Yamaha Sports Ride: Carbon-Fiber Structure From Designer Gordon Murray

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When it comes to car design, Gordon Murray has had a highly varied career. He designed the McLaren F1 supercar, as well as the lightweight Rocket single-seat sports car and numerous race cars. Throughout his career, Murray has always emphasized lightweight construction in his designs, and his latest work is no different. Tokyo Motor Show Carbon Fiber Gordon Murray Gordon Murray Design Yamaha

Millbrook designated RDE testing provider for type approval

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In the UK, Millbrook Group, the leading independent vehicle testing and validation services provider, is designated to provide real driving emissions (RDE) testing on behalf of Dutch approval authority, RDW.

2017 26

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EU-Live project unveils electrified 3-wheeler; designed by Groupe PSA

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Groupe PSA was involved as the only automaker in the project, and as a result has expanded its design expertise beyond the automotive industry.

MPH 17

Porsche Mission E electric car concept design video

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The Porsche Mission E that debuted at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show isn't just another concept car. It previews a production electric car Porsche plans to launch before the end of the decade.

BMW i3 Tear-Down Videos Show Electric Car's Radical Design

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Back in January, engineering firm Munro & Associates orchestrated a "tear-down" of a BMW i3 electric car at its facility near Detroit. The company--which specializes in disassembling new cars, analyzing them, and selling the information to competitors--even posted a video of the process.

2015 58

New SwRI consortium to target advances in gasoline and diesel engine aluminum cylinder head designs

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) announced the formation of a new consortium in partnership with leading castings solutions provider Grainger & Worrall (G&W) to advance automotive cylinder head designs. Initially, AHEAD will target advances for aluminum cylinder heads used in both gasoline and diesel engines, such as casting processes, structural design, measurement and prediction of residual stresses, and aluminum alloy materials that resist high-temperatures. Structural design.

2016 41

PEUGEOT MICRO e-Kick receives Red Dot Product Design 2017 award

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The PEUGEOT MICRO e-Kick electrically assisted scooter has been awarded a Red Dot Product Design 2017 award for its high-end design and the solution that it provides in meeting sustainable urban mobility challenges. The “arm-handlebar” designed by Peugeot Design Lab enables multimodal travel, folding in a matter of seconds. The e-Kick can be used in three ways: riding, transporting the scooter once folded, and taking the metro, bus or train with its compact design.

2017 27

BMW Designs Custom Solar Charging Station For i3, i8

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BMW is backing solar too, commissioning its BMW DesignworksUSA arm to design a stylish solar carport, perfect for the i3 electric car and Solar charging is indisputably one of the best ways of running an electric vehicle. It certainly mitigates any lingering worries about fueling your car with a smoke-belching coal-fired power plant.

Coal 46

Autonomous Electric Hearse: Designer's Concept For The Last Mile

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Electric powertrains have been applied to a wide variety of road vehicles to reduce emissions, from small city cars, to fairly large delivery trucks. But there's one category of vehicle where electrification hasn't really been considered. It's customarily the last vehicle most people will ever ride in. DON'T MISS: Plug-in Hearse Offers To Whisk. hearse plug-in cars concepts fleet

2015 42

DOE to support possible siting of NuScale-designed small modular reactor at Idaho National Lab

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The SMR design for the CFPP is being provided by NuScale Power. The CFPP is a commercial venture on a federal compound, and the successful deployment of a small modular reactor design would provide US utilities with a greater range of nuclear energy options to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases.

Idaho 35

Volkswagen Group appoints new heads of Global R&D, Group Design, Group Product and Modular Toolkit Strategy

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Michael Mauer will lead Group Design in addition to his present function at Porsche. Mauer studied vehicle design and began his career at Mercedes-Benz in 1986, holding various functions until 2000, including design responsibility for the A-Class, SLK and SL models as well as Smart design. He moved to Saab as Executive Director Design in 2000 and was also given responsibility for Advanced Design at General Motors Europe in 2003.

2015 34

Koito and Quanergy collaborate to design automotive headlight concept with built–in solid-state LiDAR

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a leading provider of LiDAR sensors and smart sensing solutions, are collaborating to design an automotive headlight concept with built-in Quanergy S3 solid state LiDAR sensors ( earlier post ). Koito Manufacturing Co., the largest global maker of automotive headlights, and Quanergy Systems, Inc., The Koito headlight with built-in sensors is on display at CES 2017.

2017 28

Caterpillar and Argonne’s VERIFI undertake cooperative virtual engine design, control project; first VERIFI CRADA

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While efficient scaling of engine simulations to such massively parallel machines remains a significant challenge, such calculations will ultimately allow not only the rapid engineering of specific engine designs, fuels and operation conditions, but also allow their optimization.

2014 46

Mazda hybrid concept features origami-inspired design

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A new hybrid car design has been unveiled, inspired by the art of origami. The new Mazda Deep Orange 3 features a folded sheet metal process, that uses the same techniques used by practitioners of the paper-folding art to build its load-bearing structure, as patented by Industrial Origami.

Mazda 31

Lucid reveals design for its luxury Air sedan, a Tesla competitor

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We now have some key details and a first look at the design of this car, as well as its name: the Air. Lucid Motors—the California automotive startup formerly known as Atieva—had previously announced its intention to build a long-range electric luxury sedan, putting it in competition with Tesla Motors. Confirming previous reports, base. plug-in cars Startups Lucid Motors

Toyota Fuel Cell Sedan: Final Design, Price Revealed For Japan

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Specifically, it provided images of the final production version''s exterior design--little changed from the concept it showed at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2013--along with Toyota has said for many years that it plans to build and sell a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, and now the company has trickled out some more information on that car.

2013 38

BMW unveils electric Megacity vehicle design

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Take a look at the design sketch for the BMW Megacity electric vehicle (below), which is due on the market in 2013. At the company’s Innovation Days briefing it revealed the design along with a new LifeDrive architecture on which the vehicle is based. Tags: BMW Electric cars Green cars Latest news BMW Megacity BMW Megacity electric car BMW Megacity vehicle design LifeDrive architecture

DOE to invest $16M in computational design of new materials for alt and renewable energy, electronics and other fields

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The US Department of Energy will invest $16 million over the next four years to accelerate the design of new materials through use of supercomputers. The teams are expected to develop sophisticated and user-friendly open-source software that captures the essential physics of relevant systems and can be used by the broader research community and by industry to accelerate the design of new functional materials.

2016 35

Tesla Model X Sun Visor Design: Genius 'Delight' Or Overkill?

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"I'm not sure anyone should have made this car," Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said at a press conference just before the debut of the Model X crossover last month. That somewhat unusual remark referred to the features and complexity of new electric crossover utility vehicle. Musk said Tesla could have taken a more conservative approach and simply

Renault EVs sponsor Grand Designs Live

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Smart, energy-efficient design can benefit both home and car – perhaps that is why Renault, with its range of low-running cost EVs, has become the official automotive sponsor for Grand Designs Live for both the Birmingham and London shows.

Caltech team uses computational topology optimization to design silicon anode structures for Li-ion batteries

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Researchers at Caltech have used computational topology optimization methods to design optimal multifunctional silicon anode structures for lithium-ion batteries. In order to utilize high capacity silicon as a new anode material, several important design requirements must therefore be met.

2016 24

Wärtsilä introducing portfolio of hybrid tug designs

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The technology group Wärtsilä is introducing a new portfolio of tug designs, to be known as the Wärtsilä HYTug series, with the emphasis on environmental sustainability. Notably, the enhanced efficiency enables the total installed main engine power to be less than with conventional designs.

Argonne VERIFI team improves code to enable up to 10K simultaneous engine simulations; paradigm shift in engine design

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These simulations are typical “engineering-type” smaller scale simulations, which are used routinely for engine design within industry. This massive simulation capacity has opened up a new capability for industrial partners seeking new advanced engine designs. Presently, engineers exploring new engine designs can do a small number of simulations—perhaps 100—on cluster computers, which can take weeks to complete.

Fuel-cell concepts from 50 years ago: famed designer Brooks Stevens

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Most car buyers would be hard-pressed to name a single automobile designer working today. But it wasn't always that way: names like Raymond Loewy and Harley Earl were known well outside the design studios where they created the "cars of tomorrow." A half-century-old concept from designer Brooks Stevens underscores the futuristic nature of hydrogen.

Tesla Model 3: do design features point to self-driving car-sharing service?

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The Tesla Model 3 continues to generate an inordinate amount of interest from electric-car advocates and the general public, as pretty much any Tesla model has in the past. But unlike the Model S in 2012, which broke new ground on multiple fronts, the lower-priced Model 3 appears to be less innovative based on what we've seen as the car goes into. Car Sharing Tesla Motors Autonomous cars plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) self-driving cars Tesla Autopilot

2012 26

Tesla Tweaks Store Design To Explain Company, Electric Cars, Model X

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For the past few years, Tesla Motors has sold its electric cars directly to customers through stores that resemble high-end retail outlets more than traditional car dealerships. Now, those stores are getting what is likely their first major revamp since the retail scheme was launched with the 2012 arrival of the Model S electric sedan. The current. sales Tesla Motors plug-in cars Tesla Model X

2015 46

Fisker Karma Will Be Relaunched With 2012 Design, Updates

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The future of the Fisker Karma range-extended luxury electric sedan has been in the hands of new owner Wanxiang America for many months, with little known about its relaunch plans or timing. Now, however, a Reuters article says that the company plans to relaunch the existing vehicle--last sold as the 2012 Fisker Karma--"by next year," presumably

Bolt EV Powertrain: How Did GM And LG Collaborate On Design, Production?

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In last fall's runup to the launch of the production 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV 200-mile electric car, GM discussed working together with Korean corporate giant LG on the Bolt's development. Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global product development said in October that the company's partnership with LG Chem was "unprecedented." The cooperation was. Manufacturing General Motors GM Partnership Mark Reuss plug-in cars Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) lg-chem

2017 40

UTRC and ANGP unveil first low-pressure conformable natural gas tank design

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ANGP holds an exclusive license to UTRC’s design for a conformable, non-metal composite tank containing activated carbon adsorbents at pressures up to 1,000 psi. Adsorbed Natural Gas Products, Inc.

Aspen 23

Sandia Labs forms Spray Combustion Consortium to improve engine design

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Intended for industry, software vendors and national laboratories, the consortium provides a direct path from fundamental research to validated engineering models ultimately used in combustion engine design. The goals of the research are to reveal the physics that are general to all injectors and to develop predictive spray models that will ultimately be used for combustion design.

2016 Zero Electric Motorcycles: 2 New Bikes, Faster Charging, New Motor Design

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The 2016 lineup of electric motorcycles from Zero Motorcycles features two new models, faster charging, extended range on all models and a new motor that won’t overheat. With continual effort form its R&D department, the entire lineup goes farther, and the company's sportiest bikes go faster for longer without the overheating issues. electric motorcycles Zero Motorcycles

Renovo Coupe Pairs Iconic Design With Electric Performance: Video

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One indication that electric vehicles are clearly ready for the mainstream market is that they''re already becoming desirable in the rarefied atmosphere of the supercar and sports car markets.

2014 31

Renault Trezor concept in Paris; electric drive, new design language

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Automakers often use concept cars to preview future styling for much more restrained production models. Even when a concept car doesn't make it into production, elements of its styling can. Providing a styling template for future models is the main mission of the Renault Trezor electric sports car concept, which debuts this week at the 2016 Paris. Paris Auto Show Renault plug-in cars Paris Motor Show Formula E Championship

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smart fortwo gets design refresh

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The smart fortwo is to boast a new look and revised interior from this spring, with new leather and fabric mix seats and imitation leather door trims. On the outside, the new smart fortwo gains a new larger radiator grille with integrated logo, more striking aprons and optional LED daytime running lights that are arranged [.]. smart fortwo new

Light 22

Road Safety Week 2016: Our five favourite safe car designs

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All too often we get bogged down with sobering stats and doom-mongering when it comes to road safety, so for Brake’s Road Safety Week we thought we’d. Brake Top 5 Road Safety Week

2016 19

British designers create new electric sports car

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has been created as a result of a partnership between British car designers Gordon Murray Design and Japanese chemistry group Toray Industries. The two-seater sports car has been designed to use the Toray carbon fibre component system meaning it has a low weight of 850kg (including [.]. Electric cars Latest news British designed electric sports car electric vehicles Gordon Murray DesignA new prototype electric sports car called Teewave AR.1

ORNL team proposes new electrode design to mitigate risk of battery failure in accidents; inspired by safety glass

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Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) are proposing a new design concept for lithium-ion batteries that introduces slits in the electrodes—a feature which may mitigate the risk of battery failure during automobile accidents.

NASA electric research plane designated the X-57, nickname: “Maxwell”; SCEPTOR

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NASA will test new propulsion technology using an experimental airplane now designated the X-57 and nicknamed “Maxwell.” The X-57 features 14 electric motors turning propellers, all of them integrated into a uniquely-designed wing.

2019 12

EIA: trends in downsized engine design leading to increased demand for higher-octane gasoline

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Therefore, turbocharged engines typically require more design and operational features to prevent engine knock than naturally aspirated engines. Engine models that require premium gasoline are designed to operate only on that fuel, and the use of regular gasoline risks damaging the engine.

2016 20

New 7th-generation Hyundai Sonata updates design, tweaks powertrain

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design language, stiffer body structure, better ride quality, reduced noise, vibration and harshness and advanced safety and convenience features. Theta II featured numerous design enhancements over its predecessor, beginning with a three-stage variable induction system (VIS) which automatically adjusted the volume of the air sucked into the combustion chamber to create an air-to-fuel mix optimized for varying engine load conditions. 2015 Sonata 2.0T Click to enlarge.

2015 18