Tesla seeking 56% cut in $/kWh, $25K EV in three years through manufacturing and design innovations

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55Musk and Baglino described five major battery manufacturing sub-areas in which Tesla is developing new technology: Cell design. Cell design. Such a design also enables massive simplification in the factory, with a 35% reduction in floorspace.

2020 91

Kia electric vehicle due in 2021 will lead new design direction for the brand

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Kia's first dedicated model—codenamed "CV"—will chart a new design direction for the brand's other models. The first Kia electric car not based on an existing internal-combustion model, the CV is expected to boast a 300-mile range and 20-minute fast charging.

2020 99

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Drive System Design presents design methodology for accommodating future uncertainty in EV powertrain design: ePOP

Green Car Congress

UK-based automotive engineering specialist Drive System Design (DSD) will present a system-level approach for EV powertrain design in a paper at the 17 th CTI China Symposium in Shanghai from 23-25 September. Our system approach to the design of EV powertrains helps to future-proof them against the uncertainties that lie ahead.

2019 70

Fraunhofer IFF team designing hydrogen factory of the future

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the Fraunhofer IFF in Germany are designing the distributed and modular production and distribution of green hydrogen for industry, business and transportation throughout the value chain—a hydrogen factory of the future. The researchers are developing modularly expandable subcomponents that can be interconnected and integrated in business and industrial parks, which will enable them to implement their hydrogen factory design.

2020 101

Yamaha Sports Ride: Carbon-Fiber Structure From Designer Gordon Murray

Green Car Reports

When it comes to car design, Gordon Murray has had a highly varied career. He designed the McLaren F1 supercar, as well as the lightweight Rocket single-seat sports car and numerous race cars. Throughout his career, Murray has always emphasized lightweight construction in his designs, and his latest work is no different. Tokyo Motor Show Carbon Fiber Gordon Murray Gordon Murray Design Yamaha

Wärtsilä to design and equip two zero-emissions battery-powered ferries

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The technology group Wärtsilä has been awarded a contract to design and equip two new zero-emissions ferries. The orders with Wärtsilä for the design and the equipment were placed in April 2020. The Wärtsilä ship design is tailored to the operating and route profiles of the two double-ended shuttle ferries. Included in the design concept is the optimization of energy consumption. The two ferry designs are not identical.

2020 115

Cadillac EVs won't mirror gasoline models in design

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Upcoming Cadillac electric cars won't look like their internal-combustion counterparts, Cadillac design director Brian Smith said in an interview with Automobile published Wednesday. While most recent Cadillac models have taken styling cues from the Escala concept, the General Motors luxury brand is "making a bit of a departure" with its EVs

2020 75

Volkswagen using AR to design new production lines in Chattanooga

Green Car Congress

As the Volkswagen Chattanooga factory ramps up production of the new Atlas Cross Sport, and lays groundwork for assembling the next generation of Volkswagen electric vehicles planned to begin in 2022, engineers are using augmented reality (AR) goggles to design production lines and help spot potential issues. The system helps designers see not just individual parts, but how existing and future equipment could interact in a real environment.

2020 84

Team at Naval Research Laboratory suggests design direction for structural batteries

Green Car Congress

Structural batteries, i.e., batteries designed to bear mechanical loads, are projected to substantially increase system-level specific energy, resulting in electric vehicles with 70% more range and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with 41% longer hovering times.

2020 88

Electric Ford F-150 video, Kia EV design, GM electric air taxis: Today’s Car News

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The electric F-150 will be “a workhorse, not a showhorse.” ” GM is thinking about flying air taxis powered by its batteries. And Kia is teasing the first of many EVs on the way. This and more, here at Green Car Reports.

2020 74

Brown research provides new design principle for water-splitting catalysts

Green Car Congress

This explains the unique reactivity of Pt that is missed by conventional Sabatier analyses and suggests true design criteria for nonprecious alternatives. What this tells us is that looking for this Goldilocks binding energy isn’t the right design principle for the high activity region.

2020 90

NuScale Power receives US NRC design approval for small modular reactor

Green Car Congress

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed the Phase 6 review—the last and final phase—of the Design Certification Application (DCA) for NuScale Power’s small modular reactor (SMR) and issued the Final Safety Evaluation Report (FSER). The FSER represents completion of the technical review and approval of the NuScale SMR design. The review process demonstrated both the simplicity of NuScale’s SMR design and the thoroughness of the company’s application.

2020 77

GM to lead design, development and manufacturing of own family of next-generation EV drive units and motors: Ultium Drive

Green Car Congress

General Motors announced that it will design, develop and manufacture a family of five interchangeable electric drive units and three motors, known collectively as “Ultium Drive.”

2020 83

Kia Stinger sport sedan might switch to electric, hints design boss

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The Kia Stinger may need to go electric in order to survive, Kia design boss Karim Habib hinted in a recent interview with Top Gear. "As

2020 93

Researchers design nanoparticles for cost-effective hydrogen production process

Green Car Congress

Researchers at the U of A have designed nanoparticles that act as catalysts, making the process of water electrolysis more efficient. Researchers at the University of Arkansas, with colleagues from Brookhaven National Lab and Argonne National Lab, have found that nanoparticles composed of nickel and iron are more effective and efficient than other more costly materials when used as catalysts in the production of hydrogen fuel through water electrolysis.

2019 110

Mathematically-designed graphene has improved electrocatalytic activity for hydrogen production

Green Car Congress

They designed a mathematically-predicted graphene electrocatalyst, and confirmed its performance using high resolution electrochemical microscopy and computational modelling. An international research group has improved graphene’s ability to catalyze the hydrogen evolution reaction, which releases hydrogen as a result of passing an electronic current through water.

2019 96

VW design chief: ID electric vehicles among first created all-digitally

Green Car Reports

Computer-aided design has been part of the toolkit for engineers creating cars and their components for decades. Yet the actual car design itself hasn’t completely made the digital transformation until very recently. Volkswagen is one automaker that’s taken at least some of its vehicle design all-digital. In a webconference

2020 76

Volvo Technology Award for wave piston design

Green Car Congress

The Volvo Group’s new truck engines are more fuel efficient as a result of their new piston design which adds waves to the piston crown to improve the use of oxygen. The new wave design has now been patented. It must be possible to manufacture any new design cost-effectively in order for it to be used in production vehicles. This was followed by thousands of hours of testing to refine the design and verify the durability of the new concept.

2017 88

Stanford team proposes new design strategy for electrolytes for lithium metal batteries

Green Car Congress

Stanford University scientists have proposed a design strategy for electrolytes that enable anode-free Li metal batteries with single-solvent single-salt formations at standard concentrations. Based on the results reported in a paper in the journal Nature Energy , the design concept provides a promising path to high-energy, long-cycling Li metal batteries, the researchers said.

2020 78

DOE to invest $32M in computer design of materials

Green Car Congress

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will invest $32 million over the next four years to accelerate the design of new materials through use of supercomputers. The goal is to provide the software platforms and data for the design of new functional materials with a broad range of applications, including alternative and renewable energy, electronics, data storage and materials for quantum information science.

2019 73

Honda R&D partners with Autodesk to use AM and generative design to reduce weight of crankshaft

Green Car Congress

To achieve a reductive design, the structure and materials used in every part must be scrutinized. Over the long history of engine development, the crankshaft design had become a foregone conclusion. Despite this, we set the challenging goal of designing a crankshaft to be 30% lighter than current models. —Hirosumi Todaka, a mechanical and fluid machinery designer at Honda R&D’s advanced technology lab. The team continued its work and designed a second-lot model.

2020 73

New Volkswagen Arteon revealed in design sketch

Green Cars News

Volkswagen has revealed initial details about the second generation Arteon ahead of its reveal later this month

2020 50

Novel Li-metal electrode design could lead to more powerful solid-state batteries

Green Car Congress

Researchers at MIT and their colleagues are proposing a new design for electrodes that, based on the long-sought goal of using pure lithium metal as the anode, could lead to longer-lived batteries with higher energy densities. The design is part of a concept for developing safe all-solid-state batteries, dispensing with the liquid or polymer gel usually used as the electrolyte material between the battery’s two electrodes.

2020 89

UC San Diego launches Institute for Materials Discovery and Design

Green Car Congress

The University of California San Siego (UCSD) has formed the San Diego Institute for Materials Discovery and Design, a joint initiative of the Jacobs School of Engineering and Division of Physical Sciences at UCSD. The institution’s goal is to position UC San Diego as the recognized global academic leader in nanoscale and quantum materials design and discovery.

Researchers virtually ‘unwind’ lithium battery; strategies for improving design of cylindrical cells

Green Car Congress

An international team led by researchers at UCL has revealed new insights into the workings of a commercial Li/MnO 2 primary battery by virtually “unrolling” its coil of electrode layers using an algorithm designed for papyrus scrolls.

2020 88

Penn State Li-ion battery design could charge an EV in 10 minutes; asymmetric temperature modulation

Green Car Congress

If scaled, the asymmetric temperature modulation design is one potential strategy to alleviate concerns that all-electric vehicles lack sufficient cruise range to safely reach a destination without stalling mid-journey. Scientists have recognized the need to design electric vehicle batteries capable of charging extremely fast in order to meet the needs of drivers. Next, Wang’s team is planning to take the design a step further.

2019 92

Researchers design a solution for traffic management that helps reduce jams and pollution in cities

Green Car Congress

The system has been designed for autonomous vehicles and includes a route provider service that is capable of forecasting the present and future density of traffic in the city and takes into account that information when choosing new routes. The system designed by the UPV researchers establishes a new paradigm for future management of city traffic, in which the access to a metropolitan area requires a negotiation between vehicles and authorities.

2019 94

GM teases design details for Cadillac Lyriq electric SUV, sets debut date

Green Car Reports

General Motors has set a new debut date for the reveal of the first fully electric vehicle from its Cadillac luxury brand. On August 6 the automaker will hold a “virtual debut” event that’s likely to release pictures of the production-bound concept as well as some other new information about features and market positioning

2020 68

MIT researchers use neural networks to speed materials design; 5 weeks vs 50 years for flow battery proof-of-concept

Green Car Congress

They started out with a list of 3 million such complexes before ultimately whittling that down to the eight good candidates, along with a set of design rules that should enable experimentalists to explore the potential of these candidates and their variations. Through that process, the neural net both gets increasingly smarter about the [design] space, but also increasingly pessimistic that anything beyond what we’ve already characterized can further improve on what we already know.

2020 96

GM using Autodesk generative design software for lightweighting work

Green Car Congress

GM is using new generative design software technology from Autodesk to support its vehicle lightweighting efforts. Generative design mimics nature’s evolutionary approach to design. Designers or engineers input design goals into generative design software, along with parameters such as such as weight, strength, material choice, fabrication method, and more. GM is utilizing the innovative technology on future product designs.

2018 73

Wärtsilä introducing portfolio of hybrid tug designs

Green Car Congress

The technology group Wärtsilä is introducing a new portfolio of tug designs, to be known as the Wärtsilä HYTug series, with the emphasis on environmental sustainability. Wärtsilä has already introduced tug designs featuring liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel technology as an efficient means for complying with environmental legislation. Notably, the enhanced efficiency enables the total installed main engine power to be less than with conventional designs.

2017 60

SunGas Renewables and Hatch partner for design and deployment of biomass gasification systems

Green Car Congress

Through this development process it was determined that a single gasifier design could be used for all of these fuels, including mixtures such as biomass and coal. SunGas Renewables Inc., a supplier of proven biomass gasification systems, announced a strategic alliance with Hatch, Ltd., a global advisory, development consulting, multidisciplinary engineering and project delivery firm.

2020 64

GE Aviation completes initial design of supersonic engine for Aerion AS2

Green Car Congress

GE Aviation has completed the initial design of the first supersonic engine purpose-built for business jets. It is designed to enable efficient supersonic flight over water and efficient subsonic flight over land, without requiring modifications to existing compliance regulations.

2018 106

NVIDIA introduces Xavier AI supercomputer designed for autonomous driving

Green Car Congress

At the inaugural GPU Technology Conference Europe, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled Xavier, an all-new AI supercomputer designed for use in self-driving cars. As the brain of a self-driving car, Xavier is designed to be compliant with critical automotive standards, such as the ISO 26262 functional safety specification. Xavier is a complete system-on-chip (SoC), integrating a new GPU architecture called Volta, a custom 8-core CPU architecture, and a new computer vision accelerator.

2016 103

Infiniti makes electric the design essence for its fourth decade

Green Car Reports

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, is on the verge of its 30th birthday and already in the midst of what sounds like serious midlife crisis territory. For one, it’s giving up on Western Europe and Australia, among other markets, and focusing in on the U.S.—where —where it originally launched, in 1989—and China, where the brand sees

2019 59

New design teased for Vauxhall Mokka

Green Cars News

Vauxhall has announced the next Mokka will show a new template for the front and rear view of all future Vauxhall models

2020 43

Nissan teases aerodynamic design of new LEAF

Green Car Congress

In its ongoing series of teasers leading up to the reveal of the new LEAF EV in September, Nissan has released a rendering of the car’s improved aerodynamic design. The new design improves efficiency, and thus range on a single charge. Other new design features significantly stabilize the car when hit by strong crosswinds.

2017 60

Nissan cleans up cabin design, just says no to more touchscreens

Green Car Reports

From the Sony Vision-S and its many screens to the Chrysler Airflow Vision concept and its additional touchscreen in front of the passenger, a theme inside vehicles shown at CES 2020 last week seemed to be the more screens the merrier.

2020 83

Robert Allan and MTU partner to develop first LNG-fueled shallow-draft pushboat design

Green Car Congress

and MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH have developed the first LNG-fueled shallow-draft pushboat design: the RApide 2800-G pushboat. This challenging project is a preliminary design which utilized the proven shallow draft RApide 2800-Z2 pushboat that currently operates on the Amazon River system. The vessel design was modified to suit a complete LNG (liquified natural gas) propulsion system with two 746 kW MTU 8V4000M55R-N Tier III gas safe main engines. Robert Allan Ltd.

2019 81

Novelis creates first aluminum sheet battery enclosure solution; flat-rolled, cost-effective design

Green Car Congress

Available globally, this design for next-generation automobiles provides a more sustainable mobility solution in battery electric vehicles, a market that is expected to more than triple globally by 2025. Built with Novelis Advanz aluminum products and part of the Novelis Alumineering Solution portfolio—a collection of design solutions for the automotive industry—the enclosure is up to 50% lighter than an equivalent steel design. Novelis Inc.

2019 81

Pininfarina's Italian design may be good Karma for plug-in carmaker

Green Car Reports

Fisker, the luxury plug-in hybrid car company that went bankrupt in 2013, was founded by a car designer. Henrik Fisker, the brand's namesake was a designer at BMW before forming his own company. Now that venture, renamed Karma after is primary product, following the company's revival at the hands of Chinese investors, has hired a new design firm.

British designers create new electric sports car

Green Cars News

has been created as a result of a partnership between British car designers Gordon Murray Design and Japanese chemistry group Toray Industries. The two-seater sports car has been designed to use the Toray carbon fibre component system meaning it has a low weight of 850kg (including [.]. Electric cars Latest news British designed electric sports car electric vehicles Gordon Murray DesignA new prototype electric sports car called Teewave AR.1

Infiniti QX Inspiration concept sets design direction for brand’s electric future

Green Car Reports

With entirely new proportions allowed by electric powertrains, a cleaner, simplified exterior design direction, and a warm, lounge-like interior, the. The future of Infiniti is electric. And today at the Detroit auto show the brand previewed the direction of a future electric Infiniti SUV—and the brand—with the QX Inspiration concept.

2019 85