Audi designs urbansphere concept for Chinese megacities

Green Car Congress

Designers and engineers initially created the Audi urbansphere for use in traffic-dense Chinese megacities, although the concept is also suitable for any other metropolitan center in the world. Audi has unveiled plans for the Audi urbansphere concept car.

Volkswagen releases design sketch for ID.AERO fully-electric sedan; Chinese market first

Green Car Congress

The Volkswagen brand released design sketches of the ID. Stylistically, it also follows the unmistakable design language of other Volkswagen electric vehicles, such as the ID.4 For example, the exterior design of the five-meter-long ID.


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The Integrated Designer

Cars That Think

Subsequently, Sandoval-Pichardo landed a job at Intel , where she started as a SoC (system-on-a-chip) design engineer. “I I helped close several ‘tape-outs’—bringing a chip from design through to manufacturing. We do EDA—electronic design automation," she says. “My

?How a Design Battle Between Chip Engineers Led to Polaroid’s Revolutionary SX-70 Camera

Cars That Think

The motor control module contained a linear control IC, an NPN motor drive transistor, and a discrete PNP dynamic braking transistor, and gave the designers little trouble. He is now a design manager at Dallas Semiconductor Corp. Perrino blames the IC designs as well.

BMW Group engineers using Monolith AI software to predict vehicle performance before design or testing begins

Green Car Congress

Moreover, physical crash tests can only be conducted in later stages of development when the design is mature enough to create physical prototypes.

Design 227

Maersk unveils design of new methanol-fueled container ships

Green Car Congress

Maersk has introduced the design of its eight groundbreaking and industry-leading 16,000 TEU container vessels powered by carbon-neutral methanol. The making of this took nearly five years, and all while crossing uncharted naval design territory.

Design 269

ZeroAvia & Otto Aviation partner to deliver first new airframe design with hydrogen-electric engine option

Green Car Congress

The collaboration has the potential to make the Celera the first new airframe design to leverage zero-emission propulsion in its launch models. Otto’s advanced aircraft design offers exceptionally low drag across the entire aircraft.

Design 227

Algorithm Uses Evolution To Design Robots

Cars That Think

To accomplish tasks, they need both a well-designed body and a “brain,” or controller. But there are few ways to optimize a robot’s design at the same time. Unless the designer is an algorithm. Co-design Evolution RoboticsImagine you’re running a race.

Design 104

US designates Graphite One Project as “High-Priority Infrastructure Project”

Green Car Congress

announced that it received notice on 15 January 2021 that its Alaska-based Graphite Creek Project has been designated a High-Priority Infrastructure Project (HPIP) by the US Government’s Federal Permitting Improvement Steering Committee (FPISC). Canada-based Graphite One Inc.

Design 344

WorldAutoSteel, Ricardo unveil design for connected, autonomous steel vehicle

Green Car Congress

The Steel E-Motive vehicle design has been optimized to include technologies that are deployable by 2030 and beyond and meet requirements for inner-city driving needs. Using Advanced High-Strength Steel for the design delivers aesthetic, safety, comfort and accessibility benefits. introduces 6th generation autonomous driving system design; road-testing in Toyota S-AM this year

Green Car Congress

has introduced its 6 th generation autonomous driving (AD) system, with leading-edge sensors, NVIDIA DRIVE computing platform solutions, and styling and design features for L4 automotive-grade mass production fleets. Autonomous driving technology company

Design 328

EV Connect introduces flexible EV charging solution designed for fleets

Green Car Congress

EV Connect announced the general availability of its Fleet Charging Management Platform.

Fleet 238

Liquid Wind selects Worley to design first eMethanol plant

Green Car Congress

Worley is a leading supplier of engineering, procurement and construction services and will support designing a facility concept that can be efficiently replicated to establish 500 eMethanol plants by 2050.

Wind 260

Teijin to partner with Fuji Design in carbon fiber recycling

Green Car Congress

Teijin Limited has agreed to form a business alliance with Fuji Design Co., Fuji Design’s proprietary “precision pyrolysis” technology produces high-quality carbon fibers from used CFRP by removing matrix resins. Fuji Design, which is operating a commercial plant partially subsidized by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment, has been looking to expand the business by developing new applications for its technology.

Toyota unveils production version of purpose-designed battery-electric bZ4X

Green Car Congress

Faithful in its design and technology to its concept predecessor, revealed earlier this year ( earlier post ), the production-ready bZ4X is the first model to be developed by Toyota entirely as a BEV.

Design 238

Tesla China Design Center will reportedly land in Beijing


Tesla China’s Design Center will reportedly land in the capital of the country, Beijing, according to government documents and The Wall Street Journal. In 2020, Tesla said it would build a Design Center in China that would be responsible for creating “International EVs.”

Route 7 EV Corridor Designation

EV Club of CT

Route 7 is now an EV Corridor as officially designated by the U.S. These alternative fuel corridor (electric is only one of them) designations are intended to raise. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Design 101

This CAD Program Can Design New Organisms

Cars That Think

We believe that a key enabling technology in this quest is a computer-aided design (CAD) program for genome editing, which our organization is launching this week at the. What's more, current genomic design software requires human experts to predict the effect of edits.

Design 100

Fraunhofer IFF team designing hydrogen factory of the future

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IFF in Germany are designing the distributed and modular production and distribution of green hydrogen for industry, business and transportation throughout the value chain—a hydrogen factory of the future.

2020 355

Altair acquires Powersim to expand electronic system design technology into power electronics

Green Car Congress

Altair, a global leader in computational science and artificial intelligence (AI), acquired Powersim , a provider of simulation and design tools for power electronics, including power supplies, motor drives, control systems, and microgrids.

Design 238

Argonne helps optimize piston bowl design for Caterpillar heavy-duty engines using high-performance computing

Green Car Congress

Taking advantage of Argonne’s high-performance computing resources, researchers developed a potential piston design for Caterpillar’s engines that could improve fuel efficiency while reducing emissions. Our work with Argonne on this project enabled the exploration of a massive design space.

Design 371

Grand Designs Live Event

My Energi

myenergi set to exhibit next-gen tech at Grand Designs Live Event in Birmingham. myenergi, pioneer of the world’s first eco-smart EV charging device, is set to exhibit its next-generation product range at Grand Designs Live. Grand Designs Live 2021. Grand Designs Live.

Crowley completes first US design for fully electric tug with autonomous technology

Green Car Congress

Crowley Engineering Services has completed the design of the first fully electric US tugboat with autonomous technology. The design also supports fully customizable features to meet the vessel design requirements with the future in mind.

Lucid's Design Studio Sees Designers Work Closely With Engineers


The traditional feud between designers and engineers is a thing of the past at Lucid, with collaboration being the name of the game

Design 100

Kia reveals new design philosophy and full images of its first dedicated BEV: EV6

Green Car Congress

Kia Corporation revealed the first images of the exterior and interior design of EV6, its first dedicated battery electric vehicle (BEV), ahead of the car’s world premiere later this month. Power to Progress builds on the brand’s current design strengths.

Design 355

Hyundai upgrades design and performance of XCIENT fuel cell truck for global expansion

Green Car Congress

The upgraded heavy-duty XCIENT features design and performance updates. Hyundai Motor Company released images of its newly upgraded XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen.

Design 401

UMD, Army Researchers design new electrolyte enabling high energy density rechargeable Mg and Ca batteries

Green Car Congress

This work provides a versatile electrolyte design strategy for divalent metal batteries. The electrolyte design not only prevented the corrosion process, but it also significantly increased the reaction kinetics of both the anode and the cathode, boosting the battery’s overall performance.

Deltamarin introduces new LNG-powered Kielmax container feeder design

Green Car Congress

This new design is based on extensive research and development work to establish the best-in-class design in terms of cargo capacity, flexibility and fuel economy, as well as the proven performance of the built Polar Code C.Delta2150 design.

Design 247

AqualisBraemar LOC joins HYSEAS III hydrogen fuel-cell vessel project for vessel design

Green Car Congress

CMAL) to partner in designing a hydrogen fuel-cell sea-going passenger and car ferry—a first for Europe. The ferry will be designed around the requirements of Shapinsay in Orkney where hydrogen fuel is generated through wind power.

Design 355

Electrify America outlines new design vision for future EV charging stations

Green Car Congress

Electrify America has described a new design vision for some of its future charging stations intended to exceed electric vehicle (EV) customer expectations. The next-generation charger will also feature: An all-new design that refines the look and reduces the footprint of the charger.

Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck design is officially finalized


Elon Musk confirmed in a recent interview that Tesla has finalized the design of the Cybertruck and it is locked ahead of production, which is slated for 2023. The post Elon Musk says Tesla Cybertruck design is officially finalized appeared first on TESLARATI.

Bye Aerospace unveils 8-seat all-electric eFlyer 800; Safran supporting propulsion design

Green Car Congress

Building upon our successful cooperation on eFlyer 2 and eFlyer 4, we are very proud to bring our best expertise to support Bye Aerospace in the design of the new eFlyer 800. Bye Aerospace announced an eight-seat all-electric twin turbo-prop class airplane, the eFlyer 800.

Design 386

Arafura Resources awards engineering design contract for Nolans NdPr project to Hatch

Green Car Congress

This next phase of the project will see front end engineering design (FEED) works completed over the next 9 months to advance engineering and equipment procurement. Updating the overall project control budget and schedule to reflect the final design and tender submissions and to support FID.

Design 343

Drive System Design presents design methodology for accommodating future uncertainty in EV powertrain design: ePOP

Green Car Congress

UK-based automotive engineering specialist Drive System Design (DSD) will present a system-level approach for EV powertrain design in a paper at the 17 th CTI China Symposium in Shanghai from 23-25 September. Our system approach to the design of EV powertrains helps to future-proof them against the uncertainties that lie ahead.

2019 177

PNNL-led team designs highly active cobalt-based PGM-free catalyst for fuel cells

Green Car Congress

A multi-institutional research team led by materials scientists from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has designed a highly active and durable catalyst that doesn’t rely on costly platinum group metals (PGM) to spur the necessary chemical reaction.

2020 427

Behind the Design of the Tron Videogame

Cars That Think

History of technology Software Design VideogamesIn the Walt Disney film Tron , an evil Master Control Program schemes to take over the Pentagon and the Kremlin, telling its human henchman that it can run them 900 to 1200 times more efficiently. In the Midway Manufacturing Co.’s

GM reveals new Ultium Drive EV motors designed and developed in-house with GM propulsion software

Green Car Congress

Designed by GM, the 180kW front-drive motor, 255kW rear- and front-drive motor and 62kW all-wheel drive assist motor are part of Ultium Drive. The motors were built as a scalable family, sharing design principles as well as similar tooling and manufacturing strategies.

GM 317

Wärtsilä to design and equip two zero-emissions battery-powered ferries

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä has been awarded a contract to design and equip two new zero-emissions ferries. The orders with Wärtsilä for the design and the equipment were placed in April 2020. Included in the design concept is the optimization of energy consumption.

2020 378

Debut of Lincoln Star concept hints at design of future Lincoln EVs

Green Car Congress

The Lincoln Star Concept made its global debut , hinting at the brand’s design language for its future electric vehicles. Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be.

Design 195

Trinity, TOTAL researchers design new molecules that boost fuel efficiency

Green Car Congress

Researchers from Trinity College Dublin’s and TOTAL have designed , synthesized and tested new additives that increase fuel efficiency. An innovative and informed methodology for the rational design and testing of anti-knock additives is reported.

2020 247

Tesla Cybertruck design is ‘finally locked’ and gets an updated timeline


After several revisions, Elon Musk says that the final Tesla Cybertruck design is “finally locked,” and he updated the timeline to production for mid-2023. The post Tesla Cybertruck design is ‘finally locked’ and gets an updated timeline appeared first on Electrek.

Design 114

Volkswagen using AR to design new production lines in Chattanooga

Green Car Congress

The system helps designers see not just individual parts, but how existing and future equipment could interact in a real environment. As we integrate new models into the existing factory, we need to make sure our virtual design data matches the reality in the plant.

2020 276

NYK completes concept design for Ammonia-Ready LNG-Fueled Vessel (ARLFV)

Green Car Congress

Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (NYK), MTI, and Elomatic Oy , a Finnish maritime consulting and engineering firm, have completed the development of a concept design for an ammonia-fuel ready LNG-fueled vessel (ARLFV) for the transition to a future marine fuel.

Design 212