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Vancouver-based Ceylon Graphite granted industrial mining licence for M1 mining project in Sri Lanka

Green Car Congress

announced the renewal of the Industrial Mining Licence for the Malsiripura, M1 mining project in Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon until 1972) from the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB). The Government of Sri Lanka granted the company’s wholly owned subsidiary Sarcon Development (Pvt) Ltd.

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Restoring a legacy: Regenerating graphite production in Sri Lanka

Innovation News Network

Graphite exploration and development company Ceylon Graphite is working to rapidly increase graphite production in Sri Lanka and resecure the country’s place in the global graphite supply chain. Once heralded as a leading global producer of vein graphite, Sri Lanka faced […].

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EGEB: GM backs EPA’s emissions reduction goals, US energy resilience and Sri Lanka stops coal


Sri Lanka will stop building coal plants, aims to be net zero by 2050. more… The post EGEB: GM backs EPA’s emissions reduction goals, US energy resilience and Sri Lanka stops coal appeared first on Electrek. The US energy secretary details how the country can achieve a more resilient power system.

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Sri Lanka Aims To Reach 500,000 Electric Tuk-Tuks

CleanTechnica EVs

There’s something lovable and adorable about tuk-tuks. But my goodness, they sure can be dirty vehicles — in terms of the pollution they emit. The great thing they have going for them is that they’re small and should be easy to electrify. Naturally, most of us don’t see tuk-tuks in our everyday life. However, there […]

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Testing of Ceylon Graphite silicon-enhanced vein graphite anode shows 446 mAh/g SDC

Green Car Congress

In addition, we believe that the energy consumption of the end-to-end process of producing battery-grade anode material from vein graphite is the lowest, relative to synthetic and flake graphite, because vein graphite from Sri Lanka does not require primary processing, due to the high in situ grade above 90%Cg.

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NanoCab: Sri Lanka To Use More Than 200 Tiny Tatas As Taxis

Green Car Reports

But Tata is also sending the car into new markets, including Sri Lanka--where you might be surprised to see the tiny cars used as taxis. Why Sri Lanka? The world's least expensive car, the Tata Nano, is now seen in increasing numbers on the streets of its home country, India.

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Hundreds of Resources Highlighted During IEEE Education Week

Cars That Think

A preuniversity student explores various technical experiments showcased at a technical exhibition offered during an IEEE Education Week event hosted by the IEEE Sri Lanka Section.