doesn’t sell directly to the public, but if you’re an automaker, the company is at the top of your call list when engineering services or contract production are needed. Mercedes-Benz’s 4Matic

Superpedestrian Rapidly Expands Its Shared e-scooter service in Europe with Nine New Cities

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Electric Scooters Electric Vehicles Uncategorized AI Alcalá de Henares Austria e-scooter service Europe Italy LINK e-scooters Madrid micromobility Palermo Portugal sensors Spain Superpedestrian Sweden Vienna

Toyota Prius Taxi Logs More Than 600,000 Miles; Batteries Last, Apparently (Video)

Green Car Reports

Videos Austria taxiHybrid cars have now been sold in large numbers for more than a decade, but new buyers continue to raise concerns about their longevity. One of the best ways to reassure potential hybrid drivers of the cars' general durability is to look to the hybrid taxis plying the streets of many world cities. Taxis cover far more miles each year than the.

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Portugal closes its last remaining coal plant


Portugal has shuttered its last remaining coal plant, becoming the fourth country in the European Union to do so, along with Austria, Belgium, and Sweden.

Solaris begins delivery of 12 hydrogen buses to Bolzano

Green Car Congress

Orders for hydrogen technology-based Solaris buses are gathering pace—the group of clients commissioning the hydrogen model has been recently joined by carriers from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Dr. Richard Group testing Solaris hydrogen bus

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The hydrogen bus Solaris Urbino 12 hydrogen is being tested again in Austria. After successful test runs in Vienna in June, the bus was handed over to the Dr. Richard Group, the largest private bus operator in Austria, which presented the vehicle in St.

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Refineries in the Americas produce a greater share of gasoline per barrel of crude oil than refineries in other world regions

Green Car Congress

OECD Europe: Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Switzerland; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Slovak Republic; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom.

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Czech transit operator signs agreement for up to 20 Solaris hydrogen buses

Green Car Congress

The company has concluded contracts and framework agreements with carriers from Austria, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Italy.

“I bless this Volvo hybrid truck in the name of the father…”

Green Cars News

Volvo sold its first hybrid truck in Austria in particularly holy fashion recently. Volvo Austria hybrid trucksThe Volvo FE hybrid was snapped up by Saubermacher, a company specialising in waste disposal and recycling, and handed over in Stephansplatz, a square in the heart of Vienna that is home to St. Stephan’s Cathedral – one of the tallest churches [.].

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Frankfurt buys 13 Solaris hydrogen buses

Green Car Congress

The first Urbino hydrogen models are already cruising on European streets, and dozens more of these buses have been already ordered by carriers in Germany, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands.

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3-year, $75.7M eRamp power electronics research project launches at Infineon

Green Car Congress

Manfred Austen GmbH (Dresden); Slovak University of Technology (Bratislava, Slovakia); Technical University Vienna and University of Innsbruck (both in Austria); as well as Technical University Dresden and the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences, Zwickau (Germany). The Project eRamp is co-funded by grants from ENIAC Joint Undertaking and from Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia und the UK.

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Electric cars head to the Alps for eco rallye’s return

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Mercedes smart Austria electric car rallyThe Silvretta E-Car Rallye returns today to challenge electric cars to test their metal across the unforgiving terrain of the Austrian Alps. The three days rallye takes contestants through the Montafon region of the Alps, covering 330 kilometres (205 miles) at gradients as steep as 15.2 per cent and height differentials of as much as [.].

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Samsung SDI begins operations of new battery pack business; former Magna Steyr operation

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Samsung SDI has officially commenced operations of Samsung SDI Battery Systems(SDIBS) in Graz, Austria. Under the acquisition, Samsung SDI acquired the entire battery pack business from Magna Steyr, an Austria-based operating unit of Magna International, including all 264 employees, production and development sites and existing business contracts.

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Over 1,000 miles to a tank from stunning eco challenge

Green Cars News

Skoda Austria Denmark economy fabia fuel efficiencyWhat will do over a thousand miles to a tank? Not some wacky one seat quadricycle, but the perfectly regular Fabia GreenLine II, that’s what. Driven by world economy champion Gerhard Plattner, a second generation Fabia GreenLine achieved 1,246 miles on a single tank as the Austrian drove the model from his home country to [.].

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BMW Group creates closed-loop material cycle for tungsten production tools

Green Car Congress

The BMW Group has created a closed-loop material cycle for tungsten used in drill and milling bits for industrial machinery used in producing cars; the company is collecting old drill and milling bits at its plants in Germany and Austria for recycling.

Ioniq EV brand, Mustang Mach-E drive modules, Fisker and Magna: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

And Fisker is looking at having its Ocean electric crossover built in Austria. Hyundai reboots the Ioniq nameplate into an entire brand of electric vehicles. The Ford Mustang Mach-E will take advantage of some space-saving drive module packaging.

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Snam and Wolftank launch collaboration for the construction of hydrogen refueling stations in Italy

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Wolftank Hydrogen and Snam4Mobility may possibly extend their collaboration to the neighboring markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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T&E: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands lead deployments of zero-emission buses in Europe

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This will be essential for the countries at the bottom of the table: Austria and Ireland registered no zero-emission urban buses in 2019, while in Switzerland and Greece less than 4% of new buses were emissions-free.

ACEA study finds 100-fold increase in zero-emission trucks needed in EU fleet in 10 years to meet goals

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The newest trucks can be found in Austria (6.4 years), while the newest ones are in Austria (4.8 A new study by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has found that there are currently 6.2

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Alstom reports successful 1.5y trial operation of Coradia iLint fuel cell trains, next project phase begins

Green Car Congress

—Jörg Nikutta, Managing Director for Germany and Austria of Alstom Transport Deutschland GmbH. After 530 days and more than 180,000 driven kilometers, the successful trial operation of the world’s first two hydrogen trains was officially completed at the end of February.

2020 399

Researchers work on process to store renewable electricity

Green Cars News

Austria and Germany have combined their intellect to develop a process to store renewable electricity. Tags: Electric cars Green cars Latest news Austria-Germany alliance Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Wurttemberg electricity renewable electricity storage of renewable electricity the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology

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Groundbreaking in Frankfurt for hydrogen refueling station for trains

Green Car Congress

from left): Dr. Joachim Kreysing, Managing Director of the industrial park operating company Infraserv Höchst, Dr. Jörg Nikutta, Managing Director Alstom Germany and Austria, RMV Managing Director Prof.

2020 344

Vienna testing Solaris hydrogen bus

Green Car Congress

Solaris has been present in Austria since 2003 and over that time it has delivered nearly 400 buses to 40 cities there. Wiener Linien, one of the biggest public transport operators in Europe, has added a hydrogen Solaris bus ( earlier post ) to its fleet for testing until 12 June.

2020 279

BMW Group Creates Closed-Loop Material Cycle for Tungsten Production Tools to Protect Valuable Resources

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Recycling tools at plants in Germany and Austria saves seven tonnes of tungsten per year Lowers energy consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by more than 60% compared to primary tungsten Wendt: “We will significantly increase the percentage of recycled raw materials by 2030 and use raw materials multiple times in a […].

Hubject connects eleven energy suppliers to create the largest Austrian charging network for EVs

Green Car Congress

A partnership project between the eleven leading Austrian energy suppliers and Berlin-based Hubject GmbH ( earlier post ), which is supported by the Austrian climate and energy fund, will create a comprehensively accessible network of charging stations for drivers of electric vehicles across Austria, starting in April 2017. This will digitally link more than 1,300 charge points (2,000 by the end of 2017) available in Austria in real-time.

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BMW orders two more ENGEL moulding machines for body shell components for i3 EV

Green Car Congress

BMW has awarded ENGEL Austria another contract to supply system solutions to BMW’s Leipzig factory, where ENGEL duo injection moulding machines are used to manufacture car body shell components for the BMW i3 electric vehicle. ENGEL Austria is a leading supplier of lightweight solutions for the international automotive industry.

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SwRI successfully demonstrates drone autonomy technology

Green Car Congress

4-8 in Austria’s Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, the only nuclear facility that has been completely built but never activated.

The MINI Electric as a Company Car: Biogena takes over the Largest MINI Cooper SE fleet.

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The total of 82 vehicles ordered create the largest MINI Electric fleet in Austria. The Austrian-based health company Biogena offers the opportunity to integrate electric mobility into everyday business life with the MINI Cooper SE.

Darwin Group forays into e-scooter segment, launches 3 e-scooters

Electric Vehicles India

We are introducing EVs that are at par with Japanese Standards and have got an international quality certification with Quality Austria Central Asia.” Darwin Group forays into e-scooter segment, launches 3 e-scooters.

Faster electric cars, California strikes back, BMW batteries, Hyundai recall: Today's Car News

Green Car Reports

Austria proposes letting electric cars drive faster. California begins fighting back against the EPA's fuel economy freeze. Hyundai recalls Ioniqs. And BMW builds a new battery assembly line for its upcoming electric cars. All this and more on Green Car Reports. California issued a pointed 400-page rebuttal to the EPA's plan to freeze fuel economy. EPA Apple CARB

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